Tuesday 4 February 2014

d100 Gangs for cyberpunk or superheroes

 Got nice interest from players and some one asked me to run as a alternate game to DnD. I might run a ultimate's style version of the marvel universe and let them them pick a official character from comics. Have run 5 sessions now and has even cut into my blogging time. Had lots of new players which is always nice.

This was for my super hero setting but realized this would work for my cyberpunk/carwars/dark-future BRP setting. I have cyberpunk notes somewhere. This took longer than I planned.

d100 Gangs for a cyber age ghetto
1 Squids (Squidkids) fluro coloured dreadlocks, robes, goggles gasmasks, people think they are crazy but they are a insane cult to outre gods
2 Neons (Hackinfracks) all black with long coats and hoods raver hacker kids and cyber anarchists and media hackers, glamgang graffiti crews, increasingly sell outs
3 KBL Crew (Trackheads) Wear white track suits, singlets, sportswear and gold rings and chains, aussie bogan hip hoppers have released songs too, increasingly sell out and conspicuous wealth
4 Vampyros (Vamps) Gothpunk crew into BDSM, blood letting and occultism, most kinda lame wannabes but a increasing interest in ultra violence, strange powers and blades
5 New Aryan Youth (Skinjobs) Shaven louts and hooligans into racial violence and  violent crime, looking for strong leaders
6 Chrome Dragons (Cyberdragonz) Rich mostly Asian gangster kids working for big mobster families. Into looking cool, martial arts and ridiculous tech. Mostly privileged mob brats or their friends
7 Dominoes (Greasehogs) Retro themed bike and car and truck gang into leather, body building and controlling prisons and docklands. Many middle eastern, and several all gay chapters
8 Black Temple (Hellriders) Satanic bikers inspired by warrior monks of legend, like medieval weapons, sometimes wear high tech platemail, hooligans but disciplined by cult. Has links to big  Corporations like Temple Industries and Gentech and other cults and bikers. Run drugs, prostitutes, tattoos, security guards, bouncers. Many militarily trained and all celibate.
9 Killer Clowns (Hell-Clowns) all dressed as clowns, insane drug crazy sadists who abuse the street drug rainbow-clown, a mix of inhaled bathsalts and speed. Violent psychosis and hallucinations turn clowns into crazies filling mental hospital
10 Black Scorpions (Scorps) all black wearing burglars, saboteurs and occasionally killers, getting more into industrial espionage with several patron companies providing them with tech and education
11 Prettyboys (Bay-boys) tattoo surfer guys, mildly racist, fitness jerks into steroids, sexual assault  and drugs. Occasional try to start riots, many have done time, some fairly wealthy secong gen crooks
12 Silverskulls (Metal Heads) Biker gang of fascist fanatics, into scary metal, piercings, ritual torture, fighting other gangs just for kicks, popular recruits for terrorists and others
13 Satanics (Hellhoppers) Cult into satanic horrorcore rap, like blood and pentacles and occultism, grown to attack traditional authorities with terrorism
14 Yellow Fangs (Fangs) Asiatic gang who are ruled by long lived Dr Ho from hidden underworld casino also deal in drugs and smuggled exotic goods and outlaw tech
15 Cruds (Roaches) most hardcore homeless druggies but leaders use drugs to drive desperate into dangerous crimes. Hooked on synthetic drug crud. Have been reported to be becoming cannibals. Blend in with homeless
16 Pink Slits (Bitchwhores) a militant sex worker union that fight pimps and biker gangs and offers workers health plans and super funds. Can dress in variety of styles but mostly black if nefarious or illegal or violent. Often castrate pimps and a few politicians and judges and other cruelties
17 Sparks (Torch-heads) - Arsonist teens try to burn a building a week for internet videos, mostly online connecting small groups and solo members and look ordinary. Started getting more gang like then too paid jobs from big crime. Now also getting into murder and fighting other gangs.
18 Frankenstien gang (Monster men) - love retro looking armed and armoured cars, rockabilly, strippers, gambling and rock n roll. Many have sin dyed green and heads flattened and wear leather.
19 The Spawn (Muties) - Mutant teenaged gangs live in sewers comiting petty crime, prostitution and occasionally revenge against other gangs. Hated by more hardcore groups. Frequently go punk
