Friday 28 February 2014

Afrofunk Gonzo Monsters: Thetans for Santicore
so much good sf ideas here a sf campaign tempting for later in year
will do metropolis for a few adventures and visit to planet Leng or Saturn to meet Tsathogua's uncle
still wondering if will use brp or dnd for my sf

I'm in this book pg 117 - free download of oldschool gaming goodness
I will re present here because i can fix some typos and missing letters which are my dyslexia and my sticky keyboard - i will edit here a few times and send in for update edition

could be used for psychon or superheroes or somewhere - this is part one

This is my secret santicore entry. Request was to make monsters for RPG in a Afrocentric gonzo science fantasy setting where funk is the great power in the universe. I'm trying to just exploit 70s fashion and pop music and am honestly not trying to be racist. I guess many games and SF and Fantasy products can be dodgy. I hope Im not but I am just a dumb honkey cracker male and cant help but exploit all I gaze on. I have been hassled by anti Asians all my life even though Im Welsh-Estonian-Australian so i learned to throw rocks at racists on my first day at school. Anyway Afro-gonzo future freaky monsters here we come. I apologize to Scientology fanboys whose faith I have mocked here (nah not really).

Thetans are a race of humanoids from a primordial intergalactic federation founded through peace, wisdom and use of mysterious power called funk. Resembling African descent humans but with two large toes with large nails which the hide when away from home and they avoid exposing their sensitive eyes. In the early years of the universe their great, kindly and wise Emperor Xenu sent harmonic funk vibes through the universe and guided evolution throughout the universe. A sect of power mad radicals broke the cosmic peace and developed negative antifunk powers that shrivelled the souls of innocents. They broke the peace of Xenu, escaped and developed albino clones to spread chaos everywhere let by the evil psi-warlock Elron.

Some Thetans have come to earth to help guide its troubled funk and some thetans voted to see Earth demolished. Dedicated Thetan heroes have come to earth through history to save it from Elron's taint. Thetans use their powers to appear as other creatures or giants which sometimes suits their purpose to be thought of a monster rather than a Thetan alien.

Thetan space groove-rider jumpsuits are adorned with fabulous heraldry and accessories humans mistake for fashion. They are advanced life support suits that prevent total death, comunicators and can be dusguised as street wear. Thetans consider music the universal artform and Earths enlightened musicians where the reason Earth was not destroyed. They most often travel in flying saucers but some don't even need them.

Evil Thetans and their Bright rebel Emperor Elron use machines and their albino clone troops that are unreadable to thetan mental disciplines. Most were killed during the fall of the old Empire but sent eminations to infect other life forms when destroyed. Sme of these emenations came to dwell in humans and spread lies about kindly Xenu. Good Thetans try their best to not kill. Different orders have different hairstyles but most have a halo of hair earthmen call Afros. Cutting their hair temporarily removes their powers for 1d10 minutes and makes them very mad. Bald ones are order of lawmakers and always angry.

Mostly their attributes resemble humans with the adition of 1d3 or 1d4 or 1d6 or more of these powers. Healing is replaced by vampirism for evil Thetans.

1d20 Thetan Powers
1 Read Mind - read surface thoughts of all in sight
2 Tounges - speak any language any living being
3 Telepathy - talk without speech any living being
4 Telikinesis - typically 50 kilos in sight can slowly levitate other things
5 Levetation - can float and slowly ascend or descend at walking speed
6 Flight - at running speed but cannot hover or go slower
7 Sight - can remote view up to 100 meters some can view other planets or galaxies
8 Shrink - to 2.5cm/1Inch, some shrink through atoms to other universes
9 Giant - typically up to 6m/20f, some are titanic
10 Teleport - in sight range
11 Hold Mind - can induce temporary paralysis on sight but victims may resist
12 Shapeshifting - can adopt animal attacks (d6/d6/d8), dont change size or mass
13 Impervious - has extraordinary resilience, unharmed by most melee and less than heavy pistols
14 Anatomical separation - can remove and reattach body parts, leave eye as a spy
15 Regeneration - recover 1hp per round
16 Psychometry - can read history of dramatic events left in objects and places
17 Precognition - never surprised, know what coming minutes away, masters have greater range
18 Astral Travel - spirit leaves body and can dimly perceive word, walk speed global range
19 Living Weapon - superior martial arts, extra attacks or can shatter wood and steel if focus
20 Healing (Vampirism) can give HP to others (drain others HP to heal self 1hp/round)

d12 Base Colours Thetan Jumpuits

1 Crimson (red, brick, maroon)
2 Magenta (rose, pink)
3 Cyan (sky, light blue)
4 Turquoise (sea, turquoise, aquamarine)
5 Yellow (gold)
6 Tangerine (orange, bronze)
7 Emerald (olive, forest)
8 Green (lime, light green)
9 Violet (Indigo, purple, lavender)
10 Lapis (dark blue, midnight, navy)
11 Ivory (bone, pearl, shell, silver) or roll 1d10 twice
12 Jet (grey, steel) or roll 1d10 1d4+1 times

d12 Pattern and texture (1d6 times)
1 Polkadot +1 colour
2 Stripe +1 colour
3 Animal spots +1 colour
4 Animal stripes +1 colour
5 Shiny metallic chrome
6 Metallic studded
7 Stars +1 colour
8 Triangles +1 colour
9 Leather
10 Hologram
11 Moving Images
12 Chains on leather

All Thetans have 1d3 of these
All have basic sunglasses

d12 Awesome Accessories
(only work for Thetans)
1 Superior Shades - HUD display access to galactic encyclopedia of data, sense energy fields
2 Boom Box - from pocket walkman with headphones to huge models carried on your shouder. Play music and make sonic stun or damaging attacks. Big ones are area of effect and longer range.
3 Power Chain - against restraint and violence but that's what its for, often belt, jewellery or part of costume. Amplifies unarmed damage or living weapon power. Unbreakable single giant molecule the bigger the chain the more power. Crome, steel, silber,bronze or gold. Others (many evil Thetans) prefer just brutal or weapon like nunchucks, three piece rod
4 Liquid hologram aerosol - makes 2d6 2D illusions, camouflage, invilibility or instant monitor screen
5 Musical Instrument - some have additional powers. Air guitars, crystal keytars, holo drum kit, etc
6 Boots - walk up and clings at will to any surface
7 Gloves - increase strength to beyond human and hand amour
8 Cape - always fall gently without harm from any falls
9 Belt - contains power supply, lights, micro drone bombs, message missile, mono filament spinneret, recreational pills, monofilament atomic match (cutting, welding, fire starting tool)
10 Hat - Shields from mental attacks, detection or mind reading
11 Power Rings - 1d6 various powers, some have many or several fused into a knuckleduster with sigils
12 Micro saucer - with AI friend, hides in subspace till summoned, 1d6 person capacity only


  1. Awesome. You could add more powers based on Parliament Funkadelic titles --- Mothership, Maggot Brain, Flashlight, Aquapsychealphadiscofunktapus....

  2. Wow - feel free to do so

    Im thinking will use in psychon hex or superheroes
    thriller 84 michal jackson as a necromancer werewolf zombie
    jackson victory tour outfits, some bony M, limitless

  3. Oh man, I found your blog after looking for obscure stuff on the net, and I LOVE your idea of a gonzo funk SF adventure! 70s funk surely lends itself to SF and superheroes! If you find yourself on Facebook, stop by the page called RETRO, and let's talk....


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