Friday 2 March 2018

d100 Surgical Mutations

These are gross mutations for surgical demons, the boiler rooms of hell, mad clown doctors, medical robots, madhouse escapees and other horrible sources. Mutants go all 80s horror.

Pretty happy with this whole project now I have lots of mutations and the class done. I'm keen to try it out in play and hope to get a Psychon game up and running soon to try them out. Im liking the risk of mutations to non mutant characters. Wondering if the class balanced by comparison - does the no apotheosis and ability to choose tables and reroll mutations is as good as hom many mutations a non mutant class person can have. Will see from play but If anyone else tries these let me know.

Current Dream Mutations List:Law, Chaos, Various elements and para and quasi elements,

Martial arts, weird martial training creates inhuman fighters
Alchemical, slimy gross toxic cancerous mutants
Zoomorphic, patchwork animal mongrel hybrids
Insectoid, bug mutants

200 mutations per post = 2600 so far + 2000 more on way

Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Cyber Mutations
Psychon Mutations

Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations
Mutant Character Class

d10 Mutation Origin
01 Kidnapped by mad surgeon scientist
02 Locked up in madhouse and experimented on
03 Operated on by damaged medical robot
04 Taken by gang of clown doctors
05 Taken by devil surgeons in boiler room of hell
06 Preyed on by nightmare beings from dreamlands
07 Taken by demon cult and modified
08 Goblin doctor had to improvise to save you
09 Cruel deity doing research
10 Mysterious beings from another world experiments 

d10 Basic Types

1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

*Tattoos Types
d4 1=tribal 2=madhouse 3=prison 4=gang 5=occult
6=wizard stuff 7=religious 8=navy/army 9=slave 10=elemental

d100 Minor Surgical Mutations
01 Black and white vision
02 No smell
03 Deaf one ear
04 No nose looks awful
05 Cyclops
06 Requires a crude pair of glasses or -1 rolls requiring eyes without
07 Bizarre piercings  
08 Get blood nose if aroused or stressed
09 Monowbrow ridge   
10 Noseclamp switch 
11 Piebald patchwork skin of various colours sewn together
12 Furry patches of skin
13 Huge Stitches
14 Covered in needles 1hp to anyone touching you 
15 Bolts on joints
16 Stitched patch of skin keeps peeling off
17 Wounds open and bleed every hour
18 Bandages, possibly filthy or blood covered 
19 Burned flesh scars 
20 Tattoos all over*
21 Valves and plumbing fittings in chest 
22 Stitches over heart from transplant
23 Huge surgical scar from neck to groin
24 Storage draw fit a hand sizes tool or item
25 Blood pressure guage
26 Can stop heart for ten minutes a day
27 Dial in chest indicating HP
28 Breasts d6 extra
29 Boiler in chest leaks steam, can eat flammable fuel
30 Built in compass
31 Detachable external feces storage bag
32 Detachable external urine storage bag
33 Genitalia have teeth
34 No genitalia just a pee hole
35 Can rotate waist 360 degrees
36 Hemaphrodite
37 Tubes with vital bodily fluids visible
38 Intestines burst open hanging out
39 Flatulant
40 Huge gut hanging out
41 Manacles on wrists bolted through bones
42 Metal arm braces on elbows
43 Scalpel finger d3 damage
44 Pen finger
45 Lockpick tool finger
46 Glass cutter finger 
47 Small hacksaw finger
48 Wire cutter finger
49 Detatchable arms
50 Extra fingers or less fingers or mittens
51 Huge metal soled boots, d3 unarmed attack, noisy but tough