20 Skull boys (skulls) started as thugs but working to bigger crimes and more violence to take other gangs business. Very effective recruiting and training mostly after power for its own sake, dress in skeleton pattern suits to commit crimes, often use terror and violence to steal and attack the law. Have been employed by some other organizations as criminal muscle
21 Kaiju Romeos (Zilla thrillers) Self professed monsters who declare they cannot be stopped. Many in rock bands and together they persecute non member musicians and blackmail performers
22 Bloodeagles (Gobblers) cannibal cyborgs many vetran fighters recruited as teens by force, leave horrible mutilated corpses as celling cards. Remainsof a spit roasted human corpses found outside  shanty towns they frequest
23 Fan-boys/girls (Coskillers) like to dress up as characters from mass media and battle each other before moving on to stalking public and other gangs. Many in outlandish costumes they slave over. Some deadly martial artists or have custom weapons 
24 Flesh Dolls (Meat puppets) into body building, steroids and cosmetic surgery, change faces constantly to fashion needs. Run sex and drug trades but increasingly fighting other gangs
25 Cape club (Fakecapes) dress as superheroes and stalk heroes even rioting after them sometimes respond to call for heroes and get killed, increasingly fighting gangs and failing heroic feats. Some try eating formulas, practice spoonbending and try to get stung by radioactive insects. Some are just prostitutes.
26 Desert Rats (Wastelanders) are a desert road gang that pass through city for jobs, delivering drugs and to wage war on other gangs. Feral savages, battered vehichles, furs and some have pet dingos and feral kids
27 Molemen (Cave kids) dwell in sewers building housing, black markets, exploring empty bunkers and buildings, climbing cranes, holding raves, will defend drains from other gangs
28 Robogangers (Botgang) use drones and robots, often recycled from industrial dumpsters and repurpsed, steal hardware and manufacturing illegal weapons and bootlegging goods from 3d printers
29 Basement crew (Hackers) cyber gang was bunch of teens more like hackers now big business with fraud, extortion and worse and employ other gangs as thugs for fights over abandoned buildings
30 Chemtown gang (Wasters) drug addled, many deformed and mutated from living in industrial waste often steal medical supplies, drugs and mutagenic and chemical weapons, have raided military test site dumped, used anthrax on rival gang
31 Hammertown gang (Slammers) gang who run street fights and extortion and fight for their territory, lots of big cars used to transport and run drag races
32 Steeltown Gladiators (Warheads) run illegal fights with high profile and rich patrons, increasingly exotic atempt to trap or blackmail cyborg or mutant or supernatural or superhuman combatants  
33 Diablo Island lords (Diablos), devil themed latino gang into leather, torture and arson of new business and development in the ghetto. Run nightclubs and love knives and flamboyant display
34 Bruja (Witches) Gang terrorist and blackmail superstitious with magic in ghettos, have many loyal thugs, actually a cult dating back to 18th C from San-Francisco and supposedly hoard conquistador gold
35 Gellers (Psions) Kids obsessed with superior mental powers, run numbers rackets, gambling, grifting, con rackets and then blow money on esp research and experimental drugs
36 Skyrunners (Runners) Freestylers race through the city acrobatically and make deliveries, avoid vice and violence mostly but skilled martial artists
37 Straignknives (Straight-o's) Tatoo rock fans into jesus, gambling, strippers and beating up drunks and drug dealers and moral reprobates in badside
38 Kryptidkids (Kriptids) Gang has pannache for lab grown extinct pers smuggled from russria and singapore as embrios, like to hunt and test pets abilities, also steal meat and cattle trucks
39 Ghettoghouls (Graverunners) gothic ravers, cannibals and grave robbers, put on wild parties and deal drugs and prostitutes and tatoo and piercing shops, some dandy masters of cane fighting and savate
40 Clonegang (Clones) gang of suicidal illegal force grown clones of selves, cheap ilegal transplants and cloning but some company death squads raid them for undercutting them
41 River Pirates (Boatbangers) prefer boat and harbourside piracy. Claim to decend from colonial pirates and convicts, like to rob rich and assist in prison outbreaks and smuggling
42 Witchtakers (Cloisterfrackers) hunt any gangs with occult symbols or interest, attack astrologers, burn new age therapists and hunt vampires, like puritan hats, whips, axes, swords and crossbows
