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Hero beat - Who'sWho in my Marvel Game

These are notes from my marvel game with some stuff from 84-2007. First 20 years was set in Adelaide and then made River City setting - a mythical city between Adelaide and Melbourne.

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Hero beat Magazine
Here’s the show with the lowdown on who’s who in River City brought to you with channel 5 drama-news service,
where truth is something we consider!

Top 10 Most Powerful – Most powerful in the city and contenders for Australia’s Mightiest – Daily newsworthy
1 (50)
Australian Spirit
Australia’s Favorite
Back from the stars in the red white and blue, thought dead for decades, Something of Australian Super Hero royalty. Able to fly, fire solar bolts, lift tanks and is invulnerable.
Princess Amazon II
Female Liberator
An Amazon champion here to lead us to the light, always a controversial exponent of girl power. All round super athlete and warrior armed with her Grecian weapons.
Atomic Knight
Special exo-skeletal enhancement for lawmakers”, River cities own battle suit champion employed by Town hall and sponsored by the cities corporate benefactors. No one knows who pilots the atomic powered knight of river city.
The Andromedan
Alien Vigilante
This alien hero has been at home since the 70’s and is now in river city. His black suit and andromeda symbol are striking but not as much as his tractor-repulsor powers are awesome.

Lady Luna
Occult Adventurer
A solemn sorceress who keeps us safe from things that go bump in the night. Stopped that demonic invasion 97 which transformed the city into hell – (you may not be able to remember for magical reasons). Mistress of the mystic arts.
Bright Goddess
The blonde mystical speedster with the magic horn. Not only can she blast evil doers to ash, she can heal the sick and dying. Her white suit and power glow show her inner light.
Golden Girl
Super Athlete
A relic of the Seventies super soldier program. She flies, is invulnerable and can glow and shoot lasers. She has been in some famous property destruction law suits and was a founder of the Southern Stars – a patriotic hero team which collapsed in the eighties. She seems bitter her past failures but has been asked to start a new patriotic hero team.
Electric Lady
Retired Heroine
While she used to be a big shot, few confirm seeing Karen Daniels in costume for years, but she now lives in River City. Once able to melt a tank and a member of SAFEGUARD in the eighties. Not much now but still respected by those in the know. Her secret ID was blown in the eighties now she acts as a consultant and writer and media personality.
Captain Resilience
Space Ranger
Star faring seductress who flies, traps villains in web and protects the innocent with a force-field. Has saved the city on multiple occasions and even upgraded the cities water treatment and sewerage works. She does so many things for us in the name of the galactic space scout ranger corp. Her adorable gelatin side kick “Bloopy” is a hit with the Kids too.
Night Man
Mystery Man
The oldest vigilante in the city who gives every one the willies – but the police always call him when no one else can help. A black hat and cloaked mystery man who uses an army of agents and unknown abilities. Has been active since 1926.

Top10 Up and coming - These guys make the weekly news and are familiar to most news watchers.
Dr Electron
Science Hero
With her shrinking powers and ability to shock evil into submission on touch. An old regular who never seems to get the glory doing most of her work on microscale.
Officer Dan III
Police Automaton
Everybody’s favorite robot cop run by the police department. Popular with the kids who all cried when Dan I died fighting Canetoad and Dan II died fighting Dr Tron
Steel Angel
Angel of War
A beautiful woman with steel armour, wings and a sword, a staunch Christian who battles evil in mens souls. Preaches as she beats criminals to near death.
Chromium God
A chrome coated wonder with the winged helm, sandals and rod of Mercury. A promising and popular hero who has averted several plots against the city using chemicals.
Space Toaster
Cosmic Construct
The cosmic cooking appliance of the space-gods, we have all come to know and love. Serving cosmic power bolts to injustice and all televised from his pad and space ship.
Lightning Avenger
A vision in red and yellow who can shoot lightning and even become a bolt of lightning. Able to pass through phone lines and enter computer systems.
Black Arrow III
Olympiad & Agent
A grim archer and apprentice to huntsmaster. She hunts monsters and villains with her deadly armour piercing arrows. Olympic body builder, archer, wrestler and boxer. Has advanced tech and mystic relics.
Sentinal 43
Android Replicant
Originally an android copy Australian Sentinel as he has in every Australian city. The public know, and the façade of looking like sentinel was dropped years ago. Now this black and red android uses inbuilt weapons more than the strength and martial skills of Sentinel.
Supreme Hero
A new contender – he flies, he zaps crooks with his eyes and his bulletproof, but his a long way off being Australian Spirit. He spends a lot of time on the street though and he is gaining support fast. Has avoided talking to public and press, just fights crime 9-5.
Pyrokinetic flying heroine and government agent and former test pilot and Hex Men member. Has so many old hero friends to call on villains seem afraid to go harm her.

Top 10 New Gen – These Kids are fresh from the academy and are one the streets and out for evil – all made news
Teen sidekicks are disapproved of since the 70s and are now seized by the state if caught – becoming wards of the state.
Sonic Volume Teen
Sister of Shodowbat, a sassy goth girl with sonic powers. Trained by criminals then her brother she is deadlier than she looks. Acts all cute and fun actually a veteran fighter.
Shock Power Teen
Electric ladys sister and Promethius’s youngest. A rebellious punk without the cyberion meta enhancement of her sister. All cute and gloomy actually a veteran fighter.
Science Teen
Discords adopted sidekick who now uses his base and equipment and her own additional gear. Houses her friends Cebelle and Volta. She has a piebald costume with blank face mask, her own hair and a cape. Also her buzz-saw staff, super-flex cables, gas, monofilament line and laser gun. She is quirky and mischievous like Discord and follows his esoteric alien doctrine. She has been a hero since aged 12, despite the laws efforts.
Griffon III
Hyper Teen
UK exchange student and all round super athlete, has blades and darts. Seems keen on sticking around river city rather than joining taskforce UK like his Anglo-American father and famous dynasty since WW1 since it was team Britton. Brooding and quiet.
Bullet II
Speedster Teen
Grandson of Australian Sentinel and very serious about his fathers death from Iron King.
Fast, strong and armoured. Always a headstrong and vocal rebel.
Kid Quantum
Hyper Smart Teen
Heir to the fallen hero Dr Quantum. A scientific smart arse and super nerd. Able to transform his own mass into other materials and super brainy beyond years. Sad about his mom and dads tragic death but determined to make the best of it and clear her name.
Psychic Girl
Psionic Teen
A telepath and clairvoyant still surprised by big city and superheroes. Has avoided kidnap attempts five times and had had aid every time to escape. Still learning about talents and life growing up in town. Knows way too much about everybody and everything.
Kid Atomic
Atomic Teen
Cocky kid with cool helmet and suit in red and shiny gold. Flies and fires atomic blasts and controls his own density. Very over confident and a believes he is a good leader.
Kid Ikaris
Winged Teen
Grandson of Australian Eagle – has alien technological wings and armour and uses martial arts and modern weapons he develops. Looking for lost city of the bird men to help him.
Magic Girl
Occult Teen
A sorcerer with her own pocket universe where she rules supreme. She seems such a sweet thing without the violence of other heroes. Takes evil doers to her world and uses it to travel to different places. She helps the kids have crazy adventures anywhere or when.

