Thursday, 2 May 2013

Planet Psychon's Weird Hex Contents

Im thinking this world could have stomping about Elric, Conan, John Carter or even Flash Gordon. It could be a far future gamma world or a only a hundred years if all history is disbelieved as Psychonian wizards say. I will do a few other oddments for this setting. I has an urge to do magic guitars for bards to make sonic attacks.

Basically any hex can be sexed up to be truly weird. Each hex is an exploration of a new people flora and fauna and people to fight and possibly kill for loot.Weather landscape and people are part of exoticism.

Meanwhile this is my weird hex content xfactor stuff.

Weird Hex Content d100
1 Huge floating head demanding sacrifice flies about here with support from armed death riders
2 Huge statue, possibly sculpted into natural feature and with complex inside
3 Hundreds or thousands of statues, possibly petrified by nature or monster powers
4 Ruined city famous for loot and great world shaking treasures , exposed sections open seasonally
5 Ruined folly - a bizarre unique structure built by rich eccentric or madman to prove a crazy theory
6 Ruined monuments of past civilization, possibly secret chambers or shrine
7 Megalithic structures some famous monster filled barrows and cairns
8 Ruined wonder like a statue or temple or palace on an obscene scale
9 Ruined villages, including middens, graves, grain storage pits and storm shelters
10 Ruined fort possibly haunted and monster filled now
11 Ancient Bunker untouched since dawn times when the ancients made the gods and made war
12 Dungeon Complex built by evil monsters as a base of operations or just placed by evil god
13 Ancient sub city ruin hills full of chambers and needs for city
14 Floating Land unmoving from this location, sometimes hidden or shielded, may drop a rope ladder
15 Survival Vault complex for a small community to survive wars of the ancients
16 Elemental Node attracts elementalist magicians and cultists and elemental beings
17 Gate structure with controls to pass to other world
18 Hidden Kingdom, invisible or buried or underwater or whatever it takes
19 Hidden treasure, fabled awesome loot from a king or god has been lost here
20 Legendary location, historic heroic tragic site with possible remains and/or a monument
21 Legendary fossils, giant bones or remains from god war, some inhabited
22 Famous magician or wonder worker dwells here, often Immortal and prefer privacy
23 Mutagenic Location, attracts mutants and mongrel men seeking power and madness
24 Sleeping Gargantua, pwill be exploited by local people as resource if possible
25 Sleeping Gargantua, ticks over breeding and spreading, might awake beast
26 Necropolis of ancient civilization
27 Infamous haunted graveyard
28 Lycanthrope ancestral land
29 Goblin Vault spawns seasonal hordes
30 Evil of chaos godling lair
31 Ruin of a god lair of old
32 Petty God or planar being here
33 Prescious metal or gem mines, miners and kobolds everywhere in rush
34 Holy grove of druids or dryads or sylvan beings
35 Crystaline Ecology of living crystal plants and creatures
36 Crystaline monoliths amplify magic, possibly only one type
37 Plague Zone currently cursed by deadly ancient stockpiles
38 Radiation zone bathed in fierce auroras affecting health and magic
39 Psychadelic ray bathed zone of illusion and phantoms
40 Demon pit
41 Hell Gate
42 Sky bridge of light to upper world or rainbow gateway
43 Old one monoliths
44 Old one temples
45 Cult mad area of cultist holy sites
46 Witch hunting craze swept village
47 Vampire hunting mania gripped area
48 Dragon demands tribute
49 Dumb draconian monster hunts party for food
50 Crime wave, region gripped by mob and corruption
51 Sinkholes to the subworld
52 Old one city
53 Robot or machine enclave behind a barrier
54 Wonder of ancients under barrier
55 Ancient shipwreck hulls
56 Ancient structure or building intact
57 Ancient sealed tower
58 Clanking ancient structure with automated factory underneath
59 Toxic weapon dump
60 Ancient skyship or aircar crash site
61 Spacecraft crash site
62 UFO landing site
63 UFO wreck
64 UFO kidnap location
65 Ancient astronaut site
66 Huge paved airstrip, some sub structures and buildings
67 Subtereanean tunnels of old riddle region
68 Subtrain tunnels or roadways
69 Species doinates this area, rare usually
70 Gods seen here
71 Ancient battlefeild with armed weapons and relics
72 Lich considers this part of ancient necromancer empire
73 Covered in crypts, tombs, treasure miners and bandits
74 Carved idols and totem poles from lost race here, some cursed others blessed
75 Giant disgusting worms writhe everywhere in seasonal plagues
76 Huge evil organism buried under these lands, influences surface with evil
77 Cavern system actually huge creatures digestive tract and dimensional gate
78 Ruins of zoo or lab, beast men of many types dwell here
79 Hidden elf and goblin tribes slow civilization
80 Dwarf citadel, herd other humanoids for food and hunt high tech more
81 Cyborg bunker spreading dark evil tech of old world
82 Decaying ancient bunker full of madmen, cultists and mutants
83 Giant ruins with some smaller dumber giant kin still living in ruins
84 Magical healer of great renown, possible non human
85 Magical sage of great renown, possible non human
86 Over run by insectoids building huge hives for insect men
87 Talking animals in this land as an extra race
88 Huge hidden volcano crater lake of Tako octopus folk and sea elves living in harmony
89 Huge magical castle with dark demonic riders comes and goes
90 Famous prophecy speaking hag or dragon or demon or relic
91 Monoliths here cause past life flashbacks
92 Chaos pool bubbling raw chaos into plane with evil beings trying to turn it evil
93 Abhoth father of amorphous mutant spawn gates his children here
94 Old one cultists infect every part of life in region
95 Armies gather here for apocalyptic battle
96 Building a monument, ruler may enslave trouble makers
97 Huge carved faces all over region
98 Huge shaft of light beamed into space by sealed complex with defenses
99 Decedant imortal mad old wizards found in these parts from overspace
100 Divine bachinalean feasts and mobs seasonally swarm land, gods, men and beast mingle

Im not really being weird enough yet


  1. This is an AMAZING list. Horked for my own Mutant Future purposes.

    Thank you!

  2. i need to do more weirder - i like making stuff for gamma world/weird fantasy at same time


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