43 Monstertakers (Slayers) Hunt mutants, robots, AIs, cyborgs anything they think a monster and seek to kill it. Many other gangs qualify
44 Sisterhood (Gunnuns) order of homicidal nuns out to purify the ghetto of any filth, attack criminals, prostitutes, drunks, fatties any sinners they catch
45 Bayside Lizards (Herps) gang with increasingly grafted reptile body part freaks into dinosaurs, snake farming, tatoos, metal, motorbilkes and drugs. May carry poison snakes many are immune now
46 River city slashers (Blades) serial killer psychos hunt victims and recruit new members, have insane moral arguements, like to talk to victmas and leave weird calling cards
46 River City Warlords (RCW) ready for apocalypse and enjoy bloodsports, duels, improvised vehichles, heavy weapons, punk warlord wasteland chic
47 Scrap Cowboys (Scrappers) hang out down trashtown, and scour garbage heaps and charge others for same rights, refill empty containers with fake bootleg stuff to resell, loot data off old computers, steal recyclables
48 Glitterdamerung (Glitzis) gay nazis wearing sequined 3rd reich uniforms, run dance clubs and gymnasiums, bath houses and hair dressers. Like fighting homophobic gangs in rumbles
49 Sunblitz cycle club (Kamikaze) ride high tech cycles and sword fights like to fight other gangs and high jack trucks, interested in high tech and getting corporate gigs
50 Mad Circus (Carny) gangs of carny and roustabouts and sideshow operators, usually tattoo and with exceptional physical skills. Burglary and prostitution and parties main activities
51 Seal Bay Hunting club (Sealers) former sea lion hunters turned into waterfront extortion mob and cargo hijackers. Famous for illegal seal culls killing hundreds of protected seals yearly in the river entry
52 Loggers (Axemen) Control crime through logging districts and the up river forestry areas, also traffic drugs and like to fight with inferior city gangs who they think are fancy babies
53 Unlimited Racing league (URL) run car racing sports but increasingly armed car and car bloodsports have fallen in favour and have got lots of television milage
54 Spoonmen (benders) an aliance of foil hat homeless obsessed with conspiracies and mental powers collect strange evidence and information, good with locks and surveilance, spend all money investigationg paranormal, many know sliegyt oh hand magician tricks
55 Meat town packers (Butchers) work meat wiork districs and docklands famous for horrible murders and massacres of otrher gangs, also into greyhound and horse racing and dodgy meat goods
56 White Hoods (Sackheads) Racist gangsters attack non white gangs, inspired by race war preaching mastermind, popular gang to beat up on, most of public hate them
57 Cannonballs (Chromdomes) gang with most members with steel plated skulls who like being beserk head butt fanatics. Live to fight and smash and terrorize so adapted cannibalism and illegal cyberwear if they can afford it
58 Green Machine (Greengang) ex millitary from jungle wars, survivalist, drug addicted and unstable seixe gangland territory and wage violent war on other gangs, turn blocks into ruins, resent authorities and willing to try mutagens and bionics
59 Railgangers (Hobos) cannibal hobos make large areas of industrial wasteland and rail land unsafe even for guard dogs and rail security. Other gangs bring them victims to dispose of them
60 Mongrels (Mongs) homeless gang defend areas from persecutors of poor underclass, have been working as gueneapigs from several downtown black labs. Have cheap transplants including non human parts in some cases, often carry disease from immune supressant drugs
61 Nightclan (Nightmen) vigilante copy cat gang slaughter criminals and gangs or any who try and stop them, some started charging for protection and demanding rewards from locals
62 Shark Boys (Fins) surf gang rule beaches and like to fight in nightclubs and streets for sport, many have hotrods and sportscars too. Have a rep for horrible sex parties, fights and mild racism
63 Pretyboys (Twinks) male prostitute gangs deal to exclusive customers, recruit stray homeless kids and sell to other gangs or clients, also deal in parties, drugs and bootleg fashion
64 Killer Crocs (Crocs) control inland and harbour waters extortion and gang violence, like pet crocks and control drug labs and greenhouses guarded by crocs, feed enemies to pets
65 Dogtown Boys (Maddogs) angry gang with fighting dogs, many work with security and are corrupt, helping out the gang rob employers, like to run hunts with whole packs of stray dogs
