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Alpha to Omega: TSR Marvel notes froma 3.5 Amiga floppy

This was made in my 80s game on 3.5 floppies on an Amiga - had some probs with importing format - if only blogger had proper tables built in (does it?). Anyway In fisrt phase of game probably 84-87 built character acording to players idea based on self. After this i used this system for about 14 years adding extra "classes" as time went on - the second and third generation types. In this era was only one origin in world - the nemesis planetoid, an alien biomass. 

Alpha to Omega




Metahumans: From Whence did they come?
As long as metahumans have been known there have been attempts to rationalize their existence. The real questions are: how long have they existed?; how were they made?; and have any of are explanation even come close to the truth? 
In Australia at least there is a sort of laconic honesty not found in other lands. Several noted Australian Heroes have provided different answers to the patriotic and psychotic illusions heroes elsewhere give freely.
The Australian Statesman Warlock (A hero since the 1950’s), despite the almost horrified tones others speak of him in, has always stated: “I’ve heard lots of stories about what Meta’s really are, but I don’t believe any of them, in my mind the case is still open”.

The once government hounded Hero Remote offers his own account:” Somewhere, between each of these accounts there is the truth, the trick is to find which essential elements are true”. The missing hero Discord (according to his fans), paradoxical as ever put it this way: “but so far only the occasional fragment of truth has appeared, unrecognized it is returned to the bosom of true Khaos”. Thanks for clearing that up.

Most heroes tend to agree heroes where kept hidden since the turn of the century by governments. WW2 saw secret international metahuman test treaties established. Most skeptical heroes use the - classifications first used by classically inspired European scientists. Other nicknames abound. Summarized on the next few sections are some of the more coherent theories on offer at the world metahuman convention Madrid, Spain 1996. This was compiled to help update the uninitiated with some of the competing directions this field has made since the first public metahuman battle in 91.

What the Media Reports
Popular Views today in the Media, Hollywood and on the Steet.....

Superheroes are the best, everyone dreams of being one. They are rich, glamorous and sexy. The media is self contradictory, jumping from trendy opinion to hot new account on a daily basis. Anything said by a hero will make it to print, and sure enough some crazy ignorant fan will believe the heroes word to be gospel.

Heroes were first reported in 1991 by world media. It became impossible to keep secret when a multiple meta punch up in New York city, which killed hundreds and turned downtown Manhattan into a warzone. Every move a hero makes is scrutinized by tabloid media. If a hero kisses, farts, takes drugs, or spends money, the people want to know.

Heroes dominate the news and tabloids along with politicians, pop stars and Hollywood actors. Heroes are used to sell soda pop, breakfast cereals, sports drinks, vitamins, weight machines, cars, beer, cigarettes or any product. Most become millionaires without too much difficulty.

Various popular theories say that they are: a) government propaganda hoaxes, b) decoys for an alien invasions in progress, c) humanities ultimate evolution, d) children of the age of Aquarius, e) eugenics experiments gone wild, f) horsemen of the apocalypse, g) secret weapons or h) all of the above.

There are also many human attempts to duplicate Superheroes with technology but they are secrets kept by corporations and the government. Other types of superheroes have been rumored such as cyborgs, aliens, monsters and other freaks. The facts are pretty confusing when any claim of origin is believed by the masses.

American hero Chroma claimed for years to be a battlesuit operator until he was filmed using his power to generate his matter shell. He has claimed the footage was a lie initially, but later said he had simply summoned it from subspace using his secret hi-tech belt-buckle. Most recently he claimed it was a holographic decoy to fool his enemies. Since Chroma’s death at the hands of Dr Magnum we may never know for certain what his powers actually were.

Nebulax has for years claimed to be a prince from a distant galactic empire. His costume features slimy green skin, black toad-like eyes and glowing jewelry. He has acted in a generally erratic manner since, one day he is an invader, next an ambassador, next a hunter of galactic criminals and space parasites. Telepathic probes reveal his belief is total, his real memories are untraceable.

I don’t see the government exactly complaining about this situation. Perhaps today’s media chaos is what big brother wants. Sadly if fools believe these silly daydreams, then reason will suffer. If the hero Millstone was struck by a strange comet, or the villain Zadron is tyrant of another universe then anything may as well be true. As if the world needed another excuse to be stupid. As long as heroes claim to be Egyptian gods, demonically possessed, werewolves, unlikely survivors of bizarre accidents, inventors of secret formulas or masters of magic, I don’t see the problem getting any better.

There are several popular names for meta types:
  • BRICK: Big tough guys who fight lots and raise insurance prices where ever they go
  • SPOOK: Sneaky, clever and deadly these guys don't mess around and don't leave clues
  • JOKER: These guys are crazy but they seem to not get hurt despite their suicidal antics
  • BRAIN: These guys are real smart and make millions from their brilliant inventions
  • FLYER: These guys fly and usually have flashy powers which look real cool
  • CHAMPION: These showy guys are canny fighters and make rousing speeches in battle
  • WATCHER: These guys have awesome senses and are always ready
  • FIXER: These guy are tough and clever, and build tech like guns and vehicles
  • PSYKER: These guys can supposedly play with your mind just like cult gurus or advertisements
  • JINX: These sneaky types prey on other heroes and take advantage of their weaknesses
What Think Tanks Think
The MullerFokker Theory (As used by Military, Scientific Community, Corporations and Governments)

Muller&Fokker were Nazi scientists from the German Ubermench program of WWII captured and employed by the Americans. The more patronizing but less cynical approach of the British scientists have been kinder but the American and Russians use of Nazi theory dominated the cold war.

