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Giant Mutations

Oh by the way Giants were not real. There was no cover up.
Will go over older mutations eventually - didn't put game mods in older basic mutations

Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Cyber Mutations
Psychon Mutations
Surgical Mutations

Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations
Mutant Character Class

d12 Sources of mutation
01 Ancestor was a giant
02 Local portal to giant land opened near by
03 Intimate with a giant*
04 Cursed by location of giants
05 Blessed by some giants
06 Ate some giant food that looked delicious
07 Cannibalism triggered it
08 Tried a strange potion of mushroom
09 Cursed by evil gnomes
10 Strange cloud passed you and you got a flu after
11 Exposed to auras of giant ley line
12 Giant spirit from aeons past occupied you for a time
*very young giants especially half breeds look like adult humans and infiltrate them

d10 basic types1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Minor Mutations
01 Giant foot long nose immune to stink or nausea attacks and spells
02 Giant droopy elephant ears hear normally sub sonic sound like a dog +1 listen
03 Giant eyes gain night vision
04 Cyclops single eye
05 Extra eye, possibly in forehead or back of head
06 Huge nose runs and sneezes often
07 Extra face on head or both can be partly fused with three eyes
08 Face split in middle one pretty one ugly
09 Face split in middle one male one female
10 Prehensile trunk like a elephant also makes a good snorkel
11 Obese with bulging fat and loose floppy sweaty skin +1AC
12 Warty covered hard skin +1AC 
13 Open pustules and sores stinks of rot
14 Strange tattoos all over
15 Floats in water easily with some equipment, can even sleep floating in sea
16 Skin has a exotic colour and smells and tastes spicy like pepper or cinnimon
17 Spikes growing from skin, natural attacks take 1pt damage
18 Stony flesh +d4HP
19 Immune to fleas, ticks, leaches or other vermin by tasting foul and smelling bad
20 Scarified all over from torments
21 Hump holds enough water for week
22 Spikes growing from vertebrae and shoulders, d4 unarmed
23 Plastron shell +2AC from behind
24 Hold breath in rounds equal to CON
25 Can breath smoke without discomfort
26 Non functional tiny ornamental wings like bat, bird or bug
27 Huge hunched shoulders
28 Barrel chested -d12 inches shorter
29 Bony Ribs +1AC
30 Rippling chest +d4 HP
31 Huge gut holds food for a week
32 Can eat vegetation like grass or wood
33 Rotten meat is delicious and causes no harm
34 Can eat diseased food unharmed
35 Can eat poison food unharmed
36 Flatulent and belches often, save to resist when stressed, 
37 Diarrhea, violently excretes bucket full of sloppy mess once a day
38 Takes ten minutes to urinate once a day, large floppy genitals
39 Eat your body weight in food daily or feel starved and grumpy
40 Constantly aroused huge genitalia
41 Giant clumsy hands, loss of fine motor skills -1
42 Tiny hands, gain in fine motor skills +1
43 Claw fingernails d3 unarmed
44 Long arms almost extra yard
45 Freakish spider like fingers
46 Extra fingers 5+d6
47 One arm is a huge club fist d4 unarmed and poor manipulator
48 One arm is a tentacle two yards long
49 Hand has a eye on it
50 Freakishly hairy arms
51 Huge Feet +1" Mov

52 Long Legs +2" Mov extra yard tall 
53 Bow legged -1 Mov
54 Club footed -1 Mov
55 Hairy feet and legs frighten children and small animals
56 Webbed Feet +3" in water Mov
57 Extra smaller leg +1 Mov
58 Limping -2" Move
59 Run like quadruped using knuckles +3 Move if use both arms or +1 if only one
60 Huge tendons +1 yard jump
61 Huge beard reaching the ground grows a foot a day if cut
62 Beard twitches and moves like a crude stupid limb
63 Fangs d3 with overbite can bite for unarmed attack
64 Long Forked Tongue foot long
65 Huge ornate moustache at least a foot wide
66 Mouth like a lamprey can only suck food or blood
67 Horrible yellow rotten teeth
68 Drooling problem
69 Horrible breath
70 Smoke comes out your mouth if even a bit excited or mad
71 Huge head like carnival character

