Saturday 15 October 2016

Setting and me fitting them into arbitrary heaps

Revising my Deadly Dungeon Dozen Zones and welcome some input

These dungeon zones describe classic dungeon setting through tropes and tables. Im revising it and need to fill two more slots for 7 and 8 or at least reconsider them - so any comments on what to include or fill the two slots in with please comment Current keepers 

1 Gothic Realm - haunted by horrors and the dead 
2 Brick Dungeon - cheap quick brick throwup dungeons are spreading 
3 Goblin Mine - ancient goblin occupied mine complex 
4 House of Amber – rich madmen in eternal sprawling palace 
5 Giant Fortress – crumbling giantland fortress goes on forever 
6 Sunken City – semi sunken coastal and reef filled ancient ruins 
9 Lost Temple – crumbling ruins of the ancients cities and tombs long lost 
10 Forbidden City – jungle shrouded lost world of monuments and monsters 
11 Glacial Citadel – frozen elder ruins among ancient glacier kingdom 
12 Underland – subterranean races and kingdoms, remnants of lost worlds 

Xor - magic meat dungeon
Elfland - faeries and goblins n stuff 
Hell - devils and death and torture! 
Shadelport - under the eternal city 
Space dungeon - apocalpe future tech wrecks
Alien ruins of the space gods HPL horrors 
Alcheringa2 - Australians invading yer dungeon mate 

Xor is a world of living flesh and gristle where savages and demons battle for power. Xor would possibly fit into hell but i think it would lose out. Hell as entirety might be a good fit - boilerplate horror was long a choice for this list but ive now included it in my hell schedule 

Shadelport is in effect a urban dungeon zone - it is my big grotty city 

Elfland for living druid dungeons in forests, faeries, goblin, tree spirits, brownies and bugbears and more, supernatural forests 

Spacey dungeon of robots and tek and alien habs gone wrong. Metamorphosis alpha and Starlost tv show meets 40K spacehulk and gammaworld get drunk and have this baby 

A lovecraftian eternal alien ruin. Misty ruins inside yog sothoth, or when looting sunken Ralyeh, exploring a strange dimension, a migo outpost, frozen old ones plateau, a city of undead alien gods? 

Alcheringa2 - Originally I had Alcheringa Australian spirit world, with misty ferns, pliestocene animals, dinosaurs and lots of spirit folk and beastmen tribes which i have trouble doing. Could integrrate other hunter gatherer spirit worlds. Puapa New Guinea or islands and New zealand and indonesia could be put in mix Some of my urges to do stoneage land ideas can fit in the glacier setting or the underland setting, and the forbidden city ok. I feel very uncomfortable using Alcheringa Dreamlands stuff but other possibility is merge it with my australian army invading the dungeon stuff to make it even more gonzo. Was planing on 21stC human special forces teams or actually any time zone vs fantasy ones. Get to put Australian colonialism into the mix old and new. Possibly lost characters like bush rangers, British redcoats, pirates could be included. I'm liking this idea more because it can address the stuff that i find problematic through pulp instead of just faking fetishistic tribal stuff


  1. Hell was the one that looked to be missing, then it showed up in the candidates list.

    And if "under the eternal city" includes sewers, there's the other classic.

    1. yes city includes sewers a common start point for adventurers in my game

      Someone suggested hell is the 13 hidden level i quite like

  2. You've _got_ to include Xor! It deserves proper treatment alongside the others!

    1. Actually ive done more on Xor than most of the list...

  3. A "Shadow of The Colossus" style living dungeon, or a fortress/city contained on the back of a giant beast. YOu could combine this with Space dungeon and put it on the back of a giant Spacewhale.

    Or perhaps a gameshow dungeon a la Running Man, Battle Royal, Hunger Games. Like the old video game Smash TV.

  4. Originally

    All of these are pocket universes that overlap and seep into other worlds. Most dont have a outside. You got trapped in them through dungeon entries in other worlds then your best hope was to get into another zone or go native or get out into another world.

    Originally they were to be based on classic dungeon settings. I found by adding them into mashup settings they got more gonzo.

    Xcrawl is the game of running man style dnd
    Running the Guntlet a favorite of mine since Deathtrap Dungeon fighting Fantasy

  5. Space dungeon and alien ruin would be my picks


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