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Mutations of Cosmic Law

Original anachronisms d100

Some weird stuff here but alignment oath lists are handy

Law is more strange than people think. At its worse law is about turning the universe into a state of eternal stasis at it's best it is about peace and unity. Everything in between is possible. Many lawful cults exist and might mix with lawful evil or lawful good.  Some might think lawful sects actions are good but their altruism is just a mechanism not a truly felt conviction like with good people. Still it is better than being mugged in the street every day.

Some come with limited ammo which is hard to find most 1d3 clips total
More extreme bizarre, debilitating freak powers with mostly clear biomechanical quality

d12 Lawful Philosophies

1 Brotherhood of Eternal Stasis - time and the increasing disorder of the universe must be stopped by freezing the universe into a condition of eternal stasis. Only killing time can save the cosmos. Everyone is a disgusting decaying prison of imperfect matter
2 The Eternal Order - chaos is part of the cosmos and in breaking the universe into simpler components it is actually a servant of order. The cosmos eternally is destroyed and reborn.They are one of the most tolerant of others flaws and work with others
3 Scions of the Spirit - matter is imperfect, ony perfection in the spiritual world counts. You must prepare yourself to be enlightened and move onto the next level. Flesh is a prison and the gods don't care. Tend to be self tormenting and indifferent to suffering, anti sex and desire. Practice starvation and meditation
4 Knights of Order - discipline and will force are the answer to controlling your fate and you must help others even against their will. Its for their own good. Lesser beings don't see the cosmic picture and Law is the best deal in the long run. Mighty heroes can fight the beasts that gnaw on the cosmos and help prolong existence. They like to fight and even dominate others on their cosmic crusade
5 Scions of the Archons - serve the daemons of law the archons who operate the universe and do it impartially and fairly. At times injustice succeeds when order is weak. The scions wander to spread justice. The Archons aid the worthy with gifts and powers to help their cause and they take them if their agents become unworthy
6 Champions of Law - fight for cosmic law and directly travel to battle chaos at its frontline. The greater the incursion the more serious and worthy a enemy. When all is cleansed they find another. Planar travel is used when the cosmic axis swings back to law and the eternal struggle continues. Philosophising is less important than action
7 Heroes of Utopia - are struggling to make the world a better place and fight for order free from random violence. They gather to discus where their operations are needed and travel to destroy crime and banditry, or attack a unjust regimes. They might be good to some but really they are social engineers and believe helping all to live peaceful scholarly lives is close to their ambitions to help human kind experience the great final release of law
8 Lords of the Unity - all gods are just part of the unity and it is best to follow it's will directly without gods or the filters of local culture. The great all knowing one is all powerful but not as all compassionate as people might hope or expect. They preach of the all mighty one is love and operate charities to reach the common folk as well as persons of other walks of life. Sometimes the zealously war against any threats to the unity like other beliefs
9 Princess of the Universe - seek immortality and to battle forever against chaos. Most seek gifts from archons or lawful beings. They especially fight chaos immortals. Most followers practice combat and study alchemy
10 The Lords of Creation - time unfolding is the purpose of law and Law is the arrow of time. Some try to defy this especially chaos and they must be destroyed. Some try to change time or fate and they too must be destroyed. Everything has it's place and moment all is as it should be
11 Followers of the Presence - the presence is the cosmic god head and it conceals itself from us. Followers seek to commune with their strange spirit beyond the veil of mind or matter. Mostly perform rituals some are using experimental magical and other procedures to understand the presence and its unseen purpose
12 The Celestial Order - the great gods in the celestial city maintain the universe. The gods and devils have their place in the cosmic scheme but chaos demon invasions and foul gods using chaos are the enemies of law. The Order utilise advanced technology and dwell in the heavens watching for incursions of evil. Their technology is powered by magic and will power or sentient manna crystals. They communicate with the future to plan their campaigns and invention research by using bound time elementals. They abuse some of the universes powers but take care to justify their actions with their war on chaos


Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Cyber Mutations
Psychon Mutations
Surgical Mutations
Giant Mutations

Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations
Mutant Character Class

d10 Sources of mutation
01 Bathed in the light of illumination
02 Spoke to illuminated being
03 Read a ancane document or formula
04 Anointed by beings of law
05 Struck by cosmic bolt from heaven
06 Contacted in a dream by higher powers
07 Tested by beings of law and found worthy
08 Exposed to rays of pure law from beyond
09 Burned by unquenchable flames or law and found worthy
10 Spirit of law entered your body
d10 basic types

