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Decopunk Metropolis Encounters part 1

These are for my Cthulhu Metropolis setting but just as usable in many planet Psychon games for citadels. Most of these just waste time but could be plot hooks or major distractions. When I run this will be a time clock based on Metropolis film of events. City grows increasingly unruly and civil unrest grows. Wealthy, servant and worker classes most significant.

It is illegal to be unemployed with rule breakers being shipped outside if refuse to join worker caste in under city. You can always hide in the catacombs.

Upper city levels are for the richest citizens and are where the children of the elites squander time in and increasingly desperate attempt to spend time.

d100 Upper City Levels
01 Arrogant bankers with servants push you aside
02 Celebrating youths, rowdy children of the chosen out for good times
03 Youth challenges you to sport or games in the sport fields of the city
04 An autogyro makes a near miss when outside
05 An autogyro accident creates a disturbance
06 Strange old man drops some papers with plans, occult book or science papers
07 A drunk follows you noisily thinks you are his friends
08 Agent of city authorities follows party reporting actions to masters
09 Terrorist bomb or arson, firemen and police everywhere
10 Bewildered pale man actually worker from under city in stolen clothes
11 Dirty child from undercity somehow found way up here
12 A brilliant man wonders if party could be volunteers for a secret expedition
13 A lost looking wretch from last century, thawed out and abandoned by scientists
14 Bustling crowd push party back to side corridors, passage blocked for a while
15 Pretty dancers off to pleasure gardens
16 Frantic woman looking for husband who is in decadent mens club
17 Police searching people at random looking for serial killer
18 Banker asks if party can deliver a package to low level foreman
19 Revelers in street carrying famous starlet drinking merrily
20 Youths in sport clothes off to compete in city games
21 Teacher with children on excursion looking at sights of upper city
22 Automobile comes off ramp and falls many stories below
23 Spy being pursued sneaks wanted object into pocket of party member
24 Man with sandwich board advertising some decadent food or entertainment
25 Nosy woman calls authorities on any suspicious person of wrong sort
26 Cameras watch party as somebody monitors them
27 Preacher berates passers for sin, taken away in ambulance
28 Person doesn't make it in elevator door in time and is torn in half
29 Seedy organ grinder with pickpocket monkey
30 Newspaper boy selling latest paper and shouting headlines
31 Shoeshine boy begs for work, offers other illicit services such as spying
32 Gobsmacked workers being led by foreman on project, abused for staring
33 Foreign tourists being shown city sights
34 Anti progress activists silenced by plainclothes police
35 Charity collectors for church rebuilding fund dejected and ignored
36 Wings over the World charity collector seeking to spread civilization to world
37 Ambulance carrying away man crying about social injustice
38 Sleepwalker dreaming of ancient Babylon in trance will have accident if not saved
39 End is nigh sign carrier, warns all New Babylon will fall
40 See body dragged into steam tunnels
41 Attractive rich youths approach party on a dare to flirt and waste time
42 Banker jumps to death after being bankrupted
43 Dancers advertise latest performance with impromptu street performance
