Monday 13 October 2014

Curses, Conditions, Corruption and Relics pt2

Very happy with new batch here for various ages of horrors that ruled world in the monster kingdom age. Next will do non human stuff, reptilians, arachnids, amphibians and more...

Ran Roadwar2000 and Babylon today will blog soon. Assembling soldiers, building roads. Teaching and making art again. About to be kicked off health benefit for working so i hope my fitness lasts a while. Must stock up on meds and get dentistry all done quick. Being too healthy and working isnt so bad an outcome.

Have some stuff i did for con games which i will use again here and I'm liking idea of core character choices stuff done with cards. Skills, Spells, class, Alignment all on cards. Worked very well in my con games. Have considered a character zine for dnd with various data on whole spreads for higher levels.

Mid and high level encounter tables. I'm getting away with numbers and boss monsters as elites but will need some more soon.

These types could be mashed up with other types to make necromantic elder cultists or elder chaos warband.

Elder Magic Relics
Elder gods dwelled since primordial times. At times their power is released occasionally enslaving the world and benefiting many non human servitor species. They have many names but they themselves have tru names we cannot comprehend. Many ruled through cults in the dawn time, during the elder age and the monster empire.  

d20 What non human entity created relics for cult?
01 Dreaming lord under the sea and his dread servitors and hybrid minions world wide by waterways
02 Alien being from the stars intrudes our world through dreams, masked cults and possession

03 Cosmic conduit of time and space seeks hosts to bare children to cultists and become living gates
04 The lord of elder communion unites human & elder gods, assumes thousands of masks to lure cults
05 Mindless lord of atomic chaos at the core of the universe, cult call his servitors from the stars
06 A sorcererous tentacled hairy toad being called upon by magicians to learn arcane power and madness
07 A black void of living darkness who absorb light and souls, serves witches and beings in the dark
08 A serpent headed humanoid master of the saurian and serpentoid beings who ruled the past
09 A great body of mist spawning monsters or tentacles or mouth or breasts served by woodland cults
10 A great ball of cosmic flame served by cults via sacrifice, immolation, arson and destruction
11 A multidimensional anomaly, self aware and impossible, calls horrors through space and time
12 A biological mass in space, a great brain that spreads spores through stars spawning new life forms
13 A shambling tentacled thing seeking only to breed and turn cultists into hosts for tentacle blob things

14 A great glowing naked flesh colossus with flowing mashed features, absorbs and infects cultists
15 A being of interstellar void & freezing arctic winds, takes prisoners to distant worlds and hybridises
16 Tentacled burrowing kraken & its spawn who devour planets from within, corrupt the minds of mortals
17 A entity that occupies complex structures and huge machines and even cities as systems of order
18 Things from beyond dimensional vale seek to become one with us and offer power, most just hungry
19 A race of great spirits that may manifest as physical or mental things, haunt locations & kill with relish
20 A carnivorous vegetal horror that creates hostile ecosystem that turns humans into cattle and slaves

d20 Horrid stories of relic bearing cult hero

01 Triggered a disaster that killed thousands
02 Body became host of horror from beyond that heroes killed

03 Hybridised with victims and continuing in secret with cult
04 Aided a coven of wicked magicians who tormented the people
05 Called a horror into the word d4 1=to breed 2=to destroy 3=to rally cult 4=doom enemies
06 Went to join master as immortal to serve them forever
07 Turned into monster and sealed away as guardian of relic
08 Tormented people until lynch mob killed them publicly
09 Ruled a monster kingdom puppet state sacrificing own people to dark gods
10 Awakened a horror until magician defeated them both
11 A immortal agent of the gods still but transformed into something horrid
12 A famous dread magician until killed by a hordes out for revenge
13 Journeyed to spectacular place then returned with impossible stories
14 Had mad visions in isolation and recorded learning

15 Fooled people into puppet cult and use as pawns for real hidden mystery cult
16 Started a well meaning charity and benevolent society and charmed public
17 Corrupted a community into foul worship and service vile inhuman gods