Basically the approach is cynical, paranoid and exploitative according to meta-rights activists. Governments and corporations constantly feud over metahumans as a valuable resource and security threat. The organizations who use this approach tend to control metahumans and create propaganda.

In 1992, the American automated anti-metahuman defense system (A.M.D.S ) was accidentally launched and created a new state where metahumans where killed, vivisected and enslaved by robots until 1996. Then pro-meta/anti forces overcame the A.M.D.S. system. Now world wide pro-meta rights activists have tried to have the Muller/Fokker theory banned. These activists have through the U.N. internationally banned the anti-metahuman technologies which the regime of the A.M.D.S. used. These includes matascanners, power restraints, explosive and electrified harpoon guns, self aware A.I.’s, combat robots, and more.

Observable strain of Metahumans:
  • SOLDIER: Primary front-line combat model, physically resilient and very destructive
  • ASSASSIN: Healing and combat functions, suitable for espionage and intrusions
  • SCOUT: Highly evasive and threat aware, valuable decoys and intelligence gathering
  • SAVANT: Geniuses with brilliant analytical and perceptive abilities, mainly technical support
  • AIR-SUPPORT: Air and artillery support, highly agile and able to fly, multiple role versatility
  • COMMANDER: Elite unit combat command, intrusion troops and unit morale boosters
  • GUARDIAN: Superior senses and combat ability, make excellent defense units
  • BUILDER: Field technicians and combat engineers able to work near frontline conditions
  • DOMINATOR: Mind controlling psychics, must be controlled very sternly by authority
  • ANTIMETA: Specialized at defeating other metas by turning own powers against them
Also there are several recent variants and human attempts to reproduce this technology:
  • CYBORG: Human with cybernetic implants, cheap and expendable mostly, some are almost on par with a meta. Illegal but manufactured by governments and corps for black ops. Some display incomprehensible technology of unknown origin
  • BATTLESUIT: Human with technological based exoskeleton as used by armed forces, anti-meta security or even industrial and emergency services.
  • ANDROID: Synthetic humanoids, very expensive, advanced and varied in abilities
  • BIOAUG: Humans with dangerous experimental metahuman organ or genetic transplants, very advanced
  • ROBOT: Automated response based machines, usually drones of a computer system, not usually self aware
  • AI: Artificial computerized intelligence’s under limited corporate and government research
  • AGENT: Especially trained elite agents using the latest guns, gadgets and hardware
These anomalies have been theorized and reported:
  • MONSTERS: Reject experiments, organic weapon systems, mutant metahumans, starspawn monsters
  • IMMORTALS: Simply a foolish rumor spread by communist metahuman subversives
  • ETERNAL: Humans altered by the being Adam Eternal’s powers in some unknown way
  • ALIENS: Possible alien probe organisms or actual alien beings may be on Earth now. Some may be divergent humanoid species
  • UNDEAD: Normal humans altered by alien metavirus, kill on sight if possible
  • SHAPESHIFTERS: Humanoids who shift shapes into animal forms
What the Left think
The Kinson Report (Feminist, Psychoanalytic, Sociological, Marxist Approach)

The latest view by popular writer and anti-metahuman campaigner Marion Kinson. Used by literati and academics mostly, this is fairly unpopular among the masses. She is kept under guard by the US government due to the metahuman threats against her. Most of her study was based on male metahumans studied on death row and in mental hospitals. She is an expert on metahuman prisons, restraint methods and a pioneer of the metahuman lobotomy. She believes that metahumans should be partially lobotomized and put to community service if they commit serious crime.

She theorized that metahumans are government laboratory products, the bastards of male science and the military industrial complex. She has also claims that hero identities are in fact corporate products like Mickey Mouse, Co-Co the Co-Co Pops Monkey or Ronald McDonald.

She identified these variants:
  • THUG: Cretinous morons are uncontrollable and experience homicidal mania
  • KILLER: Sociopathic sadists often are serial killers who constantly plot murder
  • DECEPTOR: The most erratic type, usually compulsive liars or paranoid schizophrenics
  • TOYMAKERS: Mad geniuses are brilliant psychopaths obsessed with toys of mass destruction
  • FLOATER: Seem to be the best adjusted but frequently are sexual perverts and rapists
  • MASTERMINDS: Megalomaniacs with a violent authoritative streak
  • WATCHERS: Compulsive voyeurs and paranoids, shy and introverted
  • PARASITE: The most dangerous egomaniacs who seek nothing but power over others
  • ARMOURERS: Compulsive tinkerers who throw violent tantrums if their destructive toys are touched
  • NEGATORS: These prey on other metahumans and demonstrate extremely paranoid unstable personalities
This theory disapproves of attempts to create meta-powers with technology as yet another race for military power and state propaganda. Such heroes she claims are made to lie to us, kill us and rob us. As female humans have been oppressed by males, so have meta-women, thus she recommends female metahumans be kept safe from harm or hostile interference.

