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Gamma Oz Revisited: Olary

Gamma Oz - Manna Hill to Broken Hill

Manna Hill + Oz Trash Tables
Cockburn + Ruin Tables

Gamma Oz Setting and basic map

Gamma Oz "World map" Nations
Gamma Oz "Improved World Maps 2450" + redundant descriptions i did by accident

Ok so a few thoughts

Ive considered doing this as a version of Gammaworld 2nd ed, or a more dnd like mechanic or as a region for planet psychon (add some magic). Mamma World, Metamorphosis Alpha, MCC and Planet Psychon overlap in content a bit. Two of my biggest disappointments in MCC was slowness (my slowest kickstarter yet waiting on stuff i didn't want). Also lack of setting and and lack of monsters and too much on Patrons compared to DCC. Unamerica might be useful and looks great.

Anyway I realized I had done a town map that never got a blog post. One day will do a big map of Broken Hill (silver City) as a good size wierd town with outback flavour, strange monuments built by artists and a unique ethnic mix. It would have at least 100 interesting locations and 100 NPCs. A book of everything on Gamma Oz and Broken Hill would be a nice book.

Broken Hill is known as capital of the outback. It has one of oldest Afghan Mosques in Australia where camel caravans first opened up the outback. After mining died it became a artist haven and they left many weird monuments like the giant Dice outside Manna Hill. Rural Australians like making weird monuments and giant things in the wasteland anyway. After the Apocalypse many became cult sites. The town has radio and local Tv stations and multiple bunkers are known. Famous races of horses or camels or vehicles and other festivals and events still bring in traders.

The campaign so far is starting from Manna Hill a small friendly community and crossing wasteland through other towns to get to Broken Hill. This crosses regional boundaries into a new nation too. Maningary is so small it isn't worth mapping.

Pop 36 humans, manimals and mutants
Industry: Cattle, Trade, Wool
Buildings: Olary Hotel (1886), General Store, Eatery, Residence, Outlying Stations, Church
Ruins: Post Office, Train Station, Police Station and several cattle stations
A stop for traders. Has several ruins which youngsters like to explore and gangs sometimes stay in.

Functional Buildings
Outback jack was a swagman, a nomadic shearer and jackaroo for years before settling here with his wife Margaret. Standard humans they are friendly to all and most of town eats here. Jack will share his knowledge of a wide area but it might be 20 years out of date. Sells all kids of tourist junk of the ancients like postcards, boomerangs and stuffed animals and stationary.

General Store
Mr & Mrs Kookaburra live here with their son Kevin and daughter Bindi. They handle trade and mail service and have rooms for couriers to stay in. Brother of the post master of mannahill he handles postal duties here and will let kids from there stay in his shed. Ms Kookaburra is the regions champion cake baker. The store sells supplies, ammo, food and water and odds and ends. Merchant waggon caravans now stay in his yard and use the shed.

Olary Hotel
Everyone comes here to drink after work or after eating at the diner. Mr Platypus (Paul) and his Wife Mrs Platypus run the place with local barmaid belle Ginger who men for miles around are in love with and raiders try to kidnap her monthly. Derek is the handyman and a mutant who works for his board. The rooms are fairly nice and cool but the top floor is unoccupied and damaged and has a few giant bugs and a mutant owl creature living in it. The hotel has a well which supplies local water.

Spade Farm

Sammy Spade is a bonzer sheila and stockwoman. She has a dozen itinerant workers of all sorts here at any time and she flies an ultralight. She has a stable of mutant camels, horses a emu and a ultralight aircraft they use for herding cattle and emus and kangaroos in the area.

Unity Church

Father Ron Bullpit runs the place with Mother Maggie. They preach working together to survive and are quite popular. Out the back Ron brews the towns beer and has a shooting range. Maggie makes ammo and fixes guns. the church is fortified and she uses the tower as a sniper lookout. She shoots troublemakers and stray mutants and is a good source of info on movement near local ruins. They don't really have a god, more of a set of principles. The sect has branches in a few towns and broken hill and is growing.

Toad Station

Was bought by  Ron Toadflap, a canetoad mutant who is a bit unscrupulous and keeps several slaves. His stable has moronic quadrupede human mutants his prefered mount. He and his wife Sonia have lots of gold and trade goods and ammo stashed away and often have a d4+4 canetoad workers staying over. Some say he has been feeding the mutants in the ruins and putting his tadpoles in the underground aquifer which he denies. He gets blamed for every evil and some stories might be true.

Goanna Station

A struggling farm run by Mr Goanna and his sons Rory and Phil. They are tribals originally and sometimes you see them dancing in with ritual body paint and playing the yidarki. A few kin from the outback come to stay and help herd emu and shear sheep seasonally. They are friendly enough but wary of eye contact and some find it hard to understand their tribal accent which takes a bit to get used too which the locals are. The three are always looking for wives and are the first and last to leave the pub.Sometimes they put on a traditional wild food feast for everyone in town.

RuinsPost Office

The old post office has been abandoned for years, it's function subsumed by the store. Gang members squat it frequently and the garage has ruined postal vans and often is lair of some mutant.

Police Station 

Sealed fortified outback station has been shut since the apocalypse. A code is required to enter the durally shutters that nobody knows. Local kids have tried for years and the kookaburra kids and Phil the goanna have a list in their clubhouse shed behind the post office of all the codes kids have tried for the last hundred years. Lights and sounds of machines are inside. Locals say a robot and some androids haunt the place and intact vehicles and weapons are inside.

Waggontrain Station Ruin

Was used by the waggon trains till seventy years ago when raiders burned down the stockade. The waggon train offices and remnants are built into a series of train shed and railway station buildings. Now gangs and mutants and other undesirables live here. Some fittings are pre apocalypse but ruined and some are heritage from the 1930s.

Singer Station

Former station where the singer family were massacred now it is haunted. The undead family roam the grounds keeping intruders away so there is probably farm loot inside. Some undead animals live here too.

Plumber Station
Some mutant thing lives here that moves about invisibly at night. It avoids light and keeps away from the regular town folk residences. A mutant gangcult used to live here.

Gordon Station
A enclave of a gang stay here but leave the townsfolk alone mostly in fear of Father Ron and Mother Maggie who have wiped out several gangs. Laurie, Pamela and Victor sometimes drink and eat in town. 2d6 other gangers stay here never mix and are unwelcome.

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