1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Minor Mutations
01 Sense north with compass sense
02 Cats eyes night vision, very reflective
03 Smell bad air or poison gas 1"/Lv
04 Telescopic vision see one mile by concentrating a round
05 Thermographic vision
06 Laser range finder - half range penalties
07 Air filter nostrils
08 Laser targeter system +1 missile weapons
09 Long range ears hear conversations as if close with effort 3"/Lv
10 Bat sonar 1"/Lv
11 Metallic or crystalline skin +1AC
12 Smells of otherworldly holy perfume
13 Marble or ivory skin +1AC
14 Cold skin to touch, harder to see with infravision or heat based sensors
15 Heat resistant -1/dice damage from fire or heat
16 Cold resistant -1/dice damage from ice or cold
17 Skin is hot to touch, stands out from heat vision 
18 Semi Precious stones grow in your skin 1gp/day
19 Silver skin can hit creatures requiring silver unarmed
20 Iron skin can hit creatures requiring iron unarmed
21 Breathe 10% less per HD or Lv 
22 Con save each round to stabilize HP loss when in negative HP
23 Toughness +d3hp +1/Lv
24 Can labour hard hour/CON point per day
25 Resist Poison +2
26 Resist Disease +2
27 Buzz saw in chest +1d6 damage to grapples 
28 Spotlight from chest 1"/Lv cone ten minutes per day/Lv day
29 Lactate miracle milk, feed person/Lv per day
30 Chest blazes with symbol of Law round/Lv dat 1" area light
31 Sterilised unable to reproduce or eunach
32 When dead a d4 clones burst from your corpse a day later
33 Sexless being with no sexual characteristics
34 Offspring are all clones
35 Offspring are born from gold eggs
36 Hermaphrodite able to reproduce with males and females 
37 Virginity restored every 24 hours
38 Eat 10% less per HD or Lv 
39 Drink 10% less per HD or Lv
40 Go to the toilet 10% less per HD or Lv 
41 Steel claws, 1d3 unarmed damage
42 Shock gauntlet +1 electric damage on punch or through all metal weapons
43 Held melee weapons glow 1" and become +1 hit and damage magic bonus
44 For every 10 shots of ammo you find one extra shot
45 Handgun built into hand 6" d8 damage, shot/Lv day
46 Conjure a knife into your hand once/Lv/day
47 Weapon leaps into your hand at will as if fast drawn
48 Open or close a door within 9" once/Lv per day
49 Clean a 1" area or object or a person well once/Lv per day
50 Unseen servant 10 rounds/Lv per day within 3"
 Always land on feet -d6 fall damage
52 Big Jump +1" jump distance 
53 Swift Footed+3" run speed
54 Run hour per CON point per day
55 Leaves no footprints even in sand or grass
56 Run 50% faster when charging towards chaos
57 Half damage from falling
58 Always move in straight lines
59 Never flee a chaotic enemy
60 Feet burn if on sanctified chaos holy places
61 Cannot knowingly tell a lie
62 Perfect glimmering teeth
63 Exhales smoke or steam
64 Spit out a hot coal to start a fire or does d3 pt damage 1" as a unarmed attack
65 Cannot swear or use foul language
66 Eat a strict humble diet
67 Never drink alcohol or take drugs
68 Always make fair bargains
69 Speak no ill or lies of any person
70 Flaming words come from your mouth round/Lv per day impresses people
71 Hair grows a inch/Lv per day

72 Halo around your head lights up 3" across, turn/Lv per day
73 Flaming aura around your head +d4 unarmed attack round/Lv day
74 Gem on forehead 100gp/Lv takes month to grow
75 Hair is gold or silver metallic and clipings word a gp/Lv per day
76 Helm appears at will +1 AC
77 Decapitation non lethal, can reattach head in one turn and will be ok
78 Glowing crown appears in command situations +3" command radius
79 Dazzling coronet, can dazzle one foe for -1 to hit one round/Lv in 3" 
80 Hear voices advising you in times of crisis once a day answers a yes no question
81 Slow aging 10% per level
82 Sleep 10% less per HD or Lv (no effect on relearning spells)
83 Can save severed body parts and re-attach if bandaged back together in a turn
84 Body parts regrow in one month for limb or week for finger if cut off
85 Body parts cut off become baby clones after a week
86 Gain a extra follower loyal to the cause of law
87 Heal a hp/hour reading sacred scriptures
88 Double your daily standard healing rate 1+CON bonus
89 May make a CON save to stop bleeding in one round
90 Chaotic holy water damages you for 2d4 a dose
91 Resist Illusions +2
92 Resist charms +2
93 Resist Fear +2

94 Prefers to be in charge as
95 Always knows best
96 Never surrender to chaos
97 Publicly justify your actions in the cosmic struggle vs chaos
98 Respect legal authorities
99 Avoid touching those of lower status without nececity
100 Avoid contact with the unclean or blood

