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TSR Marvel bits and pieces

Based on old notes recovered from 3.5 floppies - so pardon formatting and some other issues - i just thought safer here than on Amiga format discs from 80s

My versions of dire wraiths a awesome marvel monster race worked well as enemy for a alien player in game and i could go to 70+ issues of comic for stories. 2 volumes of Rom comics with annuals and team ups for final war would be way cool.

Banks was in start of game agent who watched party and could impress heroes for long time before they discovered his secret. Way before Lynch in Image too - all spawned by player wanting a highlanderesque pagan vampire hunting archer. Immortals made a great player type in game.

Wrekkas were my sentinals but based also on some other robots especially in dr who comic. Started out clunky insane and almost comical kept getting better and better.

Starspawn of cthulhu proved a great menace

Swarm monsters were connected to source of most metagenetic outbreaks on earth. Heroes killed humanoid leader. Yhen nuked spaceborn monster resulting in cloud of biomatter surrounding earth before discovering nemesis planetoid.

Dire Wraith Aliens
Wraithwitch (+Wraithwarlock & Peons)

F Exellent (20) Talents                               Contacts
A Exellent (20) Disguise                             Any 4 below choices
S Exellent (20) Wraith Lore                        Dire Wraith Hive Cell
E Exellent (20) Martial Art (Any 1)            Human dupes of choice
C Exellent (20) Meditation (Any 1)            Wraithpeon Slave
R Exellent (20) 6 Specialty stunts               Wraithwarlock lover
I Exellent (20)  2 Specialty stunts                Dire Wraith Hive Council
P Exellent (20) Powers
Good Consume Likeness
H: 80 Exellent Body Armour
K: 80 Claws, Teeth, Ex Corrosive Att Toungue
P: -20 and one of the following specialty powers at Exellent
R: Ex -Darkforce -Teleport -Clairvoyance
-Telikinesis -Forceshield -Gateway
-Telepathy -Animation -Corruption
-Weather -Vapourform -Plasticity
-Puppetmastery -Acidform -Psychometry
-Sonic Scream -Phazing -Empathy
-or may add a rank to Consume Likeness for Remarkable

Notes: Dire Wraiths are sinister aliens who can adopt the form of any being whom they devour the brain of with a tounge attack and a Consume Likeness feat. With a Consume Likeness stunt they can develop a permanent form which can be adopted at will. Usually each wraith has a human ID and a monster form from some biological experiment. Darkwings, a common example are shadowy peradactl like demons which belch flame to attack. Many monsters have unusual abilities. Wraiths use their powers and alien science to create monsters, infiltrate the Earths institutions and create disasters.
Varient: Wraithwalocks are reproductive males who also have a powers but are too rare and valuable to appear on the battlefeild. Non-repoductive male or Peons, have no specialty power. Peons also have mostly Good stats and powers but some exceptional example have one or more excellent stats. Most Peons are less talented also. They act as servants to other wraiths and adopt undercover assignments in low threat missions. Of late they have been using more and more human technology. This trend has appalled the Hivequeen council and it is heretical for peons to love their human ways too much.

Wraith Hellhounds

F Remarkable (30) Talents                      Contacts
A Remarkable (30) Track Scent Dire      Wraith Handler
S Exellent (20)         Guard Lair Pack
E Remarkable (30) Obay Wraith
C Poor (4) Beserk
R Poor (4)
I Exellent (20)
P Good (10) Powers
Remarkable Phazing (Disruptor)
H:110 Exellent Sonic Scream
K: 38 Claws, Teeth
P: -10
R: -
Notes: Hellhounds are dogs corrupted, empowered and bred true in Wraith Hives. They are vicious and trained to go beserk on sight of humans. Some carry wraithpeon handlers on their backs into battle

Agent Maxamillion Banks

F Exellent (20)      Talents                 Contacts
A Exellent (20)      Espionage            APIO
S Exellent (20)       Diplomacy           ASIO
E Exellent (20)      Streetwise             Brother Malcius (Armourer)
C Exellent (20)      Pistol Specialist*  Huntsmaster (Green Knight)
R Exellent (20)     Weapon Master*   Clawhammer (Templar)
I Exellent (20)       Marksman*           MI6
P Exellent (20)      Acrobatics             Taskforce UK
       Tumbling              Grandslam (Assasin)
H: 80+20               Martial Arts (All)  Southern Knights
K: 80                     Survival                 The Statesmen
P: 20                      Occult                    Southern Stars
R: Increadable       Pilot                       Statesmen
                               Meditation (All)
                               Jack of Trades*
                               Weapon Tech

