Friday 7 February 2014

d100 Kaiju monster apocalypses

Kaiju good for planet Psychon or  super heroes or whatever. I'm a bit inspired by Marvel Monster era comics.

A Kaiju isn't just a friggin huge thing to kill, they should be able to cope with deadliest gammaworld weapons. They could also be a dungeon waiting to happen. Rescue the crown from the kaiju tummy and sake the rightful rulers? Ear canal of kaiju? Perhaps their mouth is a hellgate like in medieval art? Best avoid being eaten in all cases.

Any suggestions for d100 Pocket monsters in a similar format in comments -  i will put with your name in table

Remenbering may Gygaxian critters started as kaiju dolls and good DnD monster could just get a giant version. Cthulhu monsters are well represented also.

In a Kaiju story evidence of beast is often found, with increasing clues till a sighting. Usually an attack on a settlement follows with beast heading to greater urban centers and fighting a military force. Sometimes the monster carries parasite monsters, might battle or team up with other monsters or have scientists devise a super weapon. Aliens may meddle in kaiju affairs too, seeking to control, kidnap, eliminate or trap them out of the way. Kaiju mostly are dumb but can sort of communicate.

I ran a kaiju game of MARVEL with 100 foot tall monsters where players mostly played the human contacts till fight time when every player would pull out their monster. Set in world over run by monsters setting was very fun.