The Lunatic Fringe
Cthulhu Mythos Cosmology (Occultist, Psychic, Secret Society, Mad Rant, Conspiracy Nuts)
In the distant past cosmic scale super entities visited our world, saw civilized species come and go, continents sink and made terrible wars through their servitor species. Man is an upstart species from old one experiments. At best we are slaves and can offer our souls to them as food.. At worst we are insignificant microbes beneath their titanic cosmic presence. Now they lay hidden and asleep, but soon they shall rise and the stars will be smothered in their glory. Metahumans were bred by servants of the space gods to provide host bodies for the Intelligence’s who’s psychic pretenses lay trapped beyond space and time. Many cults and groups have held some of these beliefs hidden among their esoteric doctrines, especially the magical orders such as the Golden Dawn, The Hellfire Club, The Freemasons, Templars, Assassins, Sufis, Gnostics, Theosophists, Druids, etc. Many such occultists have also subverted science with crazy genetic theories and complete amorality.
  • CHAMPION: They are the guardians, workers and principal combatants of a coven
  • SLAYER: They are the assassin, hunters and destroyers of their covens prey
  • FOOL: They are chaotic madmen who are untouchable thieves and spies
  • ALCHEMIST: They are magicians and scholars who make wondrous creations
  • MAGUS: They are spectacular masters of the elements who excel at many tasks
  • PRIEST: They control the hearts and souls of their acolytes and curse their enemies
These enitities are products of the Dark Gods:
  • MONSTERS:Servitors, constructs, guardians, experiments gone wrong, cursed humans
  • IMMORTALS: Sorcerers and servants of the great powers, involved in long term conspiracies
  • ETERNAL: Humans who channel the energy of the Ancient One, Adam Eternal
  • ALIENS: Servitor beings not native to our world, many species exist hidden in secret places
  • UNDEAD: Mortals transformed into servitors, this is effective death of the human
  • WEREBEAST: Mortals who transform into animal forms made as experiments
This metamythos is fraught with vagueness and contradiction. The notion of alien intelligence’s is consistent but the roll of humans in this scheme seems bleak. Different believers will have alternate names for space gods, servitors, hidden servitor colonies. Of course they couldn’t all be right or the world would be swarming with monsters, conspiracies and hidden occultists right?

Revelations from Gods Astronauts (Apocalyptic Religious, UFO Nuts, New Agers, Heretics)
The new age will be heralded by UFO’s and superhuman powers. God/Satan is the ultimate source of these miracles and shall form a major part if his rule of the world. Some speak of some vague new age spirit of universal godhead, others speak of Brahmah, Mara, Yaweh, or any other being as responsible. Some speak of the powers of good and evil commanding these forces in a cosmic stuggle. Those who serve the true god will get super powers, while the repentant ones will be forced to use use only slow old UFO’s. These groups are usualy heratics, mystics, gnostics or subgroups of some more mainstream religion like Hinduism, Bhuddism, Islam, Christian, Jewish, Confucian, etc. Various groups may be very hostile at the lies spread by a rival sects. Some are peaceful to the point of suicidal, others are fanatic survivalists and terrorists. Since the 70’s UFO New agers became a major group but they are particularly shallow and clueless. Many groups believe their exclusive truth excuses them of morality and the law.

The Orders of Angelic/Diabolic Beings Are:
  • MICHAEL: Protectors and guardians of the holy places and the true initiates
  • RAGUEL: Slayers of the lords enemies by fire, pestilence, terror and sacred weapons
  • LUCIFER: Deceivers and persecutors of mankind, creators of trouble an malcontent
  • GABRIEL: Wise artificers and lords of wisdom, crafters of relics, defenses and arms
  • ORIEL: Lords of the elements, rulers of the sofirah/deva/devils/archons, magicians
  • RAPHAEL: Lords of Mankind, Priest Kings, Messiahs, Saints, Magi, Yogis, Buddahs
Classes of metahuman - pick one add rank increases on stats pick one remarkable and excellent power and default class  gd power

A Alpha Class Metahumanoid [1st generation]
Attributes              Rank Improvements                    Recommended Powers

Fighting +2 Good (10) Ablative Shell

Agility +1 Good (10) Absorption

Strength +3 Excellent (20) Amphibious

Endurance +3 Remarkable (30) Body Armour

Charisma +1 Good (10) Energy sheath*

Reason - Typical (6) Enviro-Adaption

Intuition - Typical (6) Flight

Psyche - Typical (6) Growth


Health 70 Hyper-Speed

Karma 28 Hyper-Stats

Matter Shell*

Bonus Power

Missile Generation*

Good (10) Body Armor Natural Weapons


Notes Regeneration

  • This class excels at heavy combat and labor

  • Mostly physical defensive/offensive powers

  • Usually large bodied with massive skeletal frame

  • Also named Brick, Warrior, Meathead, Soldier

B Beta Class Metahumanoid [1st generation]
Attributes              Rank Improvements                     Recommended Powers

Fighting +3 Excellent (20) Animation*
Agility +2 Excellent (20) Body Armour
Strength +1 Typical (6) Clinging
Endurance +2 Excellent (20) Density Shift
Charisma - Typical (6) Energy Sheath*
Reason +1 Good (10) Hyper-Leap
Intuition +1 Good (10) Hyper-Sense
Psyche - Typical (6) Hyper-Speed

Health 66 Invisibility
Karma 32 Missile Generation*

Natural Weapons
Bonus Power

Good (10) Regeneration


Power Scan

  • This class excels at martial arts and cunning
  • Mostly physical stealth/offensive powers
  • Usually well bodied with fairly average frame
  • Also named Assassin, Hunter, Killer, Terminator

G Gamma Class Metahumanoid [1st generation]
Attributes            Rank Improvements                     Recommended Powers

Fighting +1 Typical (6) Animation*
Agility +3 Remarkable (30) Clinging
Strength - Poor (4) Construct*
Endurance +2 Excellent (20) Danger Sense
Charisma +1 Good (10) Energy Sheath*
Reason - Typical (6) Enviro-Adaption
Intuition +3 Remarkable (30) Hyper-Leap
Psyche - Typical (6) Hyper-Sense

