Sunday 25 March 2018

Forest Beastmen

Beastmen Stuff So Far
Basic Abhuman Class - dated a bit now to be revised
Common 1 Rabbitmen 2 Goatmen 3 Lizardmen 4 Snakemen 5 Badgermen 6 Pigmen 7 Ratmen 8 Frogmen 9 Cave Batmen 10 Weaselmen 11 Dogmen 12 Catmen
Highland 1 Bullmen 2 Lionmen 3 Eaglemen 4 Apemen 5 Vulturemen 6 Antmen 7 Molemen 8 Beetlemen 9 Horsemen 10 Wolfmen 11 Centipedemen 12 Crowmen
Aquatic 1 Fishmen 2 Eelmen 3 Gullmen 4 Lampreymen 5 Sealionmen 6 Sharkmen 7 Crabmen 8 Turtlemen 9 Lobstermen 10 Puffinmen 11 Ottermen 12 Squidmen
Underland 1 Vampire Batmen 2 Spidermen 3 Newtmen 4 Axolotlmen 6 Salamandermen 7 Slugmen 8 Wormmen 9 Moleratmen 10 Termitemen 11 Armadillomen 12 Cricketmen
Desert 1 Falconmen 2 Cobramen 3 Gilamen 4 Hyenamen 5 Scorpionmen 6 Foxmen 7 Scarabmen 8 Camelmen 9 Ostrichmen 10 Cheetahmen 11 Lynxmen 12 Jackalmen

I have possible future ones at bottom

Revision of abhumans (CON Bonus in extra monster abilities or nwp)
will still give them better unarmed skill d4 to start
Will get minor ability at 1st - lowlite vision, leap, swim, run, climb, run, armour, -1/die heat or cold etc, glide, burrow, inkcloud, thermal vision, sonar, bloodhound,
Major Ability at 56th - 1/2 da from heat or cold etc, d8 bigger weapons, extra two unarmed attacks, inkcloud, berserker, improved armour. missile weapon
Heroic Ability at 12th - fly, venom, breathe water, breath weapon, immune to heat or cold, missile, planeshift, summoning, charm, disease, petrification, divination

Forest Beastmen
d10 Forest Beast Men
1 Stagmen
2 Owlmen
3 Beavermen
4 Bearmen
5 Grasshopper Men
6 Hedgehogmen
7 Boarmen
8 Haremen
9 Squirrelmen
10 Hawkmen
11 Toadmen
12 Leopardmen

Stag Men
These noble woodland warriors guard sacred and hidden places from men and often meet with druids in secret. Some even learn druidry in their older years as war loses interest to them.  In spring they meet to dual and roam the woods looking for a fight.

Their are smaller staglings who are red and spotty and prefer bows with poison arrows. The standard stagmen are brown going grey in winter. Their are bigger breeds and some adapted to winter. Some are the size of minotaurs or ogres. They will frequently interact with faerie and sylvan beings and will freely mingle with mixed groups. Some even wear human clothing. They regard themselves as lords of the wood and have a sense of benevolent ownership of other forest folk. They often come to battle civilized humans who intrude. They think anyone with a axe is a potential enemy. they are pretty suspicious of dwarves and hate orcs.

Some humans include stagmen in their seasonal rituals and dances but this happens less often now days with the new faith. While not as anti human as some beastmen they dislike humans entering the woodlands. They maintain good terms with elves and will cooperate with them. They don't like goblinoids however and even prefer humans to goblins. As many of the old races have been returning these last few years some stagmen have been visiting human barbarians more and helping humans recover lost druidic lore. They like having their backs to elf kind but some have decided to reach out to human kind and support those of the old ways. Of course the ecclesiarchy does not approve of backward beast men teaching heathers old magic. Some paladins have begun to announce a crusade. Of course other chaos beastmen who are a threat like to blame stag men.

d12 Stagmen Troubles
1 A paladin has arrived and is looking for helpers to hunt a rebel stagman preaching natural religion
2 Visiting witch hunter is badly beaten by stagmen while hunting witches in the forest
3 Secret druidic cult has been more and more visible and the priests have stagmen guards
4 A band of barbarians bandits led by a human hero and his stagman comrade have a secret camp
5 Wild sounds of stagmen fighting in the forest have been scaring locals for days
6 A wild stagman has been on the edge of the woods scaring everybody. Apparently in the old days people danced with them to ensure peace but nobody knows what to do and are scared
7 A local hunter has been working with stagmen to fight a tribe of wolfmen. Local elders are very impressed and have been invited to feast with the druids and the church priest is furious
8 Stagmen have been battling local chaos goatmen and the locals have come to leave food out for the stag folk. A long lost child has returned a young man and has been performing druidic miracles for the common folk
9 Some local workers robbed ritual paraphernalia left in a forest shrine and sold them to a trader for beer. Now the stagmen have begun hunting the men who tell everyone a lie that they are innocent. The stagmen want their implements back and will leave if they can get them back and beat the men soundly
10 Stagmen ambushed a nobleman and his servants out hunting and they have a price on their heads. They claim they are protected by ancient law and the noble was a chaos warlock
11 A stagman has been killing locals, he strikes by night and has left the victims in strange black cultist robes for some reason. The local magistrate has offered a reward for the beast they call the warlock hunter
12 A farmer has seen dancing stagmen by the woods near his house. He was going to complain but they left him wolf and fox furs so he left them some apples. Now other villagers have come to leave the stagmen presents and a witch hunter has been sent to investigate and see if a new shrine would help

