Wednesday 19 February 2014

River city encounters for Marvel Super Heroes

Have enjoyed running marvel again and do have a few things id like to do like a d100 evil clowns table. One thing I need now is this: encounter tables. Villains and vigelante's game had a good one.

Individual events are for each player. They don't need to be a big distraction, depends on story but could be worked into a bigger story too. I considered all make a luck roll (base karma score - lower colour worse result) or everyone roll a d10 and lowest gets burnt. All depends on how long session is.

I used to start every session with 5 news headlines and some personal issues

1d10 Individual hero problems
1 Power problems - something wrong with power or superhuman abilities
2 Origin problem - something from your past and gaining your powers comes back to haunt you
3 Resource problems - cash flow problems or difficulties at work threaten heroes livelihood
4 Contact problems - a contact needs your help or gets caught up in trouble or current story
5 Enemy makes some kind of attack or threat on hero
6 Popularity problems - a media attack or some damage to heroes rep reduces popularity
7 Secret problems - hidden identity or other secret under threat
8 Hardware problems - some item of tech or equipment or structure failure
9 Family problems - some family or friend from past wants to bug you
10 Government or agency or organisation take an interest in hero

d100 if Street patrol
+25 if base Monitor Duty

River City Encounters
1-20 Petty Crime
21-30 Public Disturbance
31-45 Major Crime
46-60 Gang Crime
61-70 Terrorism
66-70 Espionage
71-80 Petty Accident
81-90 Major accident
91-100 Metahuman

101-105 Natural Disaster
106-110 Man Made Disaster
111-115 Extraterrestrial
116-120 Supernatural
121-125 Extra-dimensional

Petty CrimeMinor crime affecting normal person on street or business

1 Mugging
2 Shoplifting
3 Car theft
4 Car jacking
5 Bag snatching
6 Assault
7 Vandalism
8 Suicide attempt
9 Fight
10 Hit and run driver

Public Disturbance
Rowdy public out of control

1 Rowdy party goers
2 Drunken louts
3 Protest
4 Rioters
5 Looters
6 Drag racing
7 Lynch mob
8 Police excessive force
9 Car chase
10 Extremist Rally

Major Crime
Involving great wealth property damage or potential loss of life

1 Kidnapping
2 Bank robbery
3 Accidental Murder
4 Arson
5 Gun fight
6 Armoured car heist
7 Hostage
8 Bizarre serial killer
9 Maniac with weapons
10 Goods or tech heist

Gang Crime
River city gangs run amok

1 Gang with vehicles looking for trouble
2 Gang rumble
3 Gang vandalism and territory marks
4 Gang dealing drugs
5 Gang hoodlums collecting extortion
6 Gang making deal with other gang
7 Gang meeting to discuss business
8 Gang fighting cops
9 Gang assassination
10 Gang tormenting citizens

TerrorismAttack on public or government for some cause

1 Suicide bomber
2 Vehicular bomb
3 Rocket or mortar attack
4 Planted bomb
5 Crazy sniper
6 Private ideological militia
7 Hostage kidnapping
8 Suicide attack
9 Hijacking
10 Weapon of mass destruction

Agents of some organisation or secret society

1 Assault squad tech heist
2 Assassin team
3 Sniper assassination
4 Someone being chased
5 Intruder team stealing data
6 Agent factions fighting
7 Agents kidnapping important victim
8 Bait to test or study hero
9 Elite assassin with gimmick
10 Trap to lure hero or rival agents

Petty Accident
Typical accident risking person or business

1 Fall from building
2 Vehicle crash
3 Animal loose
4 Load of goods accidentally falls
5 Small fire
6 Building site injury
7 Person collapses in street
8 Person hurt, requires help
9 Child trapped in well or drain
10 Pet trapped cries for help

Major accident
Rare accident endangering many lives and property

1 Building collapse
2 Large building inferno
3 Multi vehicle collision
4 Bridge accident
5 Plane crash
6 Train wreck
7 Explosion
8 Industrial worker accident
9 Electrical power line
10 Chemical transport

Super beings run amok with powers

1 Rampaging superhuman
2 Superhuman with gang on crime spree
3 Robot hunting people with powers
4 Kaiju on the loose
5 Someone misusing powers on public
6 Metahuman or monster kidnaps person
7 Something turning people into monsters
8 Metahuman challenges law and heroes
9 Trap for heroes by master villain or group
10 Superhuman assassin attempts murder

Natural Disaster
A large scale natural calamity risking life and property

1 Quake
2 Flood
3 Forest Fire
4 Mudslide
5 Wild storm
6 Sinkhole
7 Meteor
8 Animal swarm
9 Plague carrier
10 Heatwave or coldsnap

Man Made Disaster
A human created calamity risking life and property

1 Huge transport accident
2 Monster breaks from lab
3 Chemical spill
4 Power plant failure
5 Critical industrial crisis
6 Space accident
7 Explosion and huge scale fire
8 Creatures awaken by human toiling
9 Weapon test goes amok
10 Civilians turned into monsters

Otherworldly invaders

1 Saucers sighted
2 Aliens seen landing
3 Alien abduction
4 Aliens abusing animals
5 Aliens release or make monster
6 Alien crooks out for loot
7 Alien con men
8 Alien on the rampage
9 Alien hybrids or shape changers
10 Alien child with dangerous powers

Mystic threats

1 Haunting
2 Zombie rampage
3 Cult kidnapping
4 Cult steal relics
5 Cult sacrifice
6 Cult assassins
7 Otherworldly summoning
8 Artifact awakens
9 Magical being awakens
10 Mood altered mob

Other planar threat

1 Exploratory team from other world
2 Monster from beyond loose
3 Critters from other world loose
4 Doppelgangers from evil universe
5 Criminals from other dimension
6 Time travellers
7 Locals lost through gate
8 Ambassador from beyond scares everyone
9 Overlord comes looking for conquest
10 Raiders seek something local

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