Health 60 Illusions
Karma 52 Invisibility

Missile Generation*
Bonus Power Natural Weapons
Good (10) Danger Sense Phasing

Notes Reflection
  • This class excels at scouting and courier work
  • Mostly physical stealth/motion powers
  • Usually sleight bodied with thin skeletal frame
  • Also named Scout, Trickster, Decoy, Joker, Spy

D Delta Class Metahumanoid [2nd generation]
Attributes               Rank Improvements                   Recommended Powers

Fighting - Poor (4) Absorbtion*
Agility +1 Good (10) Animation*
Strength - Poor (4) Clairvoyance
Endurance +1 Good (10) Construct*
Charisma +1 Good (10) Density Shift
Reason +3 Remarkable (30) Energy Sheath*
Intuition +2 Excellent (20) Forcefield
Psyche +2 Excellent (20) Healing

Health 28 Missile Generation*
Karma 80 Phasing

Power Scan
Bonus Power

Good (10) Psychometry



  • This class excels at information and invention
  • Mostly energy/matter manipulation powers
  • Usually fine bodied with thin skeletal frame
  • Also named Brain, Savant, Mastermind, Wizard

E Epsilon Class Metahumanoid [2nd generation]
Attributes            Rank Improvements                    Recommended Powers

Fighting +1 Typical (6) Absorbtion*

Agility +2 Excellent (20) Animation*

Strength +1 Typical (6) Body Armour

Endurance +2 Excellent (20) Construct*

Charisma +1 Good (10) Danger Sense

Reason +1 Good (10) Density Shift

Intuition +1 Good (10) Empathy

Psyche +1 Good (10) Energy Sheath*


Health 52 Flight

Karma 40 Forcefield


Bonus Power Illusions

Good (10) Flight Invisibility

Missile Generation*

Notes Natural Weapons

  • This class excels at flexibility and multirole tasks

  • Mostly versatile energy, matter or psionic powers

  • Usually well bodied with fairly average frame

  • Also named Elemental, Jack, Flyer, Magus

L Lambda Class Metahumanoid [3rd generation]
Attributes             Rank Improvements                     Recomended Powers

Fighting +2 Good (10) Absorbtion*
Agility - Typical (6) Animation*
Strength +2 Good (10) Aura Sense
Endurance +2 Excellent (20) Body Armour
Charisma +2 Excellent (20) Clairvoyance
Reason - Typical (6) Density Shift
Intuition - Typical (6) Empathy
Psyche +2 Excellent (20) Energy Sheath*

Health 46 Growth
Karma 52 Healing

Bonus Power Hyper-Stats
Good (10) Hyper-Stat Matter Shell

Missile Generation*
Notes Psychometry
  • This class excels at combat and leadership tasks
  • Mostly versatile energy, matter or psionic powers
  • Usually heroic shaped body with large frame
  • Also named Monarch, Leader, Commander

S Sigma Class Metahumanoid [3rd Generation]
Attributes             Rank Improvements                     Recommended Powers

Fighting +2 Good (10) Absorbtion*
Agility +1 Good (10) Animation*
Strength +1 Typical (6) Clinging
Endurance +2 Excellent (20) Danger Sense
Charisma - Typical (6) Energy Sheath*
Reason - Typical (6) Hyper-Leap
Intuition +2 Excellent (20) Hyper-Senses
Psyche +2 Excellent (20) Hyper-Speed

Health 46 Illusion
Karma 52 Invisibility

Missile Generation*
Bonus Power Natural Weapons
Good (10) Hypersenses Phasing

Notes Regeneration
  • This class excels at combat and guard duties
  • Mostly sensory, stealth and motion powers
  • Usually well bodied with fairly average frame
  • Also named Monk, Watchman, Guardian

T Tau Class Metahumanoid [3rd Generation]
Attributes               Rank Improvements                    Recommended Powers

Fighting +1 Typical (6) Ablative Shell

Agility +2 Excellent (20) Absorption*

Strength +2 Good (10) Amphibious

Endurance +2 Excellent (20) Animation*

Charisma - Typical (6) Body Armour

Reason +2 Excellent (20) Construct*

Intuition - Typical (6) Density Shift

Psyche +1 Good (10) Energy Sheath*


Health 56 Growth

Karma 42 Hyper-Leap


Bonus Power

Matter Shell*

Good (10) Resistance*

Missile Generation*




  • This class excels at building and tool usage

  • Mostly physical defenses and adaptations

  • Usually squat shaped body with large frame

  • Also named Builder, Dwarf, Drone, Smith

Y Psi Class Metahumanoid [2nd generation]
Attributes               Rank Improvements                   Recommended Powers

Fighting - Poor (4) Absorbtion*

Agility - Typical (6) Animation*

Strength - Poor (4) Astral Travel

Endurance +1 Good (10) Aura Sense

Charisma +3 Remarkable (30) Clairvoyance

Reason +1 Good (10) Danger Sense

Intuition +2 Excellent (20) Empathy

Psyche +3 Remarkable (30) Enviro-Adaption


Health 24 Forcefield

Karma 90 Gateway


Bonus Power


Good (10) Aura Sense Illusions




  • This class excels at communications and psionics
Missile Generation*

  • Mostly mental powers of various types

  • Usually fine bodied with thin skeletal frame

  • Also named Esper, Psycher, Dominator, Slaver

W Omega Class Metahumanoid [3rd generation]
Attributes            Rank Improvements                     Recommended Powers