Probability Control
Notes: Standard GearLocker
Gauss Pistol (Ex AP, Burst, 30 shots) standard street side arm, silent sleepdart ammo also
Gyrocket Pistol (Ex canister Ammo, variable 6-shot) standard anti-meta sidearm
Ultratech Inertial Armour (Gd Protection, no penalties) covered in pouches, belts, etc
Ultratech Vibro Monoblade Katana (Ex damage, -1cs AP, Ex STR) often used in pairs
Masterpiece Monoblade Wakizashi (In STR, +5 dam, -2csAP) often caries in coat
Auto Cannister Gun (APEX ammo, 30 dam, -2cs AP, 8-shot) anti-meta, may have 2
Man Portable Plasma Cannon (40 dam, 3 shots) beam or 1 area range cone, anti meta
Flamer Gun (30 dam +10 for 1d10t, 6 shot) also Ex acid, coldfoam, bioagent, toxin,web
Conerifle (40 dam -2cs AP or 80 dam HEX, smartammo+lasersight +1cs any range, 1 shot) snipergun mostly,various guidance systems icluding: laser, smart, anti-meta
Shokkstik (+5 dam & Ex stun) used with katana or vs normals and psychers
Flitpak (Gd Flight, 10min duration, Ex STR) or Gliderweb-Vest provides gliding

Notes: Banks was hired in the nineteen eighties as a consultant from MI6 Meta-Operatrions division. He personally developed many training programs to combat superhumans. He has administered a number of superteams including Taskforce UK, The Southern Knights and the Southern All-Star Squad. He has officially scored an impressive 14 confirmed metahuman kills. He disapproves of metahumans who misuse their powers or harm normals. Presently he heads his own firm of Metahuman Security Consultants for meta prison Project Safeguard.Most have no idea he is immortal.

Wrekka, Invigilate, Sentinel, Minuteman, other various models

Mark I Mark II Mark III Mark IV Mark V
F Excellent (20) Excellent (20) Remarkable (30) Remarkable (30Incredible ) (40)
A Exellent (20) Excellent (20) Remarkable (30) Remarkable (30) Incredible (40)
S Excellent (20) Remarkable (30) Remarkable (30) Incredible (40) Amazing (50)
E Excellent (20) Remarkable (30) Incredible (40) Amazing (50) Monstrous (75)
C Shift Zero (0) Feeble (2) Poor (4) Good (10) Excellent (20)
R Feeble (2) Poor (4) Typical (6) Good (10) Remarkable (30)
I Poor (4) Typical (6) Good (10) Excellent (20) Remarkable (30)
P Exellent (20) Remarkable (30) Incredible (40) Amazing (50) Monstrous (75)

H: 80 100 130 150 205
K: 26 42 60 90 155

Tech: Excellent Remarkable Incredible Amazing Monstrous
Incredable Amazing Monstrous Unearthly Shift X

Mark I
These early robots came to serve special forces in Wrekka USA in the late eighties.Some secret organizations had reached this stage possibly as early as the forties. Typically they are armed and programed for: security, riot control, prison guard, special forces and police work. This includes: Truncheons, Shokk Batons, Impaling Spike, Riot Gun, SMG, Laser Rifle, Flashlight, Sonic Stunner Carbine, Shokksheild, jetpack, Netgun, Watercannon, Fire retardant foam, metascanner, motion detector, radar, thermograph, multiband radio/video, computer interface, Anti-meta/vehichle ammo. Human apearing decoy models have also been built to infiltrate then overcome enamies from within.

Mark II These appeared as anti-meta and millitary models in the early nineties. Some occasional villains had built them as one offs in the seventies. Typicaly they are armed for extreme and preferably non-urban missions. Arms include: Machineguns, Autocannons, Rockets, Missiles, Chain Gun, Light Cannon, Plasma Gun, Ex flightpack and wings, Satelite Uplinks, Sensor and Commo suite, Cutting Laser, Flame Thrower, Railgun, Grenaide Launcher, specific counter power customization (such as heat sheilding, flame retardant webb, coldfoam, heat seeking missiles vs a character with heat powers).

Mark III These were elite command units in Wrekka America, first seen in the mid nineties. Able to instigate urban combat and concern for safety of humans, as well as fly into orbit and hunt sattelites. Energy weapons, internal power plants, non lethal weapons make them deadly foes. Arms Include: Plasma Cannons, Stunner Cannon, Strobiscopic flash gun, Shokk Touch, Rm vectored thrusters, combat computer (Spot Weakness) .

