Monday 17 October 2016

Hells Boiler Room Part 1

Boiler Room - the basement of torment that went on forever
This is another part of my hell travelogue which is set at a higher danger level than many of my tables here in accordance to my earlier episodes on hell. All praise the lords of hell.

Plague lands 1 and 2
Infernal lands 1 and 2
Underworld lands 1 and 2
Hellbog Lands 1 and 2

Currently thinking will be a ice hell and possibly a cave hell or a city hell city one could be an addendum to make any city in hell. A jungle of forest hell
Some point when hells finished can work on items like damned in each hell, currencies, food, all sorts of stuff we have in the wings...

Some of my projects are so old Im having to change some names of stuff...
Just to not be confused with someone els or their products

This hell is inspired by 80s horror films, heave metal album covers, DOOM, serial killer movies, bad dreams, and Buddhist hells. Modern ruins and shipwrecks also inspired this.

It also could work well with my red brick dungeon stuff because the geomorphs i did would work pretty well for this hell.

Hell's Boilerplate Lands
A endless sprawling complex of industrial workshops, sweatshops, basements, slaughter houses and ruins. Where devils torment damned on industrial scales. Where lost souls wander eternally avoiding tormentors. Where horrors find hidden lairs to tormented souls their own way. Where rooms or torture house devils boiling souls in blood and hundreds of other torments human poets only dream of. Bloodstained rust metal corridors connect chambers and marauding monsters murder and abuse any they find. Souls of chosen madmen killers are permitted to roam free to prey on escaped damned souls. Even devils bound by duty are wary of exploring or chasing a escaped damned soul. Demon bounty hunters and mercenaries are called to hunt escapees to deep in the abandoned complexes. 

The damned are brought here for mass slaughter to evolve them into larvae. Some are released with false hope of escape only to be stalked by demons and madmen and monsters forever. Most damned wear hospital like smocks. Some damned are missing limbs, organs and have unclean dressings from surgery. Some damned become ogres, orcs or kobolds and get to be workers or return to earth.

The impression is that it was a once organised industrial complex, the workshop of hell. But over aeons business has been pool, heaven and hell more work together than war and even demons can get working visas to do things devils dont want to. Older devils are too embarrassed to work here or mention it. While still many souls are processed and refined here, much is wasted and chaos seems to be rampant. Ogres and demons and madmen are main examples of chaos. Except ogres never tire or killing and tormenting while orc and kobolds start finding trouble like politics and organizing societies. Demon mercenaries and bounty hunters are used to track down trouble makers or escaped souls when devils too busy and duty bound to wander about taking risks.

Devils sent here are lowest sort or being punished for treason or corruption.

d12 Quick Boiler Room Terrain
01 Riveted metal wall corridors
02 Riveted metal corridors covered in rust
03 Paint over brick and concrete
04 Tiles over brick and concrete
05 Huge rusted machines in crumbling building
06 Huge ruined factory
07 Ruined hospital or asylum or prison complex
08 Sweatshop with chains and work benches
09 Maze of rusty pipes, gauges and controls
10 Abattoir with pens, slaughter rooms, meat slurry sluices, etc 

11 Huge functioning furnace complex
12 Complex of rusted metal tanks of vile fluids and dirty water

d12 Quick Boiler Room Decor

01 Graffiti featuring devil and demon names and threats
02 Blood spattered walls with chinks of meat hanging from ceiling
03 Ankle deep in filthy water
04 Fire damaged ash and burned rubble
05 Peeling paint, water damage 
06 Walls partially collapsed with holes and rubble
07 Garbage strewn everywhere and vermin
08 Medical waste including bloody bandages and body parts
09 Flickering lights
10 Steam shrouds everything

11 Rotten meat crawling in maggots splattered everywhere
12 Skeletons and bones scattered everywhere

d100 Boiler Room Dressing
01 Fleshy sacks of gore attached to walls or hanging from ceilings where monsters keep stuff
02 Burned bone ash heap with charred skulls
03 Bloody hand prints everywhere even on ceiling
04 Chains hanging from roof ending on chunks of gore on hooks
05 Bloody gibbets welded to walls with gory corpses inside
06 Executioners block with blood exerywhere
07 Rack of horrible blood covered weapons with blades, hooks and spikes
08 Hole in wall at floor level, bones scattered by entry, a hellhound hole
09 A hellcat washing itself from a perch looking for a new friend
10 Net full of human heads hanging from wall

