Wednesday 22 October 2014

mesopotamia image dump 9

 Some Assyrian auxiliaries doing what they do best. Assyrians bringing home the bacon.
 Some Sumerian and auxileries including Gutians with bottom left with the hair braids.
A jolly good mess
 An Assyrian king on the loose after a battle
 Sumerian infantry - what are stats for a studded cape in your game? GURPs had skills for capes
 Reproductions of wall art niceley done.
 I still unsure of the significance of Assyrian shield types. Other than bigger shields more formation based and defending of others like missile troops. Wide variety of missile troops too. Must be some very exact logistics and deployments and kill zones to consider here.
 A nice Assyrian gateway

 A nice photo of a model showing lots of detail. I like the maze gardens

 This realy nice series based on relief wall art and found objects. Great detail.
 Most of the heavy armour of the bronze age deployed from chariot and often seem to have flexibility of a potbelly stove.

In my game i give fatigue mods on sneak, dodge and other skills if you wear sleeves or leg coverings in heat. Carry heavy armour for battle and caves.
Quadesh, the battle that ended Egypt, Hittites and chariots from military supremacy.
 A battle donkey wagon ready for war. Have had a few bronze age car wars moments in my game. Mostly for running down fleeing bandits but a few monsters and a prone giant even went under the wheel
 Egyptian chariots seem much lighter affairs
 Early temple complex
 Sea peoples, and many horned hat barbarian peoples about menacing cities and fighting as mercenaries. Egyptians had a royal guard of heavy armoured guys with swords and horned hats. This guy has a fighting spear and a javelin and a sword.
 More serious Assyrian siege action
 Time travellers always dropping in
 Wall relief painting reconstruction
 A nice image of Ur
 Quite a nice reconstruction with some greenery at least

I think this is a Assyrian Ziggarat

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  1. While they're certainly not public domain I own a huge collection of Osprey materials, as well as a lot of books on the Sarmatians, Persians, etc. There's a lot of similar art in there, if anyone wanted me to scan some in for personal use.


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