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Planet Psychon Lost Men and a Lost Land

A revised planet psychon PDF is on the way with more tables, including all recent content from this blog and some other revisions, edits and stuff. Just Tweaking now. Im presuming someone out there has been using the tables alot because some like the settlement table have been viewed a crazy amount of times. Will go through some sections with some more tips for usage. Will get to play in a few months so glad to have developed this stuff. Been unable to walk is a good way to catch up on projects like this. Any recommendations or ideas for me to include welcome.

Random psychonian colour

1 Crimson (red, brick, maroon)
2 Magenta (rose, pink)
3 Cyan (sky, light blue)
4 Turquoise (sea, aqua, aquamarine)
5 Yellow (gold)
6 Tangerine (orange, bronze)
7 Emerald (olive, forest)
8 Green (lime, light green)
9 Violet (Indigo, purple, lavender)
10 Lapis (dark blue, midnight, navy)
11 Roll 1d10 twice times or ivory (bone, pearl, shell, silver)
12 Roll 1d10 1d4+1 times or jet (grey, slate, steel)

Ancient Stock Humans d100
Humans of non psychonian origin are found occasionally but the jealous gods transform them mind and body over a few days (con save per day) into typical coloured human of the sacred colour types of psychon. My default start is party a 70s band lost in Bermuda triangle whose plane crashes. Once converted can speak Psychonian common. Native Psychonians repulsed by ancients stock. A person from ancient world may learn (retain) ancient languages. Memories often flawed. Adults with memories can be created instantly by gods and other forces.

01-5 Astronaut crashed been in hypersleep and returned overdue from mission
6-10 Astronaut from distant colony or space habitat on mission to "Earth"
11-15 Cryopod awakened ancient from the final war
16-20 Cryopod awakened ancient resurrected from frozen 21st C corpse
21-25 Cryopod awakened ancient clone
26-30 Cryopod awakened ancient frozen in medical emergency
31-35Cryopod awakened ancient contaminated by necrovirus - undead if killed
36-40 Cryopod awakened in ancient survivalist bunker
41-50 Vault dweller escaped from bunker
51-52 Time traveller - experiment gone wrong
53-55 Time traveller - accidental sucked into vortex like Bermuda triangle
56 Time traveller - from pre 20th century sent by spell or curse
57-60 Time traveller  - found ancient gate in ruins
61-65 Time traveller - experimented with strange drug
66 Cosmic balance selected you as champion sent through time and space
67-70 Raised in bubble by robots
71-75 Raised in greenhouse by wizard
76-80 Crawled out of a pod plant with ancient memories of normal life
81-85 Alien saucer returned you after an age in space back to "Earth"
86-90 Morlocks bred you as accidental throwback, kept sealed in vault till recently
91 Recreated from past by troublesome god for a lark
92 Spacegod masters sent you here to study effects of Psychon on your DNA
93-97 Raised by a god in isolated habitat just escaped
98-99 Teleporter accident brought you hear from space habitat or past
100 Created by accidental anomaly while a hex terraformed

This is a map i did earlier for my Psychon hexes and forgot to post so Im killing a few birds with one stone.

Psychon Sample Hexes eight: Hidden Mountain
Temperature is warm (error on map).

Great magenta mountains surrounded by yellow forests. Trees are tall and fused with various eco zones with varied life forms many seldom seen by humans.

The ivory men came long after the Jet Men died and are fearful of Jet Men ruins. The Ivory Wizard is a despot who is suspicious of others come to seize his power. He fears the many other powers and races here and forbids contact with Dryad, the Jet Sage or the Wyrmm cult, or satyrs.

The traders post is inhabited by peoples of many lands and races with exotic goods and tech commonplace. Robots keep common law.


  1. If find your pyschon posts inspiring for my campaign. Just a tad stranger and that is good.

  2. thank you - very timely as i was slightly dishertened so thanks

    my biggest problem right now is trying to visualize heroes - i am kinda thinking lotsa exotic martial arts type weapons and polearms might be good - still thinking about this


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