Top 10. Feared Vigilantes – the ones street crooks rate as least they want to meet
1 (30)
Crimes Nightmare
The wraith is a relentless hunter of evil criminals who escape justice. He can walk through walls, kill with a touch and often scares criminals into righteous behavior. Has occasionally helped flashier heroes vs great evils threatening world or city.
Vigilante Killer
The gun crazed vigilante for this year, ex-major Trent Conner came back from peacekeeping to see his family killed by a gang – now he can’t stop killing them – a wanted man.
Vigilante Assassin
A crossbow wielding mature woman who puts mad dogs to sleep for the ordinary people of river city. Quite popular for a mass murderer or respectable untouchables.
Extreme Justice
Super-fast huntress in green and gold, with claws and a short temper for criminals. Works frequently with police and may attack other heroes who push their vigilantism too far.
Wally Surface
Ape Detective
The world famous ape detective and body guard with his own detective agency. He did manage to wrestle down a dinosaur last year, so he must be stronger than most apes.
Multi-armed pugilist
A gang leader who keeps his street free from crime – a four armed brawler who can burrow through the earth and tear steel. Briefly served as Terra on Freedom Five with mercury.
Jade Tiger
Divine Force
Defender of China Town with mystical martial arts and Dao powers and her jade aura of invulnerability. Famous for gang battles in china town and occasionally monster fights.
Super Soldier
A super fast shadow with claws, a vindictive avenger who other heroes won’t work with. Has his own network of homeless who he feeds and houses and clothes. Has battled other heroes while berserk. Increasingly supernatural in appearance since his special op days.
Lhana Shee
Occult Entertainer
A celtic mystic who twists wicked men’s hearts and souls and makes them mad. Often has a flurry of minor heroes at her side and defending her every move who she “trains”.
Mystery Woman
An enhanced super agent and former side kick of alien feline space ninja: Devestator. While she might look like a cat she fights like demon. Cooperates with the law but has left a few too many bodies bleeding and unexplained. Stronger, faster leaps higher like a tiger.
Mystery Man
A sinister suited man with no face who taunts and destroys criminal schemes with relentless tricks, traps and weapons. A deadly brawler who fights with incredible finesse.

Top 10 Most wanted criminals – Normal human but noteworthy street crooks without powers or exotic abilities with normal criminal activity. Not really the sort to conquer the world, most have some normal goal even if mad.
Zodiac Killer
Serial Killer
Killed 18 this year – a modern jack the ripper meets Alistair Crowley – he could be anyone! Has been leaving a trail of ripper style occult killings gripping the city in fear.
Ugly Jo Mascoponi
Mob Leader
Maffia family renegade after the family rule and killing everyone in his path. Freaky domed head with frizzy hair and a clownish big nose. Except clowns don’t cut your throat when you disrespect them. Has killed dozens in the last few weeks.
Mike Murphy
An infamous hit and run armed bandit, who has taken millions in heists and injured many security agents. Wears a dog mask and carries SMG on the job. Other criminals avoid him.
Gods Bomber
Christian bomber zealot – attacks abortion clinics, universities, science teachers, atheists…
Has made an attack every holiday for years – has used church goons to escape.
The Cat
Thief par excellence who abhors violence – a gentle man who sells back the goods discount. The public find his public decrees, bravery and panache charming.
Crazy Kelly
Notorious cop killer and gang fighter for hire. Has harmed several Heroes with deadly well planned attacks. She has escaped custody and most cops want her dead.
The Eraser
Mad Vigilante
A cape killer, possibly more than one person who targets and kills people with only minor super abilities and have a super ID. He culls the weak and inept who lack that super quality.
Cool Luke
Slacker Crook
A slacker car jacker who acts like a vice city gangster and has gotten away with it. His handsome appearance and charm often gets him out of trouble. He makes it all seem easy.
The Baby Snatcher
Crazy Old Lady
A mad kidnapper who has stolen 11 rich young children and taken them into the sewers never to be seen again. Described as a crazy old homeless crone who has been in the city decades.
Ma’ O’Donnell
Mad Matriach
A redneck clan matriarch who took over her inept son’s gang and made it her own. Thinks city folks is fools and encourages her boys to get super powers, heaping guilt and shame on them. They have tried robbing secret labs and seizing hazardous materials in transit.

Top 20 Most Wanted Meta Human Criminals – All extremely dangerous villains with nefarious schemes.
Pyrotic Genius
Originally a shy science hero who eventually began using powers to enhance flamer weapons and a battlesuit After increasing comments about his new powers of callatoral damage from team mates, he attacked them all. He denounced the group to become a founder of FIRE. Later a mad hero released him from a long stint in goal and burned Darwin down in 1986 as a test, killing 10, 000. Supplied villains and mercenaries with arms through his org. No-one knows what he is up to nowdays but he is a sadistic experimentor with weapons and his old battle suit model sometimes is used by FIRE or someone cashing in on the panic Fire-Bug generates. Robots have also been battled by heroes too. He did help fight Iron King by calling a solar flare to explode revealing the star chimera’s position to the world.
Dr Tron
Science Despot
Robot building scientist and former hero, attacked the city in the robot rampage of 02. Dr Tron claims society and heroes rejected his power – now he wants to rule instead. Dr Tron makes replicants and robot goons used by other minor villains.
Mystery Wizard

A sorcerer always experimenting with supernatural horror for his personal power, glory and curiosity. Often comes to conflict with magical heroes and famous for weakening science heroes with magic and other reality warping powers.
Ape X
Gorilla Genius
A super intelligent psychic gorilla who is always trying to turn everyone into an ape/and or take over the world. One of the more powerful active villains ever in river city.
Zealot Vigilante
A vigilante who strings up who he believes is a wrong doer – was affiliated with racists as hooded justice, now cruelly kills and punishes according to medieval law for petty crimes or major alike. Has in the past helped heroes kill villains and drive off aliens.
Sea Witch
A haunted sea witch who lures men and vessels to their doom, a cult priestess of a mad coven of waterfront workers. A menace to shipping and the city yacht club.
Iron Maiden
Metallic Monster
A spiteful angry iron goddess with a spear of fire. No one is quite sure how her powers work but she killed Mega-man at the mall brawl in January upping her status.
Revolting Monster
A thieving diseased flying mythical monster woman. Pollutes and ruins events with diseased excrement and horrible screeching. Always attacking society and city pride.
Bestial Theif
A shape shifter with animal powers who has created swarms of pests to help her crimes. A dangerous killer if cornered. She has been stealing in broad daylight for years.
Sister Hate
Nazi hatemonger
Used her emotion machine to make city wide riots in 60’s and every decade since. Once wanted blackmail now just to destroy the city for revenge. She often has a lab bunker with flunkies the works – unseen for years, due to return. One of the most persistent Nazi villains in Australia

A bestial ogre who lives in the sewers and ruins – has battled many heroes and destroyed dozens of large buildings. Occasionally works for other villains as a goon. A military experiment gone wrong.
Kid Evil
Satanic kid sorceror
An evil sorcerer, possibly not an actual kid – uses sadistic satanic powers to cruelly kill and curse. Kills with bizarre accidents or just wills it. Cruel and unusual killing a specialty. Has a pet cat or other creatures on and off.
The Blot
Amorphous theif
A bizarre thief who can appear and disappear and warp her body in strange ways to hide and confuse. Stole the enigma stone for Dr Apocalypse for cash.
Dr Apocalypse
The man behind the demon night incident and who even tried destroying the city with a volcano – has vowed to destroy the city. He often has super goons, monsters and demons at his bidding. Originally physicist who contacted demons for science secrets.
Celtic Cultist
A shape shifting Celtic eco-feminist terrorist and cult leader who can change shape, control men’s minds and punch through steel. Believes honestly everyone should join her.
Ninja Avenger II
Bogan Assasin
Clone of an ex-80’s government op turned assassin and gang muscle. Actually a bogan from Adelaide. He has a mullet and a flannel shirt under his ninja suit. Likes trucks and pitbulls. Drives the ninja avenger monaro - a hotted up holden bogan mobile
Carrion Queen
Undead Monster
A grave robber ghoul turned queen of the undead. Has arisen several zombie swarms over the years. Wants all to join the dead or be eaten, used dead superheroes to do her bidding.
Theiving Jinx
A flying thief who can’t help but steal shiny things – tends not to harm anybody and has been in and out of prison for years. Seems to be a Jinx to all around her.
Green Mantis
Fallen Hero
A former heroine martial artist who has become more insectoid due to a swarm infection – her old friends are hoping to save her in time. She attacks heroes hoping to infect or kill them or mate with them. Increasingly used insectoid powers to make swarms and minions.
Nanny Grim
A child kidnapping A.I. who wants to raise super children in her robotic bunker to survive a coming apocalypse. Has armoured goons kill parents. Uses nursery ryme character bodies.
Diamond Jack
Crystalline Brawler
A crystalline beautiful bruiser who often works with other villains or works on petty theft. Killed Running Man and Kid Lobo while working as a mercenary for Dr Apocalypse last year. Has been using powers to absorb kinetic energy and emit lasers.
Occult Monster
A demon summoning minion of Dr Apocalypse with her own independence and goals. Has imps and goblins do her bidding.

