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Planet Psychon Book of Beasts & Terrain Revision

Planet Psychon Common Book of Beasts
Psychon has beasts born of science, wizardry, mutations and even the stars. Poor druids will suffer with animal languages anf forms if Planet Psychon does not have some basic common life forms.

Psychon hex building started here
Revised here
Lotsa plants and slimes here

I am also revising here the classic terrain table with additions below

Animals might have local mutation or colour shifts but basically be same

D12 Terain Types
1 Desert - dry sand wastes
2 Tundra - frozen snowy wastes
3 Rock - broken rocky wastes
4 Volcanic - lava and ash wastes
5 Forest - Temporate forest
6 Jungle - Tropical forest
7 Swamp - wetlands
8 Deathlnds - apocalyptic wastes
9 Water - aquatic and coastal
10 Manna - magical wastes
11 Developed - human settled
12 Hostile - contaminated wastes

d12 Animal Types
1 Small grazer
2 Small scavenger
3 Huge grazer
4 Medium herd grazer
5 Pack hunter
6 Solitary Hunter
7 Solitary omnivore
8 Scavenger
9 Small flyer
10 Predatory flyer
11 Arthropod
12 Other

D12 Most Common Alterations to Species
1 Colour Change
2 Defense like horns, spikes, armour, quills, musk
3 Alter locomotion like feet to flippers, flightless bird, biped to quadruped
4 Hybridism with some other species or even part plant or human
5 Symbiotic or close relation to other species so never apart
6 Size like giant or pygmy version possibly change social structure too
7 Intelligence change or some behavioral tactic or become slow and dim like sloth
8 Change environment adaptions to arboreal, nocturnal, aquatic, underground or land
9 Offensive weapon like claws, missile attack, fire breath, tusks, spit acid
10 Altered appendage like trunk, tentacle, thumbed hands, glider wings, stilt legs
11 Altered body parts like two heads, 4 eyes, bat ears, extra organs
12 Hideous appearance with drooling, loss of hair or feathers, open sores, growths

D12 Animals by Terain Types
1 Desert - dry sand wastes
1 Sand Hopper - horned rabbitoids
2 Sandrat - huge burrowing comunal rodents
3 Brontithereum - huge mammalian herd grazer
4 Kangas - Red kangaroos and walabies
5 Dust Dingos - wild desert dogs
6 Sand Shark - huge burrowing ambush preditor
7 Sandworm - huge burrowing horror eats anything
8 Scorpion - gigantic hungry arachnids
9 Sandbird - flightless birds from turkey to ostrich size
10 Death bird - gigantic vultures that scavenge and hunt
11 Trapdoor - giant spider hides in disguised burrow
12 Sandrunner - streamlined fast striped camel

Many snakes and reptiles, cats, rodents, 
armadillos and bugs also

2 Tundra - frozen snowy wastes

1 Penguin - various sized swimming walking birds
2 Ice weasel - large white
3 Wooly Rhino - prehistoric ice rhino
4 Carriboo - huge antlered ice deer-bison hybrids
5 Dire wolf - prehistoric evil wolves
6 Snowcat - pack ice lions or snow leopards or lynx
7 Icebear - huge polar bears with horns
8 Ice ape - primitive snow ape men
9 Ice Owl - huge arctic owl
10 Ice Eagle - giant white eagle
11 Ice Worm - predetorry segmented burrowing worm
12 Snow Hopper - rabbit with huge feet

Often overlap with aquatic types

3 Rock - broken rocky wastes

1 Rock Rats - huge burrowing comunal rats
2 Rock Lizards - many colours and variations
3 Cave Men - primitive ape men
4 Zorgs - mountain goats or sheep
5 Terror Birds - fightless carniverous birds
6 Sabretooth Tiger - prehistoric cat
7 Cavebear -  prehistoric bear
8 Rock Baboons - herd apes
9 Rock Falcon - small hunting bird
10 Mountain Eagle - giant eagle
11 Tarantula - giant predatory spiders
12 Thorn Devil - giant spiky lizard sucks blood by touch

