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Psychon Mineralogy: Saphire and Steel i just deleted this while trying to edit but i still had a window with it open so could fix it quick. Sigh. Hope my blog black thumb curse over soon. Im just going over final book now - give me your e-mail in a comment if you want a editable preview to read for me. Expanding on monster plants section right now.

1d20 Random Psychonian magic metal type
not really modern Earth metals - more anodised aluminium looking and related to psychonian colours or ancient rubbish
1 Blood Metal (Bronze) +1 damage on living bleeding foes, heal one damage after a battle if splash blood on armour
2 Life Metal - merciful heart metal, wounds do not cause bleeding below zero, armour preserves life and uses CON save to attempt to stabilize bleeding from negative hp, try each each round
3 Sky Metal - Cold to touch, half range mods missiles, air or ice elemental beings +1 hit and dam, can hit as magic weapon armour is 50% lighter than normal in armour
4 Sea Metal - No penalties in water for weapon or armour
5 Sun Metal - shadows and beings attuned to darkness +1 hit and dam, dazzling sheen in sunlight save vs DEX or dazzled for -2 to hit 1d4 rounds, 30 radius, popular on shield or helm
6 Earth Metal - has +1 damage blunt weapons and +1 AC if armour
7 Serpent Metal - has +1 poison damage with save, armour gives +1 save save vs poison, mildly toxic but carrier become resistant after 30 days
8 Vegon Metal - living metal plant, repairs damage, self sharpens, missiles grow extra shot a week, 
9 Witch Metal - harm non corporeal spirits +1 hit and dam, confers no gift to see them, armour gives +1 save vs possession or spirit attacks,  +1 AC vs same creatures
10 Night Metal (Lead) - silent, non reflective, harms beings of light +1 hit and dam, armour gives +1 AC vs same creatures and a +1 save bonus vs their magic power
11 Moon Metal - (Silver) - harms and repulses some undead, devils, lycanthropes +1 hit and dam, armour gives +1 AC vs same creatures and a +1 save bonus vs their magic power
12 Black Metal - harms and repulses demons, faerie +1 hit and dam, armour gives +1 AC vs same creatures and a +1 save bonus vs their magic power
13 Plastisteel - half weight of steel
14 Monocrystal - +1 hit damage weapon or +1 AC if armour, 1in20 roll shatters if melee
15 Duralloy - very hard to break or blunt without super solvents or forcefeild +1 AC armour
16 Steel - default metal for most ancient goods for centuries
17 Ceramite - doesn't detect as metal, otherwise as slightly lighter steel
18-20 Alloy roll two d12
-Ornichalcum = Sun and Blood metal
-Mithril = Black and Moon metal
-Adamantium = Earth and Blood metal

1d20 Random Psychonian magic gem type
most value based powers max out at 1000
not really modern Earth gems - large and kinda fake looking
related to Psychonian colours and ancient trash
1 Ruby - +1 save vs heat and fire
2 Kunzite - increases fertility, love stone +1% per 100gp value
3 Opal - +1 save vs illusions
4 Turquoise +1 second chance roll per year per 100gp value
5 Amber +1 save vs electricity
6 Citrine +1 save vs charm
7 Emeralds - +1 all saves imbues vitality once per 100gp value per day
8 Jade - reduces aging or decay +1% per 100gp value
9 Amethyst - help perceive spirits 1 range and 10% chance per 100gp value
10 Lapis - protects from a level per 200gp value drain then crumbles
11 Pearl - changes colour in presence of poison
12 Obsidian - can be used as edged weapon instead of metal +1 and shatter on natural 1in20 roll
13 Data Crystal - stores valuable ancient data the gods will crave 1d4 1=virus 2=junk data 3=valuable data 4=a persons recorded life
13-14 Micro Hydrogen Power Cell
15-16 Hand Hydrogen Power Cell
17 Heavy Hydrogen Power Cell
18 Atomic cell core
19 Atomic cell 1d4 1=no core 2=Atomic cell with core d100% left 3=Atomic cell with full core intact 4=dangerously unstable
20 Com Orb connected to AI or able to talk to any who will answer in a mile


  1. Those gem qualities at the bottom would be really cool for a stadndard D&D game. Gives players a good excuse to go around blinged to fuck.

  2. Also explains why kings wear certain gems all over.


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