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Psychonia Botanica

d100 Weird Vegetation, fungi and Slimes
Just to give you ideas for killer plants and gross stuff growing of Psychon  

1 Wolf weeds - spherical hunter like plants, used to herd meat beings by some plant folk like dogs
2 Triffid plantation - bred as mobile food, medicine and fuel plant of ancients
3 Strangle Vines - gripping vines snare and strangle victims
4 Giant Tree Men - walking ancient giant trees
5 Pod People - plant grown replicates infiltrate and spread their kind
6 Vegemen - savage competitive tribal plant folk
7 Pitcher plants - grab creatures with tentacles and stuff in stomach to dissolve, tempt close with sweet fluid and shelter, some lack tentacles use bait to lure into one way mouth
8 Giant Flytraps - jaws snare and trap or swallow whole
9 Darkspawn - huge vegetal tripod spawn of the dark gods who hide in forests and eat meat
10 Dryads - seduce humanoids and enslave them
11 Killer trees - evil mobile trees that eat meat and share dread lore
12 Saliva Trees drop slimy nuerotoxin tendrils then dissolve in saliva mass in branches
13 Yellow Musk Creeper - eats brains and spreads zombies
14 Mushroom men - not too hostile but dislike intruders none the less
15 Killer Nut Trees have flingable explosive nuts or cones or pods
16 Mandrake - this plant has a killer scream and is enslaved be evil wizards with a spell
17 Needlemen - humanoids who shoot needles growing all over them
18 Lotus Fruit trees turn eaters into drug addicted slaves who take it wherever they go
19 Psychon Poppies - spray psychedelic dust, tries to eat helpless prey
20 Slaver willow - connect tendril to life forms to enslave and feed, let slaves loose for missions
21 Symbiote Tree - has birds or insects plague inside it uses to attack and feed itself
22 Gamma Tree - huge glowing flower when in bloom can kill with radiation, may open if startled
23 Explodestools - ancient bio mine explode if disturbed
24 Kelpie - this aquatic slime uses illusions to pretend to be a trapped horse or lady to trap suckers
25 Green Slime - infectious killer infection converts meat and life into more slime
26 Crystaline structures resembling plants may have psionics or drain life or make slaves
27 Gasbag Plant floats about feeds with acidic tendrils
28 Vampire Willow strangles with creeper tendrils and drains blood
29 Organ limbs growing human organs for transplants, some gibber madly, often cared for by cult or robots
30 Mirror flower - grow in huge patches reflect sun into energy beam to defend patch
31 Riding Cactus - horse shaped mobile cactus can be tamed
32 Shooting Cactus fires spines at intruders by heat sense
33 Mortar Plant - cluster of tubes shoot explosive missiles at moving beings near colony
34 Gamma Fungus - looks lie tasty animal but explodes if hit infecting those close with fungus that converts them, delicious smell and taste if you can prepare it somehow
35 Space Grass, often grows in areas around certain meteors, infects target and turns them into grass men
36 Tree has colony of humanoids attached by tubes to belly button, they defend tree as their god and welcome new family members
37 Space Shrooms - colourful shroom colony initiate telepathic contact if you eat one, if you displease them they torture you with fevered nightmare hallucinations to drive you off
38 Crystal Slime - looks a bit like water but can jump 5 foot and burns like acid 2d6 for a small one
39 Mood Slime - psycho reactive based on mood around it, peaceful mostly but violence and evil make it attack everyone with emotional feedback loops and it may even drown victims, some as big as lakes
40 Blood Slime huge rolling spheres of blood drinking gelatin
41 Holy Berries come in colours of psychon, each bush has different table for effect, some good some bad, bigger trees more powerful
42 Mutation Fruit if broken infects area with mutagens, juice may be sucked out to effect one consumer with no saving throw
43 Grey Slime a dangerous jelly that destroys metal armour or weapons on touch
44 Mana Jelly - eats spells and magic items, eats spell casters
45 Murder Fruits - tree with coloured fruits which are delicious but sentient and scream when picked or eaten, dropped ones may attack as a swarm and defend their kin
46 Hangman Tree has noose vines which it snares feet and necks
47 Slip and slime - covers area in frictionless goop that makes travel difficult
48 Flame Tree bursts into flame if harmed or scared, nearby trees do same, comes in miniature variety and ground creeper too
49 Skull Tree kills and eats men and absorbs heads and knowledge, skulls decorate its boughs and indicate how smart it is
50 Killer Stump looks like a tree stump and grows attractive bait on top like a bunny or crying baby, or tasty raw meat or food or tech, actually mobile with saw roots and sideways tooth filled mouth
51 Giant explosive puffballs detach from ground and blow in the wind
52 Snapdragon Bush has fruits resembling dragon heads that breathe flame
53 Spasming kidney shaped jelly blobs on glowing rainbow colours cover areas of ground, psionicly make higher life go to sleep to be dissolved and absorbed
54 Stuff Bloom, a mass of yoghurt like crap in a pit or well, can form into humans or animals to lure victims closer, collective intelligence, has been known to inhabit a town with people to lure in traders
55 Sawblade tree cuts other trees down and builds fences with remains, semi mobile and cooperative
56 Sword bush stabs near by animals with vegetal blades, some varieties mobile, and some strains grow in hedge mazes
57 Brain Plants, a parasite plant which grows on trunks of other trees resembles a coloured brain in a flesh sack with plant like bladed tendrils, will animate local plants to defend self, and different types have mental mutations
58 Shambling Horror, a colonial mass of living compost heap that forms a powerful giant humanoid
59 Rose Warriors, mobile killer roses each colour hates every other colour and has a different tribal mutation and poison effect thorns, some are leaders, others can shoot thorns
