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MARVEL Background Options

So I've been running Marvel as a fill in game as an hour or 2 or any amount of time easy for me and lots of guys in club can easily drop in and out even in a fight. Had a table of 14 in one DnD in club other gay as garage wont fit them in any more and vampire LARPers hired venue which has brought in some new members. A big 40k campaign bringing old members back and some newbs too which is all good.

I'm writing up diabolic items, some more decopunk setting stuff and trying to edit my basic rulebook so i don't have time to enter all the blogger contests at the moment. Im not really into competing in anything really. Supposed to be painting but I am really struggling to do any art or chase money owed like some kinda block. Buying Gangbusters box set and Worlds of wonder and Purple DnD box from late 70s. Id like to run trouble brewing campaign with 6 crooks and 6 cops but i might change rules to BRP. Gangbusters has lots of good things including best crime rules ever. I have had all modules since 84 i got a buck each for Cthulhu. Map and tokens one thing I wanted.

Tried to buy 3 marvel maps for $10 as mine died. Will hunt some more down after my current foolish purchases.

Ran a good fight on a Train in Marvel in 2 hours after Vikings game that was good. Hope to get some more Psychon fitted in and work on my con games too. Oh and get more work so I can eat.

MARVEL Background Options (Again)
I'm revising these to make one final version as I have 3 different versions im running from and the random roll needs to be expanded for a decent dice roll possibility. I have used several systems for making stats and powers. The basic human profile plus 5 "ticks" to allocate among stats. Add one or two ticks to the stats and add a rank for each. Options system has lasted longer than any character gen system but i want a version for me and my players to access.

You may pick 2 options
You may pick one, roll 3d10 on random table and let Judge pick one
Pick one and roll two times

These could be purchased like powers for 3000 points and some could be group purchases like a team base or vehicle

3d10 Option Table
3 Anomalous DNA
4 Attribute Boost
5 Battlesuit
6 Celebrity
7 Contacts Everywhere
8 Escapologist
9 Headquarters
10 Implanted
11 Karma
12 Killer
13 Martial Master
14 Meldsuit
15 Millionaire
16 Mystic Master
17 Patron
18 Probability control
19 Stunt Master
20 Resilient
21 Scholar
22 Sidekick
23 Strange Science
24 Student
25 Talents
26 Utility Belt
27 Vehicle
28 Veteran
29 Vintage Hero
30 Weapon
Anomalous DNA

Possibly a mutant, alien, hybrid, psychic, lost race or the next evolutionary step
A minor ability that is very difficult to remove or neutralise
A Good (10) starting rank power or can be stacked with existing power or stat

Deep One hybrid with Good Amphibian
Psychic with Good Telepathy
Mutant with Good Endurance
Angel with Good Winged Flight

Attribute Boost

Have a extra starting rank attribute
+1 extra starting tick on stats
+1 talent that uses that same attribute

Fighting + a martial art
Agility + Acrobatics
Strength + Weight Lifting
Endurance + Running
Charisma + Carousing
Reason + Engineer
Intuition + Detective
Psyche + a meditation

Have a suit of magical or high tech armour able to carry weapons or boost stats
Incredible Material Strength
Rm for its main power usually armour
Possible stunts include stat boost, fly and weapon hardpoints

Are famous already
+30 Popularity to your hero or secret ID
+1 CS Resources
+2 Contacts from your famous friends

Contacts Everywhere
Have lots of people you know
+4 Contacts
1/2 price to buy a new one

Escape Uncannily  
Always escape certain death and traps by spending 50 karma. This means you can always get captured, hear villains plans in his lair then escape. Can either be uncanny luck, escape skills or always rescued by someone. Many variants such as other heroes, flunky of villain falls for you, mysterious sexy stranger rescues you, powerful being snatches you to safety. A helper only around for d5 (or d10 rounds or longer if proves fun subplot). 

Have a base of operations possibly secret
1d10 starting items, but basic facilities of a home standard
new ones cost 400

Danger room, monitor room, specialist Lab (crime, physics, electronics), computer, Library, car, helicopter, boat, sub, cells, interrogation room, medical bay, automated defense system, teleporter

Somehow you have been enhanced somehow with additional might
Hard but possible to have ability disabled by experts
A Excellent (20) starting rank power or can be stacked with existing power or stat

Cyborgs are technological, default power is usually Body armour
interface, enhanced stats, weapons are common stunts
abilities compatible with technology

Symbiotes are biological, default power is usually Regeneration
shapeshift, body armour, entangle, cling, chameleon are common stunts
abilities compatible with biology and chemistry

