Wednesday 21 March 2018

d100 bandits

So as i'm doing a book of NPC this month starting work monday. So a few npc things i need to finish. I don't have expected outcomes here and taking it easy after my last project. Faerie book out in ten days public release and possibly a one sheet mini dungeon zine too. Have a patreon request for a new one.

Anyway here is bandits. These would be leader types with levels and each would have a band of d6HP thugs probably equal to their charisma.

d10 Alternatives to a 
Gruber Hole (Robbers Cave)
01 Forest Camp
02 Sinkhole cave
03 Ruined keep or fort
04 Shack in woods
05 Inside an old mine
06 Hillside cave
07 Ruined house in woods
08 Secretly live among villagers
09  Welcomed in neighbor territory
10 Agents of a neighboring lord

d10 Subtypes
01 Greedy cut throats
02 Desperate rebels 
03 Outlaw troublemakers
04 Outcaste clan
05 Robber knights
06 Inbred cannibal killers
07 Chao cultists
08 Swashbuckling highwaymen 
09 Magical outlaws
10 Non humans

d100 Bandits
01 Pat Costigan leads his killers all desperate with prices on their heads hoping to flee area
02 Danny O'Shank likes stabbing and kidnapping people but his gang pretty inept at it
03 Tamara Lantrey has lost her father and brothers and has sworn revenge on the law
04 Cordel Thistlewhite started as from poachers declared outlaws so now they are
05 Vars Drexil leads thieves from city to easy country living, so far it has been wet and cold
06 Adam Skullsplitter a barbarian with his band of killer thugs out to punish civilised people
07 Corey Sharp is a masked horse riding pistol wielding highwayman and his gang help him
08 Barnaby Grant a former pirate with his remaining crew, driven from sea by rivals
09 Xandar Cordril robs waggons and carriages and sells in other territories with gang
10 Scarper Jack and his gang of escaped convicts are terrifying desperate killers
11 Bovril Knox lost his business to rival buying monopoly rights no fights for a free market
12 Tardan Vlox hates secret police who killed his family, now he tries to trap and kill them
13 Miriam Silver had her waggon nomad kin killed for sport by "nobles" now she kills them
14 Cathy Dunart a pistol packing ex housewife turned bandit with fellow disgruntled women
15 Lori Smathers was hunted for being a witch and has freed others from persecution
16 Gan Thrull a farmer who lost his land due to noble schemes now robs them back
17 Earnest Vorderb lost everything now feels his faith justifies his crimes against the wicked
18 Candra Vorill and her gang rob tax collectors and have earned a high price on them
19 Patra Oorndan a escaped slave from a far off land leads band of wanted escapees
20 Zabrest Knox spent years as freedom fighter in homeland, now it has happened again
21 Brock Wodenson leads a band of cocky farmlad bully turned to serious crime
22 Erebus Bandersan runs a drug racket but has turned bandit to occupy his junky gang
23 Nix Thevran was raised as bastard in castle and fled rather than be controlled
24 Aleff Stagson a bastard trouble maker from good family ruined by banditry for fun 
25 Helgor Dooran a barbarian maiden with her sisters have come to push around weaklings
26 Eban Knorrad taken to kidnapping to pay of gambling debts to the mob
27 Klinus Ansil actually secret policeman, his own gang don't know and think him a thug
28 Una Strange uses fake ghosts and magic to scare victims and rob them with her gang
29 Lamar Drexil bored young sadist who enjoys tormenting prisoners for ransom
30 Belit Snark brunken thug who took to crime to avoid debt and prison with his gang
31 Dorian Swan last of bloodline his enemies outlawed forcing him into banditry
32 Simone VonLichwood, family put in prison and she escaped by pretending to be mad
33 Barnabas Thrush large man former gourmet now steals fancy food for nobles  
34 Lorian Hawkwind was a music student but his family was all murdered in a fued
35 Selas Fox turned on his family and was shunned by his friends and allies
36 Lorax Oakford betrayed his clan and then was implicated in their treason and fled
37 Lauren Morningstar tried to prove her family innocent but not enough left to bother now
38 Auran Goldrod a former merchant lord now runs a grubby gang and lives in squaller
39 Cally Griffon fights to avenge herself on her clan enemies who destroyed her house
40 Allan Scarhill had his clan killed in a war now his last kin live as bitter criminals
41 The Owl Knight leads a well armed band striking by dark and using fear
42 The Brown knight and his men wear rusty old armour and use old weapons
43 Sir Belthazar the Wolf Knight was outlawed for treason but now serves a foreign power
44 The Wood Knight and his band are increasingly wild and worshiping old forest gods
45 Sir Therizan a warlock knight with his band of killers use magic to scare victims
46 Lord Hell a robber knight whos band worship devils and drink blood of their victims
47 The Red Falcon a criminal knight who outwits the law and has spies everywhere
48 Dame Scarlet a lady knight leads a band of women knight outlaws
49 The Horned Knight roams the woods with his beastmen allies and his cultist gang
50 Sir Carnifex has carved out a lawless wilderness area and believes he can hold it
51 John Handly leads a clan of inbred murderer cannibals who terrify locals

