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d100 Forbidden Mountain Monster Kingdoms

Well moved good, health good, blogging more again. Gaming 3 times a week plus once a month and more if i want with game club downstairs (and ninja dojo).

My EMO dnd now 8th level trying to play through levels fast to test system and for nostalgia of working to high level again. Some of gamelogs here developed separate followers to my d100 table stuff.

15th C cthulhu-darklands mashup game on sunday arvos as break from cthulhu which i will use christian art as scenario seeds.

Playing a 1979 government mythos investigators late Thursdays. Playing a bodyguard who watches the psychics back and prevents him being captured by foreign powers.

Offered to join in a DnD 4th ed game - watched them a few hours of play with no dice rolled at all. Fairly serious goal oriented role players not story gamers. Didnt see any mechanics in play so looks good. DM had a whole box of battlmaps, a laptop, npc cards, boxes of minatures the whole shebang. Makes my pile as big as a a4 ream look like nothing. I may give a go as they are all my age and different to every other gamer group ive seen outside my own in Sydney. Have a story with less flamboyant egoism, good role playing.

I did last few d100 tables in response to others in part so suggestions for more welcome. I'm writing for campaign needs and will re-write old ones needing more entries as some only d20 (i was a wimp then).

I have a lot of paperwork next few weeks then some big layout projects after. Revise my EMO rules or at least basic version as pdf. Revise my Psychon book pdf. Redbrick dungeon book will be a product for sale as easiest to do without legal issues. Start working on Gothic Crypt dungeon follow up. Gothic Crypt dungeon will include geomorphs (found my architecture books!), d1000 curses, encounters, melodramas, crypts, graveyards and mausoleums.

Ive play tested Redbrick book lots now and works fine.

No reliable editors come on board so still my biggest publishing hurdle - still looking. Have art now so running out of problems stopping me.

This table for beyond exile island highlands where pocket kingdoms hide among humanoid wastes. I envisage could be where players settle when name level domain building happens. Monsters travel in groups of various sizes.

Enemy group composition
This is just a crude measure of a group size vs hero party

Party       %          Humanoid Band Size (1hd)
1              1-30       1d6+1 half squad with one corporal
2              31-45     13 squad with sergeant and corporal
3              46-60     27 2 full squads and luitenant
4              61-70     55 4 full squads, 2 lieutenants and a captain
5-6           71-80     111 as above x2 plus commander
7-8           81-85     223 as above x2 plus warlord
9-10         86-90     447 as above x2 plus warmaster
11-12       91-95     894 as above x2 plus high king
13-14       96-97     1789 as above x2 plus extra demon/devil
15-16       98           3000 as above x2 plus major demon/devil
17-18       99           6000 as above x2 plus demon/devil noble
19-20       00           30 000 as above x2 plus demigod

corporal or sub boss or bully
command a half squad or assists running a squad
+1 HP per HD has a extra truncheon or whip

sergeant or overseer or under boss
command a squad of a dozen grunts
+1HD often has better arms (sword) armour and a extra proficiency

luitenant or bodyguard or boss or sub chieftain
command one or two squads and leaders 20% chance of specialist per squad
+1HD +1hp per HD, +1d3 proficiencies, extra sword, superior or exotic weapon

Captain or champion or chieftain
command 4 squads of a dozen grunts and leaders 1d4 specialists
+2HD+1hp per HD, +1d3+1 proficiencies, several superior or exotic weapons

Commander or hero or lord
command 8-12 squads of a dozen grunts and leaders 1d10+10 specialists
+3HD+2hp per HD, +1d4+1 proficiencies, elite hardware, magic weapon or item

Warlord or King or overlord or big boss
command 24-30 squads of a dozen grunts and leaders 1d20+20 specialists
+4HD+2hp per HD, +1d6+1 proficiencies, elite hardware, magic weapon or items

Khan or High King or Warmaster
command 100 squads of a dozen grunts and leaders 50+3d20 specialists
+5HD+3hp per HD, +2d4+1 proficiencies, elite hardware, magic weapon or items

1d6 Warriors Specialists Types
bodyguard =1 specialist
champion=2 specialist
hero=3 specialist

1 Expert warriors who fight as elites
2 Beserkers - beserker and weapon specialists
3 Assasins - sneak, hide, climb, ambush, poison
4 Hunters - tracker, scouts, sniper, sneak, hide, butchery
5 Sappers - trap lore, conceal, mining, incendiaries, build
6 Beast masters - animal training/handling/husbandry/riding

1d6 Magician Specialists Types

level 1d4 (overseer) = 1 specialist
level 1d4+2 (boss) = 2 specialist
level 2d4+1(hero) = 3 specialist
1 Shaman
2 Priest
3 Druid
4 Wizard
5 Sorcerer
6 Psionicist