Many small rodents, 
armadillos and burrowing animals

4 Volcanic - lava and ash wastes

1 Small grazer - Giant Locust 3foot long
2 Rock Lizards -
 many colours and variations
3 Rhino Beetle - gigantic insect
4 Strider - flightless featherless bird
5 Firesnake - fire spitting snakes
6 Salamander - burning lizard like amphibians
7 Hyanadon - prehistoric hyena
Scorpion - gigantic hungry arachnids
9 Ash Hen - game birds hide in ash heaps
10 Pheonix - huge fiery birds
11 Rock Crabs - mineral eating giant crabs
12 Isopod - giant burrowing scaled bugs

Many rodents and reptiles and bugs

5 Forest - Temperate forest

1 Bush Hens - grazing game bird
2 Scrub Weasel - giant red weasels
3 Deer- also giant elk, mooses and smaller deer
4 Porkers - huge hairy boars with large families
5 Wolfoids - pack of wolves
6 Giant Lynx - solo cats with various colour schemes
7 Hedgehog - giant hedgehogs, more like bears with spikes
8 Badgeroids - burrowing herd omnivores
9 Pigeonoid - forrest gamebird
10 Bush Owl - giant owl
11 Black Widow - giant creepy web spinning evil spiders
12 Mega Squirrels - huge forest squirrels

Also giant beavers, hoppers, lots of birds

6 Jungle - Tropical forest
1 Capiburra - giant forest guineapigs
2 Scorpion Monkeys - small poison monkeys
3 Forest Elephant - giant herd animals
4 Tapir - shy pig elephant things
5 Velocer Raptor - pack of medem predator dinosaurs
6 Sabretooth Tiger - prehistoric jungle cat
7 Orangutang - giant forest ape
8 Pterodactyls - common scavengers and oportunists
9 Rainbow Cockatoo - talkative noisy parrot
10 Casawarrior - flightless giant colourful angry bird
11 Giant Centipede - predatory 4 yard long
12 Fruit Bat - flying fruit grazers

Many small strange birds, bugs, animals, lizards

7 Swamp - wetlands
1 Marsh Hens - swimming reed hens
2 Otter - gant 2 yard long pack hunters
3 Brontosaurus - giant peaceful dinosaur
4 Slime Deer - algae covered deer
5 Crocagators - huge lazy reptiles
6 Anaconda - giant snake
7 Giant Frog - agressive preditors
8 Snapping Turtle - giant version of snapping turtle
9 Marsh Duck - common waterfowl
10 Giant Stork - huge sythe like stabbing beak
11 Dragonfly - giant version, aquatic larva deadly too
12 Utility Birds - strange tool like beaks like ibis, flamingo, spoonbill, pelican

Also fish, lamprey, lizards, turtles, bugs, giant axolotl, dinosaurs

8 Deathlands - apocalyptic wastes

1 Rad Roaches - radioactive huge cockroaches
2 Plague Rats - diseased giant black rats
Brontosaurus - giant peaceful dinosaur
4 Giant Hopper - giant herd rabbitoids
5 Wolf Rats - huge pack hunting dog size rats
6 Tyrannosaurus Rex - apex hunter dinosaur
7 Rat bear - biggest of the mutant rats
8 Rock Babbons - huge baboons
9 Bloodraven - flying swarm birds
Pterodactyls - common scavengers and opportunists
Scorpion - gigantic hungry arachnids
12 Triceratops - huge aggressive herd dinosaur

Robots and cyborgs are fairly common too

9 Water - aquatic and coastal
1 Marine Turtle - some giant specimen
2 Sea Gull - pesky common seabirds
3 Whale - huge sea beasts some with raming horn
4 Seacows - dugong, manatees and others
5 Sea Lions - herd fishing beast, some walrus
6 Megaladon - aggressive giant shark, smaller sharks common
7 Trilobite - from swarms to giant solitary ones
8 Plisiousaur - long necked hostile marine dinosaur
9 Flying Fish - can be dangerous carniverous swarm
10 Sea Eagle - giant sea bird
11 Giant Crab - giant crustacean, some hetmit crabs
12 Kraken - tentaced giant squid or octopus thing

