Saturday, 17 March 2018

d100 Dodgy Docklands Encounters for 1920's

Next Episoded100 Saucy Slumlands Encounters for 1920's
Need some stuff like this for travels in my cthulhu game and gangbusters goons might enjoy too

d100 Dodgy Docklands
01 Workers having a smoke
02 Workers playing dice
03 Workers playing cards
04 Men having a dog fight
05 Men having some sly grog from guy with coat and bottle in bag
06 Someone exchanging package with security guard
07 Big angry guy accidentally bumps into you
08 Workers striking an warehouse in angrymob
09 Striking workers fighting private security
10 Striking workers fighting cops
11 Striking workers abusing scab labour under watch by guards
12 Bunch of old women in work clothes smoking
13 Communist agitator talking to striking unionists
14 Gangster talking to unionists
15 Homeless bum sleeping in alley
16 Bum out asking for work
17 Homless drunk
18 Homeless urchin
19 Gentleman hobo with cane and bowler
20 Clumsy clerk with big glasses and pile of papers
21 Cigar chomping factory boss with two men
22 Cleaning woman with trolley
23 Cab driver having a smoke 
24 Waggon load of fish piled by old horse led by old man
25 Fish packers in rubber work clothes, stink of fish
26 Fishermen in overalls and bags to or from fishing trip
27 Large truck driver delivering load
28 Small van delivering packages 
29 Telegram delivery boy on bike
30 Bakers looking tired
31 Printer workers covered in ink
32 Girl selling matchsticks
33 Paperboy reports to a gang
34 Shoeshine boy reports to a gang
35 Old negro musician busking for coins
36 Old blind man begging (really a spy)
37 Beat cop on patrol with club and whistle
38 Someone up in telephone pole with tools probably not legal
39 Irish gang members loitering by a alleyway
40 China man or woman on way somewhere
41 Old prostitute drinking and high on heroin
42 Three younger prostitutes with razors
43 Two prostitutes with a pinup 
44 Rentboy looking cautiously about
45 Chinese boy on lookout or meeting point for concealed opium den
46 Italian gangsters loitering around alley
47 Greek gangsters smoking and talking
48 Old man with guitar playing
49 Drug dealer lurking in alley
50 Drunk playing an accordion with a monkey or parrot
51 Booze seller hanging in alley

52 Gun dealer hanging in alley
53 Newspaper stand also sells drugs
54 Newspaper seller also runs numbers racket for gang
55 Newspaper stand reports to a local gang
56 Stray dog 1in6 has rabies
57 Rats swarming everywhere
58 Hundreds of cockroaches
59 Immigrants looking for work
60 Nervous anarchist carrying bomb to a meeting
61 Gangsters in car out to inflict violence on someone
62 Twitchy arsonist casing out a joint
63 Private detective pretending to be a bum to watch area
64 Private detective in car watching while having a drink
65 Crooked off duty cop in car watching something
66 Private detective leaning on wall in alley reading paper watching someone
67 Undercover police detective watching business
68 Speeding car
69 Two policemen on horses
70 Police car driving through area on lookout
71 Salvation army band collecting charity

72 Men collecting for strikers
73 Veteran with missing limb begging
74 Girl handing out flyers for a singing dancing show
75 Kids running around
76 Stray cat makes some noise in bins
77 Unionists marching with a banner
78 Gang with bats and axe handles on the way somewhere
79 Surly large overalled men with boat hooks and gaffs
80 Weasly man with .22 out to mug some one
81 Speed addict with switchblade looking for someone to rob
82 Thug with club desperate for cash looking for soft target to rob
83 Burglar casing building
84 Overweight Man leaning on wall, bulging eyes which stand out
85 Lookout for some dodgy delivery men
86 Man with trolley with crates on it
87 Horse cart and scruffy man collecting rag and bone
88 Dead horse on street
89 Car collision
90 Speeding motorbike goes by
91 Small bus goes by
92 Car with boat trailor goes by
93  Speeding police car

94 Ambulance o1in6 mental hospital
95 Retarded huge lad laughing at something
96 Paranoid man thinks someone after him walking quickly looking uneasy
97 Grifter with shell game going
98 Conman trying to sell stolen goods quick at bargain price
99 Man trying to sell some stolen guns quickly at low low prices
100 Shootout from a payroll office robbery quite near

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