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d100 Necromancer Relics

I'm Planing a list of demonologist/diabolist items too. Maybe some elementalist ones. I am
enjoying possibility of introducing corrupt items. Also items that carry hazards of usage of corruption. Different source items have different pros and cons.

d12 Corruption conditions
Corruption takes time usually or has some conditions

01 At first sunset after first use

02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

05 If carried 24 hours
06 If carried 7 days
07 If carried next full moon
08 If used to cause death
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the item touches blood
11 If the wielder touches a dead person
12 If carried lunar month (28) days

d100 Corruption effects

01 Inadvertently act as servant to revive dead necromancer, guided by dreams
02 Will attempt possession when weak, might even argue it would save wielder
03 Starts to talk and dress like creator, WIS save or one step alignment shift
04 Small animals and plants nearby die to fuel the items power
05 Item requires a sacrifice, WIS save to snap out of doing it monthly
06 Only aroused by dead things and death, cant get interested in living beings
07 Can't stand being near the living, depend more on isolation and dead servants
08 Sleep in only coffins, crypts, sarcophagi or buried in a grave
09 Body crawling with worms, become immortal worm colony in 24 months
10 Grow increasingly hideous, CHA save monthly or lose stat point, at zero are undead
11 Death stalks you, sometimes making you loose cool in stress moments
12 Spirit of the relic can talk to you offers biased horrible advice on everything