11 Wheelbarrow full of human guts covered in flies
12 Clouds of flies pour through area

13 Smoke smells of charred flesh or coal
14 Cauldron boiling with human fat, candle and soap moulds on bench
15 Huge stove with pots boiling away with human blood and flesh
16 Wrack with flailed human skins freshly flensed
17 A filthy curtain blocks passage
18 A curtain made from human skins blocks passage
19 A throne made from human flesh and bone on a trash plinth
20 Wall covered in hundreds of tiny notes connected by red string by some madman
21 Hundreds of filthy dolls hanging everywhere, many have missing limbs
22 Filthy coat, mask and weapon hanging from wall d4 1=axe 2=machete 3=scissors 4=knife
23 Bloody striped sweater, hat and claw glove found on a chair
24 Hundreds of chairs, many stacked or broken
25 Filthy stained mattresses in stacks
26 Piles of human hair in sacks
27 Room full of artificial limbs
28 Table with tattoo tools
29 Brazier with branding irons smoldering 
30 Gurney or stretcher with filthy sheets 
31 Small wagon or cart with sacks of badly aged building materials
32 Piles of human teeth, many bloodied
33 Buckets, barrels or tubs with still warm blood left out
34 Walls covered in spikes
35 Floor and ceiling with spikes
36 Chains dangling from roof beams
37 Barbed wire fences inside room or dividing coridoor
38 Coil of metal wire
39 Pile of metal plates and bucket of rivets
40 Pile of 4 inch metal beams
41 Tracks on floor with d4 minecart d4 1=garbage 2=bones 3=rusty cogs 4=bloody skulls
42 Sledge hammer and iron spikes in a bucket
43 Hole in floor to lower level with spades and picks and rubble piles
44 Large oil lamp hanging up high
45 Wooden crates and barrels
46 Corpse with missing limbs in night shirt
47 Something running through pipes in wall heard
48 Person bleeding and dying impaled in elaborate trap
49 Cages hanging from roof with prisoners
50 Corpses impaled on spikes on walls
51 Small furnace for burning corpses and piles of dry bones for fuel
52 Filthy cot with box underneath of ears or other horrid souvenirs 
53 Filthy lab with improvised glassware making something horrible
54 Still making hell rum with barrels of water, sugar, strange hellish spices
55 Crates or barrels of booze, mostly addictive wine or rum made in hell 
56 Buckets of rusty broken chains, cobs, nuts, bolts and rivets
57 Pile of old pulleys in a iron bucket
58 Room with human carcasses suspended from roof being smoked into ham
59 Huge threatening sign in splattered blood
60 A human corpse with rips spread and all lungs and guts gone
61 Chained to the wall a naked torture victim naked and 
62 Area turned into a filthy cramped tavern run by out of work demons
63 Devil selling food an drink from a pushcart
64 Rows of cauldrons with victims chained inside and boiling blood and a devil caretaker 
65 Row of iron coffins with creaming damned inside being roasted over fire
66 Wrack with several devils torturing victim
67 Man in locked pit screaming as snakes slowly fill pit from tubes in walls
68 Pits of garbage and pale corpses
69 Kitchen with butchered human on bench and dozens of iron pots and pans
70 Burning screaming victims tied to steaks with devils attending
71 Imp selling bottle of delicious tears
72 Imps playing cards or dice
73 Drunken imp abuses passers by
74 Goat men dancing about altar with struggling sacrifice
75 Heavily pierced ogre butcher chopping up wheelbarrow full of limbs with clever
76 Row of d6 cell doors empty but 1in6 with skeleton
77 Row of cell doors with damned inside, devils come to allocated personal torment daily
78 Extra heavy reinforced door with chains and padlocks
79 Ogres feasting on mugs of blood and human limbs
80 Orc troops parching a prisoner somewhere
81 Door to refrigerated area full of frozen human torsos and possibly a icetoad
82 Orcs making damned fight for the chance to torture the loser
83 Blacksmith one eyed orc making torture implements and chains
84 Kobolds with mops and buckets on patrol
85 Beastmen laying about naked in drugged stupor after a feast
86 Laughter of madman or monster echoes past
87 Pneumatic postal tube rattles as message pod whizzes past
88 Damned whipped by orcs feeding dry human bones into devil faced furnace
89 Huge pile of fingernails and toenails
90 Bucket of eyballs
91 Pumping human heart or brain bubbling in glass and brass canister
92 Bench with scribal station writing contracts on human skin vellum scrolls
93 Preserving jars of human organs on shelf
94 Creepy ginning clown with blood on clothes and his weapon
95 Clown eating from abdominal cavity of human
96 Hell Hound guarding locked door
97 Bronze or iron golem or living statue on guard
98 Crude shrine dedicated to devil made by crazy killer hoping to earn patrons favour
99 Conveyor belt enters some machine through bloody curtain 
100 Flayed skin of human nailed to wall (1in6 is someone you know)