Top 30 Famous dead* or missing Villains in River City Vicinity, all very powerful and infamous as evil.
Science Despot
Psionic inventor and conqueror. Unfortunately he seems so reasonable. Several times has held nearly ultimate power only to have heroes stop him or his ambition is too great. After last effort to take over the world was killed in exploding base.
Iron King
Starspawn Avatar
An alien avatar of a colossal space chimera which created many super beings and tried to consume the earth. Killed by earths greatest heroes. The Avatar dwelt under River City.
Assassin Kingpin
A feared assassin who fought many heroes but seemed to have some honour. Leader of the Assassins Order. Possibly killed battling Iron King affair after helping heroes.
Science Despot
Armored agent of Force and FIRE, once assembled a massive force of villains to hunt and kill all heroes. A telepath in a battlesuit. She was killed in battle when suit exploded.
Fat lady
School Mistress
Vira Constantine Ran a school for kidnapped metahuman children to serve Iron King – also one of the deadliest fighters ever. Began to become more monstrous and would maul and swallow men with her body. Also affiliated with the circus of assassins who she trained.
A super-soldier with a monstrous alien combat form and psionic powers. Former hero went awol when symbiote got control. Killed Jet-stream, Blizzard and several other new heroes so only the fit would survive. Part of a government super soldier program in 90’s.
The Atomic Brain
Science Monster
A crazed scientist willing to kill everyone to prove his genius and stop others from besting him. Often uses minions and goons. For years was an evil brain in a jar, now he has a powerful robot body and space ship. Thrown In volcano by Australian Spirit. Hated world wide for mass murder and pollution. Villains wont work with him so he makes his own.
Starspawn Avatar

Another (but earth based) avatar of the chimera who helped us defeat Iron King then months later turned the earth against humanity. Responsible for return of extinct species of mega-fauna, dinosaurs and awakened monsters. The heroes returned from a wasteland battle announcing she was no longer a threat. Unseen since. This incident did not reduce her popularity. Had several teams of super warrior women.
Motivator (M)
Terrorist Leader
Psionic leader of the HIVE a women only enterprise to kill all men and reproduce scientifically from their advanced underground city. Stopped by Australian Sentinel. Unseen for decades but some reported agent activities. The HIVE is a 60’s hi-tech paradise.
Dr Quantum
Fallen Hero
Former heroine who built a vat of nanotech to fix the world by recreating it from scratch after her husband Dr Positron was killed by Apocalypse in 01. Fell in the vat as it was destroyed in her lab by military bombers. Many still remember her as a popular hero and think the whole episode was just an aberration. She also killed several team mates and friends of the heroes to cover her plan up so many heroes are glad she is dead.
Advanced Robot
Angry super robot who wants to procreate – built by Dr Tron as a companion. He abandoned her as too human and weak. She exhibits electra syndrome and anger to her creator and lover Dr Tron. She hates superhumans and has tried killing them often without success. She tried to initiate a machine take over and was last killed in a shuttle planning to colonize an asteroid with robot weapon factories.
Asiatic Demon
A giant female snake demon who can incarnate again and again. Sometimes she just wants food, sometimes she builds a cult and makes monster snakes and vampire snake priestesses to serve her. Has been active since 1920’s from Malasia. Has has a cult several times in the past – Experts say she is tied to a relic which if found might stop her.
Advanced Robot
Wrekkas were a anti-superhuman defense robot which was built by scientist Algenon Newman. He built Clarion to independently evolve the program away from mankind who could not be trusted to kill enough with black covert robot deaths-quads. Clarion made the first non government built wrekkas. Clarion did return with different bodies (and genders) giant or humanoid and new robots minions to exterminate all super-humans. Newman and Clarion were both killed before they saw the USA under robot occupation for almost 6 years 89-95. Newman came from River city and hated superheroes. Clarion often returned here.
Advanced Robot
Wrekkas built this to be the most advanced weapon ever to hunt and kill all super-humans. It was sabotaged by metahuman terrorists and developed doubt and overwrote it’s illogical programming, adopting a human identity then vanishing as Wrekka America collapsed. Was reported spotted in river city because of early wrekka test labs here.
Assassin Android
A covert wrekka with bio coating and a plasma repeater rifle. Several have been destroyed and many were sent to Australia to kill Heroes meddling in American Affairs. One more recently in 06 began to kill any extraordinary person above average. It was buried under a sunk garbage scow.
Brood Queen
Mother Monster
An alien breeding machine which made starspawn monsters for Iron King, particularly the space homunculi, train sized centispawn and other monsters. Having escaped Iron Kings prison ship, she hid wounded In the sewers of River City breeding a new hive of swarm monsters of her own design. She was killed when STEEL blew up the abandoned underground station she nested in.
Widow Spider
Cannibal Temptress
A shape shifting spider monster who kills and eats men, and who seeks to breed with super-humans and eat them to pass their powers to her brood. Her brood are less human than her and are monsters. She ate several male heroes in the guise of a teen superhero in need of guidance. Soon she was in their lairs eating them and steeling their secrets. Her sons from them the Arachnids assist her or go their own way. Thankfully she bit off more than she could chew with hero Rubber Johnny who slaughtered her and her sons in an extended fight.
The Mutant Master
Mutant Despot
A grotesque, constantly shape shifting monster from an alternate future after-war hellhole. He makes incursions to our world to steal weapons or occasionally brings a horde of mutated barbarians with savage and hi-tech weapons. Australian Sentinel drop kicked him and a nuke through his warp gate and no-one from that world has been seen since.
Daughter of Cthulhu
Monster Cultist
A sorcerer and priestess of alien imprisoned space god Cthulhu. Sinestron tried destroying river city and awoke many evil beings. Claimed to be an apprentice of Klingsor. Finally after being defeated and humiliated by heroines Luna and Amazon (they cut out her tongue) and defeated her. She is currently in a prison hospital, restrained, dying from lung cancer and forbidden from seeing anybody. She has changed gender and bodies occasionally.
Star Spectre II
Undead Cosmonaut
Cosmonaut of soviet union who was cursed by the original Star Spectre to repeat his bizarre accident – she crashed in near River City and began killing all in her path including minor heroes Stingray and White Lotus. Finally STEEL and Luna stopped her with sorcery and science trapping her spectral particles in the upper ionosphere.
Iron Kings Heir
A unique meta being created 2300 BC by a previous star spawn host. He has waited using his knowledge of star spawn and his own advanced science to be the leader in meta-human technology – even creating new types and meld suits. Heroes report killing him in Antarctica 5 years ago with his clone labs and minions.
Starspawn Avatar
A hideous deep sea monster spawning monsters to slay humanity. Personally attacked river city on several occasions as a 500 foot tall un-killable sea dragon. Returned to death sleep of the ages by a ritual each time but may have some influence still. Once made a human form.
Blood Queen
Occult Monster
Vampire Matriarch and clan leader – exercised control over a 2000 year old conspiracy with her powers. Finally they obtained advanced technology making her the most advanced vamp on earth. A menace to heroes over the decades the archer Huntmaster killed her with an arrow and Gargoyle cut her head off with an axe ending her plot to control a global business conference held in the city. Claims to have made Jesus a vampire on the cross.
Lady Jane Muerreau
Science Despot
A brilliant scientist who obtained advanced science and created her own races of servitor creatures claiming to be a descendant of the original H.G. Wells character. She even has her own armoured mercenaries and uplifted animal men with hi tech armour and arms. Apparently eaten by her own creations when Volta freed them of her electronic control in 05.
Tabitha Swithers
Crazy Rich Lady
A billionaire collector who wants to collect heroes, their weapons and equipment by any means. She also wants to use these abilities to take over the world. The bane of heroes for years she died when Australian Spirit crashed her plane to recover his lost helmet. Now her daughter Crysopasia runs her fortune and is dismantling her mothers hi tech base.
Alien Probe
An alien cyborg agent who infiltrates earths defenses to analyze them for her master. Will fight a hero to learn about them then withdraw. Has been unseen for decades.
Cane Toad
Aquatic Mobster
An Australian mobster legend and failed super soldier from the 50’s. Trained as an marine commando before launching a 50 year crime spree. Has even flooded cities to aid his often maritime attacks. Always employs goons and likes to play the big man. Has been rumored dead for some years as nobody has seen him much since he and Officer Dan mkI vanished in explosion
Indigenous Terrorist
Aboriginal metahuman super soldier from the 50’s – now attacks resource industries threatening tribal land. Also attacks government and corporate agents. Uses gadgets weapons and armour on top of formidable superman strength resilience and speed. Hand thrown harpoon lines is his famous weapon. Usually humiliates but does not try to kill unless blatantly racist
Blue Mantis
Fallen Hero
A former hero with mind control, power mimic and a battlesuit of his own design. Once operated a Hero Silo under the river, now a pariah since almost destroying the world when he stole Dr Apocalypses Gem releasing demon hordes into the world. Was since found guilty of many other conspiracies also. His old team mates hunt for him with angry zeal
Shadow Queen
Created by Iron King to replace their personalities of various enemies in the new world order – she rapidly went her own way spawning her own offspring including monsters and her own team of children. Continued to attack Iron Kings Killers and enemies long after his death. She was killed in an atomic blast in her arctic circle bio lab bunker. Many of her spawn still live. She plays the part of an Arthurian faerie sorcerous and claims special rights over life.

