Sunday 23 October 2016

Schemes for Necromantic Masters

d100 plots for undead boss monsters and necromancers
So this is for when you need a ambition for a big boss undead or necromancers or death cult. A bit of Halloween fun. All pretty good at moment - im back in canberra with nice not bone chilling weather. 

d10 Quick Plot For Undead Boss Types

01 Send out minions for a cause
02 Revive someone or something
03 Call beings to current locations
04 Kill Somebody
05 Destroy Something
06 Find or recover a lost thing
07 Build a lair
08 Perform a ritual
09 Recruit followers
10 Seek Ultimate power

d100 Schemes of Necromantic Masters

01 Send out grave robber minions to grow an army of the living dead
02 Send out cultists for sacrifices to appease a evil supernatural being
03 Send out undead to terrorise trade routes
04 Send out undead to wipe out regional and isolated farming communities
05 Send out minions to gather fiends and horrors to raise a army
06 Send out minions to kidnap important skilled trades men to equip masters agents
07 Send out forces to scare locals away from a secret project of the master
08 Send out swarms of tiny horrible creatures to harass locals away
09 Send out phantoms and spectral minions to haunt a area
10 Send out undead to occupy local ruins as future staging posts for invasion

11 Revive stone age necromancer from glacier
12 Revive undead cavemen mummies from a rock sanctuary

13 Revive a lich king from an ancient ruin from age when necromancer kings ruled
14 Revive a death demigod from their resting place
15 Revive a vampire lord killed by rebellious slaves aeons ago
16 Revive pre human catfishman wizard who knows long lost spells of the monster age
17 Revive a mummy who was a great tyrant in ancient times
18 Revive a tyrant killed several hundred years ago who is still feared by everyone
19 Revive a apprentice of a necromancer lord who might have stolen and hidden a artifact
20 Revive a murdered wicked prince and help him seize his rightful throne
21 Call the ghoul king and his court to terrorise the area
22 Call the dead of the land to arise up and eat those who do not obey
23 Call down a death god to earth to ask him to kill all life for miles
24 Call the plague lords to return and ruin the land with horrible diseases
25 Call famine spirits to kill all the crops and start a famine
26 Call the Sons of Kyuss to come from the hidden crypts beneath the city
27 Call the king of a hoard of undead worshipping beast men
28 Call the court of vampire lords to meet in area to discus some terrible scheme
29 Call a council of Necromancers to assemble a new updated common spellbook 
30 Call a wandering lich lord and his armies to lay waste to the land
31 Master wants to kill a important ruler and install a puppet
32 Master wants to kill monarch then revive as a undead servant and destroy kingdom
33 Master wants to kill adventurers or descendants who defeated them years ago
34 Master wants to kill all the villagers who destroyed a favorite monster creation
35 Master wants to kill a noble youth who spurned their romantic offers
36 Master wants to kill priests of a religion who have hounded their plans for years
37 Master wants to kill a paladin who has now retired and wants no more conflict  
38 Master wants to holy magical beast as an insult to the gods
39 Master wants to kill a monster and turn it into undead horror 
40 Master wants to kill all who live forever and rule the undead
41Wants to destroy a wall that holds back undead of the frontier 
42 Destroy a holy place and it's relics which could harm future plans
43 Wants to destroy a kingdom to punish its people for not submitting to will
44 Wants to destro a vital bridge or road that is a important supply route
45 Wants to destroy a city or town or village that wronged them once
46 Wants to destroy crops and farmland to starve a region
47 Wants to destroy a castle that has defended a region for centuries
48 Wants to destroy the merchant fleet of regions and cut off trade
49 Wants to destroy an order who defend the weak and innocent
50 Wants to destroy a order of holy healers
51 Looking for a ancient engine of destruction long lost to the aeons
52 Looking for reincarnation of long lost love and will kill anyone to get
53 Looking for a mine of precious metal to bankroll more evil schemes
54 Looking for adventurers who ruined a former scheme but any will do
55 Looking for secret text on how to create a new type of undead horror
56 looking for ingredients to create a mighty evil artifact
57 Looking for a evil relic of the necromancer kings of old
58 Looking for a missing body part hacked off by adventurer years ago
59 Looking for a relic stolen by a theif decades ago now hidden from the master
60 Looking for lost ruins which contain lost spell books of forgotten evil
61 Convert a dungeon into a undead factory and dominate the region
62 Restore a ruined castle of ill repute and return it to past maleficent glory
63 Establish a camp in a cursed forest full of ruins and thorns 
64 Take over a smugglers island base and use it to spread evil instead
65 Corrupt the leaders of a town and use it to spread wickedness across the region
66 Grow a giant fungi forest and use as camp for monster minions
67 Take over a cavern complex allowing master to strike across region by surprise
68 Take a ruined temple and use in secret to spread cultists over region
69 Storm a supernatural gate and attack one of the pillars of the universe
70 Plunder another world or exploit it's people and life
71 Perform ritual to let evil god enter the plane
72 Perform ritual to release race of evil beings into the world73 Perform ritual to unmake the universe and return to raw chaos
74 Perform ritual to call a foul cloud from the underworld and sicken a nation
75 Perform a ritual to make dead of land arise
76 Perform ritual to enchant a flesh colossus, a kaiju size flesh golem
77 Perform ritual that makes anyone in kingdom who dies awake as a killer zombie
78 Perform ritual makes monarch slowly turn into a ghoul sending kingdom into chaos
79 Perform ritual to awaken the elder gods
80 Perform ritual to turn back time annd restore the monster empire from the past
81 Seeks to corrupt young apprentices
82 Find a member of another race who knows arcane information about the past
83 Raise an army of bandits and criminals
84 Raise an army of mercenaries
85 Recruit wizards into cult
86 Establish harem
87 Sway guilds and merchants 
88 Take over magic school
89 Call a horde or orcs or barbarians or beastmen
90 Seize a library and take forbidden knowledge
91 Seize and seal a palace and hunt the inhabitants to take power
92 Control the catacombs and sewers of a city
93 Take over organised crime and banditry
94 Use espionage agents to manipulate authorities
95 Subvert a secret society or religion to serve a new leader
96 Recruit a cult and be worshiped like a god by idiots
97 Marry a bloodline by force for legal reasons for power
98 Release the armies of the underworld to plunder life from the living
99 Control a bound elder god or demon with a artifact 
100 Make a pact with the evil elemental lords and conquer the world

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