d100 Kaiju
1 Kaiser Siezure hairy dinosaur thing blasts with neural frequency pulses of light stunning others
2 Waku Tiki a huge stone monolith with hands and legs, grumpy but served by cultists and priestess
3 Radura a quadraped dino with spikes growing in back, can roll at high speed in a deadly sphere
4 Megasan huge robot warrior martial artist with rocket flight, has own intellect but has been controlled by others before
5 Gigadru a mighty radioactive reactor fueled t-rex type with atomic blast breathe able to shoot spacecraft down. Feels protective of earth and challenges other monsters
6 Garudar a supersonic giant bird can generate weather patterns and possibly will transport people
7 Biobor a blob of petrochemical and bioplastic gel. Engineered to clean ocean now a shambling toxic psuedo lifeform
8 Mighty Colossus is a necromancer made monster from thousands of corpses, it feeds on the dead from graveyards
9 Fungarigar a giant mushroom man who is kinda o and sometimes even funny, but he can still cause plagues, slime outbreaks and hallucinations
10 Tortura a giant gamma turtle flies through space and likes to fight, murders foes in imaginative ways and dances over the dead, wont harm young
11 Killgor the stone ape, sleeps ages then awakens due to magical cycles. fairly mindless but hates fire and violence, send him beserk crazy
12 King Mummy a titan in bandages gargantuan mummy sealed for ages and returned with growing magic powers
13 Robaru huge boxlike robot humanoid, moves very crudely but heavily armed with rockets, lazers and lightning cannons
14 Gortaku alien humanoid robot eliminates wicked and passes judgement on those unworthy of life. Fiery heat ray is feared but he can turn into nanoid swarm and change size
15 Glittaru a sparkly mirror tiled moth that can fly to the moon and reflects lasers and some energy weapons, can create glitter chaff to ruin radar and electronics or other effects
16 Skerratax a scarlet bat that rains monster ticks from the sky or vomit mutagens and acid or plaguespoor over people
17 Zerbaratan a giant diabolic spider goddess with mental powers and crystalline webs, seeks to enslave all with her powers, mostly in great web sends out minions to spread her crystals
19 Junkuburu absorbs trash and grow body likes to inhabit trash heaps and be left alone
20 Herabu is a sun blonde handsome ape with uncanny martial art skills for a giant monster
21 Zog the eyeball of terror is a giant eye with tentacles who dominates human minds and makes them attack his enemies, mostly other kaiju
22 Moguuran a titanic battle crazed gargoyle found under a monastery, flies through sky likes gothic architecture dominated cities
23 kaytwolu an octopus headed space demon god who mostly sleeps is a mighty psychic and can call great powers from overspace
24  Zoggax the lawmaster a giant alien floating tree and cosmic judge, ignores puny humans and attacks things he feels judgmental about, he may chant out the crime as he rampages, at first in an alien language
25 Tonoga a colossal fetish statue from the equator terrorizes populations and uses black magic psychic powers to curse and weaken others, makes voodoo dolls of rival kaiju
26 Zrollatar a strange ape creature with a long beard and long eyebrows, with wise looks, nimbly dodges attacking kaiju or snatch a jet fighter from the sky
27 Zakkama a giant blue lobster who dwells under the sea but surfaces to eat meat, surprisingly clever and communicative and clicks his nippers to talk
28 Purgurru a giant battle penguin with cyborg weapons including a marine frequency lased for anti submarine actions
29 Makkamad a mega centipede with poison sting and ravenous flesh craving appetites, has lived since before the dinosaurs
30 Yeritan a snow white horned fanged giant ice baboon ape thing covered in thick white fur,  radiates cold ray aura
31 Starchild a floating giant fetus actually the psionic collective consciousness of an elder race here to judge all life for the collective
32 Kodaru a giant ice golem from the stars who brings blizzard weather, forms a new body when right stars visible by night
33 Zamadan a giant radioactive gila monster who breathes clouds or irradiated plasma and likes to wallow in lave flows, attracted to volcanoes seeking a mate
34 Diablo Scorpia a colossal scorpion who voraciously grows from an egg to eat everything it can so it can lay some eggs and carry them about till they hatch, hate human vehicles
35 Maantaron the preying mantis seeks food and a place to lay eggs, flies long distance and hates flying machines
36 Vurratu a titanic vulture with a hideous with like face kills puny humanoids like worms, it has a terrorfying appearance and cry
37 Karabura a cyborg crab monster built by some hidden race enclave to attack the surface dwellers
38 Cyber Insectoid made by invading military force able to burrow into bunkers to eat people and attack from underground, easily sensing snacks on surface
39 Zakarra a giant moth who's wing dust spreads mutations to local life
40 Horraka a giant moth who's wing dust spreads zombies and other undead
41 Karadan a hideous corpse eating insectoid who feast on human graveyards by night
42 Zogardan a part reptilian part space crystal covered in lamprey headed tentacles of black obsidian but he can become invisible when not in a fight
43 Borattan a gigantic mobile plant with tendril tentacles for grabbing and multiple venus fly trap heads and will reconfigure itself if battle damages
