Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Science and Sorcery Encounters

These are meant to mix magic and science up more to show possibilities of both on Planet Psychon. Will do enchanted tech next. Magic Metals and Gems might be a good add on to that. 

D100 Science and Sorcery Encounters
1 Orcs with cyborg parts led by 60% conversion with a sonic blaster for a hand
2 Goblin gang with leader shaman and elites with a rocket launcher send in weak cripples from afar to threaten or asses potential enemies
3 Bugbear with a double barreled shotgun and gallon jug of moonshine 
4 Hobgoblins in strange neat black uniforms with muskets led by swastika clad evil wizard
5 Kobolds lay a mine field over area then hide in hidden holes with crossbows
6 Kobold with vest of dynamite charges with odd grimace and lit fuse
7 Orc running at party with mine while rest with muskets and huge crossbows support
8 A former vending machine now preaches the god Kernu and seeks allies to recover data from ancient radio tower, he hope on getting upgrade if he is good
9 A forestry robot with his friend a Druid fly over the forest looking tor evil or lost travellers
10 A library robot wizard with his cat familiar have been driven from their tower by morlocks and need help
11 A pleasure android sorcerer and her mutant follower seek her sisters to free from slavery
12 A jukebox borg acts like a bard follows heroes, mixes new songs about them with video clips and broadcasts
13 A group of techno monks with a servoborg brother among them on a pilgramage
14 A warrior android hero who tries to pass as human and be a hero
15 A doppelganger pretends to be awakened ancient scientist or astronaut to join party, will change to a normal psychonian at some point to bond further with party, uses esp to make close friends
16 A methane fueled sewer bot with a foul mouth and cockney accent offers to be your guide, uncontrollable pick pocket but kinda helpful scoundrel
17 Warlock humanoid robot warrior wizard with evil blade seeks to serve true chaos
18 A priest with a worker android and a shock staff roam wasteland looking for needy to help and evil to kill
19 Paladin in gold power armour riding genetically enhanced super horse ally seek evil knight in area
20 A black armoured cyborg knight riding a hideous giant mutant beetlelooking for innocents to kill and torture
21 Zombies pretend to be sick humans, surprise attack and try to infect helpers
22 A beastman with a flail and a pistol riding a skycycle looking for adventure
23 A unicorn beastman healer sells his magical d4 healing dung to needy, guarded by degenerate evil goat men who abey him 
24 Ghoul with ancient military uniform and automatic rifle
25 Ghoul cop with helm and truncheon eats major lawbreakers or just tastes for lesser crimes
25 Zombie business man follows party looking for a job
26 Assassin with sniper rifle and elf cloak
27 Wizard and guards from great citadel fly over to talk in air car
28 A crumbling temple with a flickering viewscreen is a weak god everyone else has forgotten, he just needs a new antenna tower and would be grateful
29 A golem fighting zombies with a chainsword or power axe
30 A priest is attempting to convert a gaggle of messenger drones to the god Colossus 
31 Robots are crucifying a bearded man who seems to want them to do this, he is a preacher of lost ancient cult, says all a mistake
32 A robot owl tries to befriend a wizard, also documenting party for a goddess
33 A thinker android wishes to argue magic impossible to party spellcasters, will travel and fight with party while seeking truth
34 A android demon from a theme park exhibit hates his appearance and kills and mutilates humans in revenge at being made a monster
35 Skullron a cyborg undead wizard with his zombie forces are offended by living
36 An anklosaurus with cyborg missile launchers battling a dragon in distance, smoke hides the outcome
37 A wight business man attacks living while feebly screaming into his phone
38 A spacecraft from moon crashes, ancient man saved, is a werewolf, unaccustomed to being human, at night he is a monster, immune to standard Psychonian transformations
39 A gargoyle with a wand of darkness and a motion detector with headphone setliving in a gothic ruin
40 A kobold riding on a Psychonian rust monster (or related critter) demands tribute in his adorable little hat
41 A cyberchimera with 4 robot tentacles, a 6 shot grenaide launching goat head, a lion head with a 7 shot flamer mouth and a snake with 10 shot laser pistol eyes. Needs to eat biofuel and rest 24 hours to recharge shots, robotic legs very fast and armoured
42 Mongrel men being herded by wizard with a shock staff to market
43 Ghost hunting robot has never seen one, melancholic and despondant at failure
44 Giant lizard with laser mounted in bipod on saddle with mutant rider
45 Robot sheriff hassles party with human deputies: "I hear you has lotsa unsolved crimes from that direction"
46 Android wizard wanabee kicked out of wizard school for being a fake, sadly moping along
47 Wight wizard with force dagger and hover board seeks a good living body to swap with
48 Remains of giant robot knight and mecha dragon strewn over battlefield, goblins gather the bits to rebuild
49 A gang of morlocks on motorbikes in gang leathers
50 An Eldren in a space suit wandering around puzzled without memories except spells
51 A gang of colourful gnomes with muskets torturing a robot or android
52 A tako octopus man riding a tiny sky saucer, drops in low asking for directions to any citadels 
53 A huge lapis gateway guarded by a eldren with a flamelance (laser rifle), awaiting his race to return from stars
53 A morlock with a power fist with 2 shot micro rockets (4 more spare) has 2 eloi slaves, one he plans to eat soon
54 A teenage wizard tampering with ruined cyborging shop, if unchecked he chases them later as a killer cyborg
55 An attractive sorceress with a race of savage bunnymen minions, the follow her as she wields holy power mace (not much juice left), she wants guests and intrigue
56 A morlock forge accepts traders as visitors, working on enchanting ancient weapons with magic, seek strange ingredients in return for enchantments
