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d100 Crafters and Merchants of Shadelport

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“Dame, what hold ye the ell (45 inches) of this
cloth? Or what is worth the cloth whole?
In short, so to speak, how much the ell?”
“Sire, reason; ye shall have it good and cheap.”
“Yea, truly, for cattle. Dame, ye must me win.
Take heed what I shall pay.”
“Four shillings for the ell, if it please you.”
“For so much would I have good scarlet.”
“But I have some which is not of the best
which I would not give for seven shillings.”
“But this is no such cloth, of so much money,
that know ye well!”
“Sire, what is it worth?”
“Dame, it were worth to me well three shillings.”
“That is evil-boden.”
“But say certainly how shall I have it without
a part to leave?”
“I shall give it ye at one word: ye shall pay five
shillings, certainly if ye have them for so many
ells, for I will abate nothing.”

This table just to give rough idea of how big a merchant is

d10 Merchant Success Types
01 Wandering Peddler - almost paupers and beggars who sell door to door
02 Street Cart Seller - sell from a pushcart in the street and always moving
03 Market Stall Holder - has a regular stall in market of bazaar or several
04 Shopkeeper - work from a shop often live upstairs
05 Traveling Merchant - has a waggon and trades between villages and towns
06 Caravan Trader - has multiple waggons and guards
07 Warehouse Storekeeper - operates a large scale import/export business
08 Guild Master - important guildsman with many shopfronts and agents
09 Merchant Prince - powerful and wealthy with international trade empire
10 Merchant Banker - goods are for suckers, speculate and lend money intsead

d10 Prosperity
01 Hopeless owe the mob
02 Supported by patron
03 Terrible vice abuser
04 Indebted to family
05 Successful stable business
06 Comfirtable
08 Comfortable growth
09 Runaway success
10 Rapidly accumulating wealth

The business table starts from more common poorer types and gets more complex.

 Crafters and Merchants of Shadelport
01 Tinkerer, fixes various old, damaged or worn items, odd chores 
02 Brush salesman selling cleaning goods to servants and houskeepers
03 Rag and bone man collects and sells scraps of cloth and bone
04 Second hand goods, fell of the back of a cart, unbeatable prices
05 Gong Farmer selling various qualities of human waste products for farming and cleaning
06 Match seller selling finest alchemist made matches, safer than making them
07 Flower seller, selling bunches of flowers, posies and occasionally some fruit
08 Grog seller, sells strong possibly dangerous and illegal booze in jars
09 Fortune teller, uses various omens and paraphernalia like cards or sheep guts
10 Scrap dealer buys old and damaged goods and sells them
11 Street food usually a specialty or a few dishes
12 Brochures, prints and broadsheets, will take commissions for printers
13 Blade sharpener takes only a few minutes and sells some second hand blades
14 Oil seller deals in lamp oil from a jar 
15 Milkmaid selling milk often from buckets with yoke over shoulders
16 Cobbler will mend or clean shoes and take orders for custom items
17 Carpenter will repair and build goods or sell and deliver lumber
18 Faith supply peddler with charms, tokens, small statues and holy symbols
19 Water carrier will sell water in various grades by cup or large jar or skin
20 Animal feed, usually delivering goods to reguars or stables
21 Spice dealer sells tasty flavours from far off lands in minute quantities
22 Produce seller with fresh fruit and vegetables
23 Cheese seller dealing in fermented 
24 Candlemaker sells a wide range of candles
25 Butcher will slaughter animals and sell fresh, dried and preserved meat goods26 Herbalist selling medical supplies
27 Barber will cut hair, shave, pull teeth and do first aid
28 Salt dealer sells standard salt in various qualities and colours
29 Leather worker sells all kinds of leather goods and sheets of animal skin
30 Potter stall sells jars, bottles, clay, pots and other goods
31 Pawnshop deals in second hand goods and loans held against valuables
32 Printer a small woodblock press can run limited editions of posters or pamphlets
33 Fuller process and clean wool by beating and soaking in urine to sell
34 Jeweler for precious treasures with precious metal and gemcutting
35 Baker sells mostly bread but also cakes and pies and supplies other stores
36 Tailor sells clothes from cloth and will custom make clothing
37 Fishmonger sells various seafood goods from sea and rivers
38 Wheelwright will repair or sell carts or just wheels
39 Apothecary sells medicine and magical ingredients and glass goods
40 Stable will sell and care for livestock and sell feed
41 Lumber dealer sells and transports wood of various types
42 Wine merchant sells various quality wine and stronger drinks
43 Draper sells bolts of fabric including wool, linen, hemp, flax and silk

