Friday, 28 October 2016

Terrible Campaign Ideas: Captain Coquettes Explorations

So the captain has discovered how not to let a crewman die every week and can sail further than ever before. So he finds islands of tattooed humanoids and seeks to trade with them and possibly establish a outpost. Adventures are explorers and junior officers. Players should be able to influence outcomes but struggle against the crew and officers to do the right thing.

This orc island is having a holy festival when visited and the orcs seem friendly. They are forbidden to fight in this season of the fertility goddess and greet strangers with feasts. If the explorers return they will be killed and skinned.

This land of orc tribes subjugate goblins and will trade a goblin for anything made of metal even some nails. The natives seem friendly and willing to trade so the captain wants to build a outpost and leave some crew here for a year when he will return with ships to build a penal colony. Once the ships leave natives are unimpressed by strangers overstaying welcome. Explorers need to make natives respect them and earn a place or they will be eaten.

Eventually colony arrives and those who remained will be allotted land and convict slaves. Now the natives are really unimpressed at humans. Plague devastates the natives before they can raise a army and exterminate the alien humans.

These islands are ruled by bugbears and are dangerous but willing to trade land. Colonists or outposts can be negotiated but some tribes wont recognise any deal and will eat any humans left behind. Bugbears ate other goblinoids years ago and welcome human settlers.


These islands are occupied by brutal pierced orcs who bloodily sacrifice non orcs to their demon gods on pyramid mounds. Dominated goblins can be convinced to unite against orcs and the orcs do have lots of gold. Officers suggest a small force are left to deal with the orcs, take their gold and turn island into a plantation colony.

This island is occupied by tropical flower elf tribe who are very friendly and amorous. Your filthy rat infested crew rapidly degrade island, introducing disease, weapons, murder, jealousy, gambling, drinking, etc. This idyllic paradise was fine for thousands of years till you guys turned up. Might meet slaves from here years later.

A foreign power has almost finished building a gold storehouse and fort by working native hobgoblins to death. The power has brought in orc slaves but but about a fifth of slaves native hobgoblins. You should probably attack or rival powers will gain influence. You might have to clean up the mess here.

Wizards have been testing magic here for aeons

War like hobgoblin islanders suspicious and hateful of outsiders. File their teeth and do best to look savage and horrible

Warrior tribes of orcs vs goblinoids, battling to exterminate each other. Keen to use strange visitors to help them win. Treason and theft is a virtue here.

Shipwreck stranded colonists but one took control and turned population cannibal. Now the personality cult leader will try to hijack any ships while some colonists will try and warn visitors.

Inside the volcano fragile crystal lattices containing the last knowledge of aeons old catfish folk. Any sailors from ship will want to smash them for salable trinkets.

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