72 Head bobbles like a bobblehead doll
73 Head shrinks like a pinhead
74 Grow tiny horns d3 unarmed
75 Spikes on head, d3 damage if swallowed to attacker a round
76 Head smoulders when angry
77 Huge sloping forehead
78 Hammerhead
79 Bony dinosaur like crest
80 Deformed skull with horrible bone growths
81 Huge heart +d4 HP
82 Huge Liver +1 vs poison, drink twice as much booze
83 Huge glands +1
84 Common allergy d6 1=nuts 2=fish 3=eggs 4=flour 5=hayfever 6=bees
85 Huge fist size bunch of lumps under skin
86 Small gremlins live inside body
87 Crawling with worms inside
88 Hyper aroused all the time
89 Urges to reproduce constantly
90 Spew up green bile at least once a day
91 Craving for human flesh
92 Dont notice filth or stains
93 Innate sense of superiority

94 Easily Angered
95 Constantly crave food
96 Resist charm and mind control +1
97 Alcoholic binge drinker
98 Tasteless fashion and colour sense that upsets and horrifies
99 Second personality often critical
100 Glowing brain cracking out of head, leaking and disgusting 

d100 Major Giant Mutations
01 Huge evil eye d3/Lv once per Lv per day 6"
02 X-ray eyes can see through stone or flesh for 1" per Lv
03 Swine snout can track like dog and smell things buried foot underground per Lv
04 Huge ears has sonar like a bat 3"/Lv
05 Impaling snout d4 unarmed sucks a d3 blood per round after if victim doesn't escape
06 Sense magic 1"/Lv blocked by foot of stone or wood
07 Can sense magical weather change or clouds from horizon to horizon
08 Giant can see ley lines and gate points to faerieland or giant land
09 Extra face, cause confusion in 3"cone three times per day
10 Fear Aura 1" radius, save of flee, round per level per day
11 Iron or silver weapons required to hit or any magic
12 Skin self sealing only bleed one round will stabilise wounds
13 Hard flesh +2HP per level
14 Skin becomes metallic or stone +4 AC
15 Skin glows and inflicts d3 electricity on any making unarmed attack
16 Skin drips foul slime, nothing alive will bite or taste you twice, save or vomit
17 Skin fireproof half fire and heat damage
18 Skin hairy like yeti half damage from cold
19 Skin is disgustingly mucous covered half damage from acid
20 Skin drips acid, ruins clothes and scars floors, d3 to any unarmed attackers
21 Huge lactating breasts can provide food for one person per day per level
22 Face in chest with sharp teeth d6 unarmed attack or bonus attack to grappled victim
23 Muscular chest +1STR
24 Temporary STR booster +d4 for a round per level per day 
25 Breathe water
26 Large folding wings bird or bat or bug, fly round/Lv per day at full Mov
27 Giant vigor +d4 HP +1/Lv
28 If killed returns to life a day later
29 Titan Heart +1CON
30 Rotating waist 30 degrees can fight any facing equally, no back unless ambushed
31 Can eat anything even rocks unharmed
32 Can shit a cubic yard of waste per level makes compost or can set like mortar33 Intestines burst out and act as a extra grappling attack yard/Lv
34 Prehensile tail 2 yards long can hold tool or weapon as a hand or support weight
35 Spiked club tail d6 extra attack
36 Small clones burst through flesh monthly d6 damage each time
37 Can reproduce with any living creature
38 Any creature you have eaten in month you can cough up a baby clone once a week
39 Your dung grows a tree one foot a day per level to a height of 10+1/Lv
40 Your genitalia can sense fertile males or females or whatever within 1"/Lv
41 Huge pop out claws d6 unarmed attack 
42 Huge club arm no manipulation d8
43 Arms can elongate yard/Lv
44 Extra set of arms +1 attack
45 Favorite weapon appears in hand by will from giant land and back
46 Store one favorite hand size item in giant land summoning it at will
47 Summon being from giant land 1HD/Lv once a week, must bargain with it for service 
48 Hands can create light 3"area round/Lv with a use/Lv per day
49 Shoot lightning arc 3d6 9" one use/2Lv
50 Conjure storm clouds or fog once a week mile/Lv area
51 Legs can elongate yard/Lv

