Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Limited Magic Items

A spin off from other tables was writing deserved own post

Imperial Tools of battle 

(eg Sword of battle, sheild of battle, platemail of battle, ring of battle, hat of battle
So called because the empire had these cheap items built in thousands to use in critical battles and for leaders. The method is apparently lost since the empire mostly fights itself but they are more common and cheaper than the regular sort. They were cheaper and easier to build by lower level magicians. Now days alchemy is more common with orders like Imperial field alchemists and the huge alchemical factories and furnaces that make dragons in the capitol. The empires factions battle over potion ingredients and manufacturing but potions pretty common.

Basically tools of battle seem to have a +1 to +5 score as regular items except every success with the object it loses a plus. When you hit with a weapon it loses a plus. When a sheild saves someone it loses a plus. If a ring saves someone with bonus or armour it loses a plus. When armour saves someone it loses a plus. Could be skill specific bonus items with bigger pluses like cape that provides + on sneak but loses a plus each success. Items that add to specific save like poison. A pair of boots with a plus on movement rate that slows each round of use as the plus on the MOV score diminishes. Great for quick getaways for agents.

These items are great to get equipped with on missions. You may not know the pluses are temporary till too late. Could be used as part of a set up. Best to avoid unnecessary uses.

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