Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Trying to make fighters more cool (recovered version)

This post got deleted by mistake - thank you to Timothy Brannan for saving and posting within hours of my whinging about loss. You are my blog hero. 1 million xp for you. Its like raise dead worked. Anyway here it is again minus the 50 odd views and a few lil edits.

A few things here to make fighters more interesting - give most specialization choice and command bonuses for troops.

I dont mind other classes getting some impressive weapon skills but fighters should get the most period.

Even a 1st level warrior can get a bonus to control a bunch of flunkies. Even if they dont lead disciplined troops they may inspire irregular troops like barbarian hordes. They could even be reluctant, fighting in a battle and nearby men get a bonus just by watching the hero. Make humanoid leaders more deadly.

Number and quality of weapon fancy WP skills
A table comparing how many improved ranks of WP available

0WP Slots on weapon = class Non Proficient Mod (or NP mod)
1WP Slots on weapon = Normal chance to hit and use weapon
2WP Slots on weapon =Expert +1 hit and damage
3WP Slots on weapon =Master +2 hit and damage
4WP Slots on weapon =Specialist +3 hit and damage

*starts with one rank of critical hit WP starting on natural 20. Others have to buy WP to do this, those who start with a rank can buy up to +3 more ranks 1=19+ 2=18+ 3=17+

Warrior* - any number of specialist, master or expert
Priest - one master max
Rogue - two master max
Wizard - one expert max

Monk* - one specialist, two master, any number of expert (class bonuses too)
Druid - two expert max
Bard - two master max
Sorcerer - one expert max

Dwarf * - one specialist max (class bonuses too)
Elf - two specialist max (class bonuses too)
Halfling - two master max (class bonuses too)
Tako - any number of expert

Gnome - two expert max (class bonuses too)

Monks can gain additional weapon mods from class that can enhance these again

Proficiencies bought with INT bonus dont count against class max
A sorcerer bow specialist does not hurt in long run

Troop Leadership for Warriors

Can command up to 10 x level in first or zero level warriors
Command radius = 1 range per charisma + level

1-3th level warrior's troop get +1 Save vs fear (WIS) and Morale and chance to rally troops with broken morale
4-6th level warrior's troop get +1 to hit and saves
7-9th level warriors get +1 damage and AC vs missiles
10-12th level get +2 Save vs fear (WIS) and Morale and chance to rally troops with broken morale
13-15th level +2 on all saves, hit, damage and AC vs missiles
16-18th level +1d3 HP with 1 month training
19-20t level +1 Attack, fight in negative HP up till death, never fail morale roll

A few NWP will effect this

Non warrior classes can get a command radius = CHA only by taking leadership NWP and may rally

A warrior who takes leadership NWP gets +1 radius per level and can include 2nd level warriors at 11th level and through them can command massive armies of 1000, at 15th level 2000 and at 20th level this is 4000. If you want more assign these to you personal guard ans assign other generals

Humanoids get this on monster races by HD but can command 3HD at 15th and 4HD at 20th with leadership NWP

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