TOP 20 super animals, creature and monsters apparently and active in the city on several occasions.
the wonder dog

Chomps wanders the city making friends and defending the innocent. Nobody owns him for long and he does steal the occasional sausage string. He has gone to town on a number of super strong villains like Ogre and Tomahawk and saved hundreds.
Were shark monster
Racist life-saver prehistoric were-shark – mostly sighted off the polluted excuse for a beach. Insane over beach closure after keeping it wog free. Given up being human now his ID out.
Big Kitty
Kitty Kong
Big kitty (formerly big kitten) if a normal cat able to grow apparently any size up to 10 stories. Mostly a large white stray occasionally grows enormous if something interesting takes it’s fancy. Invulnerable also, Big Kitty has taken on the army till bored. Worse still the public love big kitty and complain at the government efforts to stop it.
Hound of Dracula
Vampire Wolf hound and pet of Dracula, has been loose in city since founding. Brought over by a drac wanna-be the dog has teamed up with various occult evils ever since. It is canny enough to escape any actual threats. Zoltrans howls scare river city kids at night.
Wags the
Bionic Dog
A bionic dog operated by the police, usually monitored by police handlers near by. Wags helps the innocent and can track and find clues. Has torn arm off a Sea Devil.
Mega Monster
A 500 foot sea dragon who has menaced Coast City of his annual migration from Japan. Battles other monsters and has saved River City from Cthulhu on one occasion.
Space Dragon
A space faring monster who hatched in river city and returns seasonally to battle Gammarron. She has occasionally worked with aliens and other elder monsters of Metazoic era earth.
Plant Monster
Made in a lab this strain was combined with star-spawn spores creating a self replicating mobile horror plant species known as Dorothy. Can seem cute when small, even helpful companion at human size or by adapting human form, before evolving into a talking tree sized flesh shredding psychic horror when young adult. Villains have used her stock to make their own monster species. Such monsters usually lose control.
Cute Baby Monsters
Cute baby monsters often adopted by children as pets who train them in secret society tournaments. Most people are concerned they will become worse, other want them on a slab in a lab and some say they are just difficult pets who protect their host children. They can be trained to develop powers beyond their normal size. Some become powerful giant monsters if threatened. Scientists warn they could be as big as mega monster Gammarron if conditions were right. Sometimes a gang can take a hero down. Mostly act child like and eat snacks.
The River
City Panther
The news for over one hundred years has reported a black panther stalking the city with an occasional appearance in an apartment building or killing location. No one ever caught it.
Advanced Machine
A modular sentient swarm of robots built by students with abandoned government experiments. Modulon wants to cover the earth in modules – everything else is just raw materials. So far he has seized a skyscraper, a spacecraft and a factory. Occasionally a module awakens and gets online then goes to work again. Last seen river city 06.
Big Fish
Giant Goldfish
Big Fish is a gigantic orange carp who occasionally eats a body or knocks over a boat. The fish is stupid but several with animal affinity report to being helped by the beast.
Alien Infant
This powerful hideous omnipant infant has beyond the chart ability to manipulate reality. A child of it’s extra-dimensional species it wants to play, harass and seek attention but not intentionally harm anybody. Can talk but mostly demands then has a tantrum and uses his power. Sometimes follows a hero or collects something or even take over the world. Usually his guardians reclaim him but they may be mad if he was mistreated.
The Shambles
Nano-swarm Construct
An alien ship who collects mass to repair itself into a planet sized factory. As it awakens and assembles mass and makes servitors to recycle mass people notice and bomb the crap out of it. Has become skyscraper sized. Actually seems too dumb to fly, looking for right parts.
Monolithic God
A 50ft stone Polynesian looking statue actually an alien god who demands a sacrifice of coconuts and worship from dancing girls. Otherwise he gets mad. Also battles other monsters and sleeps mostly. He has fans and Polynesian cultists who entertain him. His lady shaman talks for him. Has even driven off alien invasions and bigger monsters.
JubJub the
river Serpent
Reported by colonial settlers, and confirmed by heroes and villains alike since the twenties. He is friendly enough but can be tricked or controlled by others. Has a shaggy dog like head and 100 foot serpentine bode and lime green scales which change if angered or to hide.
Octavia the
A giant octopus which menaced colonial shipping and was used by countless villains in deathtraps Fairly Intelligent she is monitored and fed by several marine heroes. An octopus with a woman face who eats whole cows and sharks. Wants an easy meal and deal.
Mutant Albino Alligator
A blind albino psionic gator, who protects orphans and kills anything else in her way especially if hungry. Lived with baby mutant psychic troglodytes, magneto-gnomes and even aborted superhuman fetuses with a bad attitudes. She often hunts for food for her new brood.
Sunny the Bear
Monstrous Kids Toy
A teddy bear who can shrink from normal to 40ft high. Has an entourage of teen helpers who solve mysteries together. A dirty fighter and does not act cute. Smoke’s, swears, wheeled about in pram by helpers when not a giant. Likes to fight monsters for a challenge.
20 The Man-Bat A werebat driven mad by a silver arrowhead trapped in its body – has been trapped in monster form and comes out at night to feed. Usually eats a stray pets but delights in cruel torture and may take a prisoner. Occasionally in xtra pain and runs berserk through the night.

