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Urchins of Shadelport

Found this pic looking for Trump. Next book i'm working on will be a relaxing best of my d100 NPC tables. So a few on my to do list sitting around a while. Faerie book will be next public release in about 2 weeks ish.

So more adulting this week and a cthulhu game on monday.
A bunch of posts on my to do list but anything goes this month.
Possibly some mutants and beastmen (beastmen are more work)
Both mutants and beastmen could get a book.
Possibly do a post on my homebrew character rules up to the class bit shortly too

Iv'e done a few evil kid tables before but this more of a needy street orphan table. I've started players as orphans several games even did a character funnel of all urchins so could be used sometime.
Most are between 7 and 12 6+d6 years old.
All are parentless and wild, living in squats.
All fear the city child catchers who sell them to sweatshops or prettiest ones to orphanages

d10 Urchin Hangouts and squats1 Burned out house basement
2 Roof accessed attic
3 Collapsed building
4 Tent in empty lot
5 Concealed chamber in sewer
6 Crypt in small graveyard or estate
7 Inside a bridge 
8 Under stairwell of apartment
9 Basement through a coal shute
10 Empty rental townhouse

d10 Urchin Accessories
1 Pet dog, cat or rat
2 Slingshot, shank or bag of rocks or club
3 Bindle with blanket and meagre personal possetions
4 Bag of food scraps, apple cores, potato peelings
5 Stolen jewelery or trinket
6 Stolen treat like a bun or apple
7 Begging bowl or cup
8 Old scrunched up letter possibly identifying family or a map
9 Purse with d10cp
10 Lucky charm

d10 How did they become a urchin?1 Family murdered in inter clan feud - 1in6 chance is a heir
2 Refugees from far away seperated from family
3 Escaped a horrible orphanage
4 Escaped slavery in a sweatshop
5 Escaped a cruel slave owner or wicked step parent
6 Family murdered by criminals
7 Family sunk in a ship
8 Fled cruel apprenticeship
9 Horrible parent discarded them
10 Monster killed family

Urchins of Shadelport
01 Tiny Ernst - small boy, quiet disturbed, disobedient expert rock and turd thrower
02 Frieder Gloch - entrepreneurial lad sells vice related goods from a pushcart, smokes pipe
03 Hans Elder - greedy for candy since became addicted after escaping a witch once
04 Hienrich Router - good with animals has pet rats who keep him warm and fed
05 Herman - fat greedy boy loves baked goods and often delivers goods for kronut
06 Karl Glouger - has escaped care of a priest and now traumatised and disturbed about religion
07 Otto - terrible racist tries to encourage street kids to throw rocks at foriegners
08 Paul Keller - son of a harlot and lives in whore house, hands out flyers to tourists
09 Walter Glum - was taught to read by priest and makes some money he uses for books
10 Wilhelm Gloodle - often works as battlefield gleaner with mercenaries has a really nice knife
11 Gerhard Shruder - likes to thieve apples and hated by fruit sellers for his antics
12 Anna Gruberstien - kindly girl who cares for younger urchins and good at finding empty houses to squat
13 Bertha Gliech - hefty girl with a knack for repairing garments to earn a few pennies 
14 Elisabeth Gromley - has a home made shank and local assassins guild have been giving her food 
15 Emma Frederson - a blind goose girl with seven geese (actually gold dragons)
16 Frieda Coglin - matchstick selling girl, starving and thin, shivering in cold 
17 Gertrude Hiemlich - sells posies, daily she gathers field flowers from empty lots
18 Margarithe Ulm - lives in the sewers and sells cooked rat on a stick in the streets
19 Maria - kindly daughter of factory worker who looks after sick children and preaches religion
20 Marie Klochmann - sweeps the streets in the markets for some scraps and pennies
21 Martha Tate - sells scraps of cloth as bandages to healers and adventurers
22 Gunter Norris - plays a battered bugle, people pay him with food scraps to stop
23 Hans Tanner - likes to listen to adventurer stories wants to be a murder hobo
24 Hienz Gliebmann - works as a watchman on docks carries a bell 
25 Helmet Muller-Fokker - profesional spy for gang, counts goods coming and going
26 Herbert Sholn - runner for bakery delivers baked goods in return for pie which he loves
27 Karl Blofeldt - bullies smaller urchins to steal food for him
28 Kurt Mannahiem - performs sleight of hand tricks and wants to be a wizard
29 Walter Klien - expert with a sling, protects squatted urchin house from city childcatcher
30 Werner Gliek - deeply religious works in church for scraps and herps choir
31 Edith spiellman - witch child, tempts children to join her secret cult
32 Elfriede Kuhn - mathematical prodegey used for calculating earnings by some street sellers
33 Erma Talen - gathers strange fossils from the shoreline and sells to scholars
34 Gerda Ullmann - collects seashells to sell to tourists and craftsmen
35 Hildegard Trueman - sings for her supper for wealthy outdoor diners in cafe district 
36 Ilse Morgenstern - sells trinkets from secret abandoned temple she found in sewers
37 Irmgard Lichstien - sells hankies in the street she makes from stolen laundry lines
38 Liesselotte Pullman - tricks dogs into chasing her, traps them and sells their meat and skin
39 Ursula Vangore - her daddy was a pirate and she has a map she will sell but wants a share
40 Dieter Colman - a fiesty lad who follows adventurers and begs to be a pole boy 
41 Jurgen Vrock - beefy boy works as a torch bearer and is a bully who likes robbing smaller boys
42 Klaus Vriegmar - enjoys killing small animals and wants to be a murder hobo
43 Manfred Dolmun - has a cursed medallion he sells again and again and returns to him
44 Pietr Vloss - likes to pick drunk adventurers pockets for interesting trinkets
45 Wolfgang Klauger - likes women but not sure why, drills holes in walls to spy on them
46 Christia Holman - knows where monsters are living in a abandoned house 
47 Elke Volman - is being pursued by a pimp who bought her off her drunken father
48 Helga Oldman - runs the local rat fights and a gang find her promising
49 Ingrid VanKrieg - overhears gossip and informs the beggar guild spy network
50 Karin Elderman - has strange dreams since she slept in strange prehuman crypt in the sewers
51 Monica Pyreholm - fiesty girl works as kitchen hand in a tavern and watches adventurers