Mark IV
These were built in the last days of Wrekka USA as prototypes and have only recently seen again. They seized control of the USA for it’s own good and shocked the world. Their Energy weapons are still highly sophisticated and seldom understood. Only Meta science can produce them. Arms include: Mn aerospace engines and wings, Multispectrum energy blaster, Energy Web, Plasma Blade, Forcesheild reinforced armour, Energy Harpoon, PowerScrambler, Power Inhibitor Cuffs

Mark V One of these was built by completely unknown means in 1996, for a time it was the supreme Wrekka before it evolved it’s own self identity and disappeared. Australian Sentinel claims he last saw the mighty weapon in disguise working as a janitor in Chicago. Orion was apparently built from the molecular leval and is theoretically near indestructible. Arms include Antigravitic flight, ForceFeild, Shapeshift, Disintergrator, Tractor/Repulsor beam, Power Inhibiter Feild, Psi Jammer Feild, Immortality, Cyberempathy, Telport, Powerscan, Aurasense, Reflection, Energy Absorption,

Notes: All have body armour = to their Endurance and self destruct at Endurance +2cs. Psyche represents electronic countermeasures vs insanity and control. Fumbles on a reason roll means the robot makes a serious error and deviates from normal programing. A Psyche feat determins how severe this is. Mark IV and V actualy can be detected as psychic entities but their psuedo organics are difficult to influence. Customized Androids and more humanoid beings may have simular stats but fewer powers. Memory metal/plastic androids, psuedobiological, artificial intellect, human appearing synthetic and biological coated exoframes, technoorganic nanomachine colonies, molecular arranged circuits, are just a few varieties

Cuthulhu Mythos
Starspawn of Cthulhu

F Remarkable (30)   Talents                     Contacts
A Remarkable (30)   Occult                       Human Cult
S Monstrous (75)     Astrogation              Cult High Priest
E Unearthly (100)     Genetics                    Cthulhu
C Excellent (20)          Meditation (Lots)
R Remarkable (30)   Gate Lore
I Excellent (20)
P Remarkable (30)
H: 235
K: 100
P: -20
R: 0 -

Incredible Body Armour
Claws, Teeth, In (40) Wings, Tentacles
Monstrous Plasticity Boost
Mn (63)Wings, Mn (63) Armour
-Elongation, (Un) Growth +3cs hit,
Monstrous Regeneration
-Regenerate Limbs, Self Revival
Incredible Long Range Dream Projection
-Horror Blast, Slavebonding, Psi Scan, Call
-Illusions, Psiblast, Dominate, Mindprobe
(When the stars are Right also gain these powers)
Unearthly Interstellar Gate travel
-Lightspeed Travel, Banish, Summon, Timegate
Notes: Starspawn plunged to Earth aeons ago from some distant sun. They ruled the Earth foe a time until the stars grew dim and they slept to await a more favorable set of constellations. They live in subterranean chasms, submerged cities, lake bottoms, icecaps and other hidden places. They are tended by Deep ones and some times humans. They have been at war with other primordial species such as the Great Old Ones. The greatest of them is Cthulhu who dwells in his sunken palace where he has been priest king of his civilization for millions of years.

Iron King Assassins
Fat Lady, aka Vira Constantini

F Incredible (40) Talents                           Contacts
A Remarkable (30 Wrestling                       Iron King
S Amazing (50) Intimidate                            Circus of Assassins
E Monstrous (75) MA (ABCDEIKL )        Black Lodge College
C Excellent (20) Meditations (ABCE)            Hashim Assassins
R Excellent (20) First Aid                               Iron King Assassins
I Remarkable (30) Torture                            Black Claw Ninja Clan
P Incredible (40) Hypnosis                         Grandslam
                               Indoctrination                  Thugee Assassins
H: 195+40
K: 110 + Old Vet
P: -20
R: Increadible


Amazing Plasticity
-Extra Limbs, 1 area range +1cs multi att (Pseudopods)
-Incredible Bounce
-Incredible Enhance Armour +6pts
-Incredible Clinging
Incredible Body Armour (includes Mass/Density/Size)
-Remarkable Trap Missile (capture object unharmed)
-Remarkable Flexshot (can fire an object trapped in flab)
Good Meldsuit
Notes: (+1Cs to hit, 10 tons weight, 2 stories Tall) Formerly a teacher then nurse during AWWI. Has worked with many powers as a tamer of troublesome Metahumans. At some point (or perhaps always) she became an agent of Ironking. Since then she has operated several indoctrination camps and even one inside the The Tunguska Organism which Iron King once commanded and which was probably a large swarm fragment. She has been one of the most hated villainesses alive and has been rumoured to have had many children. The bodies of her black and blue bruised lovers have been found across the world.