TOP 10 Paranormal Species, creature and monsters but ones that breed true and usually have a purpose
Dire Wraith
Alien Species
A shape shifting alien race who tried and failed to conquer the world in the eighties. Defeated by Captain Resilience in the 90’s. Possibly a few left. Into black magic and science.
Space Homunculi
BioBorg Warriors
A combat bio-borg made by Iron king to provide anti-meta combat ability for the star swarm. These vaguely humanoid flesh borgs are all power and no inner life., A few left about.
Most killed by the Hex Men in the 90’s. Most have a bolt gun or bio weapon and a claw.
Sea Devils
Primordial Race
An alien race of fish men who like to interbreed with us, several have been captured and dissected on TV. Use black magic and alien science and even have sea monster slaves.
Occult Species
Primordial dreamtime monsters inhabiting the drains and abandoned places of river city. They have been awakened by sorcery and can manifest over again.
Occult Species
Primordial dreamtime monster inhabiting the drains and creeks and byways of the harbour, beings born of vindictive black magic from primordial spirits – long for closure.
Occult Species
Primordial dreamtime monster inhabiting relics and sacred stones the city was built from. Cheeky sometimes cruel spirit beings who may abduct others to join them.
Alien Construct
A human or being so mutated by meta DNA they turn into a molten flesh ameboid covered in eyes and slime and never tire and eat anything. Aliens and cults use as slaves with some examples being sentient and even able to feign a human id.
Hero Hunter
Robots built to kill and capture meta-humans first built in the second worlds war and again in the 70’s. In the 90’s took over the USA for several years. Started as 20ft humanoids with larger mecha models and humanoid androids for mimicking humans and metahumans. When self replicating will store hero data and modify a model to be heroes nemesis. Used by black ops still and occasionally automated free willed units decide humanity must be taken over for their own good. Manny variants exist with villains and governments using customization.
Alien Species
An alien species of feeble telepaths who study humanity and even keep other species away from us. Range from indifferent to benevolent with some going rogue with their own purpose or to experience sensual pleasures of base humanity. They infiltrate humanity by hybridizing with a humans to make M.I.B.’s. They sometimes assist humans vs other aliens but not because they care (although some exemptions deny they interfere with us verdantly).
Serpent Men
Alien Species
These prehistoric reptile men are occasionally found as albino apelike blind cave dwellers but some relics of a possible prehistoric civilization exist. Occasionally a blind reptile man is found dead in a stream or shot by a farmer raiding a henhouse.

Top 20 Cults, secret societies and organizations that people might have heard of
Messianic Cult
A cult who believe metahumans are here to help us reach the next level of divinity. Possibly started by or hijacked by villain Force. Have been duped by many meta powered guru ever since. Members hope to get powers or to be at the side of their superiors.
Cthulhu Cult
Mad Occultists
A cult who worship a dead undersea pagan god they believe will awaken to eat our souls and send us all mad. Undertake sacrifice and conspiracies to hide their inhuman masters plots.
Mad Scientists
and Mercenaries
Free And Independent Research and Enquiry started by villains from 3rd reich and meta scientists such as Fire Bug in the 60’s to conduct research without fear or ethics. Their advanced technology is not just from sponsoring madmen – they also steal any technology they can by any means. Have hi tech mercenaries, weapons, goons in boilersuits, the lot.

6Fingered Hand
Demon Ninja Cult
A cult of demon worshiping ninjas who kill any get in their way. Want to destroy the world. Sometimes help for their own reasons some other evil such as Dr Apocalypse. Not all are ninjas, some are just agents or even priests of their demon lord.
Circus of Assasins
Killer Carnies
An offshoot of the Assassins who developed a circus to train agents and travel since about 1850. Has been used by many intelligence agencies but was clearly involved in the plots of Iron King – training mata assassins and cloning them for an army before being stopped. Nowadays they are lower key and fragmented but still active in training at least.
The Star Chamber
Vigilante Group
A vigilante committee who judge and punish the untouchables of society. No-one knows who is a member of the group but they are well informed, secretive and so far effective.
Si-Fan Tong
Criminal Cult
A drug dealing Asiatic triad who obey secret rulers from the underworld as interpreted by the current leader Lilly Manchu Grand Daughter of devil doctor FuManchu.
of Marduk
Illuminated brotherhood of Babylon – the brazen knights of Marduk are the cult arm of Iron King – posing as a Masonic style fraternal order, the brotherhood amassed wealth and influence over centuries only to see it diminish after several ritual murders in the 1930’s. Still influential now but no longer affiliated with alien horrors from the stars who use this to front their religious cults which have since fragmented into dozens of other mad sects.
Science Despots
A terrorist organization created by Dr Destructor in the Sixties for world conquest. He was killed but the org lives on to find the new leader. Sometimes they run multiple ops to see which villain they think will serve them best as master. Have access to advanced technology such as replicants, cyborgs, psychics and other weird science. 12 Leaders rotate control.
Eco Friends
Eco cultists, radical left and other weirdos who served Mother during the was with Iron King. When I.K. was no longer a threat they helped her turn the world into inhospitable environment populated by prehistoric species, monsters and biological weapons They have settled down and have given humanity one more chance but still have influenced the world by marrying several generations of heroes in Australia. Operate a healing centre.

Science Despots
A offshoot from FIRE who specialize in making superhumans, by any means natural, scientific or otherwise. Willing to dissect and study and recycle hero organs if need be. Many government agencies have infiltrated them to see what they have discovered. All adherants are promised ultimate power or a shot at it anyhow. They have of course used Wrekka’s preferring stealthy human sided synthetic models.
Thule Brotherhood
Nazi Occultists
Proto Nazi occultist brotherhood involved in Nazi Ubermench program, search for lost civilizations and other crazed schemes that only hastened the war when they failed. Have many Nazi Villains hidden, some in cold sleep till they can be used or cloned. Attempted to breed metahumans to be possessed by alien gods who would destroy mortal flesh with raw power. Australia and Argentina were popular safe houses after WW2.
Government Spooks
Australian Paranormal Intelligence service. Government spooks who monitor meta humans, aliens and other weirdness. Also use extreme measures and even wrekka support. People know they exist but are suspicious. Many meta agents work for them on secret plans.
Covert Global
Peace Keeping
Supreme Headquarters for international espionage, law and defense – A un org frequently hijacked by American control until the Wrekka USA event which made them firmly a U.N. operation. Anti all the world conquering villains and groups which sprung up in the 60’s. Also keeps eyes out for alien invasion. Have considerable hi tech arms and bases.

Project Safeguard
Super Prison
The Australian meta prison organization, founded by heroes whose enemies could not be held by normal law in the 60’s. Have built many prisons and guard them with advanced tech, battlesuits and transport vehicles. Usually arrive after a fight to clean up the mess.
Anti Alien Force
Supreme headquarters alien defense organization – principle global organization to detect and combat aliens. Use some tech taken from aliens also to equip their agents.
Rights Org
Created by heroes on the run from the law to combat Iron King and all his manifestations. Since the victory over his forces, the original Hex Men team have created an org for invited persons to combat abuse of metahumans or their powers – from science despots, cults or governments. They operate outside of government wishes and sometimes confict with them.
They tend to not even approve of super heroes and feel superhumans can be normal.

A cold war terrorist organization created by Soviet and Western agents to infiltrate world wide terror networks. All was just cat and mouse games until the charismatic Russian Syphon took over and all members went awol from their native powers and Scorpio became a real terrorist organization. Extortion by WMD threat, hi tech theft and even doomsday survivalist bunker schemes mostly cover it. Syphon is dead but Scorpion lives.
UNIT United Nations Intelligence Taskforce Like shield but more mainstream military forces on peacekeeping duty with their own officer and intelligence corp. Shoot at monsters to demonstrate they are unaffected by our military forces. Science dept is often good. Have had team of alien science advisers and other superhuman agents
Scarlet Dawn Typhon’s cult which planned to subvert Iron Kings apparatus for power during and after his destruction. They used to operate from a sub and even hoped to use wrekkas to seize control. Now the world is onto them and Typhon is dead, they are developing other means. With androids, meta clones and a nuclear submarine they have a good head start.
The Order of Assasins Agents of Iron King since ancient times, the order came to take the art of murder more seriously than their original master. The villain Grandslam in particular trained a generation of meta-assasins and agents who supplied the worlds evil genius’s with hit men. Since Iron King’s absence the order has been avoiding conflict with any government or hero group.