Owl Men
These fearsome night hunters rule the night in the woods. Many attribute magical powers to them some are good and wise and some are evil and mean but both types are fearsome. Some have learned witchcraft or druidry or priest magic and some places they even learn wizardry. Some are witches or shaman or even alchemists. Some are necromancers who have turned victims into undead to make forests haunted. Most are knowledgeable in spirits and magic of the woodlands and advise other beings who seek them out. They know quite a bit about humans and often spy on them in secret from rooftops or attics. Owlmen strike by silent ambush and often tear apart their victims on the spot. The evil ones are the most malicious and might taunt victims by speaking their names and parts of private conversations they might have recently had. The good ones mostly hunt the wicked especially those who try to use the woods as shelter. Some owlmen are more into esoteric knowledge and less in worldly conflicts. Owl men keep civilised tree houses and like books. Some live communally to establish libraries where they teach select humans. Some are lone killers who live in old abandoned barns or ruined windmills and haunt lonely trails by night. Some follow their goddess of craft and wisdom and war and others follow a witch queen or the lady of the underworld.

d12 Owlmen Troubles
1 A witch cult was being persecuted but have now joined a band of owlfolk and together they have killed a local priest
2 Every night someone has been murdered by bird footed creature and the bodies taken. The Owlman has surrounded his reuned hme with zombies to protect him by day
3 A witch was put in a waggon to be taken to the city for trial and her owlman warlock lover broke her out and both are hiding in the woods. Locals have heard them laughing and fornicating by night
4 Two owl witch sisters have been trying to summon manifestations of their night goddess with no success. Finally they work up the courage to try human sacrifice
5 A wizard treehouse magic school is run by five owlfolk teachers who secretly teach rural talented youths magic for free. Some rich city guild wizards wan the school burned down and the students brought to justice and the masters killed.They offer a 1000gp a owl wizard and bonuses
6 A widow and her children for years has had enemies try and kill her by night but a owlman has protected them. Now someone has accused her of witchcraft after more bandits were found dead in her yard. Locals ask visitors if they have lynch mob experience
7 An owl witch came to the local forest and has been killing and populating the woods with undead. Now they have started grave robbing
8 Zombies and ghouls have menaced an area and locals blame a owl woman witch. She is a priestess of a underworld cult and instead of turning them can call them and follow her to the cults gateway to the land of the dead. Inside inside is a pit full of poison gas that causes hallucinations, holy for aeons
9 An Owlwoman had her lover killed by the law and now she has been hunting the local magistrates and has killed a beadle and a bailiff. The sheriff gets a warrant to call all abled bodied men to help hunt the villain
10 The local hunter was injured by an angry owlman when hunting at dusk. The hunter was well known for making all the old signs and not offending woodland spirits so most think this is odd. The owlman has decided to kill as many humans as it can for encroaching on the woods
11 An owlman wizard has sent his human apprentices and some skeletons to harass the local village.  They shunned the owlman in a time of need and who left the apprentices out to die as babies on the moors by the village for the wolves at night. All feel justified in their revenge and the apprentices are loyal to their master who raised them
12 An order of owl monks have a secret library in a woodland cavern. A necromancer has come seeking a forbidden book but cant find the owl man. The necromancer has decided to murder lots of people and send undead to scout the woods for him while he takes over the nicest house and has undead wait on him. The owl monks are dedicated only to let good wizards peek at their books and might contact one to aid them

Beaver Men
These ancient peoples are mostly concerned with managing wetlands and will domesticate normal beavers and giant beavers like dogs. They help maintain the ecological balance and help form wetlands that attract other animals. They are sociable and can squeak adorable noises when young. Living in tight nit families they are industrial and devoutly lawful good. They often surround dams in walls and spike filled pits and have secret entrances. A smaller breed of beaverlings also exists. As they are good at many crafts they often trade from great lodge houses. They may learn many kinds of magic but making wood golens is often high priorities. Druidic beavers plant trees also to keep peace with tree peoples and elves and provide rich irrigation systems that might seem natural on first glimpse. Basic wood golems are turnip and pumpkin headed stick men but the greater ones are huge totem pole tree trunks humanoids. Many evil races like wolf men hate beaver folk even if they profit from their land management.