44 Kimergan is a hideous intelligent space plant who animates local plants to attack animals who bother him, one day he will climb atop a mountain and take root, calling his kin from the stars or animating all the worlds plants or just send spores across the planet
45 Zamagan a ferocious titan werewolf with deep space blue fur and silver teeth, eats people mostly and seen at night howling at  the moon
46 Liogarr a phantom dragon who insubstantially rises from the earth spreading madness and feeding of human depravity till it attains enough mass to fight other monsters
47 Goregaxx a silver samurai battle robot with a might energy sword and mighty pointy shoulder pads and helmet. Defends earth from monsters
48 Morangar a gigantic bronze golem with a great furnace inside, who bleeds fire if harmed, made by wonder workers of the ancient world
49 Torriogorr a metalic cyber ki-rin beast with a huge horn that like to charge, can float on winds and follow weather patterns, impaled victims get a huge electric discharge
50 Migan a huge cyber bird with metal claws who fire guided missiles from his beak, partly a concorde like appearance when at top speed
51 Kibri the giant squidoid waddles across the surface seeking snacks but far deadlier in the sea. His tentacles regrow rapidly and he can tear apart foes with them
52 Chiburan a giant cyborg blue whale travels the oceans destroying anything human and uplifting cetations with cyborg and mutant powers
53 Shakaladan the great ground squid burrows beneath then calls humans to a ritual gathering and eats them all, he creates cults by communing with slaves descendants from when humans left Africa
54 Shemagara a monstrous female she troll with six arms and magnetic powers eats men for hormones that allow her to give birth to smaller burrowing male trolls
55 Astrozer a space dragon who lies to earth in a fire ball and wreaks havok then flies back to the comet tail he sleeps in
56 A hideous lactating mammal beast goddess, a quivering mess of fur coated flesh, eyes, wet orifices and pink sensory tentacles who spawns strange pairs of mammal creatures, her psychoactive milk is addictive and makes you smarterer and strongerer
57 Zorgan the gelatinous, a slimy transparent green jelly mountain with kilometers of tendrils with eyes inside. Doesn't move much just quivers but can break into swarms of smaller jellies in mobile land scouring gel glacier. Drowns foes and buildings with acid, mass of numbers and stinger cells
58 Mekawlax a huge floating jelatinous mass whith honeycomb structures inside and stinger tendrills that snatch organic matter between it and the soil. Smaller ones sometime swarm around it
59 Kammagar a bizarre organic pod with a single eye, three feet and a locomotive spring, can teleport log distances through other planes
60 Gattagan a platypus like creature with a turtle plastron and two serpentine antenna like tentacles, swims, burrows and eats people in water preferably and has electrical touch powers
61 Spherion a huge rotating hairy sphere which splits vertically to eat things with huge toothed jaws, came from space likes to eat ordinary people from space
62 Zarstrad a huge alien cybernetic pyramid which lands in the sea. grows into a huge factory to metabolize the planet, has been thwarted by kaiju and mental powers together
63 Komragan a flying octopus from space with glider membranes connecting his spiky arms. Fires gamma ray laser from his eye but his vision deteriorates without recovery time
64 Zagatu a huge yellow furred creature who shoots lightning and moves with great speed and agility compared to most other monsters, looks kinda cut when not eating trains and buses full of people  
65 Kanandam a giant snake bred by a subterranean civilization as a god, carries troops in his mouth for amphibious warfare from his deep sea cavern lair
66 Wakkana the devil snail is a multi-headed snail each with a savage maw, heads regrow and massive radiation sprouts extras, eats everything and leaves a slime trail of poison sticky death that can trap vehichles
67 Belgorr the beast a hairy demon with great overlapping fangs and batwings. A single burning eye fires flaming beams and he may psychokineticly cause weather, combustion or trap people
68 Harraban a writhing mas of bioplasm that apears as a shapeshifting swarm of the creatures it has eaten, after eating in city will seem to be mass of humans begging for help
69 Zadjaan the Firebird flies supersonic speeds and raises the temperature before raining flame of dropping an atomic egg that can destroy a city
70 Goljard a great bear like body with a sea divers helmet like cybernetic device with antenna for a head, a weapon of invading aliens or madman, has some mental powers and can shine a light like a lighthouse from his face plate
71 Dakkonin the great fish man god of the islands has spread his hybrid human cult world wide.
72 Daionan the great white serpent, a titanic burrowing worm who destroys towns occasionally controlled by cults or other means, mostly mindless
73 Jarikam hexapod crustacean with a central toothed mouth can shoot its chainsaw like teeth many times his own length like a flying guillotine. Usually retracted with some titbit, nasty and makes gurgling snickering sounds
74 Kitturu a giant kitten with death ray eyes out for a play but gets mad if sees kaiju of is attacked by puny humans. Cruelly toys before eating you, adorable mostly if entertained