d100 Major Mutations
01 Third eye laser, 2d6 once per 10 minute turn 3"
02 Third eye sense magic 1"/Lv
03 Third eye sense chaos 3"/Lv
04 Third eye power beam 5d6 once a day
05 Sense disease 3"/Lv
06 Sense poison 3"/Lv
07 Sense invisibility 3"/Lv
08 Bejewelled eyes worth 1000gp each, see through illusions 1"/Lv
09 Read any written language
10 Sense living or undead 1"/Lv
11 Heal in sunlight one hp per ten minutes
12 Can radiate light 3" radius up to hours/Lv day
13 Shock touch +1d3 damage unarmed or through metal weapon round/Lv day
14 Food or water carried remains purified and fresh
15 Gems set in skin d6gp/Lv per week
16 Resist level drain attacks one level/Lv per day
17 Covered in holy runes d4 damage to any unarmed attack by chaotic being 
18 Only harmed by magic or silver weapons
19 Gold skin +1 CHA
20 Protection from Chaos runes on body +2AC vs chaotic foes and saves
21 Amour +3 from metallic and bioplastic carapace
22 Armour +5 full metalic body
23 Mighty muscles +1 STR
24 Mighty Vigor +1 CON
25 Righteous might +d4 HP/Lv
26 Resist heat 1/2 damage from heat or fire
27 Resist cold 1/2 damage from cold or ice
28 Wings allow flight round/L per day full Mov speed
29 Chest beam 3" cone 3d6 damage once per lv/day
30 Does not require air to breathe
31 Immune to disease
32 Immune to poison
33 Eat inorganic rocks, wood, metal, bricks, anything
34 Parthenogenetic hermaphrodite, breeds without a mate
35 Does not require food or drink anymore
36 Resist stench and nausea attacks
37 Can call a feast of the gods once a day one seat/Lv day worth food heal d8hp
38 Children are healthy, childbirth is painless and child grows twice as fast
39 Anyone you have sex with has virginity restored
40 Urinates lawful holy water once a day
41 Conjure your favorite weapon into your hand at will from another plane
42 Any weapon held glows 1" at will, +2 hit and damage magic bonus
43 Weapons held do minimum of half damage round up normally
44 Thrown weapons return to your hand once/Lv day
45 Swift handed +1 extra melee attack per round 
46 Weapon does max one dice of damage once/Lv day
47 Healing Touch 2HP/Lv day distributed as willed
48 Knock as spell to open any lock once/2Lv per day
49 Auto Pistol 2d4 damage 3" cone once/Lv day appears in hand
50 Las Pistol 3d6 once/Lv day 9" appears in hand
51 Walk on water a turn/Lv per day

52 Walk on air round/L per day full Mov speed
53 Levitate 3" up or 1" across turn/Lv per day
54 Leap +1"/Lv one use /lv per day
55 Spider climb can cling tp walls turn/Lv per day
56 Dimension door once per day 1"/Lv
57 Teleport once per week mile/Lv 
58 Featherfall once/Lv per day 
59 Blink 1" once per level per day
60 Move 50% faster
61 Can cast Curse once a day
62 Can cast a Great Curse once a week dooming victims decendants
63 Can cast Quest once a week
64 Cast sleep spell once/2lv per day
65 Cast charm person spell once/2lv per day
66 Cast fear on chaotic target once/3lv per day
67 Breath fire 3d6 damage 1" cone once/Lv day
68 Cone of cold 4d4 damage 3" cone once/Lv day
69 Cast Monster Summoning 1 once/2Lv day
70 Cast magic missile per level day d6 9"
 Prehensile hair, as a hand can stretch to foot per level and swing from it 
72 Gem in forehead 1000gp, takes d4 weeks to regrow
73 Helm appears at will +2 AC but halves visibility and listening skills
74 Eye in a pyramid aura appears over you, fear 3" radius, round/Lv day 
75 Courage aura dispel fear in 3" radius once per level per day
76 Cast purify food and water once per round per level
77 Aura of protection vs evil 1" radius round/Lv day +2AC or Save vs chaos 
78 Dismiss entity once a week
79 Plane shift to plane of law once a week
80 Astral, Travel once a week one round/Lv
81 Imortal, no longer ages
82 Agility +1DEX
83 Does not require sleep any more
84 Regenerate 1hp/turn in sunlight
85 Cast cure poison once a day
86 Cast locate Object once per day
87 Cast cure light wounds twice a day
 Cure disease once per day 
89 Stone to Flesh once a week
90 Dispel magic once a day
91 Crystal mind +1 INT
92 Jade Brain +1 WIS
93 Ask yes or no question of great powers once/Lv per day

94 Detect Lie 1" round/Lv per day
95 Has a spirit of law, offers advice and casts as a first lv cleric
96 Commune with power of law once a week
97 Immune to fear
98 Immune to charm person
99 Has a spirit of law acts as invisible scout within 12"
100 Spirit of law inhabits your weapon +d4 damage vs chaos

d12 Apotheosis

01 Taken to the next world to join the archons
02 Find a gate of chaos and self immolate destroying it and you
03 Frozen in time and hidden to await the great battle of the apocalypse
04 All powers stripped for some imperfection and beings of law release you
05 Sent on a crusade in another dimension to battle chaos for eternity
06 Travel to another plane more in need of heroes
07 Evolve into a perfect being and ascend to a higher realm to serve law better
08 A god of law chooses you as his cohort and takes you away
09 In a blaze of flame you are reduced to a pile of lawful relics for future champions
10 You become a perfect being of light and move on to a higher existence  
11 Your soul attains perfection and you leave your corrupt body and the unclean world
12 Illuminated and your spirit ascends to godhood for an aeon of pleasure

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