52 Longer legs, +1 Mov, 6 inches taller
53 Fake leg with concealed compartment
54 Steel Cap toes +1 damage unarmed attack
55 Metal leg braces over knee joints
56 Foot springs +1" jump
57 Can run 1 hour/Lv but release steam
58 Detatchable legs
59 Backward bending knees
60 Pop out toe knife d3 unarmed
61 Metal braces clamped to teeth
62 Bolts in jaw, can support own weight with teeth
63 Detachable legs
64 Raspy soft voice from scar on throat
65 Filed teeth d3 bite
66 Dentures, usually wood but rich use gold or ivory
67 Face frozen in terrible grimace
68 Teeth hanging out
69 Most teeth missing or broken
70 Teeth a horrible green or brown of yellow
71 Plate in head
72 Iron collar with bolts holds head on
73 Clock with a sleep timer for night cycle in head
74 Bolts in neck spark when mad
75 Tiny candle lamp bolted to head
76 Dial in head to set movement rate up to Mov score
77 Transparent dome in head with visible brain in fluid
78 Scalp and upper skull from different person sewn on
79 Tattooed on clown face makeup
 Head can rotate 360 degrees
81 Twin inside body absorbed before born is unhappy
82 Horrible twitching cancerous growths inside body
83 Infected by worms in lungs and digestive tract
84 Engine noises instead of heary beat
85 Can feel and sometimes hear gremlin squirm inside organs
86 Fermentation chamber, brew gallon of wine or beer every month
87 Alcoholic blood, pint extractable per day
88 Flammable blood, produce bottle of lamp fluid a day
89 Glowing worms inside flesh
90 If dies arise as zombie
91 Glowing green brain exposed
92 Phobic about fire and panic if set alight
93 Talk very slowly

94 Phobic about heights
95 Memory loss leaves in child like state
96 Extra personality from split lobe brain
97 Terrible surgery nightmares every sleep
98 Enjoy sight of blood and hacked up bodies
99 Growl and moan vocal often instead of speech
100 Lobotomy or trepanning scars

d100 Major Mutations
01 Creature eye implant, can see invisible creatures
02 Creature eye implant, can see with thermal vision
03 Telescopic googly eyes as telescope
04 Predator Snout, can track like a bloodhound and smell blood 1”/Lv
05 Gasmask, resist toxic gasses
06 Magnified vision can see like a microscope
07 Sonar senses like a bat 1”/Lv, can see in darkness or water,
08 Hidden eye in back of head
09 Third eye detect magic 1"/Lv
10 Can smell blood within 1"/Lv and can track the scent in range
11 Magic glowing or moving tattoos +2AC
12 Shark Skin implants +1AC, any unarmed attacker takes 1hp per successful blow
13 Fleas swarm can make attack 1 round/Lv in a day 2hp damage over 3” area Mov12”
14 Hideous boils make mutant resistant to disease
15 Disgusting pustules makes mutant resistant to poison
16 Fly swarm burst from infected wounds can make cloud of darkness over 3” area Mov12”
17 Dead nerve tissue, -1 damage from any attack
18 Calloused warty hide +d4 HP +2/Lv
19 Bone plates +4AC but slows as if wearing chain
20 Cling can stick to surfaces and climb like a insect up walls or upside down
21 Buzzsaw in chest +d6 grappling damage
22 Large storage space in chest cavity 2x2x1 foot with lock
23 Extra face in chest, +d6 bite grappling damage  
24 Release fog cloud from boiler, 3" across 1/Lv/day lasts d6 rounds per cloud
25 Amphibious with gills
26 Strength surge, +d4 round/Lv once a day
27 Steam cannon in chest 2d6 12" range, shot/Lv/day
28 Extra muscle mass +1STR, sewn in from animals and corpses 
29 If killed younger version bursts from corpse d3 days later
30 Does not require air
31 Can use intestines as rope 3"/Lv without harm
32 Guts burst open, d6 gremlins live inside, they might help you
33 Intestinal fortitude +1CON
34 Intestinal tentacle 1"/Lv reach can grapple
35 Foul stench as a stinking cloud 2” across one/3Lv, once a day 
36 Excrete a gremlin at least once a day
37 Insect swarm 2" across 12"Mov round/Lv once a day, 2 damage to all in area/round
38 Give birth to a goblin once a week, bursts from stomach
39 Does not require food
40 Does not require water
41 Can pull bone spur daggers from arms to stab or throw, one/Lv/day
42 Syringe Finger, 1/Lv/day victim saves or pass out for ten minutes 
43 Shock knuckles, +d3 damage to unarmed attack, d3 to attackers using unarmed attack
44 Detachable tool arm, use mallet Fist or Sickle Hand or Hammer Fist d6 weapon/tool
45 Can shoot iron hand 1”/Lv with a chain and winch the user up in one round 
46 Power Fist or chainsaw arm or drill hand cuts through stone, metal or wood d8
47 Claw hand or hands d6 pop out concealed claws or a d8 sword arm with no hand 
48 Pincer hand d6 on roll of 20 can hang on for a d6 per round for up to round/Lv/day 
49 Extra set of arms +1 ATT from normal elbows, shoulders or sides
50 Repeating medium crossbow in arm, 2d4 10 shots twice a round
51 Increased running speed +1/Lv