d100 Necromancer Relics

01 Black Finger of Ankron, long black finger with long nail drains 1d6 HP if victim fails CON save, wielder gets one HP healed, more than one and have been used by several famous wielders
02 Circlet of the Skeleton, silver circlet with skull symbol and gens for eyes, can call a skeleton from earth one per level in a single day, separate or all at one use, gift to the Doomlords of Kraan
03 Ring of Krakanjezzrad, simple gold ring with crossed sythe patterns, casts hold person and hold undead once per day, didn't trust even his dead subjects
04 Sickle of Korg, +2 sickle that increases all undead summoning and creation spells by 10% more HD of creatures if a sacrifice is made, black and silver with seal of underworld goddess on hilt
05 Harp of Ganath the Cruel, +2 Quality Harp can be used to cast charm person and charm undead once per day if instrument is played well, used to enslave his enemies
06 Skullcap of Zeos, +1 INT and provides knowledge to learn and cast 1d4 necromancy spells, made from wizards own skull by apprentices 
07 Witches Heart, a mummified heart pierced by thorns in a small plane box, if a blood dropped on has a day with -1 to save vs spells
08 Necklace of Skulls, made from shrunken or tiny humanoid skulls with jade beads and fangs in between, can talk to dead as spell once per day 
09 Zaarban's Wand, allows conversion of memorised or spell energy levels to animate skeletons 1HD per spell level, a elegant bone wand with silver necromancer script 
10 Gormanigar's Dagger, can heal 1hp damage per good person sacrificed, silver blade with demonhide bindings and magic runes appear on blade when wet with innocent blood   
11 Hrothgars Mill, a bone mill made from magic cold iron, spend one hour grinding a skeleton to dust and powder usable for any skeleton raising magic as a instant skeleton 2lb each 
12 Bat cape of Galron, made from demon bat wings, allows necromancer to fly by for one hour at night only, has inscribed map on inside of the wizards tomb  
13 Medallion of Carnax, if worn allows wearer to heal 1hp for eating a meal of human flesh up to 3 uses a day. A skull medallion from iron and lacquer  
14 Rod of Vraldar, a black iron rod may strike as a +2 club and anyone killed is raised as a free willed cannibal zombie the next night. Covered in skeletal engravings
15 Mralgar's Boots, these pointy boots allow wearer to walk on blood, +1 kick damage and can sense decaying buried corpses up to 6 foot under (not on skeletons)
16 Delarad's Bloody Decanter, a small ruby glass bottle bound in steel which can release one gallon of blood per day for rituals, drinking or just decorating  
17 Vrondmar's Staff, a bronze skull on the end, up to 1d6 times a day can drain 1d8 damage and give to wielder or another who touches the staff, can be used in a fight to add to damage
18 Krondmar's Mantle, a black short cape of shiny silk, If worn wielder is detected as undead by skeletons or zombies and mostly left alone
19 Mirgan's Ring, a black metal ring that can detect awakening undead or undead being created within 100 yards, used by wizard to catch out apprentices
20 Zlotmar's Staff, may conjure a skeletal ladder 10 high per wielder level up to twice a day, carved from leg bone of a mammoth or giant the necromancer found
21 Heragmarg's Mantle, a black robe which allows the wielder to attach corpse parts for a buffer of 2d6 HP once per day, parts may smell and look disgusting 
22 Kramtherg's Girdle, a massive belt of black leather and fur from a demon with silver skull studs and belt buckles. Gives a wizard 18 strength for 1d4 hours if a warriors heart eaten once a day 
23 Zagradan's Circlet, a black metal circlet with tiny skulls stamped in able to sense any deaths within 100 yards, feels joyous rush each time, slightly adictive
24 Rodrahn's Ring, a steel ring with spinal cord design, shoots 1d4+1 bone dart like a magic missile with 2d10+10 charges, can recharge with a human sacrifice max of 100
25 Crianna's Girdle, a black woman's leather belt with roses and skeletons embossed, can make a mind link with one skeleton or ghoul or zombie per day, undead seems very attractive and if a ghoul touch does not harm
26 Hralzar's cloak pin, a silver broach like pin depicting a graveyard, makes wearer invisible to undead 1 turn/lv once a day, undead with better HD than wielders lv get a save to detect 
27 Maggarya's Lamp, a spectral eerie green glowing skull lanterns, cast a phantom light three times a day, has a haunted feel may scare some beings
28 Vorlacks Scalpel, looks unoffensive but as a dagger +1 +4 vs magical creatures, bone handle small elegant blade cuts like a duelist fighting dagger
29 Werlam Ornstoms Black Sphere, spirit inside answers 3 Y/N questions a day that the spirit could know of or investigate quickly, had questions take qd12 hours
30 Varagasan's Claw, a black mummified black bird claw with a leather handle is able as a rod, can heal undead 1d4 hp once per day per undead with a touch
31 Tolrud's Stylus, a black demon feather can write dictation on request, if requested it will write several (1d4) necromancer spells lost aeons ago
32 Mirband's Ring of Darkness, can eat soul of a dying person and heal 1d4 damage once per level per day, black other planar metal always detects as evil and magic
33 Trollgug's decanter, if filled with blood turns into a 1d6 healing potion in one hour, works 3 times a day. black glass with a relief moulded skull design and and a cork  stopper
34 Dulrun's Ring of Death, cast feign death three times a day, actualy he used spells on his lovers, plain silver ring with underworld coffin scene 
35 Tritharm's Silver Dagger, can harm any undead normally requiring magic. Also stops undead regenerating damage til next sundown, ivy and skeletons engraved on blade 
36 Maakran the Magnificents Scepter, silver regal skeletal theme designs with a violet crystal the size of a fist on the end, wielder can see in darkness, identify undead and +4 CHA dealing with undead 
37 Ravernarn's Ring, a blue metal zigzag pattern, any zombies wearer creates move as fast as ghouls for movement and initiative, zombies are more animated and disintegrate in a month 