Many types of fish, crayfish, jellyfish, birds, marine dinosaurs, crocs

10 Manna - magical wastes
1 Rainbow hen - colourful ground birds
2 Giant Squirels - nut gathering rodents
3 Titan Snail - huge snail can be ridden or lived in
4 Unicorns - common type just like horses with horns not magic
5 Giant Ants - colonial insects
6 Rainbow Lion - colourful huge lions
7 Giant Bee - giant bugs make honey
8 Hairy Devil - tasmanian devils but bigger
9 Brilliant Parrot - huge coloured parrot
10 Roc - collosal giant bird
11 Giant Praying Mantis - dangerous insect
12 Giant Butterfly - peaceful pretty bugs

Giant flowers attracts many giant bugs and flying or magic animals more common

11 Developed - human settled

1 Chicken
2 Pig
3 Bull or Cow
4 Goat
5 Dog
6 Cats
7 Fox
8 Turkey
9 Geese
10 Pigeon
11 Hopper
12 Rat

Tend to be animals that live with humans gone feral or owned
Giant flies, cockroaches and giant rats might be attracted

12 Hostile - contaminated wastes

1 Mutant Hopper - weird mutant rabbitoids
2 Plague Rat - black diseased giant rats
3 Aurock - giant agressive cows
4 Slime Deer - covered in fungus
5 Mutant Dogs - weird mongrel dogs
6 Scab Lion - diseased filthy lions covered in sores
7 Stink Bear - sickly hairless diseased bears
8 Giant Skunk - feared black and white mammal
Bloodraven - flying swarm birds
10 Flying Jellyfish - float with gasbags
 Scorpion - gigantic hungry arachnids
12 Giant Flies - steal food and spread disease

Most creatures unhealthy, mutants and undead animals more common, lots of bugs

Planet Psychon - 12 Sacred Terrains

D12 Terain Types

1 Desert - dry sand wastes
2 Tundra - frozen snowy wastes
3 Rock - broken rocky wastes
4 Volcanic - lava and ash wastes
5 Forest - temperate forest
6 Jungle - tropical forest
7 Swamp - wetlands
8 Deathlands - apocalyptic wastes
9 Water - aquatic and coastal
10 Manna - magical wastes
11 Developed - human settled
12 Hostile - contaminated wastes

D12 Desert
1 Plains of black and grey ash with burned skeletons and charred rubble
2 Haunted blood red desert with crystal spirit nodes of the dreamlands
3 Coloured Dust with unique flavour but inedible
4 Bone and boat covered once sea bottom
5 Yellow hot desert with savage plants and hidden preditors
6 Blasted lifeless land of humanoid skeletons from war or a vast necropolis
7 White sand lifeless waste of salt from ancient sea beds
8 Coloured crystalline desert prone to narcotic weapons of the ancients
9 Desert of metallic filings, cogs, scraps and recycling heaps of ancients
10 Glowing mutant crater filled hell
11 Plains of sand with crystalline monoliths
12 Toxic mineral deposits desiccate living things leaving mineralised mummies

D12 Tundra
1 Tunnel ridden glacier
2 Frozen grasslands home to herd beast and predators
3 Icy lifeless hell with a few hidden beast hunting
4 Ice over water with adapted animals
5 Huge ice maze with water features and difficult crossings
6 Snow filled plain hiding dead falls and deep crevices
7 Crystalline monoliths and structures could almost be ruins
8 Frozen mountain range seemingly impassable
9 Plains of fine frozen narcotic dust, everything high and wasted
10 Frozen wasteland shrouded in fog and gibbering gargantuans
11 Freezing waterless rocky waste with mummified animal corpses
12 Snowy pine or fern forest roaming with ancient animals

D12 Rock
1 Rock labyrinth though giant rocks or mountains
2 Gigantic rocks and boulders with hidden routes and valleys
3 Huge mountains with some difficult climbing features
4 Petrified forest with pools of tar and oil
5 Huge megalithic rocks buried in ground
6 Plain of statues and blasted stone
7 Cliffs and fjord of harsh possibly former coastline
8 Canyon with cliff dwellings, ruins or animal colonies
9 Area riddled in caves and sinkholes, warn down mountain range
10 Giant pillars or stone features which resemble giant buildings
11 Barren stony plain with coloured stones and gravel
12 Plateaus and mesa often with different ecologies on isolated peaks