Fighting - Poor (4) Absorption*

Agility +2 Excellent (20) Clinging

Strength - Poor (4) Density Shift

Endurance +2 Excellent (20) Empathy

Charisma +2 Excellent (20) Missile Generation*

Reason - Typical (6) Energy Sheath*

Intuition +2 Excellent (20) Hyper-Leap

Psyche +2 Excellent (20) Hyper-Speed


Health 48 Illusions

Karma 66 Invisibility

Natural Weapons

Bonus Power Nemesis

Good (10) Power Scan Phasing

Power Control

Notes Power Mimic

  • This class excels at stalking and neutralizing metas
Power Scan

  • Mostly stealth and meta power

  • Usually well bodied with fairly lean frame

  • Also named Nemesis, Jinx, Heretic, Pariah


Ablative Shell Meldsuits provide instant change Air
Absorbtion* clothing and rank protection from Bio-Plague
Animation* kinetic or energy damage. Chemical

Astral Travel Meldsuit Corrosive
Aura Sense -Ablative Skin Crystal
Body Armour -Chameleon Darkness
Clairvoyance -Claws Earth
Construct* -Clinging Electricity
Clinging -Corrosive Touch Fire
Danger Sense -Cyberlink Interface Flesh
Density Shift -Extra Limbs (Tail, arm, etc) Force
Empathy -Flame Breath Gas
Energy sheathe* -Gliding Gravity
Enviro-Adaption -Hyper-Balace Heat
Flight -Hyper-Hearing Ice
Force Field -Hyper-Smell Infra-Red
Gateway -Hyper-Touch Kinetic
Growth -Hyper-Vision Light
Healing -Life Support Magma
Hyper-Leap -Meldlink Magnetism
Hyper-Sense -Meldmind Metal
Hyper-Speed -Meta Sense Metal
Hyper-Stat -Night Adaptions Microwave
Illusion -Parabolic Hearing Particle
Invisibility -Pockets Plant
Missile Generation* -Power Mask Plasma
Matter Shell* -Proximity Sense Plastic
Natural Weapons -Resistance* Radiation
Nemesis -Self Healing Radio
Phazing -Self Revival Sonic
Plasticity -Sheilded Vision Static
Power Control -Skating Time
Power Mimic -Smoke Generation Toxic
Power Scan -Space Adaptions Vibration
Psychometry -Spinarette Water
Reflection -Spines Weather
Regeneration -Stealth Web Line
Resistance* -Suspended Animation X-ray
Shapeshift -Thermal Vision

Shrink -Toxic Touch

Telekinesis -Tracking

Telepathy -Underground Adaptions

Teleport -Water Adaptions



Power Description
Ablative Shell Notes: Defencive, Matter, Biological, Semi-Passive
Explanation: With a feat roll can create a layer of rank defence, stopping any damage
from energy or kinetic once only. Can be be repaired with a feat roll when damaged
Stunts: *Ablative Resistance, Extra Layer, Escape, Chaff Cloud, Heal Self

Absorption*Notes: Defencive, Energy, Biological, Psionic, Semi-Active
Explanation: Absorb rank in kinetic/energy/ psi damage and use to improve health. May hold rank in health beyond normal maximum in buffer for up to 10T.
Stunts: Energy or Kinetic to F/A/S/E, Psi to C/R/I/P; Battery (Several), Sponge
Animation*Notes: Variable, Energy, Matter, Psionic, Active
Explanation: Control and shape at will a specific form of energy or matter. Move Rank in mass at rank speed and uses the lower of power rank or material strength for attacks
Stunts: Liquid, Gas, Plasma, Amplify, Forcefeild, Battery, Absorbtion, Construct
AmphibiousNotes: Travel, Biological , Matter, Passive
Explanation: Adaptions to move at rank speed in water, breathe water through skin,
use senses in water, resist rank water preasure damage, acts as STR for moving a mass.
Stunts:Dark Sight, Body Armour, Claws, Sonar, Resist Cold, Water Strenth,
Astral TravelNotes: Travel, Psionic, Active
Explanation: Mentality leaves body and can view mundane and astral realities. Only
interact with psychics. Comatose body has -2cs Psyche to defend while mind absent.
Stunts: Possesion, Exorcism, Aura Sense, Astral Blade, Fetch, Plane Travel
Aura SenseNotes: Sensory, Psionic, Semi-Passive
Explanation: Can percieve the life aura of living beings. Intervening matter blocks at
material strength. With effort scan for mental stats, health, personality, mood etc.
Stunts: Healing, Diagnosis, Detect Lie, Analyse Mind, False Aura, Health Drain
Body ArmourNotes: Defencive, Biological, Matter, Passive
Explanation: Ultra dense tissues and untearable skin provide rank defence vs kinetic
and -10 vs energy. Also tends to increase mass and have other visable variations.
Stunts: *Blending, Mass, Spikes, Ablative Shell, *Resistance, Missile Weapon
ClairvoyanceNotes: Sensory, Psionic, Active
Explanation: May remoteley percieve activity by procecting your awearness to the
desired location in range. Psionics may sense and attack. Audio and Visual.
Stunts: Long Range, Telelocate, Proximity Sense, Precognition, Postcognition
ClingingNotes: Travel, Biological, Matter, Energy, Semi-Active
Explanation: By microhooks, suction caps, static feild or whatever the character moves
his normal ground speed up walls, on celings, aborialy, or may cling at rank STR
Stunts: Bonding, Skating, Frictionless, *Blending, Force Feild, Entangle, Glue
Construct*Notes: Variable, Energy, Matter, Psionic, Biological, Active
Explanation: Create a semi independant construct to serve you including holograms,
damaging energy feilds, force feilds, animate matter or even synthetic organic beings
Stunts: Decoy, Mount, Pet, Duplicate, Probe, Guided Missile, Summon Monster
Danger SenseNotes: Sensory, Psionic, Biological, Semi-Passive
Explanation: The character is forwarned of the aproach of danger, the better the roll
the more specific the warning. Also can use for defencive combat action rank
Stunts: Proximity Sense, Overwatch, Detect Lie, Detect Enamy, Detect Crime
Density ShiftNotes: Variable, Matter, Psionic, Active
Explanation: May alter molecular density from normal to ultra solid. Acts as body
armour and raises mass to rank value. If higher than END then slows groundspeed to 1
Stunts: Featherwalk, Phasing, Bodypart Only, Disruption, Self Healing, Hyperleap
EmpathyNotes: Variable, Psionic, Semi-Active
Explanation: May send and receive emotions to and from others. This is very efective
on animals, children and receptive adults. A 2 way link may be maintained easily.
Stunts: Fear, Love, Pleasure, Pain, Hate, Give Health, Vamparism, Scan, Range
Energy sheathe*Notes: Offensive, Energy, Matter, Biological, Semi-Active
Explanation: Creates a skintight energy feild defending at rank vs like energy forms,
damaging incoming attackers, missiles and weapons. A useful weapon or defence
Stunts: *Energy Blast, *Explosion, *Weapon Sheathe, Bodypart Specific, *Touch

