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Mechabeast Cyber Safari

Mechabeast Cyber Safari
This is a ecology of teraforming von numan machines and nanoids gone wrong. Covers area size of a state and nuking them only encouraged it to mutate faster. Giving it garbage has slowed its growth, but it sends rockets to space occasionally. Metallic paved wasteland with jungles of solar collector and wind farm trees. Canyons of empty apartments and skyscrapers with pipelines of fuel, gas and lubricant attract many species of mecha beast. Mad man made scavengers have developed ecology of cannibalizing grazers that process waste into useful materials to build their young. Predators attack the pipeline and garbage feeders, too lazy to produce own materials. They cannibalize other mecha beast, draining their coolants, lubricants and fuel first then strip parts for building their young. Mecha animal ecology and species comparable to aftica ungle and savanna. Some savage humans live among them trying to grow food or are cannibals. Tribes of robot ape hunter warriors hunt larger migrating beasts.

A version on Venus has stubby dinosaur like ecology and the ones on mars more elegant and sculpted designed for low energy environment. These versions have since appeared on earth.

d8 Size (Tech hardpoints)
1 Bug or mouse sized (0)
2 Cat, rabbit or small dog sized (1)
3 Large to medium dog or deer size (1)
4 Man sized medium (2)
5 Large horse, bear or cow (3)
6 Hippo, elephant or rhino (4)
7 Sauropod dinosaur (6)
8 Blue Whale or Kaiju (12)

d20 Herbivore Powers
1 Long range radar
2 Stealth fields and casing
3 Chaff dispenser anti radar or laser or missile
4 Caltrop dropper
5 Mine dropper
6 Oil Slick
7 Burning oil slick
8 Corrosive Cloud
9 Explosive Backblast
10 Horns
11 Weapon Tail
12 Telescopic neck or legs
13 Sonar and ultrahearing
14 Sub audio communications
15 Spiked skin
16 EMP suicide bomb
17 Micropile suicide bomb
18 Chameleon skin
19 Long range rocket launchers
20 Flechette grenades on hull

d12 Herbivore Types
1 Swimmer amphibian or faster if dedicated (hippo, fish, seacow, whale)
2 Bipedal or wheeled herd runner (deer, kangaroo)
3 Fast quadruped or wheeled herd runner (deer, kangaroo)
4 Burrowing for natural resources or parts (mole, armadillo)
5 Plodding Grazer/recyclers (cow, sauropod)
6 Variable grazer (bear or ape)
7 Baloon Floater taps pipelines (jellyfish)
8 Winged grazer (seed eating birds)
9 Triphibian grazer can fly swim and run (wetland birds)
10 Sloth or koala like climbing grazer
11 Filter feeder - sucks up nanites or cyberbugs
12 Crawler with tank tracks, possibly articulated

d20 Carnivore Powers
Most come with power jaws and claws
1 Long range radar
2 Stealth fields and casing
3 Laser range finder and spectrograph to scan exhaust fumes and target
4 Minigun for attacks or anti missile defence
5 Laser for attacks or anti missile defence
6 Micro-missile pod for short range large area
7 Flamer
8 Chainsaw or drill limb or tail
9 Net or bola gun
10 Horns
11 Cannon slow but hard hitting and good range
12 Transform to second type flyer or swimmer or disguise herbivore
13 Sonar and ultrahearing
14 EMP cyber stunner
15 Spiked skin
16 Hypodermic probe for parasitic stealing systems fluids
17 Magnetic harpoon gun with line
18 Holographic field for disguise
19 Magnetic clamps to hang onto prey
20 Afterburner rocket for speed boost or leaps

d12 Carnivore Types
1 Stalker runner (cheetah)
2 Stealth ambush (Tiger or panther)
3 Scavenger (hyena)
4 Burrowing ambush (badger, trapdoor spider)
5 Parasitic
6 Flying scavenger (vulture)
7 Flying hunter (eagle, owl)
8 Pack team or swarm (lions, wolves)
9 Amphibian, faster if dedicated to water (dolphin, crock, shark)
10 Crawler (snake)
11 Triphibian (sea eagle, heron)
12 Tribal hunter gatherers (hominid apes)


note - usable in any SF high tech setting
was second part of  my santicore entry
could be used with last post on Thetans

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  1. Crazy nightmare robocology you whipped up there, two thumbs up.
    I can picture men hiding like mice afraid of mechadinos that hardly even notice the people are there.


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