d12 Beaver Troubles
1 A beaver wizard has been making a army of wood golems which will form into a dam together when they arrive at their destination. The beaver wizard will then blackmail all downstream for tax
2 A great beaver dam has been holding back floodwaters for aeons. Some villainous hunters want kill the beavers and burn the dam so it collapses and floods the valley
3 A pair of beavers have been helping hide children from a witch and now she has sent wolfmen to punish them. Porr beavers beg to travellers for protection
4 A tribe of beaver folk have made a island full of totem poles and have built a great lodge where they sell blankets and woodcarvings. They eve have bark log books and a temple to the beaver goddess. Some humans think the beavers are too clever and a threat
5 Beavers and treemen have been battling and in the struggle beavers used wood golems and the trees now accuse the beavers of necromancy. Meanwhile a necromancer has come to research the ancient secrets of undead tree monsters thinking the war is a good cover
6 A king of beaver island has built a great magic paddlewheel ship for 200 beaver heroes. He is inviting other races to come aboard to show their stuff and the human nobles want to send someone who is expendable
7 A pair of beaver children have turned up in town and are squeaking sadly. Their family were killed by werewolves and the orphans need help to live. Some passing guy wants to make shoes out of them for winter
8 A beaver druid has built a woodhenge and been inviting all kinds of peoples to attend and meet in peace and provides beer. A few locals had a good time meeting strange forest folk but others thing it will bring trouble
9 A insane weakened treant has staggered into town blackened. He dies then awakens undead. A beaver necromancer has been making a barrier of evil trees to keep humans away from the woods
10 A beaverman wood cutter has been making intricate bamboo plumbing in the village and revolutionising their lives with running water. An oldster who does not approve of the beaver sent a message to a bigger town claiming the beaver is a devil in disguise
11 A beaverman has built a water wheel and the local ox  mill cant compete. He wants to hire some strange thugs to beat up the beaverman and burn his mill down but not kill him just ruin his life
12 A  beaver had mad a wood golem totem pole and something went wrong while inscribing the secret names of god on it. The golem is huge and on the rampage

Bear Men
These wise old men of the forests come in various colours and sizes from small black bears, to pandas, to grizzly, polar and cave bears. Bearfolk are roam all kinds of wilderness. Some are quite friendly but plenty hate humans from bad experiences or just feel competitive to any medium size animal including humans. Those bears will hunt humans on their land and carry ancient grudges. Many druidic and shaman cults revere bears who might learn either type of magic. Some bear folk follow evil forest cults mostly to get revenge on human kind for stealing ancient bear land. Some human tribes include bearfolk in rituals even welcoming and feeding them as part of ancient pacts. Not all bears stay in the forest some gather together and visit civilization in numbers. This can be worrying for the humans as bears don't initially understand money and such when arriving. Some assimilate and become mercenaries of become high value guards. Bears eat most human food but enjoy deer, berries, nuts and honey most. They especially love mead. One group of bears formed a brotherhood of bears to act as their own mercenary guild and to help bears assimilate. The traditionalists prefer the wilds and live lives as lone magicians and wise folk of the wilderness.

d12 Bearmen Troubles
1 A dozen drunk bears come to town with no clue as to manners or trade. Things might escalate if someone doesn't help the bears not start a fight
2 A demon bear chaos shaman has summoned eyekiller demons to menace a mining camp
3 A bear bandit has been robbing beehives and waggons demanding sweet treats. He is a bit of an idiot easily reformed
4 A bearman shaman has been seen leading wild nomads from afar. They seek a cave holy to bear folk. Most locals will see the bear as some kind of monster and be alarmed
5 A bear has been attacking homesteads on the frontier for food and a number of locals have raised a reward of gold nuggets for anyone who can stop it before it hurts anyone
6 A bear has been wandering into town to eat drunks on the streets. One day he might eat someone who matters
7 A band of bear brother is hats and shirts and trousers come in to town to drink. They try and find likely competition for various drunken contests like dancing, eating, arm wrestling, balancing, knife throwing and other feats
8 A band of bear berserkers have replaced the local bandits and have been scaring away travellers and nobility
9 Bearmen have raided the meadhall and wont leave until the mead has been drunk dry. Locals are terrified and the sheriff and his men are nowhere to be seen
10 A longship of bear berserkers have been raiding the coastline stealing hams and honey and gold
11 A tribe of cavemen have joined with a tribe of bear folk and have blocked a mountain pass from traders who don't know why and send investigators to speak with them
12 A bear warrior has camped by a bridge and challenges warriors to single combat. He seeks to find a worthy band of humans to adventure with and if beaten will offer to become a follower