Enviro-AdaptionNotes: Defensive, Biological, Matter, Semi-Passive
Explanation: The heroes body adapts to environmental extremes such as space, water,
volcanoes, ice, radioactivity,.toxic gas, forest fires, etc. Will have cosmetic effects also.
Stunts: *Resistance, Specific Enviroment Specialty, Cling, Swim, Run, Burrow, Rocket

FlightNotes: Travel, Psionic, Biological, Matter, Energy, Semi-Active
Explanation: The character can fly. Usualy works like psychokinesis (wings, rocket,
gravity, molecular motion are others). Accell at land speed, 90 degree turns cost 1 area
Stunts: Powerdive, Manouvering, Touch Telekinesis, Levatate, Hover, Hyperleap

Force FieldNotes: Defensive, Psionic, Energy, Matter, Semi-Active
Explanation: Provides rank defence vs energy & kinetic but if breached the creator mustmake resistance roll vs a stun. May be visable or not. Resists armour peircing attacks. Stunts: Telekinesis, Entangle, Forcebolt, Sheild, Wall, Micro-Environment, Ram Plate

GatewayNotes: Travel, Matter, Energy, Psionic, Dimensional, Active
Explanation: Create door sized gateways between `two points. Uses dimensional
wormholes in space and time. very weird. Sometimes exposes weilder to great danger
Stunts: Range, Time, Spyhole, Pocket Dimension, Teleport, Gate Other, Summon

GrowthNotes: Variable, Matter, Biological, Semi-Active
Explanation: Grow to rank height in feet. Easier to hit and be hit. May move, area
attack and use STR at power rank instead of/in addition to normal stats.
Stunts: Health Buffer, Grow Bodyparts, Giantleap, Body Armour, Elongation

HealingNotes: Variable, Matter, Biological, Psionic, Active
Explanation: Heals rank health per other person per day. Ranged or touch based,
usualy acompanied by light and warm fuzzy feelings. Can make you very popular
Stunts: Heal Organ Heal Disease, Heal Self, Resurection, Stabilize Wound, Heal Mind

Hyper-LeapNotes: Travel, Biological, Matter, Semi-Passive
Explanation: Can leap 1 area per 10pts of rank, AGI feat roll to jump again, STR feat
for +1 area. Use rank for charge damage and absorbs rank in shock from a fall or charge Stunts: Hammerkick, Running, Armoured Feet, Multi Attacks, Prehensile Toes, Climb

Hyper-SenseNotes: Sensory, Biological, Energy, Matter, Semi-Passive
Explanation: All senses enhanced to superhuman precision. Can use in addition to INT,
vs surprise, spot clue, etc. Rank vs rank to detect invisible, green to see chameleons
Stunts:Pentration vision, Thermographic vision, proximity sense, track, hyper smell (etc)

Hyper-SpeedNotes: Travel, Biological, Matter, Active
Explanation: Move for short bursts of intense rank speed, use for INT or FIG for multi
or area attacks. May manouver super humanly, labour or perform sleight of hand
Stunts: Whirlwind, Jump, Sonic Boom, Hammerpunch, Blur, Streak (1t), Ignore G (1t)

Hyper-StatNotes: Variable, Biological, Semi-Active
Explanation: Add rank no to chosen a stat. Does not add to health or karma total. May
activate 1/t per rank no per day. Must roll to start and stop power from activating.
Stunts: FASE stats may have stunts of other physichal stats, CRIP have other mental

