Sunday, 4 March 2018

Mountain Madness 1

This is for the highlands within edge of civilization with rural villages and mostly peaceful. Good for on the way to frontier or some isolated dungeon.

d100 Rural Mountain
01 Huntsman from isolated village
02 Goat herder with flock
03 Shepherd boy with flock of sheep
04 Cattle grazing with herdsman
05 Pedlar with backpack of items to sell
06 Hermit with animal friends in cave
07 Row of tiny stone shacks with silent monks
08 Lonely old witch in shack
09 Wild boy spies on party
10 Children picking berries
11 Girl with yoke carrying buckets of milk
12 Cheese on way to market with farmer and donkey cart
13 Sacks of grain on way to lowlands with oxcart
14 Mountaineering dandies from city on fashionable nature ramble
15 Prospector looking for minerals
16 Idealistic adventurers looking for a dungeon or ruins
17 Filthy murder hobo scum looking for humanoids to rob, kill or enslave
18 Rangers on patrol of mountain passes
19 Horsemen on patrol for bandits
20 Gang of desperate bandits
21 Barbarian scouts looking for victims
22 Cannibal clan looking for victims to rob and eat
23 Clan of cutthroats our for plunder
24 Village bullies tease travellers
25 Young lovers in a hay bail from a village
26 Farmers in fields from a village working
27 Wolves desperate for food from the high country 
28 Knight with squire on a quest for adventure
29 Slavers with waggon load of goblin prisoners in chains
30 Carriage service on route to distant villages
31 Mechant waggon train with guards
32 Hostile horse nomads raiding countryside
33 Young lovers on run to work in the lowlands
34 Wandering idiot visiting his favorite treestump
35 Huge mountain lad on way to lowlands for adventure might join party
36 Falconer training birds
37 Beer delivery horse waggon led by brewer
38 Nomad traveller waggon offer hospitality
39 Old couple living in covered waggon
40 Starving escaped slaves
41 Tax collector and guards
42 Tinkerer traveling to sell and repair goods, even has tiny anvil
43 Youths on a hike to explore countryside
44 Artist painting scenerey
45 Cartographer from nearest city exploring and mapping area
46 Census collector counting citizens and livestock
47 Lost bard looking for inspiration
48 Bitter exile leaving kingdom with nothing
49 Escaped convicts starving
50 Lost goat with a bell
51 Wandering friar drinking wine from clay bottle

52 Traveling band on way to a village dance
53 Nuns taking orphan choir to church event
54 Lone lost orc
55 Goblin wolf rider scouts looking about, avoid fights
56 Phantom lonely spirit follows wistfully from distance
57 Fearsome chaos goat on the rampage
58 battered adventurers on return from failed adventure
59 Treasure ladened adventurers struggling to carry loot
60 Escaped victim from bandit camp seeks help
61 Wild auroch bull on rampage
62 Wild hill cattle wary of humans
63 Mountain lion stalk travellers and waits to ambush any loners
64 Goatmen demand food and sex
65 Wild boars with piglets, some get hostile if not avoided
66 Eagle or hawk flies overhead
67 Ravens pecking at corpses of murdered travellers
68 Gnome travellers happy to trade
69 Shy wild naked elves watch from distance curiously
70 Halflings herding goats while drinking
71 Evil mountain dwarves demand all metal goods or die

72 Friendly hill dwarves offer to trade weapons
73 Baby left exposed on hill top
74 Bear rambling about for food
75 Lynx out hunting
76 Tree full of grazing goats
77 Yakman minotaur challenges anyone on trail
78 Giant eagle lands and warns about some evil in area
79 Giant owl sleeping in tree by day dispensing gloomy warnings by night
80 Crowman trickster tries to scam money out of travellers with fake potions
81 Horrible wild men come to lowlands to kidnap people
82 Pilgrims looking for mountain shrine
83 Mercenaries on a mission
84 Templars on a holy quest
85 Gang of highwaymen
86 Mountain Nymph want guests for a meal
87 Gang of foul harpies
88 Leucrotta calls out in voice of a child to draw victims into a track
89 Peryton mated pair hungry for human hearts
90 Catoblepas lurking in muddy puddle

91 Bonnacon on train, releases flaming diarrhea if anyone tries to use path
92 Cultists on pilgrimage to hidden temple, in need of human sacrifices
93 Dire wolves looking to slaughter something for fun

94 Sabretooth tiger hunting
95 Cave bear hungliy on walk
96 Berserkers from wilds looking to sacrifices to their cruel god
97 Singing family hand in hand dancing across the hills merrily
98 Terrible mountain troll hungrily guarding path will demand food or gold
99 Hill giant throwing boulders at travellers
100 Mountain giant 

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