Grasshopper Men
Grasshopper folk are fairly pleasant and related to cricket folk and locust folk. Crickets are cheerful, musical and enjoy lazing in the sun drinking and playing music. Many become bards. They have very strong flight reflexes to run but will fight to defend their homes, crops or kin. Besides bards they make good druids and learn any type of magic. Many are nomadic and will join travellers others more stay at home farmer types. They are good at cooking, baking and wine making which s handy because they like to eat and drink. They are able craftsmen too and make interesting carved artworks out of common every day tools. Some tattoo their chitten too. As they are friendly and many are wanderers you see traders and merchants among them.  Some are a bit too lazy and cheeky and take up crime. They are not serious enough to be killers or wage war but they can be driven to it. Grasshopper colonies can spring up fast anywhere even places with very little. A generation can flood a area then fall back to being uncommon. Some humans worry about this. Grasshopperlings are smaller versions only a few foot tall. Crickets are more serious and live by night or the underworld. Locusts are warriors hordes who grow bigger from cannibalism and live to fight and eat.

d12 Grasshopper Men Troubles
1 A grasshopper bum was drinking and someone started a fire, a mob grabbed him and put him in the stocks to await trial. He saw the real arsonist and nobody believes a local would
2 Grasshopper drug dealer has been getting kids hooked on lotus and can be found with his hookah by the river bend where youths swim
3 A grasshopper bard has wandered into town questioning everyone about humans. He would love to follow adventurers and sing about how awesome they are
4 Grasshoppers have set up a speak easy for insect folk and their bands have atracted dandies and youths from the city. Locals unsure if to ban it or tax it
5 A drunken grasshopperman keeps breaking into a brewery and guards are needed for a few nights. Good thing as next time he brings his drinking buddies
6 Grasshoppermen have found a sinkhole with hungry beast in the bottom trapped. So they started jumping over it for fun. Now human kids are doing it
7 A grasshopper band come into town and a thief sells them to hobgoblins. One of the band members cant find his fiends after he was out and will pay to help find them. He can pay in advance with promise of performances and free gigs for life
8 A pair of grass hopper lovers have become victims of a vicious mantis woman who took the hopper boy to her lair. The hopper maid is terrorfied what the mantis woman will do.
9 A miniature breed of grasshopperlings need help as a dragon has talken their village. The dragon is a giant fire lizard but the grasshopperlings offer each of you a wedding with one of their tribe
10 A vicious gang of ladybugmen has been forcing grasshoppers to grow tobacco and make cigars, the new craze sweeping the cities. The hoppers just want to escape anf have fun
11 An evil alchemist has hand raised grasshopper suicide bombers who carry kegs of black powder over wall and past defences with a leap. The alchemist has been testing on a ruin and the dungeon monsters are looking for a new home less explosive. Perhaps a nice village will accept them
12 A village of depressed starving grasshoppers are starving. They have been playing music for days and the gods have not helped them. How can they get a feed without work or effort? Or will they just starve?

Hedgehog Men
These doughy tunnel dwellers grow hedge mazes and live off fruit, bugs and grubs. Many in the city and country work as gardners. They also make good sewer workers, miners and other burrowing trades. They are friendly and a bit adorable which helps humans like them. They have only reputations as helpful and kind and are welcome forest folk. A few become wandering tinkerers or craftsmen or settle down as artisans. They will co habit with humans and even adopt various orphans and get along with cats and cat folk. Dogs they are not so fond of. They live in villages under hills with defencive earthworks, gardens and hedges. Hedgehoglings are a smaller breed who happily live in halflings or gnomes or dwarves. Giant and ogre sizes exist too. Some travel in tiny pony waggons as nomads. They are not as sweet and demure as people think and will fight and even wage war. Some are acrobatic and roll around like spiked balls into battle. Some wear armour and go to war. 

d12 Hedgehog Men Troubles
1 A local hedgehog has been captured by bat people who are trying to force him to worship chaos in a nearby cave
2 A living community of hedgehogs has been undermining the are for years with gnome and dwarf friends. A surly miner complains at lack of ore left and wants the hedgehogs killed 
3 A traveller has seen a family of hedgehogs and has sent word to his clan that a feast awaits. They plan to roll them in mud and cook in a ground oven and party for days
4 A hedgehog youth stabbed two bullies and he has been arrested. His family will pay you to bust him out or make the bullies confess
5 Hedgehogs and goblins have been fighting and both sides hire milemen to help. The area is now collapsing into dusty pits
6 A possessed hedgehog cultist in a village helps adventurers find the local cultists who killed dox. Nobody suspect a headgehog would do such evil and most of the time even he does not believe it as he is 
7 A hedgegog has discovered a dungeon under his burrow and wants pest controllers in
8 A band of hedgehog men have kept the under town free of monsters for generations. Of late they have gone on strike and negotiators are to be sent in the old tunnels
9 Hedghog wizards have a plot teach magic to talented commoners for free. The wizards guild want the school closed and burned down as a lesson to others 
10 A band of hedgehog druids have been covering the bramble hill with thick thorn bush for generations. Now it has doubled in size overnight, what are the druids up to
11 A giant has spent days hanging around the entry of a hedgehog homestead trying to catch and cook the residence. A child has come seeking heroes as they only have a few months of food and tea
12 A giant hedgehog man has taken residence by the bridge and whacks anyone with his club who wont pay him in snacks