1d8 Other Specialist Types

all = one specialist
1 Medic - reduces lossess
2 Spy - infiltrates enemies for info
3 Alchemist - makes bombs, incendiaries or rockets
4 Poison Brewer - makes poison for army blades and arrows
5 Plague master - spreads disease via foul pollution
6 Grub master - rounds up food, seeds rapid crops, cooks dinner and rations
7 Messenger - signal troops and rally allies to battlefield
8 Mechanic - build siege weapons and other stuff

1d10 Specialist Monsters

1 Ogre
2 Troll
3 Giant spider
4 Imp or Quasit
5 Human evil adventurer (wanted criminal)
6 Bear
7 Dire Wolf
8 Giant Bat or vulture
9 Different or unique race humanoid

D100 Forbidden Mountain Monster Kingdoms

1 Kobold troops on march
2 Goblin troops on march
3 Hobgoblin troops on march
4 Orc troops on march
5 Bugbear troops on march
6 Kobold scouts hunting huge bugs
7 Goblin hunters looking for pigs
8 Goblins gathering mushrooms
9 Hobgoblins digging trenches
10 Hobgoblins planting monster crops
11 Orcs creating new orcs in a bog
12 Bugbear hunters hunting bears
13 Lone kobold lost and afraid
14 Lone goblin out to betray own kind for snubbing him
15 Lone hobgoblin looking for work, easily offended and enraged
16 Lone bugbear tries to kidnap or garrotte party member in secret
17 Kobold children playing with dog
18 Goblin children rolling in mud with pigs
19 Hobgoblin kids fighting with clubs over failed cubby house
20 Orc kids eating a kobold
21 Bugbear kids stalking crying kobold kid
22 Kobold women milking some dogs
23 Goblin women doing laundry
24 Hobgoblin women catching eels or moles
25 Rare female orc on run from orcs men
25 Bugbear women disemboweling a bandit for sausage skins and pie
26 Teen kobolds laying traps over area
27 Teen goblins chasing a pig with sticks
28 Teen goblins goofy and groggy from eating mushrooms
29 Teen hobgoblins flaying animal skins
30 Teen orcs dangerously over confident and stupid
31 Teen bugbear bossing around goblin slaves
32 Kobold magician and apprentices in a tiny hut
33 Goblin magician and apprentices stewing mushrooms
34 Hobgoblin magician and apprentices torturing a prisoner
35 Orc magician and apprentices eating prisoners
36 Bugbear magician and apprentices dancing and drumming high on catnip
37 Wild boars
37 Giant ground rats
38 Giant hedgehog
39 Giant boar
40 Mongrelmen pathetically looking for food
41 Giant Fly
42 Giant Bat
43 Giant Spider
44 Giant Bats
45 Swarm of bats
46 Giant scorpions
47 Wolf pack
48 Dire wolves
49 Brown bears
50 Zombies
51 Remains of battlefield picked by ravens
52 Remains of battlefield picked by necromancers
53 Human bandits lost and trying to get away
53 Human cult cannibal killers
54 Necromancer cultists and magician
55 Human refugees lost and scared
56 Human warriors on desperate mission
57 Rangers in hiding or disguise on mission
58 Criminal gang with passport from boss monster
59 Human spy of some faction
60 Evil priest looking to make converts
61 Minor devil or demon in disguise
62 Ogre out hunting
63 Ogre band with pay on way home
64 Trolls eating orcs
65 Lone troll hungry desperate
66 Troll being cubed for rations or to make more troops by orcs
67 Multi racial group under strong boss uses strengths of each
68 Multi racial group with internal problems and low morale 
69 Gnoll mercenaries serve a faction
70 Gnoll cultists on mission for demon
71 Gnoll raiders prey apon goblinoids
72 Gnoll raiders riding hyenadon
73 Lizard men hunting goblinoids
74 Lizard men with serpent man wizard seeking lost relics
75 Troglodytes hunting goblinoids
76 Troglodyte mercenaries
77 Devil swine with enthralled slaves seeks pleasure and sadism and slaves
78 Ghouls band
79 Skeleton band
80 Skeleton band marching and dancing through land
81 Phantasmal soldiers on the march
82 Spirit of ancient lost land cries for revenge against humanoids
83 Ruins of lost human kingdom
84 Graves of lost human kingdom with wight and zombies
85 Evil wizard tower with guards
86 Evil sorcerer pleasure dome with orc guards and slaves and drugs
87 Goblin shop selling alchemy supplies and mushrooms and food
88 Orc shop selling crude weapons, guards kill any who mock goods
89 Old hobgoblin with cart selling vegetables easily offended 
90 Hobgoblin blacksmith with goblin slaves
91 Goblin animal and/or slave market
92 Goat men raiders kill everything
93 Goatmen warriors serve a evil cult
94 Boarmen warband stealing pigs
95 Boar men riders feeding goblins to battle pigs
96 Wyvern flies overhead looking for meal
97 Firedrake flies overhead looking for meal
98 Bonesnapper hunting or a guard
99 Firenewts on riding lizards
100 Dark elf diplomants looking for slaves markets

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