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d100 Village Carousing

Carousing So Far

1 Red Light district
2 Social climbing in Nob Hill
3 Scholarly pursuits
4 Holy Endeavors
5 Rambling in the Wild
6 Shore leave
7 In a dungeon
8 Underland exploration
9 In Prison

This is one of the safest of these tables.
To fit in with other village things from recent work

d10 Quick Carousing Type

1 Festival
2 Tavern life
3 Simple life
4 Rustic Law
5 Opportunity
6 Meeting
7 Romance
8 Feasting
9 What a mess
10 Strange stuff

d100 Village Carousing
01 Wedding gets the village singing, dancing and gorging
02 A seasonal harvest dance leads to drunken revelry
03 Old way festival with fertility rites, nudity and burning a wicker man
04 Dressed up characters in local revelry pick you to be king of parade
05 Villagers get carried away and perform bloody sacrifices and make a mess
06 Violent drunken fight breaks out over sports event
07 Local competitions for petty prizes, you win ugliest face trophy
08 Beaten with sticks by villagers in costume for festival
09 Late after festival you saw a spirit haunting the village green
10 Masked villagers you danced with turned out to be spirits who disappeared

11 Spend time drinking, telling stories, feasting and vomiting
12 Poisoned spent time ill and feeling vile

13 Had a huge tavern fight and not welcome there again
14 Got a horrible disease like groin rot, parasitic crabs or worms
15 Got into a fight or duel with a local spent rest of time drunk
16 Played various games and contests with locals
17 Got drunk and went hunting, got gored by deer or pig
18 Woke up in another village naked covered in tar
19 Woke up married with local in family home
20 Hear stories of local possible dungeon or lair
21 Sitting by river or pond fishing, found long lost silver item worth d100 gp
22 Tranquil watching sunsets and nature, feeling at peace
23 Helping farmers with their chores learning about common life
24 Relaxing in cottage, put on a few pounds eating constantly
25 Saw a mysterious creature on nature ramble
26 Found top of stone gatehouse buried on a hike
27 Saw sylvan beings dancing lewdly in woods
28 Befriended a small hairy barn troll (or stove troll or bush troll)
29 Met some elves in the woods
30 Met a dwarf tinkerer offered a bargain
31 Parents upset you have corrupted their child demand compensation or a marriage
32 Spent days in sheriffs cell for drunken disorderly
33 Man claims you scared his horse in accident takes case to magistrate
34 Spent days in stocks villagers pelting you with rotten food, rocks and shit
35 Old man leaves you his treasure map
36 Chased by a bull and had to appear in court
37 Called on to decide on matter between two farmers, one now hates you
38 Witness for a street cart accident and had to testify in court
39 You caught a thief and the law beat them and drove them out of village
40 A angry mob chased you out of village
41 A village drunk talks about strange caves full of treasure in hills
42 A old wise woman gives you a d6 healing potion
43 Hunters offer to initiate you in their secret lodge dedicated to the wood god
44 Someone shows you where wild magic mushrooms grow in a field
45 Offered a patch of good land and a shack
46 Offered a old house cheap possibly haunted
47 Sheriff thinks you are a hoot and lets you do all kinds of rotten stuff
48 Hear about old man with several dungeon maps from his youth
49 Help a messenger and kings men send you 30gp reward
50 Meet travelling scholar or poet who has information on a dungeon
51 Made friends with a gang of bandits who all think fondly of you
52 Met hiking nobility and joined them for tea, later learn how rich they are
53 Made good new friend with same class and aspirations 
54 Meet a witch hunter and narrowly escape being burned alive as a test
55 Village head mans family take you in and treats you like kin
56 You meet a local spell caster who offers to cast a spell for you in the future
57 A noble passing through needs your help then  invites you to their city house
58 A village idiot decides will follow you everywhere
59 A secret policeman makes friends with you to assess your loyalty
60 A bard befriends you and wants to follow you a while
61 Wasted money on a cheap prostitutes
62 A dryad or nymph or elfmaid kidnapped you and luckily you were boring and set free
63 You had a romance but it turned sour at the end
64 You had a romance and they are waiting for you to return and marry them
65 You had a romance and got engaged
66 You had a romance with someone outside your station and it must remain a secret
67 You had a romance and your lover has followed you
68 Your lovers had a public fight, now whole village hates you
69 All the village thinks you a sleazy and loose, possibly a prostitute  
70 Someone publicly declares they have your baby you paid them to look after
71 Ate at a amazing feast with awesome bards, flirting, dancing and heavy drinking
72 A riddling bard at a feast told you in front of all to beware the weird apon ye
73 A witch came demanding hospitality, she gave you a potion for your respect
74 A stranger came to feast challenging all to wrestle, turns out was a faerie folk
75 Famous bards had a battle at feast and the story of this spread across land 
76 A bard lampooned the local leader, since then secret police came around
77 At the feast some one proposed a marraige to you (probably a parent)
78 Village idiot saved you from poisoning by drinking your beer
79 See an important local leader humiliate self shamefully while drunk
80 A grumpy visiting officer of the court threatens whole village for mocking them
81 Fire starts and village blame you for destruction
82 Sheep got out and a few didn't come home and they blame you
83 Villagers accuse you of bringing bad luck and making milk go sour
84 You get into drunken fight with tax collectors men, now they have eye on you
85 Huge wolf attacks you in bed but escapes (you think it was just a wolf)
86 Attacked by a dog which you killed but villager mad at you
87 A horse fell over and died and farmer wants compensation
88 Sexually harassed by villagers at every turn
89 Villagers tie you in sack and throw in river but you survived
90 Some masked villagers drugged you and tried to sacrifice you
91 Heard weird creature howling on the moors at night
92 Met a shady friar who escaped after ritually murdering someone you knew
93 Haunted by a thing scared you by night like a undead severed hand or ghost rat
94 Chased by a phantom while on way to inn from lovers house
95 Groped and whispered to by a lecherous phantom spirit
96 Spent night with friendly local, find out later they died years ago
97 Saw faerie lights dancing in the woods but you resisted temptation to join them
98 Attractive stranger flirted with you, later saw them fly away in their faerie form
99 A Imp or witch familiar threatened you demanding you leave area for good
100 A friendly child who ran errands for you turns out to have been a faerie

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