52 Legs fused can hop or have serpentine tail
53 Centaur body with four legs +50% faster
54 Extra +1 kick attack d6
55 Feet suckers, can climb and cling to walls or ceiling
56 Foot scythes d8 unarmed attack
57 Pop out wheels +50% speed down hill
58 Legs elongate with pop out stilts, 1"/Lv extra height 
59 Hammer kick +d6 unarmed once/Lv/day
60 Storage space in each leg, hand weapon in each or other stiff
61 Extra set of fold out jaws in mouth +1 extra attack d6 
62 Poison bite, victim takes d4/Lv save for half, one bite/lv/day
63 Putrid vomit d4+1/Lv damage 3" range, one spew/Lv/day
64 Parasite tentacle from mouth d4 extra attack 1" range per Lv, like tapeworm
65 Fear gas breath, 3" cone one/Lv per day, save or flee round/Lv
66 Prehensile tongue 1"/Lv can support weight or hold a object as a hand
67 Barf up a putrid gremlin 1/Lv/day, run about causing mischief and sabotage
68 Head splits open to reveal huge disgusting mouth d8 unarmed attack
69 Tentacle mouth can hold and manipulate objects
70 Jaw can be detached and thrown like a boomerang d6 damage 9" range

 Extra head, can take turns asleep, watch different directions, argue
72 Extra face on back of head, mutters evil advice
73 Swap head with corpses by swapping brains (gross)
74 Huge head d6 unarmed attack 
75 Metal box for head, brain and eyes inside viewing port, detachable, receives radio
76 Skull head, undead think you are one of them for a while
77 Nails in head like a pincushion, can shoot two d4 nails per round, 6"range 
78 Head can self destruct d6/Lv once a day, 2" radius, grows back day later
79 Bullet head, can fire head 2d6 damage 6" range, can reattach when recovered
80 Malleable skull and face can disguise self for hour per level per day before it pops back
81 Metal skeleton +2 AC
82 Extra Heart, keeps alive extra -10HP to death
83 Coagulant organ, bleeding wounds stop in one round
84 Resistant to disease with improved blood filter
85 Resistant to poison and alcohol with huge implanted liver
86 Resistant to paralasys
87 Resistant to electricity half damage
88 Regenerate 1HP/hour
89 Regenerate missing limbs or organs d3 months
90 Enhanced nervous system +1DEX
91 Photographic memory, remember a book/Lv
92 Enhanced brain +1INT
93 Enhanced foresight +1WIS

94 Enhanced manipulative personality +1CHA
95 When mental spell like charm effects, evil back up personality resists and takes charge
96 Berserker +2 hit and damage round/Lv once a day, can't stop killing while on
97 Immune to fear attacks but still wary if any relevant phobias
98 Can glean some information fragments from brains eaten
99 Can learn language from eating brains lasts one day
100 Tentacled brain with teeth and eyes, can crawl out to scout d4 unarmed attack or grapple Mov 6", body in coma while gone has only 20% total HP

d12 Apotheosis
01 Turn into a surgical patchwork shapeless insane gibbering creature
02 Become a flesh golem and go on rampage
03 Reduced to non violent simpleton can say one word only
04 Require being part of a 4 ton aparutus to live
05 Constantly requires 20lb fresh human blood and organs daily to live
06 Brain in jar carried away by alien beings to space forever
07 Start devouring self till dead or chained up
08 Turned into a mindless killer zombie 
09 Turned into a village idiot and retire as a rural simpleton
10 Skin bursts and homunculi scuttle away never to be seen again
11 Go on mindless rampage, burned to death by villagers
12 Body starts to spasm the explodes violently d6/Lv 2" radius

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