Notes: Variable, Energy, Matter, Psionic, Active
Explanation: Generate ran in illusionary massed object within range. Obays mental
commands. Light illusions are visual, Power illusions are force, Psi illusions are mental
Stunts: Invisibility, Chameleon, Duplication, Area FX, Mimic, Forcebolt, Laser
InvisibilityNotes: Variable, Energy, Matter, Psionic, Semi-Passive
Explanation: Invisible to visable light, thus can easily hide and evade enamy attention.
Very hard to without area attacks or melee at -3cs fighting with some idea of location.
Stunts: Stealth, FX Other, Penetration Vision, Scanfoil, *Resistance, Reflection,
Matter Shell* Notes: Defencive, Matter, Biological, Active
Explanation: Generates shell of matter acting as an armoured layer of flexible material
which maybe damaged. May repair with feat roll. Matter may have unique properties
Stunts: Ablative Shell (Interior), STR, END, Matter Missile, Claws, Resistance
Missile Generation*Notes: Offensive, Energy, Matter, Biological, Active
Explanation: Generate at will a specific form of energy or matter which can be directed
as a missile weapon. Cone, Area FX, Range, Pulse and AP possible varients.
Stunts: *Cone, *Explosive, *Range, *Pulse, *AP, *Sheathe, *Replicant,
Natural WeaponsNotes: Offensive, Biological, Matter, Active
Explanation: The body is able to change into a variety of deadly weapons, usualy claws but bare handed martial arts could be bought as power with talents as stunts
Weapons inflict rank damage. Other combat usable adaptions are also plausible.
Stunts: Extra Limbs, Flame Breathe, Spit Acid, Whip Toungue, Armour, Regen, Track
NemesisNotes: Offensive, Meta-Power, Semi-Active
Explanation: By scaning a target, this power adapts to whatever power most would
counter the targets. The power takes a feat roll (better roll more choice) and 3t to work
Stunts: Memory Slots allow weilder to call on powers manifested again at will
PhazingNotes: Travel, Matter, Energy, Semi-Passive
Explanation: By moving molecules of the body between those of other solids the user
can pass through matter. Power feat vs material STR. Rank armour is provided also.
Stunts: Airwalk, Disruption, Telepot, Disintergation, Plane Shift, Penetration Vision
PlasticityNotes: Variable, Biological, Matter, Semi-Active
Explanation: The users body can be streached, shaped, contorted into many shapes.
The users may alter their appearance and use this rank for area attacks
Stunts: Body Armour, Bouncing, Elongation, Shapeshift, Disguise, Slingshot
Power ControlNotes: Variable, Meta-Power, Active
Explanation: The user can tap into metahuman powers sending them out of control.
Many powers will damage the user rather than function. Others will just not work
Stunts: Nullifier, Amplifier, Reflection, Absorbtion, Nutralizer, Inhibitor Feild
Power MimicNotes: Variable Meta-Power, Active
Explanation: The users can mimic another beings existing meta power and duplicate it’s
properties at rank while subject is in range. The mimic rank may exeed the subject rank
Stunts: Memory Slot, Mimic Stunt, Long Range, Multi-Mimic, Stat Mimic, Talent Mimic
Power Scan Notes: Variable Meta-Power, Active
Explanation: The users determine if another being has powers and asses ranks of attributes, powers and natural abilities (not learned ones). Higher rank can ignore blocking such as screens, matter or forcefeilds. Higher colour feat rolled more data. Yellow can read stunts and if power active, red can see effects of powers outside of power weilder some time later and possibly track them.
PsychometryNotes: Sensory, Psionic, Active
Explanation: May touch an object to read psychic impressions from an object. Better rolls get more data, most dramatic events first. Some scenes may offend the viewer or worse Stunts: History, Commune, Speak to Dead, Postcog, Precog, Psi-Track, Telelocate, Scrub
Reflection Notes: Defencive, Energy, Matter, Psionic, Semi-Active
Explanation: Deflect incoming fire with a feat Roll vs incoming attack rank, and an
agility roll to target returned missile fire. Deflect 1 rank or greater attack per round max. Stunts: Bounce, Chameleon, Stealth, Mirror Wall, Sheild Other, Rerflection Sphere
RegenerationNotes: Defencive, Biological, Matter, Psionic, Passive
Explanation: Recover 1pt health per turn per 10pts rank number, heals all forms of
damage, even when unconcious. Will become concious as per normal Stunts: Recovery, Self Healing, Regenerate Organ, Self Revival, Stabilize Wound
Resistance*Notes: Defensive, Biological, Matter, Energy, Psionic, Passive
Explanation: Resistance gives feat roll to ignore an attack form and reduces the rank in damage even if feat fails vs a single attack form. Stunts include new resistances such as heat, cold, electricity, radiation, force, blunt, edged, poison, corosive
Transformation*Notes: Defencive, Matter, Energy, Biological, Semi-Active
Explanation: Transform into a specific type of energy or matter, may have properties of
of form. Most provide rank body armour, as well as the possibility of providing a weapon Stunts: Missile, Anather Form, Shape Shift, Teleport, Transform Other, Ablative Shell
ShapeshiftNotes: Variable, Biological, Matter, Semi-Active
Explanation: Shapeshift into a different form. The more specific the form the more skillful and less fatiguing the change. Simulated powers or stats usualy are new stunts
Stunts: Plasticity, Regeneration, Elongation, Wings, Claws, Armour, Mimic
TelekinesisNotes: Variable, Psionic, Matter, Energy, Active
Explanation: Can apply rank strength at a range to lift, break or grapple a target.
Usualy this is invisible. Telikinetic force can be broken if it’s material rank is attacked
Stunts: TouchTK, Fly, Forcefeild, Missile, Claws, Proximity Sense, Smother, Pyrokinesis
TelepathyNotes: Variable, Psionic, Active
Explanation: Can mentaly link to anather being, eavesdrop on their surface thoughts and talk. Once linked the psi can locate and target powers via the subjects telepathic link Stunts: Psi-blast, Mind-Control, Mind-Probe, Psi-Scan, Mindlink, Illusions, Invisibility
TeleportNotes: Travel, Matter, Energy, Psionic, Active
Explanation: Can port between rank range distances by converting self into an energy
stream and moving at the speed of light. Blind porting must roll to avoid deadly mishaps Stunts: Multi-Port, Carry, Port-Other, Heat Generation, Phaze, Disrupt, Plane Shift
TunnelingNotes: Travel, Matter, Biological, Energy, Psionic, Active
Explanation: Can tunnel through matter at rank speed if material strength rank is less.
If equal 1 area/t. Provides oxygen and subteranean proximity senses within an area
Stunts: Claws, Strength, Heat/Vibration Sheathe, Drill, Various senses, Passage