Gangs of river city
Black Scorpions
Cyber Yakuza
Japanese cybergang, deal in vice and hi tech crime as well as legitimate fronts – have a cycle bodyguard chapter and have operated with advanced heavy weapons and black technology.
The Syndicate
Corporate Criminals
A conservative financial conspiracy hiding within business and using criminal means to make big money. White collar crime with a gangster faction who run vice and knows nothing of the big picture. English speaking world wide with foreign investment projects.
Mascoponi Family
Italian Mob
A Mafiosa family famous for hideous deformity and brutal beatings and killings. Also have legitimate business fronts. Have had many in house killings but recently the family took a major beating from the Gun Nuns, losing their top spot in the city. Younger peddle vice and heists and black market preferring a quick buck – the old guard struggle to keep order.
Surfer brats
Rich surfing kids who like kicks and extreme thrills. Don’t like poor people committing crime. Competing with gangs is just for kicks. Many have rich families and contacts and jobs.
Silver Skulls
Cyber Chrome Gang
A cybermodified pierced high teck heavy metal gang with dangerous psychosis and a need to fight for cash to keep the brotherhood operating. Often work as goons or for test subjects.
Hell’s Belles
Satan’s Cycle Sluts
A female occult gang of witches and hellions. Many work in the sex industry but no-one would mess with them and their sick shit. Superstition surrounds their every action.
Yello Fang Tong
Martial Artists
Run from dojo’s and street fighting clubs, this gang protect the Chinese from foreign crime and control vice and extortion. While master Huang Lo and his family want to keep it simple, new blood want the gang to modernize and go big business not take-aways and laundry.
Outcast Squatters
A gang of the worst homless and beggers and druggies who live in the worst places in the city in squats. Many are nomads and are pretty harmless and petty in their crimes, but if wronged they can arise en masse to kill and eat anyone who harms their own. Many live in the drains and have even included some mutants as members.
Brown Snakes
Aussie B-Boys
An aussie patriotic hip hoppin bogun gang who like trouble and hangin an graffiti and other petty crime. Like cars and racing crimes. Drive Holdens, mildly racist.
Harbourside Rockers
Unionized Hoods
Union affiliated heavies who control dockside crime for the organization. Lots of huge Aussies and Islanders. Involved in smuggling, and dockside heists.
A tough gang of rollerskating and skateboarding and cycling punk girls who operate over town with their legitimate courier business. They recon, move goods and like to party.
Psycho Clowns
Carnival Posse
Evil sleazy violent clowns who flaunt authority and make kids cry. Not suitable for any pary. They just look for trouble and get loaded. Often very fit and skillful carny’s also.
Rockabilly Trash
A retro 50’s gang into vice, heists, cars and bad girls. Like fighting and trouble. Some have modified the cars with weapons and the lads have made a flame thrower once.
Femme Fatal
Fight Club for chicks
A vigilante women only gang who practice a whole range of combat training and dirty fighting. Some also fight for money or work in the sex trade or more respectable white collar.
Stupid Goth punks
Gothic rocker kids who haunt graveyards and creepy abandoned houses of old town. A pussy gang but still growing and learning fast. Many willingly serve the undead or sorcerers.
Gun Nuns
Catholic Killers
Started from a catholic church girls group in old town they rose to cripple the Mascaponi family with a massacre this year. A gun wielding sisterhood of religious girls who stole a cache of automatic weapons and ammo ready for destruction by the police. They have never looked back. They are vulgar and crude, often acting as hired muscle but not sex (saving themselves for Jesus). Sometimes they clean up the streets of violent crime in “sinner” hunts.
South Side Bastards
Wannabe Hollywood
Sth side always gets left out – we’ll show you! A crude gang a poor youths into tasteless fashion and cars and violence. They love racing and fighting then go back south by dawn.
Dust Devils
A road gang who travel the back highways but often come to town for supplies, business or fun. Nihlistic dare devils who like car chases and terrorizing people.
The Templars
The Order
A cult of cyclers who have a rep as the meanest, dirtiest and deadliest gang. Many have corporate connections also, surprising for a feared gang of psychos. Millitaristic lodges operate bunkers and temples. They are fanatics in a fight or in court. Ruled by a wizard.
Vetrans Group
A gang of crazed veterans, many who survived experimental weapons, torture and super soldier programs gone wrong. They just want other gangs to die and to do whatever they could like back in the war. After all they gave so much to our country they deserve it.
Street Punks
An anarchist gang who feed the poor, put on free parties and fight other gangs or other reject gangs. Usually poor but motivated. Some factions are racist other are not.

Classic Evil Org Stuff im temped by
SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion)
H.A.R.M may jokingly refer to Human Aetiological Relations Machine
"S.C.U.M." (Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem).
TAROT (Technological Accession, Revenge, and Organized Terrorism)
T.H.R.U.S.H. (Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity).
F.O.W.L. (the Fiendish Organization of World Larceny)
Fatal Force
"SMERt' SHpionam" (СМЕРть Шпионам, Směrt Špionam) meaning "Death to Spies".The novel Casino Royale breaks SMERSH down into five departments or отделы (оtdyels):
Department I: In charge of counterintelligence among Soviet organizations at home and abroad.
Department II: Operations, including executions.
Department III: Administration and finance.
Department IV: Investigations and legal work. Personnel.
Department V: Prosecutions — the section which passes final judgment on all victims.
V.E.N.O.M. (an acronym for the Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem)
Covert Organization of Lolita Assasins or C.O.L.A.

Top 20 Scientists of River City
1 Proffesor Powers Metahuman Expert, Teacher, operates the Famous Power Academy for teen heroes
2 Dr Don Plimsby Weird Science Expert, Inventor of the atomic toilet and many impractical one off miracles.
3 Dr.Monica Ratttman Medical Expert – Operated on several metahumans and revolutionized transplant surgery.
4 The Proffessor Mysterious stranger and extra/ultra-terrestrial expert attached to U.N.I.T.
5 Dr Jennifer Hawkins Astrophysics research director – operates deep space research and dimensional research lab.
6 Dr Julius Weissman Genetic Scientist and cold-warrior, black military science expert and former nazi.
7 Dr August Stagman Expert on ancient monuments, eschatology and metahuman pre-history
8 Clair Morganstern Occultist, Conspiracy expert, Magician. Consultant to city and heroes on occult matters.
9  Dr Monsterstien  Monster breeder and controller operates Antarctic monster prison
10 Dr Willheim Weiss Genetic Scientist and cold-warrior, black military science expert and former nazi.
11 Dr Kara Rosenberg A monster hunting rogue scientist who is too impatient to work with official sanction.
12 Dr Susanna Taylor Archeologist and museum curator who has tackled treasure robbers single handed.
13 Dr Ambrose Horton Controller of the Space centre and experimental weapon test range
14 Dr Sandra Gillman Marine science expert studying fish farms and exotic new aquatic meta fauna
15 Dr John Cunningham Mining Engineer and geophysicist and famous deep cave explorer.
16 Dr Laura Ashcroft Evolutionary biologist and bring em back alive dinosaur hunter
17 Assuna Garuda Metahuman prison designer for expert for SAFEGUARD and trained by meta-scientists
18 Dr Gordon Mabatu Exo armour and bionic research for the GenTech corporation labs.
19 Dr Alex Poponikos Greek chemistry engineer mass producing new miracle polymers and materials.
20 Dr Keiko Shinawa Japanese computer scientist and AI expert for Omni Corporation