44 Middle city youth looking for his real wealth father with note and photo
45 Worker putting up posters
46 Workers on cleaning detail avoid eye contact
47 Some rich youths bullying a workers daughter
48 Anarchist throws a bomb in a lift, trolley car or cable car
49 Millionaire and flunkies drinking champagne, throwing money everywhere
50 Charismatic speaker tells everyone progress is bad, a mob is forming angrily
51 A man in a rich suit runs through streets proclaiming "my money is all gone"
52 Two rich men duel with pistols or swords over a dancing girl
53 Colourful natives of far off lands here with missionaries look amazed
54 Pack of shoppers out for bargains stampede and run down passers by
55 Messenger boy possibly on bicycle with message for party member
56 High class courtesan invites you to dance or dinner, your shout
57 Gangsters assassinate a wealthy debtor or politician
58 Lost child cant find parents, creepy old banker or crook taking an interest
59 Invited to bizarre secret sex club by dandy of indeterminate gender
60 Banker being carried by peers, drinking champagne, being cheered by bankers
61 Drunk business men rolling on ground fighting
62 Woman aviatrix being photographed by press
63 Drunk business man passes out against you, pockets stuffed with cash
64 Man preaching space or robots are the future, ignored by public
65 Confectionery seller surrounded by children and young women
66 Athletic youths celebrating win, carry champion through streets
67 Wealthy person sends party member letter inviting to sexual rendezvous by messenger
68 Clowns inviting public to circus follow party
69 Man staggers to party, has been stabbed by cultist and passes out
70 Man offers cheap jewelry or bullion no questions asked
71 Person showing of hi tech to to delight of crowd
72 Rich youths making workers fight for money in alley
73 Man in coat offers drugs or sexual devices from abroad
74 Anti vice crusaders invite public to make pledge, laughed at by crowd
75 Woman with exotic animal pet like a lion or giant newt on leash
76 Gangs of rich youths brawling over nothing
77 Rich youths tease strangers in area for being backwards
78 Man warning workers are ready to explode in revolution, need more police
79 Woman preaching brotherhood with working classes, watched by bank agents
80 Woman high on drugs falls onto party, from important family
81 Young man asks for directions to notorious sinful gents club
82 See men make secret society handshake
83 Find dead body with secret cult dagger in back
84 Glimpse man strangling woman through window
85 See men enter secret club by making secret signs by concealed door
86 Man desperately trying to sell share certificates nobody wants
87 Rich mans hat found, will reward if found
88 Youth lighting cigars with Metropolis bank notes
89 Distinguished gentleman strikes up conversation about matters abroad
90 Crowded passage slows to halt, people start panicking
91 People passing from out lack of good air
92 People whispering about person ahead involved in great scandal
93 See strange costumed people and lights through a doorway for a moment
94 Rich people dressed in fancy dress for carnival, drinking with servants
95 Crying maid laying in side passage
96 Man shoots himself in head after stepping out of office
97 People dressed in manner of British with cape and shoulder pads
98 Vision of city as demon god Moloch eating citizens
99 Vision of grim reaper makes dreamer pass out in terror
100 For a moment see visions of ancient Babylon imposed over city