66 Millionaire Boys (Cons) flamboyant show offs employ thugs for guards, think they are charming and classy but they are just thugs. Inept show offs and jerks but will hire hitmen and goon to get revenge
67 Downtown Army (Grunts) organisation preach petty crime is insurrection and tax members and communities, wear paramilitary threads and operate a pirate radio station
68 The Dredd (Deadlocks) a jamacan-carribean-haitan gang with deadlocked reefer smoking fun guys, practice voodoo terror on enemy gangs and have specialist occult hit squads, enjoy pirate history too and operate late night fast food outlets
69 Blackcoats (Raincoat brigade) rubber and paramilitary cyber goth punks into all kinds of weird schemes, secrets and operations. Wage war more with supernaturals, occult gangs, cyborgs whatever but look cool and sexy if possible. Many transhuman and transgressive anarchists
70 White Cross (Crowns) Racist sexist knightly monarchists have decided to go from medieval to high tech with specialists in advanced hand to hand weapons and body armour, like gang fights to train and wage war to make order
71 Westline Crew (WC Crew) train graffiti vandalism crew paint or smash stuff they cant paint on way home from drunken sprees, created riots when arrests made. Nowdays growing respectable with shoe and car contracts
72 New Centurians (Romans) history fan gang like gladius fights, arms and armour, well drilled tactics, wrestling, gym and bath houses. Like cars also and looking flashy out clubbing
73 Darkrollers (Shades) use stealth clothes and night vision gear and roller blades, prone to sneak attacks, ambushes, demolitions, chases and drive by hits. Work for cash, youngest start as snatch and grabbers
74 Lockjaws (Chompers) many have custom and sharpened dental work and best have cyber enhanced jaws and abuse combat drugs, like to fight and rule territory by terror, bad graffiti, vandalism, extortion and more. Like dogfights too
75 Steeltown Coffin keepers (Undertakers) funeral themed gang drive vehichles and wear tops hats and tails suits. Often hide heavy weapons in coffins and dump corpses in streets as a message. Cremate troublemakers
76  Suicide City Riders (Daredevils) mad cyclegang into stunts and racing as well as high risk jobs. In battle make suicide attacks, only like crime with high public risk
77 Southside Bastards (Bastards) Torturing tanned conservatives who torture and hunt poor. Dress in designer chic with custom exotic weapons and pets and cars
78 Bushwackers (Snakes) Sneaky trecherous dirty fighters, many ex millitary have own survivalist camps and armouries. Like training by fighting but prefer to win by ambush
79 king hitters (cheats) Cowardly ambush attackers try overwhelming force by surprise or flee, make out they are all awesome and special but hated by most gangs
80 Spoilers (wreckers) vandalism and gang fighting with some assault and ram raiding, cheating and dirty fighting like bombs are part of methods, youngest wanabees tags all over city
81 Banzai Knights (blades) yakuza wanabee cycles, swords and extortion, fanatic fighters have begun getting support from foriegn gangs and companies and spending on tech and a dojo
82 Hong Kong knights (dragons) Chinese gang enjoys rivalry with other martial arts and asian gangs. Runs protection in Chi-town and fighting school and traditional medicine store
83 Mystery Men (Bowlers) retro suit wearing hoodlums practice vandalism, graffiti, unwanted public education campaigns, destroy advertising and start intergang graffiti wars by mimicking others styles in the wrong place, all wear masks, wear bowler hats and carry umbrellas, seen doing strange dada performance art and occasional busking or giving away free art
84  Clock men (Punchouts) a gang with clock theme dress and like to fight with walking sticks and savate kicks. Often work for crazy villains looking for weird theme mooks, like intergang brawls
85 Convict mob (Jacks) Dress in old time prison stripes and insignia, all multi generational convicted criminals, abuse state housing and convert into drug labs, but armed robbery and stealing from high and mighty in humiliating ways is a favorite. Hopeless and incompetent idiots
86 Paint town rockers (Greasers) retro theme black leather gang with over the top hair and chains. Like fights and cars and hair products and booze. Rampage with other gangs often
87 Stray Cats (catkin) crazy cat themed gang like musical on bad drugs, like to chase and torment as well as burglary. Often sing on fences and kill any critics, join in any cat themed capers
