Friday 28 October 2016

New Types of Fire

New Types of Fire

Because your old fire is boring

Mostly useful as exotic dungeon decor or when on other planes

d20 Types of fire
1 Mortal Fire
2 Oilfire 
3 Wizardfire 
4 Witchfire 
5 Balefire 
6 Ghostfire  
7 Dreamfire 
8 Dragonfire 
9 Primalfire 
10 Forgefire  
12 Angelfire 
13 Faeriefire 
14 Demonfire 
16 Frostfire  
17 Darkfire  
18 Hellfire 
19 Soulfire 
20 Elderfire

Mortal Fire
Normal fire as named by otherworld beings, all the propertiesatributed to normal fire, short lived unstable, requites fuel, non magical

Typical lamp fuel fire, effective but weak and short lived typically 1d6 and +1 for d4 rounds. Commonly made from vegetable or mineral oil. Not as effective as most people wish and easy to extinguish.

Alchemist made fire with fuel typically 2d4 +1 for a d4 rounds with a flask or 2d6 +1 for d6 rounds if fired from a piston like tube, often made in shape of a dragon. Made from exotic rock oil, naptha and bitumen it is harder to put out. A splash of water not very effective but imersion with water, sand or a wet blanket work better. Usually this is a military secret and recipies not commonly for sale. 

Supernatural fire that will keep burning and harms any magical being. Ingrediants include many exotic herbs gathered in a swamp. It is yellow and smells of swamp. Witches make pellets of magical fues for fires or attatch to a stick to make a torch. Such a torch can harm magic creatures or spirits. Fire burns a long time but does not spread or start fires at all without special fuel.


Haunted green flame seen in swamps, warns area haunted or fairies, hurts spirits. Burns naturally in magic swamps. Secrets of gathering fyuel and swamp gas allow a bottle of bale fire to be made portable. Burns for one turn and flares up if spirits or elves or faerifolk and possibly other beings in area. Ghost hunters employ these. 

Spectral pale fire burns but cant be put out by anything in mortal world. It is remains of a luving fire killed which haunts a location. It might burn in a wizards fireplace or under a witchs cauldron. Produces light but no heat. Sometimes torches can be found and are very useful light sources.

Illusionary flame only effects living minds but injures victims who dont make a save roll. Mostly used by illusionists. Some magical gems with a few yours of dream fire for light have been found.

Stuff the universe is made of, breathed by draconic beings. Equipment hit must save or be destroyed

Living inteligent self fuelling flame. Intelligent and can fight as a monster, bigger size more HD, harms magic things and equiptment.

Flame of dwarves that can melt any metal including mithril, adamantium or orichalcum, uses secret alchemical fuel and furnacess humans dont understand

Flame of heavenly light that burns evil or undead or magic beings. Hidden from mortals and forbidden to them. Some angels might provide a item to mortals for a single use often in form of a gold sphere with a timer

Used by elves, cool to touch but sterilizes water and food, cannot spread fire, makes dim yellow light and uses secret long burning fuel.

Burn wounds dont heal naturaly but medical skills or spells will heal. Mostly used by demons fire attacks it is fuelled by demon life force. If fire spreads or ignites it produces normal fire only. Demonologists might bind a lesser demon into a lanters for a light source but the deomons hate it.

Elemental cold made to parody fire by the lords of cold, burns carbon to make cold, burns in ash heaps or dead fire pits. Cold dim light and does not spread without burnt fuel like a house burned by normal fire. Elemental cold and supernatural beings might use it.

Shadowy negative life draining shadow flame ire that drains attributes, levels or life force, unholy life eating flame. Different samples harm diferent attributes with worst draining levels. It is fuelled by life force and brought into this world by necromancers. Sacrificial victims keep it alive. It does not spread and casts no light burning only where evil symbols engraved.

Fire that burns body and soul and leaves victim afraid and demoralized. Mostly produced by beings from hell, fuelled by the life force or magic in a relic. Thesre are forests in hell blazing etenally in helfire. This tree resin might hold secrets to utilizing hellfire. Helfire causes morale checks and fear checks in the stronger form.

Fire that uses souls for fuel, used by arcane beings, only hurts beings with souls. Souls are refined by unknown means and used in lamps, candles and torches. Souls are left ashen and utterly destroyed by being burned.

Dark purple fire that eats HP permanantly (can be restored by spell) to feed the elder gods

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