52 Johnny O'Tool letcherous thug kidnaps women and eats them when bored 
53 Long Hand Bill discovered eating locals now parents use him to scare children
54 Varney Calan lives with band who pretend to be werewolves but are just cannibals
55 Jessie Shankpox likes to murder common folk just to feed her degenerate family
56 Carnad Bull a famous jolly drinker was caught drugging guests and eating them
57 Sarah Whittlemore was accused of witchcraft and she murdered and ate her accusers
58 Rodney of the Vale was a popular lad but was discovered eating human flesh in a cult
59 Horace Devilman leads his mutant cannibal cult and uses terror to rob without violence
60 Mother Kole has become a ogre and her cannibal sons are starting the change
61 Varga Drune worshipped vile gods and his cult use crime to cover their murders
62 Kelas Gnorr worships a beast cult and her gang dance with wild evil beastmen
63 Sirias Marsh serves fishmen and became a criminal to take more sacrifices
64 Elon Zar uses zombie labour and necromancy in his alternate society of outlaws
65 Penny Appleby and her girl gang have been recruited by witches now
66 Rodan Cole worships a god of darkness and is hoping to repopulate an old dungeon
67 Virithus Goldentoungue former astrologer has some secret noble cult members
68 Keffler Rotte worships the evil swamp god and brings it corpses to be reanimated
69 Eran Kleffer has taken up worship of a orc god and his cult  are turning into orcs
70 Vardious Karan a masked sorcerer operates a gangcult for drugs and good times
 Captain Moonlight robs coaches and is very flamboyant with the laies
72 Ruby Wraith a killer of the rich and has strong panache for the dramatic 
73 The Fox and his swashbuckling jolly men sing musical numbers when not our robbing
74 Dieter Greenwald leads a band who like to perform amazing archery feets from treetops
75 Mathias Grump is a depressed flamboyant drunk bandit whos heart isn't in it anymore
76 The Black Fang likes to pretend to be a vampire lord with his gang of goth noble teens
77 The Salamander uses fire to terrorise the law to avenge her family burned at the steak
78 The Vulture hides under his hideous mask and a humped cloak, really he is a magistrate
79  Iron Jim wears a metal helmet and likes to kidnap the ladies a bit for fun
80 The Cat, a former guildmans daughter now a flamboyant well planned criminal boss
81 Black Violet a sorceress who seeks cash for her gangs drug habit
82 Maria Vanderheardt a famous witch who threatens victims with transformations
83 Iokot Voorndis a wicked sorcerer who seeks funds for his illegal magical research
84 Varis Jareel a foreign wizard outlawed by guilds with his gang of apprentices
85 The Crow Master has a gang who all shapeshift into birds somehow
86 Hangis Strank a Druid who has turned bandit to rob the new church that persecuted him
87 The Toad, leader of a clan of hybrid frogmen who summon frog monsters to aid them
88 The Violet Flame, a savage cult led by a mysterious sorceress who charms many men
89 Vinny Fiddle and his gang pretend to be non magical and try extortion mostly
90 Mercurius Sagegeld steal wizard books and magical ingredients for potions
91 Armas Thunderfoot a drwf bandit with his gang of grumpy gun wielding human haters
92 Saris Morninglow a elfmaid with her wily gang of forest octopi folk (tako)
93 Needlax Bloodthorn a dark elf robber who mostly does it for the torture and murder

94 Guul Zan a orc bandit leader who has a orc warlock to make more orcs from captives
95 The Red Mite, a gnome gang who use illusions and cunning overly complex traps
96 Jilly Longfoot, halfling leader who likes to steal food and and foce captives to eat with her
97 Gnarg Blackhoof a goatman who helps local witches and bandits with his brothers
98 Ornad Blackpuss a ogre who has a gang of humans since he ate their leader
99 Pandra Olan a silver draconic shapeshifter who enjoys mischief, spellbooks and luxury. She wont let on she can shapeshift until she flees in form of a tiny dragon
100 karina Redhorn a half devil has a band of mongrel devil mutant bastards


  1. I laughed and laughed at the names! How did you think them up?

    1. i dunno my next book will be full of crazy names


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