Boar Men
These iesty forrest warriors live for honour and courage in battle. Many are berserker warriors the the tribal horde hope to die in battle where the will be guests at the feast of the gods. When not fighting they are drinking or love making or guarding their large families. Living in close knit communities under warrior chieftains many of their holy folk are drugs or chaos priests. Druids and chaos tribes fight constantly and many join foreign armies to see the world and to fight. They are modest farmers and craftsmen who shun iron in favour of bronze. They often build wooden forts on hill tops and some ride chariots or ride giant boars. When domesticated too much thew become domesticated and lose hair and become common pigmen. Too much soft town living and dealing with humans is to blame but they do think of other swine folk more highly than they do other beast folk or humans. The smallest breeds mere boarlings and piglings are more shy and rare as rich think them adorable pets.

d12 Boar Men Troubles
1 A boar war band insist on fighting the village champion or there can be no peace
2 Chaos boar men have built a fort in the area and now plan to raid local farms
3 Chaos boarmen who worship a devilswine in service to hell have taken over a dungeon. In his human form he tricks farmers into selling their souls to protect them from chaos. Eventually a devil swine leading a damned mercenary group will arrive to take over and the chaos boars will go to the next town
4 A druid chieftain has been spreading the forest with magic acorns. At first folk didn't mind but now the village is thick with trees. Can someone just talk to the druid? 
5 Formarians have been bothering locals for a while but now they have hired boarmen beserks with flails to drive away the countryside militia 
6 The swamp tribe of boarmen moved in a generation ago. Now they are back and worship the bog god, have mutations and fight for chaos. 
7 Boar women witches worshiping the chaos hag have been eating local children and now demand a tith for each uneaten child. They live in a cave with their treasure
8 A demon summoning boarman wizard has taken a tower and his robed cult bring him sacrifices 
9 Boarmen vikings have been following the vivers raiding isolated human and elf farmers. Nobles of man and elf have offered rewards
10 Boarmen have invited human diplomats to a tribal feast. To ensure peace locals need some expendable volunteers to visit the boars party. Also report if the boar are chaos or nature worshipers
11 Boarmen have begun wallowing upstream from the village and everyone is too scared to ask them to stop 
12 Boarmen warriors are looking for adventurers to join them in a dungeon crawl in a quest for a golden idol of the boar goad as a piglet

Hare Men
These are often mistaken for rabbitmen. Except they tend to be loners or live in mated pairs with children and are more likely to use magic especially witchcraft. They are less interested in burrowing and like buds on branches and vines best. Hare and rabbit men hate each other and hares are violently abusive to rabbit folk. When hares see enemies approach their homes they will dance about wildly to lure enemies away. Hare folk often consort with witches and wise women and cults. They dance at the great witch sabbats and the witches use hare familiars to talk to hare folk. Hare warlocks often enjoy persecuting human villagers and take human witches as lovers. Hare women often meet in covens. Not all hares are evil brutes some use their cunning to trick mutual enemies like fox men or wolves or bears. The worship less hostile gods like the moon gods. While hares do enjoy beating and hexing humans it is rare for them to murder humans unless humans endanger them. They might kidnap humans to raise as servants and as hostages. Rabbitmen are a problem, hares can be worse. 

d12 Hare Men Troubles
1 A hareman has been gnawing all this seasons vineyards meaning no wine this year. The farmer wants the fiend stopped
2 A witch cult of hare women plan to drive away villagers to access tunnels of their cult from long ago. 
3 Two children were kidnapped by a hare and parents want them back. Not even he knows why and he is insane and unpredictable
4 A government clerk (secret policeman) thinks hare warlocks are aiding foreign enemies so hires adventurers to find them and prove the link
5 Hares have left traps all around the grassy hills and now on the vinyards making farming dangerous. A wine gourmet club send adventurers to kill them all
6 Hares have been seen dancing in ever larger numbers by the old standing stones, sometimes they are joined by witches
7 Rabbitmen and haremen have been fighting in the hill country. The grudges between them have resulted in trenches and pits and traps over the area which is becoming dangerous for regular folk
8 A hare wizard is living in the hills in a old ruined tower. He has been summoning and releasing monsters to torment locals
9 Haremen have been killing farm outposts in the frontier. Locals have little luck finding them as they seldom settle in permanent homes. But it seems in this case they have occupied a dungeon and the other creatures there give them wide berth
10 Every full moon locals see a hareman dancing in the hills by night, usually he murders someone in the following hours with a knife
11 A hare witch keeps luring men into the forest to hunt them, she leads them into traps and several have disappeared chasing her
12 Two hareman brothers have taken up lives of banditry. Lack the niceties of human bandits and don't even talk much, they just kill by ambush till resistance stops then take what they want