Top 10 Richest in River City
Mayor Allen Richmond – Old money family of city who plans on cleaning up Diablo island and grimy river city
Silas strong – Strong Corp – a huge driven man who reached the top as most ruthless – owns river city herald
Arhimeen Salarah – Malaysian Island despot who spends ½ time in city
Arnold Glibb – Owner of City Independent News and hater of crime and vigilantes
Thurston Bond – Rich playboy eccentric goofball of river city, gives away money on crazy popularity schemes
Alister McDare – Scrooge and power company tyrant, shutdown Diablo island power during a heat-wave last year
Dame Kora Mossman – A dignified stateswoman and former mayor, retired from city life and well loved
Ruben Frost - Media owner magnate who manipulates politics and hates heroes who meddle in schemes
Damien Talisker - eccentric millionaire always putting self in spotlight with stunts, donations and schemes
Hedi Coleman - daughter of biotech industrial empire runs many labs over city targeted by weirdos
Top 10 Corporations
Gentech – A huge conglomerate of technology leaders mostly controlled by the temple
Orion Corp – An American aerospace, military, robotics corporation who built the first wrekkas.
Omni Corp – Computer research and manufacturing, games, entertainment, media
Aelita Aerospace – French-Russian space technology, aircraft and weapons
Temple Industries – Korean-European-American-Jap International Finance and high technology
New World Industries – Anglo-American International Finance
Kemelkon – American fuel, agri chemicals, tobacco, paper-mills, mining, automobiles
Exotech – Japanese medical, cybertech and psych op research for government, dirty cyborb black ops
Biota – Biotech, chemicals, drugs, agriculture, fuel co from scandinavia
Strong Corp – Silas Strong’s firm – real estate, insurance, airline, sport, garbage, media, gambling

Some other lists to make
Local Celebrities
Law Officers
City Officials
Government Agents

The Statesmen
Australian Sentinel - ACT
Eclipse - Vic
Forsight (Killed 1992) - Tas
Kingfisher - WA
Scorpion - NT
Shrike - SA
Solarstorm - QL
Southern Cross - NSW
Walgaru (replaced 92) - NT
Warlock II - TAS

Special Squadron (1960’s)
Cancer (Missing 1974)
Electric Lady
Blue Mantis
No-Man I (Missing 1968)
Persuader (Killed 1976)
Unicorn (Missing 1972)

Taskforce Oz (1970’s)
Captain Australia
Devil Dingo (Missing 1979)
Golden Girl
Tasmanian Devil

Southern Squadron (1980’s)
Grey Dragon (Missing 94)
Heavy Metal (Missing 89)
Magus (Missing 86)
Mist (Missing 91)
White Heat
Wraith (Killed 1991)

Southern Knights (1990’s)
Archangel (Missing 1993)
Discord (Missing 1994)
Mr Smith
Ninja Avenger (Killed 1992)
Quantum Cat






Heart Attack



American Eagle

Dr Mystery

Lady Liberty

Black Spectre





Father Hood










Dr Atom







Cut throat

Dr Magnum











Sugar Daddy




Red Archer







Red Star


Iron Curtain

Red Knight


Red Heat



Jade Tiger


Gold Samurai


Golden General
















Riech Eagle






Holy Ghost


Rising Sun













Black Lion





War Cry




Cut Throat







































Captain Resilience




Rubber Jonny









Scarlet Centurion


















Impirial Lion




Golden Dawn

Iron Clad










Union Jack




Cosmic Centurion













All American

Victory Girl

Uncle Sam

Lightning Lad

Captain Invincable

Miracle Girl


The statesmen

Australian Sentinel

1956 M Alpha Leader of the Statesmen, A.C.T.

Canberra (Adelaide); Electronic Engineer, Inventor, Martial Artist

Flight, Body Armour, Regeneration, Hyper Senses

Black martial arts suit, cyberhelmet, shuriken, sword, nunchucks, jet, silo


1956 F Delta Statesmen, VIC.

Melbourne; Fashion Designer, Socialite, Actress, Occultist, Detective

Darkforce Pocket Dimension, Psychometry, Empathy

Black evening dress, cigarette holder, handbag, silo


1959 F Psi Killed 1992, Former Statesman, TAS

Hobart; Naturalist, Organic Farmer, Spy

Clairvoyance, Teleport, Aura Sense, Empathy

Green bodysuit w/eye logo, pet meta hound, nature reserve


1957 M Gamma Statesmen, W.A.

Perth; Marine Biologist, Explorer, Coast Guard

Flight, Ultrastrength, Environmental Adaptations, Danger Sense

Blue & yellow bodysuit w/bird logo, amphibious jet-sub, silo


1952 M Alpha Former Criminal, Statesmen, N.T.

Darwin; Criminal, Assassin, Mercenary, Martial Artist

Hyper Speed, Body Armour, Regeneration, Toxin Sheathe

Yellow armour, spikeline, cyberhelmet, jet, silo


1958 F Beta Statesmen, S.A.

Adelaide; Law Officer, Detective, Forensic Scientist, Security Officer

Flight, Natural Weapons, Body Armour, Regeneration, Hyper Senses

Black & white bodysuit, jet, silo


1957 M Epsilon Statesmen, Q.L.

Brisbane; Astrophysicist, Inventor, Astronaut, Pilot

Flight, Body Armour, Ultrastrength, Plasma Bolt

Black & yellow bodysuit, space shuttle, observatory, satellite, silo

Southern Cross

1959 M Epsilon Statesmen, N.S.W.

Sydney; Performer, Gay rights activist, Socialite, Detective

Flight, Telekinesis, Hyper Senses, Danger Sense

Blue & white bodysuit, boat, jet, limousine, silo


1942? M Psi? MIA1992, Statesmen, N.T.

Outback; Shaman, Occultist, Survival, First Aid

Empathy (Fear), Gate Travel, Illusions

Loincloth, staff, sacred relics, boomerang, woomera, spears, club, shield


1956 M Psi Statesmen, TAS

Hobart; Detective, Spy, Occultist, Martial Artist, Military

Astral Travel, Aura Sense, Danger Sense, Clairvoyance, Regeneration
Purple and black robes, staff, jet, car, sub, utility belt, trenchgun, silo