60 Eye Macrobes, resemble an eye with a sucker often live in colonies and have telepathic communications over a large area. Have other psionic powers and may be curious about technology and machines or new things
61 Ball Macrobes grow from the ground in chains of organic spheres of various colours, swaying in the wind. Will flagellum like batter colony intruders and often host to other creatures. Balls drop off and float away to spread the colony occasionally and burst or colony may fling balls as weapons
62 Audrey plants come from meteors and start small feeding on blood from critters they nip that wander past. Can grow into huge tentacled horrors with a great maw, can talk (and sing) may try to dupe persons into being friends but are domineering and manipulative
63 Cactus men are a succulent breed of needlemen who if killed may provide water or hallucinogenic flesh
64 Sword macrobe, levitating slug like blob with two tendrils with force knives
65 Land Sargassum, 2-4 meters high thick vegetal structures swarming with vicious lice and worse, a major obstacle
66 Land Coral, huge jagged rock walls formed by tiny life forms, if living the reef harbours other creatures and plants. If injured by coral and any fragments remain inside will begin to grow in the host body, seizing up joints, growing weird horns and other spikes from the body usually fatal in long run
67 Nerve Grass, 2-4 yard high swaying, thick plastic like succulent cables, twitch if touched and spasm if injured, releases neurotoxin if damaged that paralyses victim, most generally die and become plant food
68 Crab Crass, looks like short stubby grass but nips anyone walking on it,not a ig threat but covers large areas
69 Spheracles are plants that grow in clusters and produce spheres from basket ball to rain water tank size semi translucent spheres. Some creatures defend them furiously, others even live inside them, spending part of their life cycle inside then going to a body of water. Baby aquatic humanoids sometimes are found inside. The spheres are quick to seal up entry points which animals exploit
70 Mustard Grass are stubby ground cover but bushes have been found. If disturbed they release toxic gas most often irritant with some long term sores and blisters in bad cases.
71 Sundew tendrils up to 4 yards high, covered in a super sticky biopolymer traps creatures then feeds of them, some natives use glue, mostly larger ones a menace to humans
72 Amber tree is a huge tree that secretes sweet sticky gum that imprisons creatures attracted mostly by accident but does keep predators down, has many uses for craft, remains of creatures trapped in hard resin are creepy, the biggest trees are 40 yards tall
73 Trapper Leaves, gigantic flat leaves on ground or water surface roll up and squeeze life from creatures
74 Pyrotriffid, as a normal triffid then gene-hacked as a weapon, has a built in flamer instead of the usual stinger
75 Chemotriffid looks like a normal triffid then gene-hacked as a weapon, delivers molecular hyperacid, disease or some other effect other than the nuerotoxin
76 Trumpettriffid was gene-hacked as a weapon and has a sonic attack 3d6 within 30 foot and only 2d6 at medium and 1d6 long with no range penalties
78 Ground Fungus grows to cover acres underground and bursts through soil to grab legs and hold till they die then feed fungus
79 Cave Clam is actually semi mobile fungus that grabs mens legs, possibly severing them or at least imprison them till they grow weak and die, the beasts have a hook to grip rocks stronger than several men
80 Killer Palm these trees hurl coconuts and some species they burst like a grenaide, others bury themselves becoming a minefeild to protect the tree, some use chemicals like gas or stench instead
81 Stench Plant, shoots a stream of revolting stick skunk juice that makes target save vs vomiting every round CON which is incapacitating, vinigar or alcohol helps get goop off, water makes it tolerable
82 Meat Flower, a giant pink fleshy flour that smells of rotten meat to attract flies or animal into its mouth, if stench gets in person then things attracted to them
83 House Tree with rooms, food growing inside, running water, nests and an ecology of bugs that clean your waste, popular with Eldren as homes
84 Vampire House Tree looks like above but eats guests and enslaves some to welcome new tenants in so as to save themselves
85 Haunted House Tree as 83 but is haunted by ghosts who can control parts of the house like doors to trap and torment the living and the poor house
86 Snake tree a huge 60 yard high tree that sends dozens of mile long tendrils that act like huge pythons looking for food, closer to the tree more tentacles can team up
87 Booster Tree is a solid fuel biological rocket, if exited by combat inside or near it the tree will accelerate to the moon (or try), initially pulling 20 G
88 Vegemen pygmies using blowpipes, vegetable bow and arrows, venom and pet plant monsters, hatch from bulbs fully armed and ready to fight
89 Sentient mutant tree men with different mutations and varieties in area
90 Sentient mutant plants folk, mostly non humanoid with different mutations and variants in area
91 Pod People have fully taken over local peoples and act as local tribe or village
92 Eldren plant hybrid gang angry at meat sacks eating their kind and causing trouble
93 Morlocks which have become mobile fungus zombies
94 Vege orcs have been hatching from the soil, spores from who knows where
95 Some plants actually plastic with electronic sensors linking them to an AI so everything in area watched by a god for some reason
96 Plantman Shamans with psionics roam area with followers and pets
97 Plantmen with vege pets herding naked humans into living plant cages
98 Ground Pitcher grows a pit of acid underground in a spot where animals wold make a trail, fall in disguised pit and very hard to climb out
99 Franken Plant Hybrid 1d3+1 rolls above in one unholy creature grafted together
100 Killer GMO plantmen warriors with vegetable biological guns

i forgot mold...

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