d100 Boiler Room Wonders
01 Office of devil scribes with pit fiend in managers office processing damned documents
02 A elevator that can take you to any level run by imp operators
03 Titanic bronze bull size of palace, prisoners inside cells within screaming, devils tend fire
04 A bronze pyramid with altar atop where bloody orcs sacrifice hundreds to lords of hell
05 A huge metal sculpture covered with scaffolding dedicated to lord of hell but incomplete
06 Hall with plaques detailing devils deeds of long ago, whole orders of forgotten fallen
07 Sacred killroom floor where ogre butcher evicerate human corpses in the hundreds
08 Metal wagon loads of humans dumped on road like conveyor belts into titanic furnace
09 Damned herded into elevator down, devils send them down into furnace level
10 Inside a huge flaming furnace where devils drag damned into to burn, fire everywhere

11 A trapdoor from above ever pours meat slurry and gore into a similar shaft in the floor
12 Huge mound of human dead stacked in a thousand person heap like a haystack 

13 Huge bloated damned souls in stalls being force fed and nutrient pumped out in tubes
14 Huge mound of human organs with kobolds snacking on them 
15 Huge damned humans naked in stalls being force fed, live snakes, toads, meat and dung
16 School complex where damned souls and misguided devils are sent to learn laws of hell
17 Diabolic black lodge of one of hell's secret orders, collections of robes, aprons and badges
18 Shrine to a lord of hell who had this part of hell built in a funding campaign long ago
19 A huge madhouse where normal damned are turned into serial killers and returned to earth
20 A huge trash sorting machine operated by kobolds handling thousands of tons of garbage
21 A huge rending plant where thousands of bodies are boiled and turned into fuel
22 An evil lamia has set up court with devils and other hellish inhabitants
23 A choir of chained damned sinners have been plumbed into a huge keyboard organ 
24 Huge canteen where monsters fed plates of gore by mean ogre kitchen staff
25 Assembly line beheading human corpses and removing limbs (orcs or a machine)
26 Kobolds have built a house out or human corpses and seemed very pleased
27 Chamber where dozens of orcs whipping failed ogres for being too chaotic
28 Devil scribes with dozens of kobold copyists making volumes of hell's rules
29 Devils whipping thousands of newcomers and forcing them into titanic devils mouth
30 Kobolds in thousands sorting pneumatic canisters sorting hells internal mail
31 Hundreds of kobolds shoveling burial shrouds into a mighty furnace
32 Kobolds packing pneumatic canisters with meat to send to devils for lunch
33 Huge cogs and working parts of some unfathomable infernal machine
34 Devils building a great scaffolding covered flesh colossus to animate with black magic
35 Crying babies cared for by imps in nursery actually are all damned in baby form
36 A village of devils shacks built into great machine, dwell here when not at work
37 A enormous cattle market where devils buy damned souls recently arrived 
38 Rebel devils rendezvous where devils relax off duty to dance and drink and screw
39 Huge ruined chamber where floor is missing and devils watch escapees flee devils below, devils like to bet on sure outcomes
40 Devils put hundreds of damned to work in sweatshops making shoes and clothing
41 A flowing river of blood with waterfall dropping into darkness 
42 A huge statue of a iron devil and a brass demon fighting over a treasure chest
43 A train of damned souls boarding at a platform and entering subway
44 A abandoned station with huge train tunnel complex
45 A train with d6 damned in freight cars d6 devil troopcars and a luxury car for boss devils
46 A wrecked station where trains collided in a heap long ago
47 Huge area of ceiling collapsed long ago with sprawling broken machinery
48 A sprawling market where souls, stench kows and imps are traded and gambled
49 Multiple levels collapsed through floor exposing d4+2 levels
50 Vast sunken area with huge pipes, cargo boats and tunnels
51 A huge ramshackle arena where armoured mutilated ogres battle damned souls for sport
52 Complex where chaotic damned are force fed flesh and become ogres run by orcs
53 Huge recycling cerntre where barroms of scrap are sorted by kobolds with orc bosses
54 Huge gateway where devils receive and catolog demon arrivals looking for jobs
55 Swarming shanty town of escapees living in squalid ghetto, nothing to eat but meat
56 Team of devil engineer with orc ogre and damned slave labour
57 Huge elevator size of a multi floor palace, inside community can be unwelcoming
58 In a great brick pit a titanic being is being tormented by hundreds of devils and monsters and giant machines d4 1=devil 2=titan 3=demigod 4=demon prince