Rivals OF The statesmen

Cane Toad

1951 M Alpha Mob Kingpin

Sydney (Brisbane); Streetwise, Criminal Kingpin,

Body Armour, Amphibious, Regeneration, Hyper Senses, Hyper Leap

Green warty suit, machinegun, grenades, sub, armoured limo, cane, cigar


1954 F Delta Believed Dead Cult Leader.

Melbourne; Occultist, Genetics, Ballet, Acting, Streetwise

Darkforce Sheathe, Psychometry, Empathy, Demonic Constructs

Black spiked suit, flails, whips, pocket dimension cult headquarters


1959 F Epsilon Wanted terrorist and racist scientist

Adelaide; Terrorist, Spy, Biologist, Hypnosis, Psychoanalys

Aura Sense, Fly, Light Generation, Light Sheath, Ultra Strength

White bodysuit, hidden bunker, laboratory, flares, smokebombs


1957 F Gamma Wanted criminal daredevil

Perth; Surf Lifesaver, Navy Veteran, Acrobat, Pilot, Streetwise

Flight, Ultra Strength, Air Animation, Airbolt, Danger Sense

Blue & white bodysuit, stolen amphibious jet-sub, speargun, airmask

Hooded Justice

1952 M Alpha Wanted redneck trouble maker

Darwin; Criminal, Assassin, Mercenary, Martial Artist

Body Armour, Regeneration, Teleport, Heatbolt

White hooded robes, noose, napalm, bat, flaming sword, burning cross


1952 M Beta Wanted International Assassin

Formerly Adelaide; Martial Artist, Military, Assassin, Acrobat, Streetwise

Armour, Regeneration, Power Null Field, Hyper Speed

Black bodysuit, jet, sub, yacht, car, martial art weapons, utility belt


1954 M Delta Presumed Dead FIRE Director

Sydney; Military, Inventor, Battlesuit Tech, Demolitions, Security, politics

Fire Generation/Animation, Psychometry, Danger Sense

Orange Battlesuit, mole machine, flamers, thermite rockets, plasma gun

Devil Dingo

1950 M Delta? Presumed Dead Evil shaman

Alice Springs; Shaman, Toxicology, Occultist, Assassin

Teleport, Undead Dingo Form, Psychometry, Disease Aura, Toxin sheathe

Loincloth, staff, sacred relics, deathspear, woomera, darts, didgeridoo

Life Giver

1942 F Psi? Monitored Healer & Ecologist

Perth; Medic, Ecology, Occultist, Hypnosis

Empathy, Healing, Gate Travel, Power Illusions

Green suit, meta pets, personal grove gateway, secret cave base


1956 M Psi Presumed Dead Cultist

Adelaide; Detective, Spy, Occultist, Martial Artist, Industrialist

Astral Travel, Aura Sense, Psi Blade, Ultra Fighting

Green cult robes, gateway medallion, poison dagger, smoke bombs



1968 M Epsilon MIA 1984, Legal Alien

Melbourne; Physics, Engineer, Electronics, Genetics, Teacher

Tractor/Pressor Beam, Fly, Forcefeild

Black suit w/nebula logo, crashed starship base

Cancer I

1961 M Battlesuit MIA 1972 (Retired)

Barrier Reef; Marine Biologist, Genetics, Engineer, Inventor

Armour, Hydraulic Claw, Marine Laser, Hydrothruster, Sensor suite

Red crab exosuit, nuclear sub, underwater base, amphibious jetsub

Electric Lady

1967 F Epsilon Licensed Vigilante, Reserve Squad

Adelaide; Singer, Artist, Journalist, Electronics, Physicist

Electric Sheathe, Shockbolt, Fly

Blue w/gold lightning suit, cyberwear, cybergoggles, secret base, jet


1965 M Gamma Private Citizen, Reserve Squad

Sydney; Gambling, Business, Espionage, Oriental Weapons, Electronics

Danger Sense, Ultra Attributes, Hyper Speed

Tuxedo, sai, shuriken, grenaides, lockpicks, bugs, homing bugs, car, jet


1971 F Epsilon Private Citizen, Reserve Squad

Perth; Physics, Meteorology, Pilot, Law, Computers

Flight, Heatbolt, Hypersenses

Red & White bodysuit, lab, jet


1966 M Omega Probationary Vigilante

Sydney; Espionage, Martial Artist, Inventor, Battlesuit Tech

Power Mimic, Power Scan, Heatbolt, Coldbolt

Metalic blue insectoid battlesuit w/ laser, sensor suite, edged blades


1966 M Delta Probationary Vigilante

Brisbane; Electronics, Computers, Physics, Inventor, Robotics

Precognition, Telepathy, Psychometry

Red & yellow, cybergoggles, jet, car, lab, satellite, super computer


1964 M Psi MIA 1971, Licence Revoked

Melbourne; Security, Martial Arts, Espionage, Electronics

Mind Control, Aura Sense, Telepathy

Black suit, utility belt, car, jet, secret base


1967 M Alpha MIA 1974, Licence Revoked

Perth; Wrestler, Boxing, Bouncer, Streetwise

Body Armour, Telepathy, Power Mimic

Loincloth, battle axe, crowbar, darts, smart goggles, truck, hotel,


1965 F Beta MIA 1979

Sydney; Medic, History, Psychology, Martial Arts, Acrobatics

Empathy, Hyperspeed, Regeneration, Lightbolt

White suit, secret base, jet, first aid kit, mysytical horn



1968 M Alpha Wanted Criminal & Mercenary

Darwin; Mercenary, Streetwise, Guns

Body Armour, Metal Shell

Green suit, machineguns, rockets, flamer, missiles, grenaides

Iron Maiden

1967 F Beta Wanted Racist Terrorist

Adelaide; Politics, Military, Martial Arts

Armour, Regeneration

Nazi uniform, truncheon, dagger, grenades, secret bunker

Dr Diablok

1965 M Psi Presumed Dead Demonic Conqueror

Melbourne; Occultist, Physics, Battlesuit Tech, Politics, Business

Telepathy, Gateway, Aura Sense

Red & black demonic armour, volcano island base, demonic gem


1967 M Epsilon Wanted Racist Terrorist

Melbourne; Espionage, Martial Arts, Military

Fly, Shapeshift, Strength, Armour, Heatbolt

B & w suit w/skull, lockpicks, car, robot, hidden bunker

Ghost Woman

1970 F Psi Presumed Dead Evil Shaman

Darwin; Shaman, Occultist, Survival

Aura Sense, Empathy, Astral Travel

Loincloth, mask, totemic digging stick, net, axe

Queen Cobra

1966 F Epsilon Probation, Clinically Insane

Sydney; Occult, Socialite, First Aid, Archaeology

Weather Animation, Snakeform, Toxinbolt, Telepathy, Aura Sense

Egyptian white dress w/jewels and wig, serpent wand


1968 M Beta Wanted Criminal Redneck

Brisbane; Farmer, Demolitions, Guns, Streetwise, Martial Arts

Fire Sheathe, Hyperspeed, Regeneration

Farming clothes, leather mask, sicle, flamer, pet starspawn


1972 F Alpha Currently Imprisoned Mercenary

Melbourne; Streetwise, Mercenary, Espionage, Electronics

Body Armour, Flight

Grey suit, utility belt, car


1968 M Delta Presumed Dead Conqueror

Perth; Inventor, Engineer, Physics, Electronics, Robotics, Computers

Forcefeild, Telepathy, Psychometry

White suit, utility belt, lunar base, shuttle, android replicants


1965 F Psi Wanted Iron King Agent

Sydney; Psychology, Martial Arts, Espionage, toxicology

Empathy, Telepathy, Aura Sense

Black suit, machine pistol, tranq gun, nerve gas, jet



1982 M Alpha Probationary Vigilante

Darwin, Espionage, Millitary, Pilot, Marksman

Body Armour, Hyperspeed, Vibro Sheathe

Black suit, machineguns, rockets, flamer, grenaides, Jet, Millitary Base

Grey Dragon

1986 M Beta Missing, presumed dead 1994

Brisbane; Streetwise, Motorcycle, Martial Arts

Ultra Strength, Teleport, Regeneration

Grey bodysuit, martial arts weapons, motorcycle, secretet base

Heavy Metal

1984 M Alpha Missing, presumed dead 1994

Perth, Engineering, Mechanic, Physics, Electronics, Martial Arts, Guns

Metal Form, Gravity Control, Density Shift

Red & yellow bodysuit, crowbar, utilitybelt, jet, penthouse suite


1986 F Epsilon Licenced Vigilante, reserve squad

Melbourne; Mechanic, Drive, Pilot, Physica, Astronaut, Electronics

Fly, Force Field, Magnetic Control

Molecular chainmail, utilitybelt, workshop, factory, orbital base, NEO Jet


1984 M Delta Missing, presumed dead 1994

Darwin; Archaeology, Occultist, Astronomy,

Create Gate, Create Demonic Construct, Psychometry

Demonic Armour, Mystical Demonblade, underground library


1987 F Psi Missing, presumed dead 1994

Sydney; Occult, Socialite, First Aid, Archaeology

Empathy, Mistform, Aurasense

Pink suit, armoured limosine, jet, penthouse


1987 F Gamma Licenced Vigilante, reserve squad

Melbourne, Gambling, Mathamatics, Physics, Sleight, Espionage

Forcefeild, Telikinesis, Danger Sense

White suit, utility belt, armoured limosine, jet, grenaides


1982 M Beta Licenced Vigilante

Adelaide; Streetwise, Millitary, Espionage, Martial Arts, Mechanic

Sonicbolt, Vibrosheathe, Regeneration

Grey suit, utilitybelt, SMG, patrol car, jet, hidden base, Ninja Weapons

White Heat

1984 F Epsilon Licenced Vigilante, reserve squad

Perth, Engineer, Physics, Computers

Heatbolt, Forcefeild, Fly

White suit, utilitybelt, laboratory, factory, jet


1985 M Delta Missing, presumed dead 1994

Sydney; Psychology, Martial Arts, Acting, Detective

Illusions, Phase, Psychometry

Grey suit, utility belt, hidden base, smokebombs, motorcycle

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  1. Awesome. Another Australian MSH GM.

    Shadowbat. Good one.

    Made up a Super Squadron character recently, called him The Fruit Bat.


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