D12 Volcanic
1 Geothermal geysers and pools of mineral salts
2 Lava flows over broken basalt with a few safe crossings
3 Shallow steaming warm waters with scattered lava islands growing daily
4 Erupting volcanoes throw pumice, cinders and ash clouds constantly
5 Broken black landscape, with lava tube tunnels and smoking volcanic vents
6 Burning pits and smouldering craters of burning flammable gas
7 Flaming forest of ever burning trees
8 Blasted crumbling ruined factory and forge buildings which used lava as furnaces
9 Sulphur blasted waste coated in yellow crystalline deposits and dust
10 Plains of boiling bubbling mud and sticky warm clay
11 Half buried abandoned civilization
12 Ash covered wasteland with acid rain

D12 Forest
1 Covered in cacti and succulents, covered in thorns, many contain water, some hallucinogenic
2 Mushroom forest with moulds, puffballs, toadstools, slimes and rich in creepy crawlies
3 Fur trees with pine cones, some giant, packed thick with berry and shrubs in between
4 Sylvia Trees have slime filled branches that attract and absorb animal life
5 Flesh forest of plants-animal hybrids, some with eyes, or mobile or intelligent or hostile
6 Bamboo grove of thick bamboo of many thicknesses home to bandits, poets, animals
7 Giant redwoods and ancient oak trees, home to beast and humans who earn a livelihood here
8 Scented eucalyptus give off fragrant coloured oil vapour, harsh and dry, eerie haunted land
9 Mist shrouded giant fern trees, often inhabited by prehistoric looking creatures in ground litter
10 Flower and fruit trees of great beauty and variety, usually prime territory and defended 
11 Giant flowers as big as trees attract insects and sylvan creatures
12 Forest of highly reflective plants that direct sunlight to destroy predators

D12 Jungle
1 Carnivorous ecology of mobile and non mobile carnivorous plants, some intelligentenough to herd animals
2 Slime jungle of oozing foam and dripping gelatinous mounds and tendrils
3 Single huge plant dominates and connected to lives of all inhabitants, all serve the great tree
4 Thorn jungle of savage dangerous plants and hostile to man, home of beasts and outcasts
5 Macroscopic alien swarm entity engulfing and assimilating all life, neural peptides are it's favourite
6 Floral dream jungles produce hallucinogenic and mind control chemical weapons
7 Jungle city of tree houses and walkways high above ground to avoid enemies
8 Ruined ancient cities and statues overgrown by vegetation, forms mazes with water features
9 Trap filled haunted jungle battlefield, remains of dead soldiers and ancient booby traps
10 Swarming and over run with a single species like giant frogs, triffids, rats, spiders, etc
11 Hyper aggressive alien jungle of killer plants and deadly animals seemingly united
12 Living plant city with plant men or creatures living inside living homes with living weapons

D12 Swamp
1 Salt marsh and mangrove forests, encrusted in salt, giant edible worms and crabs
2 Shrubs, reeds and vegetation over shallow water. Rich in beast and outcast men
3 Fog shrouded marsh full of buried bodies preserved since ancient times
4 Swamp drowned civilisation with islands of intact structures
5 Bog of quicksand, pools of ooze and tar pits and remnants long dead since primordial times
6 Dark and fog shrouded but glowing vegetation, toxic dump and monster breeding grounds
7 Sentient evil swamp pits its beast against intruders, inhabited by all manner of creatures
8 Vile stench of nausea, disease and vermin ridden hell hole, everything is nauseous
9 Dinosaur and primordial species in deep primitive swamp, with megalithic stones and bog iron
10 Sunken ancient battlefield, still covered in remnants of corpses and deadly armaments
11 Settled marsh area with stilt houses and reed woven halls possibly still inhabited
12 Noisy misty bog full of giant giant amphibians, bugs, reptiles and beastmen

D12 Water
1 River divides the land and dominates everything, often thickly settled and a ferry needed to cross
2 Lakes cover the area some just patches of bogs, home to cultists and monsters
3 Ocean with no land, filled with monsters, pirates and occasional merchants or fishermen
4 Boiling ocean of steaming waters, hidden islands and great beast reside here
5 A single huge lake dominates the area, with settlements and island kingdoms
6 Crater lake surrounded by rock wall and forest, weird coloured and long lost remnants of past
7 Lakes on salt plain flats, with different colours, temperature, flavour and even magic properties
8 Sea filled with visible islands, each with tiny dormant volcanic cone, forest and caverns
9 Seabed covered with lost civilization, many islands are former mountains of the old empire
10 Shallow sea with huge coral reefs with tunnels filled with life, even humans live on reef islands
11 Shallow prehistoric sea with ancient arthropods, gastropods and dinosaurs
12 Remains of ruined structures supported above water with ruined city, fish farm, village, oil rig, wrecked ships or lab now partly overgrown