18 Hopped bodies causing untold evil before being banished or imprisoned
19 Wrote confessions as became more insane, killed self after creating book and relics
20 Increasingly grew from sympathetic hero to despicable insane magician as fell to madness

d12 Elder Magic Corruption conditions
01 At first sunset after first use
02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

03 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried next full moon
07 if read text or study artist depiction of elder gods or minions or cults
08 If hears a elder god related magical chant
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the user makes a blood sacrifice
11 If the wielder is effected by elder god cultists spell
12 If user in presence of elder god, sleeping entity, servitor or hybrid

d12 Common Elder Magic Objects
Things may have any number of pluses or uses (one use a day is for basic items)

01 Sacrificial daggers send victims soul to patron god 1in10 have pluses to hit and damage too and are used as foci by cultists
02 El Metal Weapons may harm beings on other planes or requiring magic to hit 1in10 have
pluses to hit and damage too
03 Mask of El Metal provides dark vision and hide alignment, 1in10 also hide from magical detection and location can see astral, ethereal and magical phenomena
04 Robes of the cult lords act as as protection adding to armour and saves, decorated in cult symbols, 1in10 cast dimension door once a day
05 Diadem of the elder gods casts friends three times a day, 1in10 cast charm person once a day
06 Torc of madness +2AC from sane persons (non cultists) 1in10 also +2 saves vs sane magic
07 Skull of communion is a hybrid skull bound to entity most act as a y/n augury once a day but 1in10 can cast contact other plane once a day too
08 Tentacle rod strikes as a 2d4 flail and grips if critical 20 hit roll 1in10 instead a tentacle staff does 2d6 damage
09 Ring of elder power, can shoot a d3 magic ray once per round like a cantrip, 1in10 staff versions shoot magic missile with colour according to cult
10 Flesh Plugs of the cult master, insert into lips, cheeks, nose or ears makes wearer enjoy pain 1in10 any damage does one less point
11 Stick of elder power once a day drain 1STR point with a touch and transfer to self for one turn, 1in10 drain energy level and can use to power a 1st level spell known giving you an extra use of spell, both abilities only once a day
12 Summoners wand calls monster summoning one once per day and 1in10 monster summoning three instead 

d12 Corruption effects 
01 Contact objects d4 1=patron entity 2=cult 3=servitor species 4=hybrids by dreams or telepathy
02 A familiar appears, sent by a god to watch over you

03 Alien parasites d4 1= or swarm of weird bugs 2=alien larval horror 3=elder god embryo 4=alien worms
04 Spirit attempts to possess you in moments of weakness or stress, then tries to summon more entities
05 Awaken long slumbering horrors and their agents by proximity
06 See things in other worlds increasingly clear, they start to see you too and hunger for you
07 Increasingly develop madness d4 1=irrational fear 2=megalomania 3=sadism 4=delusional
08 Grow new organs as become a hybrid being pleasing to patron god
09 Hear otherworldly beings whispering madness to you
10 Urge to start new cult 1in6 with split personality runs cult in secret a surprise to normal self
11 Become d4 1=undead immortal servitor 2=cannibal 3=hybrid slave 4=cultist
12 Obsessed with dark knowledge in blasphemous books and occult experimentation

Khaos Relics
Khaos is understood to be the demonic chaos of evil today but was a time when chaos was more neutral and less objectionable until demons began to enslave and use it to their ends as the angelics became increasingly lawful. Older style chaos exists still and hates it's heretical evil khaos which subverts true chaos with intellect, sadism and hate. Original pure chaos is abstract and difficult to understand, mostly forgotten by public.

