Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Recent Gaming Stuff and Thoughts

So Im back in canberra. Stuff from my last art exhibit not here after two months and guy claimed he returned it and now not replying. I'm probably gonna have to bill gallery and hope I don't have to go legal. So will be looking for work in hopes of affording xmas family visit in 9ish weeks.

I have several regular topics again to write about but increased research has slowed me. Sometimes distraction research threads lead me somewhere else. Got to play last barrier peaks vs planet psychon. Eventually party and laser armed followers cut a swathe through ship and dished out 100-150 points a round. Many monsters fled, 150 vegepygmies was a three hour playtime battle after that all pretty rapid once they had pass keys, maps copied from library and had some robot pals. I got pretty lazy by end and thought sensible monsters would leave them alone. Anti plant shells and other plant spells made several decks of encounters impotent. Intellect devouter lasted 2 rounds before it fled and only ultrababy and a summoned bloodbeast could chase it and bring it down.

Players 10th lv and no fireball type spells still doing damage and pushing a dethenix zone on psychon to breaking point. Gods will start to dislike their mad sandbox to be out of balance. Spells they have will transform the kingdom. Loot from barrier peaks will help party firepower and the cross breeding of vegepygmies with corn men with barrier peaks fertilizer will produce giant plant humanoids. Party now building walls around city from stone and iron. Druid has built worst town into a religious attraction with earth temples in hollowed hills with stone circles, where corn men do all the work.

The druid is now a hairy plant with a beebeard and through lack of superiors calls himself Archdruid. Has built huge earthworks and hollow hill temple and stone circle. Has cornmen race of servitors and had them consume lots of fertilizer from the space ship to make 7HD cornmen warriors with bio pikes. His cyberdruid wife made lots of robot friends and they plan to take over the spacewreck of barrier peaks.

Theif now a floating telepathic sorcerer baby who works with a spy guild. Has a gas mask and a alien scatter gun he shoots at people from above.

Morlock operates several brothel towers with exotic workers found in dungeons and sits of city council and slavers guild. He turned on the Church of starry wisdom and lead a pogrom against them. He drives own land ironclad to his morlock bunker and wives on the mountain.

Blood wizard has a school and is teaching how to make black powder instead of the explosives locals use. He spends time making iron, walls and cannons for the city.

Cleric of Bool has remained unaffected by weirdness and is head of his church in city. Has new robot palls and managed to with his follower go from muskets to lasers also. Party reactivated and fixed lots of robots to help the ship. Many party learning ship tech and have made party robots talk to space wreck robots. Cult of Bool heavily involved with trade to robots.

Vegepygmie tribes thriving in outside world. Brown tribe move to the worthless north. Other tribe inhabit the plant monster filled forest. Bullette free too. A high tech Mindflayer fled with his enthralled Umber Hulks. Possibly this is how gods seed area for higher levels with new monsters and threats.

looking at map upside down i saw map had E.G.G. hidden in map structures - a sly gygax name drop - i had seen this map for 30 years and just saw it. Well done Garry.

Nice to have a extra long 8 hr session with break. Nice to kill the module. Possibly i could run some blackmoor or gammaworld adventures. The do have a nuke dragons were magically doing something with.

Player of Ultra Baby said he would like my ruleset and asked if i have published it. Version I wrote 5 years ago when sick about with some add-ons but might try to re do the whole game with more gonzo focus and able to be used with my settings. Ive done weapons including blackpowder age and lasers might have to do shell case ammo ad a few more weapon types. Will be a interesting shift change in play and my next rewrite (hopefully will finish this one).

I use luck points derived from WIS bonus+1 and +1/thief level. They let you make a reroll and mostly get saved for save vs death or very disappointing stuff. I started using gold plastic pirate coins out for luck points which has worked really well.

More optional spell lists and swapping about spell lists. I gotta finish my cleric lists and start some others. I gotta add summoning to clerics but will summon creatures related to cult or even followers.

Few things will do to make my house rules stand out more and link to my settings. Elfmaids & Octopi 3rd Draft or EMO3 for short. A magical murder hobo game with seedy sandbox settings. I think if I guide myself with this my version will be more unique. I can incorporate my dungeon zones into the project too as micro and sub settings.

Sadly looking at some stats and seeing Dyson headhunting made me decide to get 5th ed and do some stuff for exposure and moola rather than making it my choice version of the great game.

Regular Projects
Working through the monster manuals in my own style - simplified, grouped into types, with skills, mutations and samples

Hell 4/9th of the way through. Hellmouth village has some good stuff done. Lots of bits to work on.

Xor my flesh world cosmic cancer settin only needs a few things.

Psychon is pretty complete but more editing of the original pdf and adding updated extra stuff needs to be done. More animals for psychon or chimera making tables.

Shadelport/Exile Island is my fantasy setting but more and more im envisaging a core or 15thc tech for cities most modern with rest of island living like 1300s or 10th century or more backward. There is a post cosmic war desert wasteland to east, a frozen werewolf and witch filled fairytale land in the north and a drug addled despotic land to the west and a great fuedal kingdom of knights to the south.
Gothic stuff getting a pounding right now but must get a go at goblin mine zone stuff too. The main point of the setting is it's vice filled pirate city for murder hobos and the dungeon crammed island.

I think I need to finish these classes too

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