52 Springing legs +1Yard jump/Lv
53 Walk on water at will
54 Walk on air round/Lv/Day
55 Extra kick attack d6
56 Centaur legs +12" Mov
57 Legs torn into fish tail in water, full Mov speed in water 
58 Earthshaker stomp 1" radius/Lv, all human size bipeds save or fall over, use/Lv/day
59 Digging feet can kick up cubic foot of soil per level per round by kicking earth
60 Your kick is like a axe d8, can cut wood
61 Breathe Fire 3d6 1" range/Lv, use/2Lv day
62 Snake beard extra d4 attack round, save vs poison once per Lv/day
63 Crystal beard +1 WIS
64 Crystal Moustache +1INT
65 Blow wind, 3" cone FX, humanoids save or fall and blow 1" away, use/Lv/day
66 Prehensile tongue tentacles can make grapple attack foot long/Lv
67 Huge trapjaw teeth d8 damage and can hold on d4 a round
68 Fold out teeth +1 extra d6 bite attack
69 Can bite through rock and metal inch per/Lv round
70 Vomit up acid spray 3d4 1" cone, use every 2Lv/day
71 Huge antlers or horns or single horn d6 extra attack

72 Head can separate and reattach and levitate as a speed of 2"
73 Blazing halo of magic flame d6 unarmed attack and can ignite flamible
74 Halo of light over head, can heal 2HP/Lv on anyone point by point as it pleases
75 Extra Head with own personality, harder to charm or mentally influence
76 Serpentine elongated neck yard per level, could use to spy or grapple
77 Whenever beheaded d3+1 heads grow back
78 Huge Muscular Neck cant be strangled or asphyxiated against will and filters air
79 Prehensile Hair foot long per level can hold things or grapple or swing on
80 Snake hair extra d4 attack round, save vs poison once per Lv/day
81 Powerful Liver immune to all poison
82 Immune system resists all disease
84 Plane shift to giant land or return once a week use
85 Healing Suge d8+1/Lv once a day
86 Regenerate limb or other body parts hacked off in a week to a month
87 Dimension Door 1"/Lv once a day
88 If unconscious teleports to giant land
89 Superior balance and reflexes +1DEX
90 Regenerate 1hp per round
 except vs fire or acid, but grows increasingly cancerous
91 Identify spell one property per Lv/day by touch
92 Invisible round/Lv per day
93 Brain unlocks giant lore gains d3 Strange lore NWP of choice

94 Can sense who has giant blood or human blood with 1"/Lv
95 Can speak to all giant beings and their kin (but not giant animals)
96 Can cast enlarge on self round/Lv per day as it pleases
97 Can cast reduce on self round/Lv per day as it pleases
98 Can turn into a gnome hour/Lv
99 Lesser under 1HD goblinoid and kobolds want to worship you 10/Lv
100 Orcs and hobgoblins want to serve you 1HD/Lv

d12 Apotheosis

01 Bloom into a huge moronic gargantua go on a rampage then sleep a millenium
02 Grow into a huge moronic giant, 1/2 INT then wander on hunt for human flesh
03 Head keeps growing till body crushed and dies to at least house size
04 Becomes a ogre and doesn't remember much wanders off to start a lair
05 Becomes a ogre mage and terrorises the land and gathers minions
06 Become a cyclops and flees into the wilderness to grow grapes and herd sheep
07 Become a formarian and lust after rotten flesh, wallowing in mud and tormenting slaves
08 Become a hill giant and head for the high country to join a clan
09 Become a stone giant and go to the mountains to build a lair
10 become a frost giant and seek a glacial lair
11 Become a fire giant and look for a volcanic lair
12 Become a insane troll and go on a rampage 

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