52 Marco Sienna - wants to be a pirate and has a sword made from sticks and string
53 Allesandro Tuscan - wants to be a cook, makes innovative rat dishes fit for a trench war
54 Arturo Gienna - has a knack for building traps from scrap wants to join a guild or see a dungeon
55 Ariana Arabella - gathers string and yarn and knits clothes for urchins
56 Berta Cagliostro - fascinated by omens and strange cult signs, wants to learn magic
57 Bianca Fumetti - knows shocking bawdy stories she uses to keep letchers to busy to harass her
58 Bernardo Florentine - wants to go to sea and quizzes sailors about maritime lore
59 Camila Florin - wants to be a dancer and looking for a non horrible teacher
60 Bernardo Bastardo - has a club he uses to beat up watch dogs for his friends to eat
61 Carlos Jakalari - hunts and beats other children for money with innovative rent a bully service
62 Clara Baldasari - following cultists for months knows where they live and who they are
63 Antonia Calora - expert at stealing strings of sausages with his dog Enzo
64 Giovanni Columbine - wants to be a clown and loves jokes and throwing rotten food
65 Stephano Collabera - drops live eels on people then steals whatever they drop
66 Valentina Russo - wears a red hood, orphaned when granny eaten by werewolf
67 Sophia Oberland - fascinated by non humans and will follow them for hours
68 Giuseppe Verdantine - has his first mutation coming on he tries to hide
69 Antonio Spiro - has developed basic break and enter skills from a gang who use him for tight spaces
70 Roberto Chlora - has seen a monster in the river and nobody believes him
71 Andrea Strukker - pirates daughter dreams of carving bloody empire across the seas 

72 Rosa Belini - has the gift of cursing people granted by the gods
73 Aida Coleman - has a knack for finding petty gods in the city and has met several, hasn't everyone?
74 Alexis Fontaine - has been helping a wounded old murder hobo who sometimes helps her
75 Augustin Glieb - is sure there are extra gargoyles on the city walls that never used to be there
76 Barnabe Crescante - likes to torment cats and has a bounty on him for tormenting rich peoples pussies
77 Beaufort Clementine - loves to watch executions and sells the leftover bits he finds to witches
78 Brett Lemonde - likes to smash and steal fancy glass windows and is wanted by the law
79 Corbert Simeon - has a pet monkey he has trained to pick pockets and enter windows then open doors
80 Bridgette Magione - has been working as a artists model but a priest has been trying to protect her from seedy artists
81 Cecile Monroe - is lucky picking through garbage dumps for loot and other children envy her
82 Clovis Solmon - good at fighting and wants to be a squire making unwanted auditions and pestering knights
83 Delmont Revere - talented at running fast and yelling, employed as alarm by merchants to watch shops at night
84 Elaine Crecy - has intercepted pigeon mail service and sells letters to interested parties and eats pigeons
85 Franky Morgan - worked with pirates and has wild tales he inspires other urchins with
86 Gabrielle Etienne - secretly works for child catchers and informs them of squats where urchins live
87 Germain Laurent - works for secret police and recruits likely urchins and spies on people
88 Henrietta Cabbage - grows vegetables and flowers to sell on empty lots
89 Geraldine Dumond - has several pet kobolds she raised from eggs and who steal for her
90 Holly Hubble - wishes she lived in the wilds with druids and elves
91 Aldren Gorr - from a murdered noble clan plots revenge against enemies
92 Judd Lowland - expert at catching sewer fish and knows tunnels under the city well
93 Norman Skinner - killed a man menacing urchins in his squat and other kids all in awe of him

94 Queenie Reprize - mother worked in theatre and she dreams of being a star
95 Toland Moor - lives with stray dogs, has fleas and filthy but safe
96 Vernon Reese - a pyromaniac who has been employed by gang burning rival buildings down
97 Maud Cleaver - caries several babies she found about, which she sells when she has too many
98 Merlon Reece - used to work for a wizard and knows a cantrip from a scroll he keeps in secret
99 Ham Clark - has a demonic tattoo from a cult who look for him all the time
100 Felix Trotter - can talk to pigs and has amazing pig herding skills

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