59 In a great pit workfloor below armour and weapons are being made for a huge being d4 1=devil lord 2=titan 3=demigod 4=petty demon prince
60 Rows of huge furnaces pouring streams of molten metal with hundreds of devil smiths at work providing arms for war in the human world
61 Huge chamber where cranes drop damned from hoppers into mouths of huge reclining  lazy titanic devils, a giant fountain of blood is used to fill their cups
62 A titanic being's corpse is being stripped by thousands of kobolds with scafolding holding open cavities, they have built tiny towns inside and are forming factions
63 A huge rusting ocean liner or tramp steamer on drydock connected by walkways, can be several in a row, no idea how they got here, passengers stranded on board of gone feral
64 A huge failed indoor greenhouse magically lit with huge dead garden beds
65 A flesh golem factory where kobolds work assembly line and devils and damned necromancers finish, golems marched off to some horrible war
66 Huge dome over a lake of liquefied living flesh, sort of alive things spawn from it and are carried off by imps
67 A viewing platform with a dirty glass ceiling dome looking up into bottom of filthy water
68 A huge flow valve control centre for colossal pipes of fluid pumped through controlled by ogres in soiled overalls
69 Kobolds building new ruined complex while devil art director makes suggestions
70 Mass of stairs and ladders into hub of huge walkway ceiling tubes
71 Mountains of decaying war and siege weapons collapsing into heaps of rust
72 Huge warehouses full of shoes, clothes, grave goods abandoned for ages
73 Huge coal power station long abandoned and toxic
74 A huge zeppelin shed with rusty skinless frames and intact gondolas, so huge has own micro weather 
75 Thousands of beastmen worshiping a statue of a great devil lord in a hall
76 Open area where fiends gather to award prizes to peers for cruelty, greed, efficiency. Candidates display work each has a bench and a tent, some have signs
77 Closed down huge gate and custom station to some plane hell lost interest in
78 Huge sprawling library where devil librarians protect books from scum, mostly legal matters concerning bargains made with mortals in various worlds
79 Huge filthy public shower block for hundreds now ruined and filthy, haunted by madmen
80 Huge palace where elderly lady devils come to drink tea and see some good murder on the way, they talk about hell's old standards dropping
81 Huge sewerage plant where precarious kobolds work on a lake of filth, connected to hundreds of filthy sewer pipes and many levels, burning gas vents surprise visitors
82 A forgotten menagerie where a devil lord kept interesting monsters and madman, now the sprawling stable sheds have gone feral
83 A sprawling barracks here hundreds of kobolds or orc sleep away between shifts
84 A ruined plaza with a huge broken clock and steam trumpets that used to control the shifts down here
85 A horrible dilapidated circus have settled in a collapsed chamber, killer clowns torment damned for pleasure of devil families
86 A huge shed with a devil housing estate, families live shop in local shops and send their kids to local schools. Not very approving of riffraff outsiders 
87 Atrocity museum where curators and workers have created wax sculptures of atrocities and horrible deeds to educate young hellions
88 A orphanage sweatshop where damned in fat creepy children form make candied sweetmeats for the upper class devils, the mistress sells poor performers to local serial killers
89 A horrible assembly line where imps turn ordinary damned into locals by dressing and equipping as killers and clowns then torment them into insanity 
90 A mess hall where dozens of ogres gobble roast damned while sitting on toilets
91 Huge conference of devils in uniform and princely outfits gather to plan production and implement cost cuts and demon migrant problem
92 Huge blazing factory, imps and devils watch it burn while kobolds try and put it out 
93 Abandoned rail yard with hundreds of graffiti covered sheds of smashed trains
94 Crumbling ruined apartment buildings strewn in garbage
95 Huge bridge structure over filthy canal or blood river, includes shops, apartments and shanty town
96 A huge scaffolding covered gothic cathedral in a concrete shed, favorite roost for devils
97 A sprawling junkyard with trains, factories, shipwrecks, with stray helhounds and kobold scavengers
98 A huge cannery where kobold workers stuff meat and gristle in cans to be used as food
99 A ruined old theatre where killers and clowns do murder performance art for snooty devils in hopes of being promoted
100 A huge sprawling drunken feast for devils, orcs, kobolds, ogres and serial killers. Live performances and sacrifices hourly

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