Thumbscrew, aka unknown

F Incredible (40) Talents                       Contacts
A Incredible (40) Acrobatics                 Iron King
S Incredible (40) Intimidate                  Wrack, Psi Buddy
E Incredible (40) MA (Lots )                Black Lodge College
C Excellent (20) Meditations (ABC)         Riechforce
R Excellent (20) Military                           Iron King Assassins
I Remarkable (30) Torture                      Black Claw Ninja Clan
P Incredible (40) Hypnosis                    Iron Maiden
                               Indoctrination             Dungeon Master
H: 120                   Tumbling                    The Mob
K: 110 + Old Vet  Escapology                 The Temple
P: -40                     Streetwise
R: Increadible
Increadible Telepathy
-Remarkable Mind Probe
-Remarkable Psi Scan
-Remarkable Mind Control
-Remarkable Hide Memories
- Remarkable Psychoblast (energy)
Incredible Body Armour
Remarkable Regeneration
-Exellent Self Healing
-Exellent Endurance Recovery
-Exellent Stabalize Injuries
Good Meldsuit
-Typical Self-Revival
-Typical Shadowblending
Notes: Thumbscrew was employed by the Third Riech to help hunt and indoctrinate Metahumans. At some point he was also employed by Iron King. He is a known torturer and hitman for Iron King with many enamies. He wears a balaclava, goggles, long coat, equiped with a wide range of spy, assasin, and torturers gear.

Circus of Assasins
Ringmaster, Strongo, Cuthbert the Clown, Queen Snake, Fishboy, Aristo the Acrobat

F Ty (6) Ex (20) Ex (20) Gd (10) Ex (20) Ex (20)

A Ex (20) Gd (10) Ex (20) Gd (10) Ex (20) Ex (20)

S Ty (6) Ex (20) Gd (10) Gd (10) In (40) Gd (10)

E Ex (20) Ex (20) Ex (20) Ex (20) In (40) Ex (20)

C Ex (20) Gd (10) Ex (20) Gd (10) Pr (4) Gd (10)

R Ex (20) Gd (10) Gd (10) Gd (10) Pr (4) Gd (Gd)

I Ex (20) Ex (20) Gd (20) Ex (20) Ex (20) Ex (Gd)

P Ex (20) Ex (20) Gd (10) Ex (20) Gd (10) Gd (Gd)

H: 52 70 70 50 120 70

K: 80 60 50 60 38 50
P: -20 -10 0 0 -30 0
R: Ex Ex Ex Ex Fb Ex

Ringmaster: The cigar smoking leader of the gang, a magiciam, mobster and escapologist. Talents: Whip Specialist, Stage Magic, Streetwise, Hypnotsim, Trance, Escapology, Sleight, Gambling. Equiptment: Gd Hypno Hat, Gd Revolver, Ex Monowhip.

Strongo: A bald man with silent and stoic gaze. He is one of the strongest men who ever lived. Talents: Weightlifting, Focus (STRx2/day), Endurance, Wrestling, Martial Arts C, F, I, K. Equiptment: Ex Chain, Rm armgreaves, Rm Bar.

Cuthbert Clown: A wacky, crazy clown who juggles deadly objects. Talents: Marksmanship, Thrown Weapons, Throwing, Demolitions, Weapon Smith, Martial Arts A, D, E, Tumble, Clowning, Crack Joke, Illumination. Equipment: knives, chainsaw, machete, flaming torch, Molotov cocktail, heat shell, frag grenade, napalm grenaide, acid vial, thermite bomb, sonic grenaide, plasma shell, bolo, paint bomb, smoke grenade.

Queen Snake: A muscular and sultry redhead dressed in snakeskin with her pet metapython monty. Talents: Animal handling, Trance, First Aid, Toxicology, Herpetology. Equiiptment: Gd snakeskin armour. Snake F: Ex, A: Gd, S: Rm, E: Rm, C: Pr, R: Pr, I: Gd, P: Gd, Rm Elongation, Armour & Toxic Bite, Wrestling Talent

Fishboy: A part Deep-One boy with superhuman strength and subhuman intelect. Talents: Martial Arts B,G, Beserker, Swimming. Powers: Claws and Teeth, Rm Armour, Amphibious, Shapeshift (Human to deep-one), Hyper Strength, Regeneration.