38 Dolkoth's Staff, a black wood stave with a silver death rune, Inflicts 2d4 damage and can harm any undead, or inscribe the silver rune on any skeleton or zombie you command
39 Zaella's Charm, a medallion shoots 1d4+1 missile per round of darkness, d100 charges when found, recharge with a sacrificial ritual one life per charge with max of 100
40 Rugor's Wand, a silver slender specimen can be used to detect level draining undead and protects wielder from 1 level of energy draining which annoys the cheated undead
41 Quandar's Wand, a slender ritual wand if used to create skeletons they appear as they did in life for the hour of sunset or sunrise, he used this to scare villagers he preyed on
42 Rutarmor's Ring, a green jade ring, skeletons created glow green and have green flaming skulls, skeletons also get +1 HP and seem to talk to each other 
42 Palagmars's Staff, red lacquered staff +1 damage vs living from blood drain and the wielder is immune to necromancy magic of up to third level 
43 Zragdara's Talisman, +2AC vs undead and bare hands can harm any undead as if with magic weapons, blood red jewel in centre with evil runes around it
44 Herandu's Medallion, able to cast haste on skeletons or zombies 3 times a day, undead glow while under effect, grinning skull face design with ruby eyes
45 Kellad's Necklace, allows wielder to see invisible undead, depicts underworld ferryman, used to find hauntings an hidden spectral beings or ghost  possessions  
46 Zordara's Couldron can render a man into essential fats and able to carry as a 2lb jar that can be animated as a zombie, takes one day per corpse and fuel for fire
47 Nekkardra's Darts, sprout a skeleton each hit, come in bundles of 3d6, black with bone point and fins, left many bundles in many places
48 Deryoriv's Kettle, brews a tea that heals any undead 1HP a day, need tea and a cup also to use, often found in a set, rotting dancing bodies illustrated in relief
49 Waffyoggen's Staff, a violet staff with a black crystal provides protection from good if wielded by an evil person, infamously used to kill his sons who stories say stalk wielders as spirits  
50 Morgaran's Ring, turns into a dagger at will which returns to the wielders hand at end of round. Can cast charm undead once per day, blue metal with skull motif
51 Xothasta's Candelabra, black flames from corpse tallow candles burnt in this cause all sound in 30 feet to be nullifies even affecting some spell casting
52 Hrothgar's Bindings, rope any tied up appears as feign death spell and does not require air to live while bound, starvation is the biggest threat while under
53 Mirgan's Harp, a black ivory harp from evil unicorn horn, +2 on Harp skill and can cast charm undead 3 times a day
54 Gorgak's Spade, a black wooden handle with silver can diga 6 foot deep grave onece per level per day or fill in a grave, also used to quickly rob corpses, dig trenches or toilets
55 Kindra's Lamp, burns with black flame reveals any disturbed graves or crypts or formerly sanctified burials or sites that have been disturbed and estimation of how long, years or days
56 Zirria's Horn, If blown next to one skeleton per level once per day, skeleton develops ethereal flesh and its hand turn into claws that cant use weapons but can make 2 1d6 attacks
57 Shayzanna's Skullcap, a smooth silver skullcap, as long wearer eats some of a new human corpse for breakfast get +1d3 CHA that lasts till midnight that applies only to evil or undead beings 
58 Piryam's Cloth, a black altar cloth that is placed over a zombie and chanted over, the zombie grows a single horn and eyes merge and it grows crab pincers for hands. inflicts 1d6 horn and two 1d3 attacks with claws, Piryam's zombies are mostly naked and disinterrate in sunlight
59 Natangor's Staff, set with shark teeth and fish skeleton designs, can turn a sack of dead fish into a hopping undead 1HD swarm, 1HD per level per day uses, 2d4 damage vs aquatic undead
60 Plastor's Band, a gold arm band that infuses a single skeleton with dark powers for one day and can do this once per week, the skeleton gets +1HD, can fly at 3 MV and shoot two 1d4 black rays from it's eye sockets and is smart enough for recon and assassinations 
61 Raggorna's Gloves, opera style black elbow length that turn into d4 silver claws at will, the gloves are as effective as steel gauntlets vs harm, and always clean, great for surgery 
62 Rorgan's Veil of Decay, a veil which if worn gives thermographic vision in darkness that can detect most undead and living beings
63 Zorbadan's Wand, a black spiny wand that can turn into a staff for fighting and can jolt undead for an extra d3 damage on a strike. He enjoyed fighting and beating failed undead
64 Crenran's Black Sphere of the Crypt, a onyx sphere can contain and store one undead humanoid under your control for later use, undead made pocket portable 
65 Pakara's sickle of despair, a silver sicle with obsidian and demon ivory can destroy a 1 or 2 HD undead who fails a magic save if hit by the weapon, burn in black flame if fail save
66 Cape of Mabgerrzas, a black half length cape provides +1 MV and +2AC in darkness or night as wearer blends in, made from underland shroom leather with violet runes
67 Vestments of Cysroth, smells of spicy incence and wearer neverr gets soiled or smells bad things, also can store a 1st level spell is a secret word is known, old fationed funeral ceremonial undertaker dress
68 Boots of Cysroth, leave no trail even if walk through gore pile, and our silent exept if turned by a priest wearer flees as if undead, will not step over holy symbols, items or artworks. Actually made from "live" feet of undead  
69 Ring of Cysroth, a green metal band with a jackal head, once a week can brand a skeleton and see through it's eyes at will over next 24 hours, sign of Cysroth visible on forehead 
70 Wand of Cysroth, scarlet enamel with a vulture toe claw on end ans some black feathers, can cast hold undead 3 times a day if secret word known