Possession is occult or psychic, default power is Aura Sense
telepathy, astral travel, mental construct, force field are common stunts
abilities compatible with magic and psionics

Begins with large amount of starting karma can be spent or put in a pool immediately
+1000 Karma
+Double Psyche score to calculate basic session Karma score

Can kill enemies and only lose 20 karma
Allies still lose karma if present and dont try to stop you
Still lose karma for killing innocents or bystanders or helpless as normal

Martial Master

 Additional combat training beyond the norm (2 talent slots)
Weapon Master, Weapon Specialist, Marksman or any two martial arts or two weapon talents
+1 contact from whoever trained you such as your ninja clan, sensai or coach


A biological alien suit that bonds with host providing instant change and defence
Very hard to unmask or tamper with except from who ever provided it or suits own will
Good Protection (vs kinetic and energy) 
Stunts include night vision, glider wings, chameleon, disguise, claws, psi shield and more

Start as a heir, lottery winner or self made fortune
+10 Secret ID popularity
+1 Contact such as banker, manager, broker
Remarkable (30) resources

Mystic Master
Additional mental training beyond the norm
Pick any two meditation arts
+1 contact from whoever trained you such as a monastery, wizard or psychic

You are an agent with additional resources and training from a sponsor such as a secret agent, cult member, apprentice wizard from a school, soldier, law enforcer who may have legal
+1 Talent, often espionage but streetwise, military, law enforcer all possible
+2 Contacts within organization such as fellow agent, superior, supply sarge or techie
+1cs Resources

Probability control
You choose which die first after you roll a d100 but any double number is a catastrophic failure. Perhaps you just have extreme luck, attitude or a divine blessing

Stunt Master

You start with one extra power stunt per power or four whichever best
Every power can have one more stunt slot than normal rank allows

Can spend 50 karma after the fact to reduce enemy success against you by one colour
Can only use once per attack against you

You are well educated in several academic or scientific fields
+3 Academic, scientific or technical talents


You have a companion who assists you on adventures. Of course they get into trouble.

Youthful version of yourself have stats one worse than yours or average (whichever best) and one of your options and half your talents. Half your powers at -2 ranks. Legal minors in combat are frowned on

or one of these with extra two Remarkable and two excellent powers or stats
Pet could include a wonder dog, falcon, horse, lion usually with powers beyond normal
Robot, android or machine of some kind
Supernatural being like a demon, ghost, angel or magical relic

Strange Science
Privy to secret advanced science beyond the norm perhaps from a secret race, aliens, spacegods, other planar, magical or other weird secrets.
+1 Talent connected to tech
+1 Contact connected to tech
Can skip half research steps when inventing or building new technology
Can develop tech beyond normal earth advanced tech like ant gravity, plasma blades, teleporters, gates, time machines with much less effort
Can start with one complete research project


Able learner with a fresh mind
+1 Talent
+1 Contact from school or teacher
can learn any amount of talents per year without paying extra 1000 for all beyond first

Has superior training in any field
+2 Talents but only take one martial or meditation art max
+1 Contact from wherever you learned from

Utility Belt

Have collection of equipment useful for adventuring
Most have limited number of uses
For 400 karma you can buy a back up cache with an extra kit
Can replace one item per session

20 items of modern or advanced tech mostly with a rank of good if not off the shelf item
Flack vest, guns, explosives, swing line, parachute, sword, grenades, lo-light goggles, toolkit
10 exotic items of advanced or magical nature with usual rank of Ex
Acid pellets, laser gun, advanced polymer armour, web gun, stunner pistol, plasma torch, gillmask, magic boomerang, etc


A vehicle of some kind far superior to any modern version. Has Incredible material and remarkable armour and can buy stunts such as weapon hardpoints, amphibious, etc from the armour rank. A advanced version of common vehicle easier to replace than a magic robot unicorn or alien saucer. 400 karma can buy a back up vehicle

You start with fighting and strength at Typical instead of poor
+1 professional talent from your branch of service such as espionage, military, law enforcer or streetwise

Vintage Hero
Has been a hero for some time or has taken identity and training from previous hero. Your hero ID is known to authorities and public and bad guys.
+15 Popularity
+1 Talent
+2 Contacts including who trained you and one of their friends or even an enemy
+2 Stunts

A weapon of some kind far superior to any modern version. Has Incredible material and remarkable power and can buy stunts based on power like secondary weapon modes or defenses. Other common feats might include power to teleport into your hand or special security to stop theft. Basically a power that can be taken from you.

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