Squirrel MenThese rascal forest folk can be charming, cheeky and cunning. They come in several tribes red, grey brown and black who mostly hate each other. There are even gliding suirrels and arctic ones. Squirrelings are a smaller variety but more shy as the larger ones kill them. Squirrels in many cases are fun loving and curious and intelligent as they seem. Some are diabolic and evil minions of the night and serve as spies and messengers for evil. Squirrels wage genocidal war against each other and their tales of squirrel knights and heroes of the great squirrel houses are epic. Each of their tribes has great kings or chieftains depending on how civilised they are. Squirrel politics moves too fast for most other races who cant keep up. Many squirrels are rustic forest folk or live as barbarians but some squirrel kingdoms have developed a refined civilization with ruff collars, printing presses, pistols and cannons which they use with great joy. There is always one evil squirrel clan that uses necromancy or plagues or mutations. Squirrels will use any magic, they have a gift for it. Many are bards also. 

d12 Squirrel Men Troubles
1 An adorable grey squirrel maid is being chased by red squirrel rogues who plan to abuse and sell her
2 Two squirrel tribes started fighting years ago and nobody cared. But some how they have been putting cannons in their trees and ruining the forest and farmland nearby
3 A squirrel maid duelist has been picking fights for a living for months and killed dozens. Someone has hired her to pick a duel with a band of adventurers one by one. Possibly she accepts yield rather than death but the client might have a preference
4 A squirrel with a staff has taken over the bridge challenging travellers to a duel
5 A squirrel thief has been robbing adventurers back from dungeons and it's gone smashingly well so far
6 A squirrel highwayman stole the necklace that was part of a dowry and needed for a war effort. The family will pay 10% of its value and an extra 5% if the squirrel dies too. He has since became a gang leader
7 A squirrel lady alchemist working in her lab served by bronze squirrel golems requires certain monsters killed and her golems are just not imaginative enough for the job. She has a huge glass apparatus to create dragons set up (at least two at least once)
8 A squirrelman bard things is looking for a party he can smother in praise and hero worship that will get them in all kinds of trouble. Some will thing the tales are true and seek to stop the party. He is good at pointing out the guy you just killed family and kin
9 A squirrel knight is looking for deeds to promote his squirren kingdom above all others. He wants someone to do stirring deeds for glory with and will help commoners  
10 A squirelman master of necromancy has been making a army of undead treemen which he plans to wipe out local humans or any enemy squirrels with
11 A squirrelman pretending to be a jolly chap has infiltrated human settlements as a trader and performer while spreading a plague and mutations
12 A foul and leperous chaos horde of mutant squirrels have a series of connected tree houses they live in. Now they feel strong enough and a champion with a good demon squirrel patron they are confident in causing havoc to 

Hawk Men These serious territorial birdmen who serve the lords of air. Most are good or neutral only some tribes are bad but loners can vary. They live in woods and mountains and prey off other lesser animals. They vary in plumage from tribe to habitat. As warriors with a purpose the adhere strictly to codes of honour and combat. They can be barbarians or civilised and often settled long ago to act as guardian warriors in a ancient war most races don't even remember. Sometimes they conflict with humans but some work with humans. With no purpose of their own they will earnestly take up working with rangers or law. They dismiss the flashy sun worshiping falcon men and lofty eagles. Many live alone in hard to each places hard to climb. Only their greatest heroes attain full flight and that is a mark of greatness to their kind. Hawks are smart enough for magic and prefer priest or druid magic.

d12 Hawk Men Troubles
1 Hawkmen are hunting a band of adventurers who they think stole a relic from a shrine and they find it hard to tell stupid ape-things apart
2 A hawkman has joined the local sheriff as a bailiff and is too diligent and honest. He has to go. The crooked sherif and magistrate tries to set up a conflict with some passing adventurers with lies
3 A hawkman flies in to town on his giant bloodhawk looking for work since his clan disbanded after succeeding in their age old quest 
4 Two hawk folk lovers have been seeking a purpose and have discovered human bounty notices. Someone tries to plant false posters to have some troublesome big mouther adventurers some trouble
5 A humourless hawkman paladin in his hawk shaped ornithopter seeks adventurers to defend the citadel of law from chaos hordes and will pay in magic weapons
6 A clan of small hawkling folk who live in the cliffs are waging a war against evil gnomes and losing, they need help
7 A hawkman priest has been sneaking about searching for evil people to kill without much fact checking. A spell is good enough for him. A local evil cult in with authorities is now paying adventurers to hunt the hawkman misunderstood murderer
8 A tribe of coastal fishing hawkmen have been eating young fishmen and the fish cult have decided the hawks ust die
9 Hawkmen have seen snakemen sneaking in between caves on the surface and want experienced earth grubbing murder men to guide their raid on the snakeman cult
10 A hawkman started killing orcs and the orcs blame humans because the hawkman leaves clues of humans to fool orc trackers
11 Humans robbed a open air mountaintop hawkman grave and desecrated tho body of a holy wise king. The hawks want blood and know it was human adventurers

