Tuesday 6 March 2018

Mountain Mania Hazards 3

So maybe one day I could do mountain and dwarf book with some dungeons or just have Exile Isles wilderness tables together. Or make some hexcrawl tables for mountains. Could do wilderness terrain terrain maker like ones i did for Xor and Psychon but for standard games. Considered a A-Z Evil Forest or some specific dark elf stuff. No hurry, my too do list is pretty healthy.

Mountain obstacles table d100

1 Crumbling stone bridge over chasm
2 Old rope bridge over chasm
3 Trail thins and full of choke and ambush points
4 Rolling rubble chases party
5 Avalanche! - ice or rubble
6 Mudslide
7 Heavy snow
8 Geothermal vent releasing steam cloud
9 Rapid flowing river dangerous to cross
10 Huge tree crossing chasm
11 Old ruined fort with blocked gate
12 Tower and wall blocks the pass
13 Giant gaping chasm
14 Ice bridge over chasm
15 Dungeon entrance 
16 Trail collapses and slides down mountain
17 Sinkhole to underground caverns
18 Giant being helps some cross canyon
19 Sphynx asks riddle or question to use its bridge
20 Horrible creature guards bridge
21 Thin path over huge drop

22 Sheer cliff on side of train
23 Loose gravel on path by cliff

24 Narrow path by sheer cliff with suspicious billy goats 
25 Narrow path with loose rocks above
26 Narrow pathway is loose and crumbling
27 Small quake dislodges rockslide
28 Large quake blocks the path behind travellers
29 Path is buried under rubble
30 Avalanche blocks road but uncovers ancient tunnel

31 Ice or snow make narrow path slippery
31 rain or snow reduces visibility
32 Fierce storm
33 Fog cloud reduces visibility
34 Old bridge has collapsed

35 Smoke from distant signal fire
36 Dead travellers mostly buried in rubble
37 Mummified corpse of mountain climber tucked in crevice
38 Fighting giants on mountain top brings down rubble
39 Lightning striking cliffs
40 Fragile ice bridge
41 Snow covered crevice
42 Huge icicles fall from over hand
43 Chilling wind snap freeze beards
44 Altitude sickness CON save or start to take damage
45 Air reduction at altitude, CON save or become dizzy
46 Avalanche of snow from mountain top

47 Frozen mud on trail hard and slippery
48 Troll in half melting block of ice
49 Cave of icebear
50 Cave of canibal wild men
51 Overcast clouds makes dark all day
52 Huge nest with eggs above trail, parent might be near
53 Frozen monster looks enraged like about to burst free

54 Ogre cave complex with guards
55 Giant cave with cave bear guard
56 Dragon cave with burn and claw marks and burned skeletons

57 Airee of griffons watches the valley
58 Only way forward is up a cliff
59 Only way forward is a multi stage climb up huuge cliff
60 Tunnel through glacier ice caves
61 Tunnel through rockface
62 Whirlwind threatens to fling travelers into chasm
63 Dead climbers, some start to arise as hungry undead
64 Ghouls eating long dead party
65 Huge precarious rock over path easily dislodged
66 Slope of loose gravel drops hundreds of feet below into river
67 Old wizard guarding a toll bridge
68 Pilgrims hut with evil shapeshifter disguised as kindly monk
69 Hut with evil shapeshifters pretending to be attractive friendly women
70 Stone monoliths with bloody altar sacred to someone and forbidden to strangers
71 Distant ruined watchtower overlooking valley with nasty humanoids
72 Ruined tower overlooking path with giant ravens
73 Crumbling old giants bridge with clan of winged gorillas living inside
74 Cavemen with boulders await over train for victims
75 Pit in narrow trail with several hungry trolls trapped in bottom
76 Ladder over crevice
78 Single rope over crevice
79 Flying fox over crevice
80 Rickety thin wooden bridge over crevice
81 Locked abandoned dwarven gatehouse blocking path
82 Monastery ruins on trail, ghoul monks hungrily awaken

83 Ruined fortress, giant rules band of humanoids
84 Caves of a tribe of cave folk
85 Village of evil cultists welcome victims with a party
86 Old canibal offers to guide party (tries to lead to deaths)
87 Old madman dislodges rocks onto travellers, will follow and keep it up
88 Strange gigantic shadows in distance
89 Bad weather but some vast humanoid figure silhouetted inside clouds
90 Giants having a rock fight above the path
91 Cloud with ladder hanging down
92 Cloud with giants castle floats by
93 Strange glass tower above path but hard climb to reach
95 Old mine boarded up with keep out sign in dwarvish
96 Old mine with goblin bones scattered by entrance
97 Multiple confusing paths dont match map
98 Path circles back to direction you came from
99 Obsidian monolith curses any who pass without sacrifice
100 Chasm with flowing lava cuts through path 


  1. Even though it must be tiresome to answer this question from me so often, it is incumbent upon me to ask again:

    How long does it take you to think up such a list? They are all so amazing

    1. these were pretty lazy only a few hours
      post book malaise


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