D12 Deathlands
1 Toxic swamp with powdered chemical mounds and huge mounds of ancient jars of poisons
2 Blasted ruined wasteland of former mega city, inhabited by hostile machines and a evil god
3 Part of the Moon fallen to earth, aliens, astronauts and weird insect people and ancient ruins
4 Everything glows with strange light, dangerous auroras and crystalline caverns
5 Collapsed into the sub world, a huge subterranean city, mine or cave complex, underworld perils
6 Huge wastelands with fully active ancient weapons and deathfeilds and intact domes inside
7 Sprawling gigantic ruin crawling with monsters, gangs and wandering plundering killers
8 Green slime covers everything but some islands hidden within and isolated
9 Ruin and crypt covered land crawling with rot grubs, psi worms and sons of kyuss grubs
10 Monster kingdom, appears normal but dark, monsters rule and control their farmed humans
11 Landscape overgrown with cancerous mutant flesh with hairless and featherless animals and strange tribes living within and inside
12 Strange crystal ecology with eerie auroras dangerous to non mineral life

D12 Mana
1 Plateau above land with radically isolated ancient land, filled with tunnels and ruins
2 Floating Lands drift in the sky, a single huge island or many smaller ones
3 Floating ruins drift in sky, partially inhabited, guardian servitors, long lost loot
4 Ancient citadel covered by huge energy barrier, sealed from the ages by secret entry
5 Magic Kingdom, dominated by non human species and possible a earth born godling
6 Everybody dead, acting like nothings wrong, some controlling power
7 Benevolent Utopia like Tanelorn or a Mile high silver pyramid, wary of outsiders, might seek help
8 Under construction, incomplete zone or in the process of being changed by nanofog from a god
9 Ruins and people and beast frozen in stasis, awaiting re use at whim of some god
10 High mana conflict zone, gods battle each other with armies, sprawling trenches, ruined camps
11 Robots and androids serving the gods are wiping out or kidnapping all life to recycle the land
12 Locals experiencing a apocalypse sent by the gods to wipe out the failures of this land

D12 Developed
1 Automated empty high rise sprawl a few feral humans fight the machines
2 Sprawling farmland with villages and farmhouses with some patches of cultivated woodland
3 Sprawling farmland maintained by machines and robots, monoculture crops and herds
4 Ruined ancient suburbia with inhabitants battling roaming gangs of looters
5 Citadel with extensive urban sprawl, surrounding villages, parklands and wilderness
6 Crisscrossed by roads, overpasses, train-lines, sub tunnels, pockets of ruins and wilderness
7 Multiple domes surrounded by ruins or villages, may contain ancients, isolated utopias
8 A large city surrounded by several towns with high population
9 Settler farmers, miners and colonists from elsewhere rapidly grabbing land and territory
10 Civilisation living like some past era or humanity unaware of the rest of Psychon
11 Bunker complex opened and population trying to recover land and kill mutants
12 Ruins and monuments guarded by savage descendants protecting ancestral holy place

D12 Hostile
1 Crater covered wasteland where objects fall from space often including missiles
2 People living in collective hallucination from psychotronic warfare weapons
3 Severe weird hostile weather and strange clouds change hourly
4 Death fields, necrovirus and undead nano weapons pollute area crawling with monsters
5 Severe dark cold snaps that make life difficult to survive, may be more livable by day
6 Severe hot bright wastelands making survival hard may be more livable by night
7 Plague lands with coloured pools of slime, bacteria and medical waste, highly infectious
8 Always visible auroras affect technology, magic, psionics and even mental activity
9 Sprawling garbage of ancients including fields of burning tires, rusting scrap and crap
10 Rainbow coloured mounds of chemicals often toxic and dangerous with poison fog clouds
11 Machine and rogue nanite colonies madly building a incompetent utopia for synthetics
12 Area maintained as a open prison with convict camps and ruined prison walls

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