88 Machete crew (hackers) machete wielding African laboring gang like to remove limbs, like exotic pets like hyenas and lions and baboons, run protection, union rigging, computer and identity fraud, armed robbery and intergang violence
89 Cypher X (saucer nuts) obsessed with conspiracies, aliens, strange powers, cults and more. Operate illegal data theft, identity blanking, hacking chop shops, atm heists, make leaks, info-mining, and more but avoid fights unless in defence
90 Baruma Boys (Brumbies) Gang of aboriginals, islanders and islamic teens, like to mess with authorities, have fights, steal cars, booze and game consoles mostly, awesome improvised car mechanics using garbage and bush craft
91 Coober Crew from opal mining district acces to explosives and illegal weapons and a casual sense of murder, for a slab of bear and an ounce of cones they will throw anyone in a mineshaft and collapse it on them, live in underground dug bunkers and like v8 interceptors and beer
92 Enchanted woods crew (ravers) put on secret raves and sell party drugs from squats and drains and abandoned places. Wear neon, fur, pvc, gators and goggles, may use jury rigged vehicles and waepons
93 Humanity First (pinheads) anti alien loonies, attack and hunt secret leaders hidden among us, believe police serve aliens and attack impure gangs deemed not pure human
94 Whatley Gang (Wizards) a occult gang who steal books, relics and kidnap sacrifices. Have been known to breed monsters in abandoned old houses and wells, use weird powers on other gangs in their way 
95 Candyland club (sugarhitz) A confectionery themed gang who commit food  based crimes and and dress in candy themed colours. Also make bootleg candy with narcotics they sell on street. Lair in old sweet factories where children are forced to work for them. Have had many crazy members and leaders, many are obese brawlers
96 Freewheelers (cyclists) a gang of cyclists act as couriers and and messengers delivering goods for other gangs. While not especially tough they can rally a large group quickly and are guarded by other gangs protecting their deliveries. People who mess with them get killed
97 Chop-shoppers (street surgeons) run illegal medical facilities for many gangs and are guarded by many other gangs who owe them for services. Some even operate secret ambulances, crime scene cleaners and drug labs. Interested in black medical tech and removing unwanted implants like sub-dermal bugs or bombs
98 Inquisitors (hoods) hunt and kill undercover police or government agents from criminal community. Also expand interests to finding informants, attacked juries and even public who report crimes to police. Like using hoods, swords and cycles. Operate kangaroo courts and executions
99 Atombangers (mutts) Pro mutant gang trying home remedies to cure normality. Steal toxic and medical radioactive waste and some operate black labs. Newbs volunteer for guinea pig duties in labs. Like to use contaminants in fights as has made some gangs never fight them in fear of poisoning or radioactivity.
100 Young Hundred (kid packs) a youth gang who expels non teens and recruit kids for all kinds of operations from pick pocketing, assault and burglary but mostly small time. May live in city drains. Protect youth from gang recruiters. Some gangs wont touch them and others aid them as many leaders of todays scene went through this group. Those that graduate to bigger gangs get good cred

1d10 Gang Chapter Feature
1 Rich, has extra cash, resources, vehicles and lawyers
2 Veterans all have better stats, willing to kill and can use military weapons
3 Has a hacker data master for intelligence and support, use drones and city surveillance systems
4 Has corporate sponsor who provide them with weapons and vehicles and lawyers
5 International affiliations with big crime and global gangs, access to worlds best agents
6 Work for some master villain with own bizarre agenda who may offer his goons weird support
7 Work for Kingpin who takes interference in his operatives seriously, has hired assassins
8 Has a government agent or law enforcer in gang leaking activities to law
9 Gang has additional heavy weapons, explosives and military hardware
10 Gang extraordinary with exotic skills or mutations or psionics or cyberear

I could do a d100 evil clown gang member table sadly i so hate clowns


  1. This is wonderful. I especially like the cannonballs and the lizards.

  2. Thank you. I'm about to run a game set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian gang ridden city state. I'll be using the hell out of this.


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