Aristo Acrobat: A handsome and agile acrobat martial artist. Talents: Martial Arts A,B, D, E,H, J, Acrobatics, Tumble, Balance, Climb . Equipment: swingline, billy club, claymores, micro locator beacon .

The Circus of assasins varies in it’s membership but consists of an ancient order who pretend to be common entertainers while practicing some of the most amazing physichal and mental disciplines on earth. They kidnap infants and raise them in their special skills immediately. The Cult goes back the the arena’s of ancient Rome and goes to the carny folk across the world. Once hired killers, today they serve Iron King as trainers for his assassins. Possibly he seized control of them from a hidden immortal leader. Fat Lady has also been known to consort with them for cross training with her own students. The assassins most recently kidnapped the Australian Hero Rubber Jonny.

Other Members
: Cowgirl, Boxer, RubberMan, Injun Joe, Junglegirl, Fire Eater, Take-a-blow-Joe, Wraslin Man, Tumbling Twins, Mr Zebadee, Cyclegirl, Bearded Lady, Dogboy, Escapo, Billy the Bat, Plantwoman, Walking Carrot, Monster Truck Pete, Gypsy Glinda, Glenda the Elephant, Gorilla Joe, Lion King, Crocboy

Swarm Monsters
Space Scorpipede

F Remarkable (30) Talents                           Contacts
A Excellent (20)       Burrow                          Nemesis Planetoid
S Incredible (40)  Claws                                Starspawn Swarm
E Monstrous (75) Spine                                 Iron King
C Feeble (2)            Smell Prey
R Feeble (2)
I Excellent (20)
P Excellent (20)
H: 165
K: 44
P: 0
R: 0

Incredible Body Armour
Remarkable hyperspeed
Claws: xtra attack, +1cs hit, grab, dam
Spine Caster: Rm dam + Inc paralasys poison
Ex tunneling

This species of 9m long insectoids rapidly became a menace once on Earth. Once established they build nests and then lay eggs inside uneaten humans. They also captured metas, encasing them in cacoons for some unknown purpose. They attack at night, burrowing through floors and stealing the occupants. Larger versions have been rumoured with +1cs all stats and powers..

Space Homunculus

F Remarkable (30) Talents                    Contacts
A Excellent (20)        Sense Motion        Nemesis Planetoid
S Remarkable (30)  Claws                      Starspawn Swarm
E Amazing (50)       Bioweapon              Iron King
C Feeble (2)            Smell Prey
R Poor (4)               Track Scent
I Excellent (20)
P Excellent (20)

K: 46
P: 0
R: 0 H: 130


Claw: edged claw +1cs hit, block, dam and grab
Remarkable Body Armour
Biogun: various models including flamer, acid, toxin, virus, web, harpoon, Autogun,
HEX (60dam), AP bolt, all at remarkable

Notes: This species arrived on Earth secretly and apeared during the invasion peak to attack key outposts of human resistance to the invasion. They are lumpy green humanoids with a crablike claw on one arm and a biological weapon on the other. They communicate via whale like squarks and squeals. A pod of homunculus are usually armed as per their mission or possible opponent, but mostly bolt-throwers.
Starspawn Swarm Monster Notes: Swarm monsters descended during the culmination of the Metawars, When the worlds metahumanoids assaulted Iron King. They mistook IK forthe source of alien and metanormal activity. When the swarm came to avenge IK, a mere sub organism of the Nemesis Planetoid, all realized that the Earth had long been locked in a cosmic struggle between macrocosmic structural metagenetic beings. Swarmlings occasionally form the metagenetic cloud belt surrounding the Earth. Swarmlings decend in re-entry cacoons then seek a lair (underground if possible), then food (humanoids), then metagenetic samples (metahumanoids) and finally reproduction. All follow a hive organization and build elaborate tunnels reinforced by organic concrete made by their saliva and dirt. Sometimes both species live together. Some weird things have been found in these hives such as edible moulds, luminous fungi, human luring fungal blooms (Ex scent based mindcontrol), tiny parasitic beetles and more.

Some Hero Questions?
What is your nationality? What is your gender? What is your name? What is your job? What is your family like? What is your education like? What are your interests? What is your romantic status? What strong beliefs drive you? What do you look like? When were you empowered? How did you get them? What do you tell others? How do deal with authorities? What is your costume like? What is your equipment? Where do you live? How do you get around? Do you have a secret I.D.? How do deal with the media?

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