57 An eldren appears from nowhere and invites you to his cloud home (a satellite), demons are attacking his habitat and seek the hibernation pods in his care
58 Cyborg ghoul military unit with bayonettes attack in tattered uniforms looking for meat and power cells
59 Salamanders block your path and demand atomic fuel cell cores for passage or any radioactives will do
60 Priest in ruin talking to his god, a damaged WMD artificial intelligence who cant set himself off because he was hacked. Mission was to kill a great horror at the end times.
61 A druid with a great AI iedelon stone, controls a tribe of eloi in paradise, some might object
62 Mutants with pet displacer beast battle eldren with blink dogs
63 Cyborg beholder badly wounded tries to bully party to repair and serve it
64 Wyvern with cyborg orc hero with rifle stalks party
65 Minotaur with flamer
66 Eldren children using a dying freeze ray rifle to make snow and ice slides, parents watching from orbital with flamelance laser rifles that kids unharmed, will teleport kids up and will come down guns blazing for a few rounds max
67 Alchemist with thinker android apprentice seek to create life forms in bottles with potions, have polluted land with dragons, hydra and other monsters
68 Necromancer has stolen cyborg parts and built Cyberstien a bitter resentful creation ready to flip 
69 Vampire hunters tracking prey in crumbling lost graveyard, have uv frequency disposable laser pistols (1d6 shots) and holy symbols on everything
70 Mad ghost hunting sorcerer has backpack holy water sprayer as a flamer to undead, wants backup in test mission
71 Sad demon sitting in circle of dead androids but perks up when sees party: "souls!!!"
72 Robot family being menaced by rust monster
73 Cyber Unicorn with prismatic ray horn haughtily defends nature from humanity
74 Giant trying to give flower to ancient fast food statuebut when sees players decides a blood sacrifice would be better
75 Owlbears controlled by AI with speakers in collars demand party surrender or else
76 Dobermen warriors in muscle shirts challenge party to deadly rocket cycle race
77 Gnomes and gardening bots working together in harmony
78 Wizard tower being buzzed by saucermen, beam down to steal human magic
79 Ape men on horseback with rifles outraged by humans with weapons
80 Goat-centaur with psionics and a hydrogen lance spies on party watching them pass through land
81 Hideous mutant dwarf gang abusing wagon of travellers
82 Armoured knight seeking his sweetheart far away in scout battlesuit with monofilament whip that severs limbs and heads up to 30 away or in melee, he is a paladin
83 A foggy toxic waste bog with mutant lizardmen and troglodytes ruled by a swamp queen hag blocks the way, burst drums of poison and dead litter everywhere
84 A fortified house heavily trapped and disarmed. Poltergiest seals victims in house security system and uses inbuilt traps and drones to maim and terrify from control room
85 Friendly frogmen tell of underwater house with dreadful dead men but ancient wealth
86 Satyr with machine pistol and cigar demands private time with ladies or else
87 Succubus pretends to be in cryopod in form of confused ancient girl or replicant sex clone 
88 A group of miserable mutants has a imp living among them they swear is one of them, the imp is rude and tries to provoke heroes to killing his mutant family
89 A morlock with a trained carrion crawler and flintlock looking for slaves 
90 A blasted ruin with ancient blasted shadows from nuke on scarred concrete. The come to life as undead to attack
91 A huge lizard overgrown with vegetation is tempted by wiggling adventurers
92 A racially mixed band of berserks unite together to kill non believers in the cult of the AI-god WOTAN 
93 A band of mixed goblinoids, dark eldren, beastmen and morlocks come from a hatch in the subworld. They serve Erishkigal in  the underworld and their leader has ancient tech weapons
94 Children capturing tiny pakuspawn monsters in painted guards for competition held by local wizard. Local kids make creatures fight and the wizard buys the best for his dungeon
95 A paladin of the god Paragon searches area for great sub world entrance ad asks for your help and explains the soul destroying horrors he expects in hell
96 Evil priests of Typhon have found ancient biolab under a ruined citadel and are breeding monsters
97 Gasmask wearing priests of Takwan the destroyer dig in a ruined silo for a second key they will use to end all evil 
98 Amazonian priestesses of Justice seek aid in destroying a murderous terminator machine of ancients loose in area trying to repair a forgotten evil AI
99 Moloch the machine god has a shrine here and angry robot and android cultists will sacrifice human meat-bags who defile the holiest of holy in the mouth of a recycling plant 
100 A wizard has found a magic fungus forest in a cave but the god Centipedus guards it, a mechanical modular cyber centipede


  1. What a gonzo universe you paint! Love it! It is encouraging to me. I am now returning to RPG after a long time away and experiencing the joy of creation again. So let me get this straight...You play these type of scenarios in games all the time?
    Lucky them!

    1. To be honest all this is prep for games i will be running probably for next year. With enough tables I can sandbox play easily.

      It also lets me use all my gamma world stuff.Am playtesting this stuff now for a local con.

      The Exile Island stuff has been my game for last 18 months. Im running Cthulhu 1490 and playing 2 dnd games just to try editions right now.

  2. I read, but don't comment enuf .. .
    sure creative genius .. . how do you come up with your d100 lists ...

  3. I have to hand it to you. . .pure creative genius... I am lucky if I can come up with d12 random ''themed ' events..

    1. well if u have a request for anything interesting i could give a go i would consider it...

  4. steal from what i read but its also training
    i found d20 wasn't cutting it - more you do better you get - only d1000 curses was hard

    i read 2000AD lots as a kid
    comic and pulp mag covers


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