12 Evil vulture men have been murdering villagers and leaving hawkman feathers as false clues
11 A delegation of squirrelmen, pigeonmen and rabbitmen demand humans hand over a local hawkman who kills their kin. He is quite popular and well liked but he hides from enemies in human lands and abuses this quite often  
12 A hawkman ranger needs help tracking a wounded giant, should be no problem it's just one probably small giant

Toad MenToadmen are much maligned and often confused with chaos frogmen. Usually they prefer to live in burrow complex and are a bit less aquatic than frogs preferring mining or sewer work.Toads can be amiable, reliable and hard working. Some are spiteful, lazy and domineering. Toadmen come in many different colors and shapes and textures. They can see immediate differences from sight other races cant. Toadlings are a diminutive breed who stay at home in their burrows mostly. They are very smart and gifted at any magic. Many toad villages live peacefully and toad tradesmen and labourers work with respect in human lands. Toads like to grumble but are quite stoic. Some evil toad loners into magic cause trouble and this hurts the reputation of all toadmen. While there are terrible toad kings and various despots plus middle class guildsmen and shop keepers, most are working folk. Quite a few nobles go insane and fall prey to chaos and ordinary toadfolk wont have a bar of it. The toad ruling class is in terrible decline due to lunacy and eccentricity. Toads can get a bit of wanderlust and some travel by waggon or boat.

d12 Toad Men Troubles
1 A toadman worker ate his ladyships cat and she had him beaten. Now she has been turned into a toadling by the workers wizard brother who demands compensation of gold and all the cats in the village
2 A toadman bard is awfully impressed by adventurers and knows a thing or two about local dungeons he offers to show them the best treasure holes. He comes from a rich family and is actually a idot
3 Toadmen are digging a canal and claim it will revolutionise the economy and drain the evil swamp. The evil swamp lord does not agree and wants the project stopped
4 Chaos frogmen and toadmen warriors are waging war but humans don't understand anything about the mess and regard all damn dirty frogs as the same
5 A toad witch has been granting visions on the hearth by night and gifting mortals unusual abilities somehow with her mutation potions
6 A chaos toad warlock is leading a band of chaos frogmen into the area and is murdering people near water sources and wells first. They have dug a tunnel complex under the area connecting wells and ponds. Actually this would benefit the village if they controlled it
7 Toadmen gourmets need adventurers to fetch them giant insect grubs in season now thank you, offer good pay
8 A toadman riding a penny farthing bicycle in his riding outfit travels through town amazing all. A human merchant wants the wonder stolen
9 A toadman aristocrat demands adventurers accept a contract to explore a dungeon with him, something about treasure pit of the sleepy goblin or something on his map. Very enthusiastic and shouty. Able to learn and might be a loyal competent ally one day
10 The king of toadland needs adventurers. He and a human king swapped daughters in a treaty years ago and the girls were polymorphed. Now a evil batman wizard has both girls in his lair and has turned them back for fun. He wants a ransome and to cause trouble. Both lonely princesses are romantics and knight crazy and have read all about damsel conduct in a crisis. Could there be wedding bells in Toadland?
11 A toadman common crook has been stealing tradesman's tools to sell in the city. This form of theft is especially serious and the guilds have sent an agent to recruit adventurers to find the tools. He suggests they pretend to be travelling craftsmen
12 A toadman court wizard has a young handsome human wizard, an ex apprentice gunning for his job. He wants to hire some adventurers to find a magic item as a gift to his lord and promises to make them some magic items if he keeps his job, he just wants first two magic items found and has several maps they can choose from

Pidgeon MenThese fellows adapt well to human life and are well liked as romantic sweethearts and charming. In the country they are quite nice but in the city something happens and they are  known to be thuggish gangsters. They do tend to live in ghettos but affluent ones do well to. They are highly social and good talkers. Pigeonlings are a smaller breed who get abused by their bigger kin. Pigeons follow the pecking order of life and accept their lot once defeated. Some think they make good slaves. Many pigeons keep fighting and keep being competitive. Rural pigeons are less flashy and competitive and more humble. Many lowlife city pigeon thugs like to fight especially over sex  or drugs or booze. Many keep concealed weapons. They are also fairly vain and dress up in flashy clothes and groom themselves. Some sing and dance instead of fight which can be a surprise when a gang confronts you. They prefer to give good beatings that dont kill. Killing is rude and gets them really mad. For competent, tough and adaptable race many find it unbelievable so many in the city are layabouts who all dream of gold plated chains, chariots silver knuckledusters. Pigeons often hustle tourists in a big city but some of them actually are comptant guides with connections. They are not especially magic but there are some pigeon magicians its just most are fighters or thieves or bards