71 Xrull's lichfinger wand, a long bony finger with part of hand one end with a ring on one end, Lich is looking for it, -1 victims save vs necromatic spells and can ask lich a question once a week while in trance
72 Bowl of the Pharaohs, can see through eyes of a mummy, usually the closest one, once a week can ask nearest mummy a question even if they are long asleep
73 Dagger of Hebunas, an ancient stone dagger, any undead struck must save vs magic or be slowed for 1d6 rounds, dagger can hit any undead normally weapon proof
74 Obsidian Blade of Ancient Ones, black glassy unbreakable blade +2, cuts made scarify, great for body art and decorating zombies or fleshy undead without harming them
75 Sickle of the Ancient Ones, black glassy unbreakable blade +1 +3vs living foes that bleed, can be used to cripple beings that usually regenerate if used to mutilate them
76 Ring of Kirthix, large green crystal ring can hurl 1d4 green flame with a hit roll or start fire at will, after d100 uses require burning a victim to regain a d100 new uses
77 Eyglass or Eraznax, a large magnifying manacle held by a chain necklace, +2 to any roll requiring fine motor manipulation, can also start a fire outdoors in 1d6 rounds in good sunlight
78 Black Book of Eragalzarg, spellbook with 2d4 1st level spells and 1d4 2nd level spells and room for more, spell bites for a d4 any who try to open without naming its makers name. If then fed meat the book will bond to new owner
79 Deathmasters Manual for necromancer lords of ancient evil empire, 1d3 spells of 1st to 3rd level, the book is poison and ungloved readers make a poison save every consultation or spell read
80 Wand of the Deathmasters for necromancer lords of ancient evil empire, makes a under 1HD humanoids burst apart apart into a skeleton if animate dead cast on them and they fail a save vs magic, one person person per level per occasion, silver wand with onyx bead tip
81 Scythe of the Deathmasters for necromancer lords of ancient evil empire, can harm any undead, can reap grain crops twice as fast, blade can retract and appear as a staff
82 Crown of the Deathmasters, a black iron crown, can communicate with other crown wearers around the world and they will offer their advice, worn by local rulers world wide
83 Ring of the Death Masters, drains life of a sacrificed body and sends it to deathlords temple thought destroyed 10 000 years ago, victim gets a save to get to proper afterlife
84 Ring of Nimrath the Destroyer, wearer +3 vs fear and might be possessed by the wizards soul in the ring, can inhabit and use normally unconscious body of wearer or control hem if they fail a magic save. First save fail lasts 1 turn, one turn longer each turn. Ring is cursed and weilder must save to take off and again to leave it alone
85 Torc of the Doom lords, made from gold with three skulls with jewel eyes, each eye can store 3HP which comes from wearer first time they try it, which the wearer can use to heal himself later
86 Staff of the Doomlords, made from dragon fangs, inflict 2d4 with a strike strikes beings requiring magic to hit as if +3, dragons hate you on sight
87 Book of the Black Lodge, four first level spells and instructions on scribing scrolls technique printed for beginners of legendary school of evil magic, some have secret notes or maps hidden inside
88 Book of Dural the Insane, has notes to recreate 1d3 spells with research, but reader makes a WIS save vs insanity, becomes obsessed with Durals Destroy World Spell among other craziness
89 Scrolls of Mondra the Grim, may cast undead creating spells and undead get +1HP after studying, WIS save or alignment becomes evil and hair turns white
90 Chalice of the Dark Godess, stolen from dark elves long ago, wine placed in becomes blood suitable for rituals, from the goddes in the underworld, whoever holds it attracts undue attention from many evil cults 
91 Glorgan's Bloodletter, surgeons tools for bleeding, 1d4 hp blood can be drained and made into a healing potion that treats 1hp. If a person donates more than once a month lose CON points instead, vampires can live off these potions
92 Zamagars claws, set of arm bands, turn forearms into horrible undead claws, 1d6 damage with two attacks, used to tear out hearts in his birthday ritual
93 Zamagars skullcap, a iron cap with runes of death, head surrounded by aurara of flame and can make a extra headbutt or bite attack 1d6 per round, used in his coronation thousands of years ago 
94 Skins of the horned man, a collection of pictograms on hide which could be used to recover a long lost 4th level spell, and possibly other secrets like a underworld enterance
95 Hand of Gornax, obeys commands, has 8HP, AC+6, MV18 can carry or use tools like a dagger of hammer, can point to other magical parts of Gornax, writes treasure maps and notes
96 Eye of Trasveran, eyeball of otherworldly vision, if put in socket will see magic, perceive live from undead and the wizard sees everything you do. Once a week can contact other plane by entering a trance
97 Girbra's Book, diary of a young girl necromancer and her journey to adulthood and serving her master Sythe. Research one spell of each level one to three, WIS or develop unhealthy obsessions of a tween goth girl  (undead ponies, kissing zombies, sitting on a lich's lap to get spells)
98 Nekkra's Scepter, skull on one end can detect holy water and sanctified ground or a priest turning, +1 level on necromancer spells, can commune with the Demon Prince of Undead once per week 
99 Wand of the Black School, student wand from the famous forbidden school of olden times, can detect corpses and estimate ages, Adds +1 Lv to effects of 1st-3rd necromancer spells 
100 Staff of the Black School, masters  staff from the famous forbidden school of olden times, can detect undead and Adds +1 Lv to effects of 4th-5th Lv necromancer spells and can store a 1st level spell cast on it for later use 

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  1. This is already more magic items than many published games! Amazing job (as usual). Book of the Black Lodge jumped out at me for some reason - 1st level spell book ... with some flavor.


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