44 Ore dealer sells unrefined rock or possibly ingots of metal
45 Brewer sells beer by barrel, jar or ceramic bottle often supplying taverns
46 Miller selling flour of various types from mill to bakers and households
47 Ironmonger with of all kinds of metal goods from pots and pans to decorative items
48 Livestocks usually a waggon of goats, sheep or pigs from farmer to butcher
49 Mercer selling fancy clothes, jewelry, belts, mirrors, combs, pins, needles, and toys
50 Apiarist selling beehives, honey, beeswax and mead

51 Rug merchant selling carpets some from exotic lands

52 Weaver selling tapestries and decorative cloth will take artistic commisions
53 Basket weaver sell various containers and other goods mostly from grass or reeds
54 Stonemason sells statues, headstones, monuments or accepts building comisions
55 Builder will construct buildings and houses mostly form wood
56 Furrier selling exotic animal furs and fancy clothes and accesories
57 Scribal supplies including paper, vellum, wax, scrolls, blank books, ink and quills
58 Bookseller trading in various books from a printer or second hand
59 Torture supplies mostly for church, nobles, goalers and lawmen
60 Armourer makes protective clothing for man or dogs and barding for horses
61 Bowyer sell bows and usually employ a few fletcher's to make arrows
62 Weaponsmith makes and sells weapons often specializing in one type
63 Gunsmith makes and sell firearms and cannons and blackpowder
64 Smithy for practical metal goods, specialize in iron, tin, copper, lead or bronze
65 Blacksmith makes iron goods like horseshoes and every day tools
66 Redsmiths work copper, brass and bronze making useful and decorative goods
67 Tinsmith sells tin for everyday objects but also for building, glazes,
68 Silversmith sells silver decorative goods for the rich and the church
69 Goldsmith sells gold decorative goods for the rich and the church
70 Leadsmith sells decorative objects of lead, also building supplies, plumbing, bullets, etc
71 Glassblowers sell glass bottles, window panes, ingots and art objects

72 Dyers sell dye and possibly dyed cloth and leather goods
73 Hatters make fancy hats, often with felt or fur some use mercury in the process
74 Antiquarian dealer sells old art decorative art objects
75 Exotic animals include monkeys, parrots, fancy dogs, falcons 
76 Cooper makes barrels used by lots of other traders for storage and transport
77 Boatwrights make and sell boats, is at sea might be shipwrights
78 Mercenary broker hires out and represents professional fighting men
79 Provisioner sells wide variety of processed foodstuffs often in large amounts
80 Fueler sells charcoal, wood, oil and other fuel sources in large volumes
81 Straw seller, for roofs, animal food or a new floor for your hovel to cover vomit
82 Poulter sells chickens, ducks, geese, feathers and eggs
83 Instrument Maker makes musical instruments or other precision tools
84 Trappist sells and makes animal traps and possibly furs and meat
85 Slaver sells human cattle from base workers to skilled experts
86 Ropemaker sells all kinds of ropes, nets, hammocks and climbing supplies
87 Locksmith sells locks and keys and tools
88 Saddler sells horse supplies including harnesses, saddles, bags, barding
89 Arkwright sells and makes boxes and chests and possibly coffins
90 Brickmaker sells bricks and tiles sundried, kiln fired, glazed or plain
91 Confectioner sells and makes sweet treats
92 Lampwright sells and makes lamps from clay or tin or brass
93 Mapwright makes and sells maps often has old and strange maps

94 Soapmaker turns fat and lye and other substances, some scented and fancy
95 Perfumer sells attractive scented oils and essences
96 Incense maker and seller used for rituals and fumigations
97 Poleturner sells and makes polearms and spears
98 Swordsmith specializing in making swords mostly for nobles
99 Wigmaker sells and makes various wigs and mirkins mostly for nobles
100 Mechanist sells and makes cogs, pulleys, clocks and simple machines

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