d20 Horrid stories of relic bearing cult hero
01 Opened portal to the abyss of khaos releasing swarms of evil
02 Destroyed a community famed for virtue and peace
03 Rallied a barbarian horde to lay waste to civilisation
04 Burned a famous library and killed literate victims and scholars
05 Tormented lover and killed horribly to punish them for not loving them
06 Destroyed a church renowned for goodness
07 Bred with monsters and produced spawn of horror
08 Led a horde of demon worshipping goblinoids
09 Kidnapped children to corrupt and serve in evil army
10 Led horde of irregular troops to death against superior disciplined foe
11 Led a horde over vast distance to kidnap unwilling lover who was trying to flee
12 Led a gang of horrid bandits who became khaos tainted cultists

13 Polluted a community with khaos and people broke out in mutations or plague
14 Bred hybrid demon animals to create earth born demon horde
15 Led coven of khaos witches who plagued countryside with fear
16 Released a great horror into world with awful ritual
17 With demon lover became parents of monster child who menaced kingdom
18 Covered the land with impaled corpses especially on roadways
19 Was attacking a holy place with horde and killed by priest or holy warrior
20 Ascended to abyss to join ranks of chaos and evil

d12 Khaos Corruption conditions 
01 At first sunset after first use
02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

03 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried next full moon
07 if in presence of a demon
08 If hears a demonic magical chant
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the user mentions a demon name while spilling blood
11 If the wielder is covered in blood
12 Enters khaos holy place like temple or near a gateway

d12 Common Chaos Magic Objects
Things may have any number of pluses or uses (one use a day is for basic items)

01 Weapons of chaos made from demon bone, with + to hit and damage, some bleed, 1in10 also burn for +1d4 damage and can start fires (some demon bones weep acid, radiate cold or shoot sparks instead)
02 Demon bone summoning wand calls 2d8 goblins 1in10 call 1d6 ogres
03 Demon ring +2 save vs fire and reduce one point per dice from fire, 1in10 reduce fire damage by half, some variants exist resisting acid, cold or lightning

04 Blood amulet if you drink a victims blood after battle can heal one hp (once per fight) 1in10 heal up to 12 points by drinking blood of 12 fallen foes per battle
05 Ring of shape change turns you into a brastman such as a goat or wolf man for 1 turn, 1in10 can change for an hour a day and also turn into normal animal version

06 Demon bone armour and sheilds have plusses to AC and 1in10 also provide same plus to resist fire (or other attack form like acid, cold or lightning depending on demon type)
07 Levitation relic typically a domestic object like a broom, bucket, churn or milk stool that can cast levitation spell once a day 1in10 cast fly instead
08 Mask of the demon (also in helmet form but always cover face) can breath 1d6 flame bolt per round as an attack, 1in10 versions fire 2d6 and other attack forms like cold, lightning or acid possible
09 Girdle of Mutation can call on gods with a mass sacrifice of innocents for a random mutation. A 10% per mutation you have of being changed into a mindless chaos spawn ameboid when you next try with 1in10 versions dont have the bad side effect
10 Teleportation Ring casts dimension door once a day with 1in10 versions casting teleport instead
11 Sacrificial dagger give victims soul to demon patron if they fail a save or are chaotic evil, 1in10 heals user one hp per soul sacrificed
12 Horn of Khaos is a demon horn you attach to your skull for life with a ritual and proved + on AC and saves like a ring of protection, 1in10 come in set of two and can saround weilder in unholy phantom flame at will which provides 30 inches of light

 d12 Corruption effects 
01 Item fuses to body and cant be removed without surgery or death
02 Hunger for blood the more innocent the tastier

03 Hunger for destruction of property, vandalism and arson are favorites
04 Hunger for pain yours or others, whatever you can get
05 Always seeks to be leader by any means
06 A minor demon familiar appears to guide you to chaos and evil
07 A demonic patron announces you are it's thrall
08 Grow demonic features like horns, hooves, tail, tongue
09 Cast no shadow or reflections
10 Animals fear and hate you
11 Shun holy symbols of law or good and their sanctified ground
12 Demonic tattoos appear on you, some with messages for you from abyss

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