d12 Pidgeon Men Troubles
1 Two gangs of pigeons are have their teens falling in love with the wrong family. Each gang is looking for some adventurers help them give a really big beat down at a festival no killing
2 A pigeon cook is in love with a pigeon baker and they want to go into business together. The baker is a slave so the free one is looking to join a party of adventurers as a chef to make cash to buy their true loves freedom 
3 A hawkman is killing pigeons and the gangs are in a turmoil. They hate each other and are seeing who can raise the biggest bounty for the hawks head
4 A pigeonman has a good job as a clerk in the city and his old gang are threatening to ruin him. He needs them to get a beating and a warning 
5 A gang of pigeonmen have been getting on the roof to drink and swear at passers by and throw bottles at wizards. The shop keeper on the ground floor will pay to have them beaten up
6 A pigeon has decided to go out with a human and decides a certain adventurer will be their love object. They stalk and harass their sweet heart, send them fake gold chains and punch persons they see talking to their sweetie just in case
7 A pigeon wizard has summoned a succubi who is just gagging for it. He needs adventurers to recover a ring that prevents level draining and has a dungeon map
8 A gang of pigeons has decided time to step up and own the street. The get in the way of and challenge the next adventurers they meet. The swear and tell terrible lies until they get a fight
9 A pigeon war hero and spy is getting a statue put up in the secret police garden. Pigeon dignitaries are fighting and hustling and making fake tickets to the gala opening event. Someone needs some goons get some tickets from another gang and beat up some counterfitters and some other jobs
10 A pigeon spymaster uses carrier pigeons as messengers and talks to them to use as spies. She has been very successful and now has adventurers paying her to spy on other adventurers to jump their dungeon claims
11 A young married pigeon couple want to get away to the country and escape the thug life. The need bodyguards to get away beyond the reacj of their old gangs
12 A pigeon assassin has been striking guards who wouldn't take bribes. The secret police want to contract adventurers to stop him and find out who hired the hit pigeon. The agent recommends pretending to be new guards might work

To Do...Revise abhuman/beastman class
Extra races finished - see below
Do beastman book with all types stated as class variants
These are the slowest things I write

Wetllands Races
1 Oystermen 2 Ibismen 3 Starfishmen 4 Walrusmen
5 Urchinmen 6 Dolphinmen 7 Octopusmen 8 Penguinmen
9 Pelicanmen 10 Stingraymen 11 Seahorsemen 12 Storkmen

1 Monkeymen 2 Peacockmen 3 Dragonflymen 4 Waspmen
5 Mantismen 6 Snailmen 7 Flymen 8 Slothmen
9 Parrotmen 10 Anteaternen 11 Panthermen 12 Llamamen

Elemental Abhuman Men
1 Firemen 2 Airmen 3 Earthmen 4 Watermen
5 Magmamen 6 Lightningmen 7 Stonemen 8 Icemen
9 Radiencemen 10 Vapourman 11 Crystalmen 12 Mudmen

Material Abhumans 
1 Metalmen 2 Woodmen 3 Treemen 4 Gemmen
5 Mushroommen 6 Algaemen 7 Coral Men 8 Slimemen
9 Shadowmen 10 Algaemen 11 Ambermen 12

1 Elephantmen 2 Rhinomen 3 Giraffemen 4 Panthermen
5 Ardvarkmen 6 Porcupinemen 7 Chameleonmen 8 Antelopemen
9 Onagermen 10 11 Crocodilemen 12 Hippomen

1 Kangaroomen 2 Koalamen 3 Playtpusmen 4 Echidnamen
5 Possummen 6 Thylacenemen 7 Devilmen 8 Emumen
9 Budgiemen 10 Wallabymen 11 Quokkamen 12 Goannamen

1 Kiwimen 2 Pandamen 3 Racoonmen  4 Skunkmen
5 Beemen 6 Tigermen 7 Elkmen 8 Cassawarrymen
9 Mothmen 10 Butterlymen 11 Constrictormen 12 Yakmen
1 Bisonmen 2 Gandermen 3 Duckmen 4 Turkeymen
5 Orcamen 6 Anemonemen 7 Rattlesnakemen 8 Hermitcrabmenn
9 Horseshoecrabmen 10 Swordfishmen 11 Nautilusmen 12 Manowarmen

1 Duiatrimamen 2 Brontotheriummen 3 Glyptadonmen 4 Mammothmen
5 Sabretoothmen 6 Trilobitemen 7 Amonitemen 8 Brontasaurmen
9 Tricerotopsmen 10 Raptormen 11 Stegosaurus 12 Tyranasaurmen

1 Barbarian 2 Orc 3 Unicornman 4 Griffonmen
5 Sphynxmen 6 Centaurs 7 Satyr 8 Harpy
9 Gorgonmen 10 Manticoremen 11 Basliskmen 12 Stymphalionmen
13 Dragonmen  14 Lamusumen 15 Devilmen 16 Demonmen
17 Modronmen 18 Slaadimen 19 Devamen 20 Nagamen
21 Rakshasamen 22 Asuramen 23 Arkonmen 24 Angelmen

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