The middle levels are where the servant, bureaucrats clerks, shopkeepers and those who serve the rich live and work.Some areas even have crime and remains of pre Metropolis architecture from the past.

d100 Middle City Levels
01 Crowd sweeps you in opposite direction
02 See man reading newspaper getting pockets picked
03 Servant passes out from over work in street
04 Man abuses foreman and work crew for being seen in daylight
05 Priest speaking about decadence and Gods wrath
06 Salvation army band collecting money for poor
07 Students speaking out about conditions of workers
08 Man excitedly talking about robots will replace workers soon to peers
09 Low class prostitutes accost passers by for favours
10 Soldiers back from foreign war celebrating
11 Man asks for directions to suicide booth
12 Woman with homeless worker children asks for donations
13 Child urchin pickpocket has gang and trainer nearby as back up
14 Man selling false share certificates
15 Man offering bets on athletic games with good odds
16 Woman luring children into alley with candy
17 Man offers to sell firearms or knuckle dusters
18 Come across servant class drinking club
19 Man handing out vouchers for discount coffee
20 Food cart offering sausages and beer
21 Old servant ranting about abusive masters
22 Crippled war vet begging for coins
23 Card shark or cup and ball stall ripping off workers
24 Man selling stolen goods from masters house
25 Ticket scalper selling game and concert tickets
26 Youths playing soccer till policeman takes ball
27 Butler offering servant jobs for household
28 Man beating servant
29 Drunk chasing young house maids
30 Car runs someone over
31 Street cleaners found dead servant
32 Police taking down servants details
33 Distraught chauffeur lost car
34 Bag snatcher steals woman's purse
35 Followed by large man in coat, eventually gives you strange sign on vellum
36 Plumber with bulging eyes looks at you for long time
37 Shop selling weird smut in paper bags on sly
38 Old man stooped over with bags behind master
39 Dancing girl with maid she abuses, looking for fancy man to get her out of jam
40 Grifter selling weird antique books he found in abandoned house
41 Scientist, broke homeless and dejected, formerly with space program or some project
42 Woman lab tech sneezes new strain of plague causing feverish hallucinations
43 Soldier back from front looking for somewhere to drink and company
44 Angry policeman driving people who slow traffic on road or corridors
45 Policeman beating worker from below
46 Strange person in dark glasses gives party member odd looks, feel weak and woozy
47 Draft blows litter in dancing eddies, almost like they are alive somehow
48 Angry chef wants party out of his way, pulls butchers knife if party don't
49 Artist admires party member invites to his studio for a study
50 Deranged poet trying to sell his self published edition of maddening verse
51 Hear a gunshot, crowd panics and man falls bleeding and surprised
52 Hear about gallery with depraved art collection
53 Down and out tired old (26) dancer promises to do anything for food
54 Police evicting jobless family, shipping them to eastern Europe
55 Leaking plumbing or hydrant leaking water with inches deep water
56 Servants of secret fraternal order snatch panicked man and drag off streets
57 Plainclothes policeman shooting at worker from below without authority
58 Foreman trying to force workers back into drainage tunnel with huge spanner
59 Tall thin person with rat like features watches you from alley, disappears if caught
60 Woman chasing rats out of building screaming, with bite marks on her hands and face
61 Wealthy man with huge hulking manservant offers to take you to his home for a meal
62 Body carried out to funeral wagon to cremation recycling centre
63 Family wave to disabled kin being taken to special home in van, actually mobile gas chamber
64 Crying pregnant teenage girl, family want her sent to an asylum for wayward girls
65 Mugger or several youths try to hold up party with knife for cash
66 Tired old man on way home from work after being fired, goes crazy and arrested
67 Census taker stops party for papers and and other personal information
68 Two servants fighting over package in the street
69 Butler flogging a maid in the street for being idle
70 Wealthy humiliating a servant with petty cruelty and unnecessary work
71 Priest giving out bible versus
72 School children of servant class chasing worker children back down drains
73 Several scholars discussing strange wax tablet with unknown language
74 Children skipping with disturbing rhyme nobody remembers but is haunting
75 Child catcher chasing school truant servant kids or worker kids not in their own levels
76 Asylum orderlies taking screaming butler to hospital, claims master is a monster
77 Escaped mental patient seeks help, promises is not mad
78 Carnival Hypnotist with somnambulist medium performing show in the street
79 Police investigating yet another break in and kidnapping of a girl
80 Old rabbi with assistant hauling bags of special clay to synagogue in ghetto
81 Attractive agent needs dupes, invites character to a society ball in upper city
82 See a filthy old man stealing from medical waste bins
83 Serial killer fleeing police with chalk "M" mark on his back made by urchins
84 Recognize former concert pianist, turned mad since hands transplanted with killers
85 Creepy old Chinese man with evil cat and chess set with line of players with gifts for him
86 Friendly monumental artist at work, happy to talk about strange private commisions
87 Street magician with creepy puppets jokes about stealing your soul
88 Pale attractive girl with red hair flirts, has many insane jealous ex lovers after her
89 Traffic congestion on road spreads to footpaths and tunnels, everyone stalled for an hour
90 Former wealthy person collecting for poor, has found religion and given away wealth
91 See old lover walking dressed as servant, blank faced with no memory of you
92 Old house of so called wizard scientist formerly of great renown
93 Creepy old house, known as the witch house, long abandoned and haunted
94 Statues on display in park gallery, one looks like an acquaintance not seen lately
95 Crying mother at feet of fat pleased banker with his stony faced servants,
96 Old medieval cathedral with sincere worshipers singing and chanting and haunting artworks
97 Vision of workers being eaten by Moloch the hungry machine god
98 One of you hears voices in your head, telling you to kill and other evil acts
99 Horrible feeling of oppression overwhelms party member who blacks out
100 Vision of the fall of Babel in past life as one party member falls into trance

will do worker undercity and catacombs levels next

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