75 Dredduru a conical mountain of bleeding flesh with a screaming blind head. Sends out waves of hooror and repulsion and breeds hairy pink maggots that chase people
76  Dranbardra a  huge rolling sea urchin that impales people on spikes and sucks out their juices. Rolls onshore seeking victims but not particularly brave, will squeal and flee at any serious threat
77 Chort is a mud covered serpent headed hydra surrounded by savage wolf heads that walks on hundreds of straw like legs, breathes radioactive quick drying web glops
78 Zimandra a horrorfying cone of slimy flesh that glides like a slug and single eye stalk that shoots heat rays, colour changes and type of ray might too
79 Milipedus a thousand legged armoured worm that runs and burrows at high speed and bites or spits paralysing stinging gas
80 Gunduru a hideous giant space vampire bat with a cruel armoured face and huge ears, shoots explosive cosmic firebolts and creates weather systems to suck victims up twisters into his mouth, sonic screeches destroy glass and some energy weapon components
81 Zarburdru a giant angler fish who's glowing lamp stalk is seen before the beast beneath the water, flesh is glowing and transparent with teeth like glass. Eats bats
82 Rastra a insectoid beast who's tendrils cause metals to rust and other mater to burn with internal combustion from rapid oxidization
83 Zurr a giant blue or pink space bunny looks joyfull but smashing humans makes the happiest. control gravitic fields to pin foes and jump on them. Bites throats to finish victory
84 G80 a huge mecha bristling with long range missiles and cannons built to kill kaiju wandered off unmanned and happily shells cities if kaiju hiding
85 Ruhred a burning salamander from core of the earth come to destroy noisy  things on his nest, sheathed in flame and heat that normally kill
86 Gobborron a giant one eyed multi-legged horned serpent with killing stare and poison blood, pollutes lair with pollution from poison
87 Karbura the great devil dog a one eyed black dog that causes fear and hexes foes with bad luck and bites to pull foes over
88 Mozzrangi a giant spindly limbed insectoid with a huge agile proboscis that snorts up humans or kaiju heart blood, creepy, sneak and killer, wings easily damaged
89 Drunherdt the hell tree, trapped collective soul of primordial race seek to corrupt world, its presence attract a doomsday cult who sew trouble in it's wake
90 Gramtharku a huge earth elemental like being with crackles of geological static sparks as moves from it's huge size, drowns cities in its earthy tsunami form, makes lonely baying sound when calm
91 Kirrabu a huge water monster shark with tentacles like a squid eats anything it can and then sleeps under ice cap till oceans recover every few thousand years
92  Karamgar a huge cloud with a single eye and horn like formation above, can develop cyclonic weather and lightning which zaps what it frowns on, hostile to advanced radar and weather control apparatuses, can dissipate and reform anywhere on planet over a few days
93 Mirramah a boiling field of high energy plasma which can appear in invisible frequencies for short periods or attack with its disintegrating energy storm field, occasionally a eye forms. Occasionally he is trapped in planetary magnetic field, may crudely communicate via radio and code or control a single human
94 Zragor a huge bipedal reptilian with crab claws and a can opener like nose he rams other monsters or battleships with, amphibious and quite fond of digging, can sense enemies and known to
95 QuaZoth the wizard beast is a horned bearlike monster with huge hook claws and mystic changing patterns on his fur which also changes colour. Occasionally he uses magical powers to great effect but powers seem varied and to have limited or single uses
96 Ravgorran a black shrouded skeletal being mad of fog, actually a nanoid cloud the spreads undead contagion, this being is actually a fragment of an evil alien who almost destroyed the earth by causing the undead apocalypse
97 Makanigar a horrible deep sea arachnid with claw arms, stinging and shooting nuerotxic tails and a savage mouth with a second set of elongating jaws in his mouth, crazed and hungry beast awakens when tricked into thinking climate returned to 300 million years ago
98 Kovrak a great centaur beasts with a one eyed horned head and a scaly apelike upper body. Lower body more rhino like with two additional crab pincer arms. Eye is a biological laser recharged by absorbing ambient energy from heat or EM fields. In some battle uses only once, in right battle will use many times. Engineered by military from alien embrio
99 Zologor the feeder, a huge pink mountain of gelatinous flesh with two huge double hook limbs that draw prey into huge vertical mouth running up whole body, head has snail like eye stalks, tentacles also come from mouth and grab victims closer
100 Makkala a gigantic wasp like creature with fragile glass like wings and a stabbing probnoscis that injects maggots eggs into prey like kaiku. If unable to eat tiny humans directly will leave eggs in people roofs. Manny gripping claws, hooks and saw edged limbs to butcher prey dangle form its metallic shiny blue green scales, maggots grow into lesser monsters and some adapt to water if hatched near water

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