Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wierd waters of planet Psychon

Have not been weird for a while so back to planet Psychon to catch up. Did weather and terrain tables  but never did straight water environments.

Running Cthulhu Metropolis and Planet Psychon for EYECON on October weekend con in Sydney.

A little bit here: http://elfmaidsandoctopi.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/planet-psychons-glorious-geography.html but not enough weird water types.

Islands for Psychon here: http://elfmaidsandoctopi.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/d100-islands.html

d12 Psychonian colours
roll for water and again for other features

1 Crimson (red, brick, maroon)
2 Magenta (rose, pink)
3 Cyan (sky, light blue)
4 Turquoise (sea, turquoise, aquamarine)
5 Yellow (gold)
6 Tangerine (orange, bronze)
7 Emerald (olive, forest)
8 Green (lime, light green)
9 Violet (Indigo, purple, lavender)
10 Lapis (dark blue, midnight, navy)
11 Ivory (bone, pearl, shell, silver)
12 Jet

d100 water features
01-30 Water is conventional salty water but coloured
31-50 Water is conventional fresh water but coloured
51-60 Water is oddly coloured and flavoured water
61-65 Stinking swampy water with bubbles of flammable gas boiling up from deep
66-73 Covered in sheets of ice which creak and grind
74-78 Covered in chunks of of ice and icebergs
79-81 Bubbles from tiny to huge coloured spheres float in water and occasional burst
82 Liquid is viscous semi transparent slime
83 Liquid is metallic with colour tinge
84-86 Huge plastic rubbish rafts with local ecology living off them
87-88 Water is hot, sometimes steaming and boiling
89-91 Water is calm and sweet to taste and carbonated, possibly with other flavour
91-93 Water covered in lillypad like plants, some flowering
94-96 Water covered in sargassum like giant seaweed possibly with wrecks and lifeforms
97 Huge geysers burst from surface regularly
98 Liquid has a glass or plastic like surface
99 Water is psychoactivated living thing responds to strong emotions
00 Water is breathable with high oxygen content

d100 water encounters
Assumes party on a boat mostly

1 Magnificent ruins visible below water
2 Rafts anchored to location by chains inhabited by villagers
3 Boat of refugees long lost
4 Floating space capsule long lost
5 Military submarine detects party in secret
6 Huge behemoth sea beast disguised as island
7 Plesiosaurs pack spies you hungrily
8 Pterodactyls glide over head
9 Plastic/petrochemical recycling drone looking for food
10 Huge robot whale harvesting biological or mineral materials from sea
11 Iceberg with settlement built in
12 Artificial mobile island base
13 Giant crayfish attacks
14 Giant squid or octopus attacks
15 Giant sea serpent attacks
16 Wading Titan or Gargantua passes by
17 Mermaids or sirens entice sailors to rock outcrops
18 Spy attractive selkies frolicking on rocks
19 Were sharks jump on deck to get a snack
20 Small ship floating apparently without life
21 Glowing ship peruses party
22 Giant barnacles attack hull
23 Crab men board ship
24 Eel men board ship
25 Squidmen board ship
26 Ancient automated sea mines in area home in on ship
27 Man on a raft is a madman killer
28 Man on a raft is grateful ally for life
29 Jollyboat of starving pirate victims
30 Pirate ship
31 Pirate jet skis
32 Aquatic saucer surfaces, greys seek fresh organs
33 Buoy from ancients marks something
34 Beacon lamp or horn signals dangers
35 Fog rolls in reducing visibility
36 Sea drains away temporarily leaving wierd landscape
37 Volcano in process of forming new land mass
37 Huge mass of seaweed floats to surface choking passage
38 Water thick with jellyfish
39 Zombie pirates board ship
40 Sea hag and pets attack ship but soften with magic
41 Giant nautilus with sea eldren nomads 
42 Morlock steam ship hungry for meat slaves
43 Sea dragon demands treasure and food
44 Dragon turtle rams ship
45 Bioengineered Ichthyosaur with lizard men inside
46 Ichthyosaur hungrily follow
47 Huge tylosaur jumps on deck for snack
48 Megaladon shark rams vessel
49 Tiny research sub surfaces looking for help
50 Killer Whales cheerfully follow party 
51 Dolphins cheerfully follow ship, warn of next danger
52 Pod of whales peacefully drifts by
53 Huge angry toothed whale covered in harpoons hates humanoids
53 Cyborg suicide dolphins with weaponized noses attack
54 Sea Djinn angered by intruders, might be bargained with
55 Submersible sea plane lands and submerges in distance
56 Fishmen sneak aboard for food and sex
57 Fishmen ride hybrid dolphins or sharks or stingrays or seahorses
58 Sea nymph seeks lover
59 Water elemental angered by impure land dwellers
60 Seaweed monster seeks blood
61 Skeletal pirates attack
62 Huge hulk drifting quietly, possibly inhabited
63 Enormous sea habitat, partially sunk
64 Huge deadly reef crawling with giant crabs
65 Giant sea scorpion attack
66 Carnivorous trilobites attack
67 Carnivorous flying fish
68 Water breathing human tribals curious
69 Water breathing advanced humans seek trade
70 Huge terraforming apparatus in sea helps control currents
71 Huge terraforming apparatus damaged and inhabited by pests
72 Giant drooling sea slug with mans face tries to talk
73 Gargantuan kaiju and sea giant battle on horizon
74 Sinking burning ship needs help
75 Strange sea people on crystal ship sell liquid clothing
76 Crystal buildings rise from sea
77 Spectral ship stalks party vessel
78 Spirits from drowned ship moan and haunt for 24 hours
79 Survival pods floating in sea since ancient times
80 Single tentacle sneaks aboard trying to grab snack by stealth
81 Semi submerged diving bell with gold treasure on board
82 Raft of garbage with desperate castaway
83 Small rocky island with starving pirate
84 Find bottle with map and note
85 Customs aqua warbot requests search vessel for narcotics
86 Customs warborg requests crew ID seeks people smugglers
87 Huge stone head rises from sea, fish men demand 20% of crew as slaves
88 Ship made of bones populated by skeletons
89 Giant stork lands on deck proceeds to eat men 
90 Swarm of crazed sea birds relentlessly attack boat for hours
91 Rusted oil rig platform inhabited by somebody 
92 Ancient sea fortress - a shambling dangerous ruin
93 Radioactive and chemical waste drums bobbing in waves
94 Floating corpses not too old
95 Floating corpses are sea ghouls
96 Island with weird alien architecture arises from ocean floor
97 Tsunami!
98 Waterspout!
99 Otter men riding giant sea otter offer trade
100 Crystal pyramid rises from the sea

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