Thursday 1 March 2018

d100 Disasters For Planet Psychon

When the gods decide to terraform a hex and rewrite the memories of it's peoples they often begin by increasing the barriers on a hex borders and then softening up the region with disasters before a final apocalypse. Some will escape, others will find a bunker and hope the gods forget about them. Most are wiped out in the cleansing, their souls will be uploaded by the gods to be reused later possibly after the new terraforming complete.

Some heroes have manages to petition the gods for mercy but this might require visiting a god in their orbital or bunker complex. These could spur party to adventure or make them leave if they are getting too comfortable in a hex. A party might somehow avert the disaster too possibly helped by one god to subvert the will of another. Some might placate a god or convince them to preserve a hex for some unique feature.

Obviously players should get a warning.

d10 Warnings of the Apocalypse1 Prophet warns you
2 Character most beloved by the gods warns them
3 Petty god warns a greater god's plans to party
4 Encounter servant of a god known as apocalyptic herald
5 Animals silent and migrate away
6 Plants all enter unseasonal hibernation

7 Chattering servants of the gods let it slip
8 Strange dreams sent by a god warn party
9 Stream of refugees flee hex or enter a bunker
10 Strange auroras, star signs, talking animals and other omens

d100 Disasters For Planet Psychon
01 Stars begin to blink out and sky goes dark
02 Sun apparently doesn't rise
03 Constant storms and terrible weather make surface outdoor life unbearable
04 Water levels rise flooding area, possible tsunami if by sea
05 Volcano begins erupting filling sky with smog and ash
06 Fires rage burning forests and buildings
07 Heat increases, killing off the old and weak, evaporating water, killing crops
08 Cold increases, covering everything in snow and ice
09 Earthquake destroys and buries structures
10 Huge cracks or sinkholes opens up and gets bigger and bigger
11 Plague of insects eat everything
12 Plague of frogs, bugs, snakes, rats
13 Terrible disease wipes out the weak first
14 Orbital lasers begin to destroy any civilization or structures
15 Nuclear weapon detonated
16 Kaiju awakens to ravage the land and eat everyone
17 Several kaiju arrive and fight ruining everything
18 Fleet of saucers invade and carry off recyclable people and kill rest
19 Death machine arrives to purge all life
20 Army of warborgs and android infantry invade
21 Nano organism starts to turn everything into grey slime
22 Swarm of replicating microbots start devouring everything
23 Army of cyborgs arrive and start executing humans
24 Kaiju scale mecha awakens to purge those unworthy of life
25 Kaiju size mecha from space gods lands and begins to judge all life
26 Dragons swarm over land raizing and eating everything
27 Plague of undead swarm over area
28 Psychotronic warfare make everyone see collective illusions
29 Psychotronic warfare reprograms populace with new history and memories
30 Mutagenic weapons start turning everyone into horrible mutants
31 Mecha Cyborg Tiamat arrives and begins to destroy everything
32 Giant floating mountain hovers in sky into position then drops
33 Meteor crashes like a nuclear weapon
34 Comet crashes filling sky with frozen poison space gas
35 Meteor crashes carrying breed of hostile fast breeding monsters
36 New civilization is created with new terrain who attack the original inhabitants
37 New terrain begins to overwrite area formed by global teleporter array
38 Everyone begins to melt and liquid flesh forms into a single huge blob 
39 People begin to merge into a lake of protoplasm, invite others to join
40 Giants of mud arise from earth and go on rampage destroying buldings
41 Magnetic storm carries metallic objects away in cyclone like effect
42 Orcs spawn from mud and muck and attack civilization on genocidal crusade
43 Plant creatures arise to devour meat creatures and herd them into farms
44 Huge crystalline structures grow from the ground sucking up water and organic matter
45 Huge UFO arrives, blasts key settlements and drops off cyborg beastmen army
46 Sky bursts into flame and rains fireballs from space scaring and pitting the surface 
47 Bunker opens and a clone army marches out to cleanse all life
48 Flying city of winged men appears and attack civilization and carry away survivors
49 A psychotronic attack causes population to become berserk cannibals
50 Horde of diseased beastmen worshipping plague gods overrun the hex
51 Strange crypt arises from water or ground, sparking madness as a demon lord awakes

52 Horde of mounted beastmen pour into hex killing and burning everything they can
53 Colossal murder machine arised from earth to destroy remains of human civilization
54 Magma begins to leak out from cracks and pits and water boils away
55 Water all drains away leaving dead fish and ancient wrecks and ruins eposed
56 Clouds of poison gas pour over the land killing all life
57 Domed city arises destroying most of the area and clone armies march forth
58 Reverse gravity floats millions of tonnes in air, then drops it all
59 Gates open and cover land in chaos mutant beastmen hoardes
60 Gates open and hoarde of demons pour out to purge the hex
61 Atomic firestorm cloud from the sky scourges the land back to bedrock
62 Fishmen swarm from the sea to attack and carry off victims, then their demon joins them
63 Colossal fungal blooms grow covering everything in fungus forests and deadly spores
64 Horrible black spoors kill all plant life and stored food
65 Titanic golem arises to purge the land of civilization
66 New breed of intelligent giant ants appear and begin to destroy all life and civilization
67 Kaiju spreads spores on graveyards to create a army of the dead to aid destruction
68 Orbital complex falls from the sky causing destruction and releasing killer androids
69 Several gods wage war laying waste to hex with stray fireballs and missiles and lasers
70 Flying citadel of wizards enters area and bombards surface with deadly battle magic
71 Two gods in titan form coopulate laying waste to area with their lovemaking

72 Strange auroras in sky, locals start metamorphosing into new form to survive changes
73 Radiation storms sweep in killing most and leaving mutants to eat the survivors
74 Deposit of war chems is exposed creating a toxic cloud over the region
75 Crack in the earth releases subterranean mutants to pour out and devour surface people
76 Giant worms undermine civilization and devour everyone, they are surprisingly fast
77 Everyone in hex divides into one of two tribes then wipe each other out in bloody war
78 Psychotronic weapons cause mass suicides, arson and vehicular collisions
79 Gigantic slime creature absorbs all life getting bigger and bigger till only bare rock left
80 Population form cocoons and after a week hatch and fly into the sky forever
81 Population form cocoons and a week later pupate into worms that burrow into the depths
82 God of death leaves underworld with a undead army to punish the living
83 Population become aroused and start a orgy where they fuse into a giant protoplasm
84 Population take root in soil and turn into plants
85 Population take root and turn into giant fungus colonies
86 Populations begin to turn into animals which migrate away from the region
87 Population gather in a temple and fuse into great flesh entity that oozes under the earth
88 Doomsday weapon in a temple detonates killing everything in nuclear firestorm
89 Drones fly over area spraying nerve gas killing everything with a nervous system
90 All minds linked into a network and god like entity soars into space leaving corpses
91 Ghosts and spirits escape the underworld and torment the living
92 Apocalyptic robed cult transport doomsday weapon into the centre of the hex to detonate
93 Fresh ruins and life grow from the earth and old buildings and beings crumble to dust

94 Cloud of nanites turn everything into black dust leaving area stripped to bedrock
95 Atmospheric nitrogen ignited by ray from orbital burning everything to ash
96 Plague carrying immortal passes through area, in following days everyone dying
97 Devils and angels come to judge everyone and carry away everyone to their fate
98 Strange carnivorous carpet of red weed overgrows everything smothering and poisoning
99 Solar reflectors in orbit bake the surface with concentrated sunlight
100 Solar shield in orbit blocks the sun and temperatures plummet and ice forms

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