Other oddments
Werecreaturesthis was failure as pc but still ok as npc

Humanform Wereform Character Generation
Fighting +1CS +3 CS 1. Cost one background option
Agility +1 CS +2 CS 2. Create normal human + mods
Strength +1 CS +3 CS 3. Powers:
Endurance +1 CS +2 CS -Gd (10) (Species) Empathy
Charisma - -1 CS -Ex (20) Hyper Sense
Reason - -1 CS -Rm (30) Wereform
Intuition +1 CS +2 CS 4. Optional pet for contact
Psyche - - 5. Set specific species

Notes on Wereform
Choose one prime stunt at rank as the characters main were form ability. Then all following stunts can be used simultaniously. Cosmetic changes are inclusive, including fur/scales/tails etc. Natural weapons such as claws, teeth etc are inclusive providing an edged at attack.

Common Wereform Stunts
Hyper attributes Regeneration Body Armour Hyperleap
Hyperspeed Dangersense Animal Form Growth

Specialist Wereform Stunts (Based on Species)
Venom Wings Tail Amphibious
Webcast Cling Chameleon Firebreath
Spit Acid Sonar 360 Vision Spines
Burrowing Extra Limbs New Sense

Eternalsnot marvel universe eternals - meant to be green lantern types

Eternalform Character Generation
Fighting +2 CS 1. Only get one background option
Agility +2 CS 2. Create normal human as usual
Strength +2 CS -xept +10 ranks (not +5)
Endurance +2 CS 3. Powers:
Charisma +2 CS -(Rm) Uni -Power
Reason +2 CS -(Gd) Meldsuit
Intuition +2 CS 4. Must take Adam Eternal or power source as a contact
Psyche +2CS 5. Must be a Defender

Notes on Uni -Power
Includes Force Feild as standard power plus can earn stunts with no default CS, which may be used simultaniously. Make a power feat roll to change form, only 10 min per day total time. Receive more energy every night at midnight from Adam Eternal (or some manner from a source). Meldsuit only active in eternal form. Zero Karma attracts Adams Judgement or even other Eternals.

Common Uni -Power Stunts
Energy Bolt Force Bolt Telikinesis Flight
Force Wall Healing Aura Sense Teleport
Dimension Shift Flash Darkness Penetration Vision
Power Scan Force Sheild Telelocation Telepathy

Australian Metahumans
The Statesmen Sex Type State Notes
Australian Sentinel M Alpha ACT Armour, Flight
Eclipse F Delta VIC Darkforce, Gateway
Forsight (Killed 1992) F Psi TAS Precog, Empath
Kingfisher M Epsilon WA Flight, Amphibious
Scorpion M Beta NT Toxin, Speed
Shrike F Beta SA Flight, Regen
Solarstorm M Alpha QL Plasma Bolt, Flight
Southern Cross M Epsilon NSW Telikinetic, Forcefeild
Walgaru (Missing 1992) M X NT Empathy?
Warlock M Psi TAS Astral Travel, Precog
Special Squadron (1960’s) Sex Type State Notes
Cancer (Missing 1974) M Exosuit WA Amphibious, Claw, Laser
Electric Lady F Epsilon NSW Shockbolt, Sheath
Gamble M Gamma NSW Speed, Leap
Heatwave F Epsilon WA Heatbolt, Sheath
Mantis M Omega SA Power Mimic, Scan
Mastermind M Delta SA Precog, Telikinesis
No-Man (Missing 1968) M Psi VIC Mind Control, Talent Mimic
Persuader (Killed 1976) M Alpha SA Armour, Empathy
Unicorn (Missing 1972) F Gamma QL Speed, Healing
Taskforce Oz (1970’s) Sex Type State Notes
Captain Australia M Alpha SA Armour, Leap
Commando M Beta VIC Regeneration, Invisibility
Devil Dingo (Missing 1979) M Were ACT Shapeshift
Goanna F Were ACT Shapeshift
Golden Girl F Epsilon NSW Plasmabolt, Armour
Tasmanian Devil M Were TAS Shapeshift
Vigor V Beta WA Speed, Enviro-Adaption
Southern Squadron (1980’s) Sex Type State Notes
Bullet M Alpha ACT Speed, Armour
Grey Dragon (Missing 1994) M Beta VIC Teleport, Regeneration
Heavy Metal (Missing 1989) M Alpha SA Metalform, Leap
Lodestone F Epsilon VIC Magnetic Control/Gen
Magus (Missing1986) M Psi SA Gateway, Psiblade
Mist (Missing 1991) F Epsilon WA Vapourform, Empathy
Roulette F Gamma NSW Forcefeild, Telekinesis
Shadowbat M Beta VIC Sonic Control/Gen
White Heat F Beta ACT Heat Sheathe, Speed
Wraith (Killed 1991) M Gamma TAS Phasing, Illusions
Southern Knights (1990’s) Sex Type State Notes
Archangel (Missing 1993) M Alpha SA Amour, Flight
Cheeta F Gamma NSW Speed, Senses
Discord (Missing 1994) M Delta SA Matter Animation
Dust F Delta NSW Transform Other/Self
Mr Smith M Beta SA Magnetic Control/Gen
Ninja Avenger (Killed 1992) M Alpha SA Armour, Regeneration
Quantum Cat M Gamma SA Phasing, Lightform
Sandman M Delta SA Siliconform
Simak M Beta SA Telepathy, Regeneration
Keymaster M Delta SA Gateway, Demonic Constructs

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