Wednesday 26 February 2014

d100 Strange Things in the Graveyard

Ok so I'm back from blog suicide and doing stuff for DnD again. Party of bastards are pretty rotten and I hope to have them in graveyards. Want to start using my Gothic zone book draft and start on my goblin mines volume. This will be developed here of course. As my work has dropped, my health good and I can cook safely so I'm putting on food again which might have my player Matt back so four players is good to have again. 

Made a FB page for fans of this page and to communicate with players of my games especially what we will be eating. I wanna try get players into eating less crap and live longer. I dont want to get enough XPs to become a 1st level diabetic. We have a 2nd lv in club and he brings healthier snacks which I admire. Discovered all brands of frozen berries in stores here from Latin America and have DDT and other crap banned in Australia so that's one healthy snack im gonna drop.

I got gangbusters set which i want to try two opposing teams in trouble brewing campaign setting. Best crime income rules ever. Have a 70s purple dnd set and worlds of wonder set to get next and Ronnie book gentleman's relish (vintage smut).

I started some tables on thresholds and stairs but were pretty uninspiring. Will print a draft of my Gothic tables for use (one reader already compiled own version of my tables and some translated into German). Being workless but healthy giving me time to chill and make art and zines again. Will set up my design PC soon too.

also im in this volume of secret santicore page 117 - apologies for all my typos from sticky keyboard and thank you to everyone on board

So back to my to do list....

This can be rolled for any graveyards from necropolis to country church.
A few rolls will make any graveyard more memorable or interesting.
Some things revealed by locals and might be just local gossip.

d100 Strange Things in the Graveyard
01 A statue of a crying angel, tears of blood may be seen some nights when evil afoot
02 Sounds of rattling bones are heard from underground at night
03 Occasionally graves are found opened and defiled with corpses half eaten
04 Occasionally graves are found burst open from the inside
05 Robbers come here to steal corpses and grave goods leaving a horrid mess
06 Locals remark someone leaves fresh flowers every night but are never seen
07 The ground is filled with chunks of old bone fragments making the soil partly white
08 Ravens gather around visitors cawing, sometimes they seem to say your name
09 When it rains or is damp or before dawn, thousands of worms crawl to surface
10 Something in graveyard howls at full moon, locals lock their doors and stay in
11 Hear scratching and scuttling noises from underground
12 Strange lights seen at night dancing around graveyard
13 Ever since hidden treasure stash found in yard, looters have been drawn here
14 Dead half eaten corpses of robbers have been found here
15 Older graves with strange ancient markings have been found when digging new ones
16 An ancient monolith in the yard from some lost civilization
17 A huge oak tree in the yard bleeds if cut and locals leave alone
18 A dog sits on the grave of it's master wasting away
19 A ghost dog is seen occasionally on a old grave at night
20 Sobbing is heard in the yard but no source is ever seen
21 A necromancer and his students come here to steal bodies but nobody sees them
22 If you pour blood on the right grave a devil appears to trade your soul for gold
23 Some of the small animals seen by night are witch familiars
24 If you leave a coin on crypt of miser Kelly by night, a bony hand reaches out to snatch it
25 A black goat is seen in yard at night, those who chase it are wounded in nasty falls
26 Long ago a necromancer came and took the dead, his footprints can still be seen
27 A rich man buried was taken by a devil, a hoof print is on his sarcophagi lid
28 Youths coming to fool around in yard are attacked by angry hungry dead
29 Many graves encased in iron bars to prevent robbers or necromancers
30 Unmarked graves outside of sanctified yard have been disturbed of late
31 Graffiti in lost script of the necromancer kings of old appears on walls and gates
32 Someone has stolen heads off many statues and a reward is on offer
33 A toothless old crone sells flowers by the gate as long as anyone remembers
34 A witch flies in from south to steal corpses for stews since yard founded
35 A cannibal sect in area defile graves on monthly basis
36 Locals suspicious of strangers interests in the yard and spy on them constantly
37 A huge cat roams the yard chasing children away who play near walls
38 A silent monk spectre stands by the the gate some evenings as if awaiting someone
39 Some force in the yard blows out candles, lanterns and other light sources
40 Once a statue came to life and killed four grave robbers
41 Strange fluid bubbles up from one of the graves
42 A revenant dwells in the yard who seeks his murderer, but any in yard at night will do
43 Some say there are coded scripts on the headstones leading to a lost treasure
44 A vampire was once active in the area but it sleeps mostly now
45 Witches scour the soil for bits of bone to cast spells and make charms
46 A coven meet near the yard to call out spirits by night
47 A strange visitor at local inn at night is seen shouting and cracking a whip
48 A strange visitor at local inn at night comes to call spirits in his search for treasure
49 If you slip a coin in the charity box by the gate evil in the yard by night will avoid you
50 A warrior ghost in the yard appears to challenge any who draw their sword on his grave
51 Mandrake grows outside the yard on the graves of executed, magicians come to gather it
52 A man ate odd mushrooms in the yard and could hear and see angry dread spirits
53 A tomb was opened once for repairs and hundreds of bugs and lizards swarmed out
54 A family keep trying to move their dead kinsman executed for crimes into the yard
55 If you sleep on grave of widow Zatara, you will have forbidden erotic dreams
56 Strange gurgling noises are head day and night by many witnesses
57 Pools of water in the yard sometimes are seen dimly glowing in dark
58 Some say a holy saint relic was interred here to protect it from a tyrant
59 Ghastly smelling holes are sometimes found in the yard and are promptly buried
60 If you hear a ghastly scream in the night run as fast as you can
61 A jackal has been seen in the yard and watches visitors curiously
62 A group of owls meet here hooting to another as if debating something
63 Half chewed rats are found around the yard and cats never enter at night
64 If you bring a dog here it will not enter and will howl in terror
65 Some graves have unnatural deposits of frost in the morning
66 If you cook bacon near graveyard some of the dead will cry out for some
67 Death head moths are common in yard, sometimes swarming around a grave
68 Patches of dead grass like footprints are found some mornings
69 Eggs brought into yard all go off, birds never nest here
70 Snakes are common in the yard, some seen dozens pour from crack in a crypt
71 Some of the rats in the yard are actually undead, several have been badly bitten
72 Speaking ill of the dead here attracts a plague spirit
73 Somewhere in the yard is a secret keyhole which opens a door to hidden tunnels
74 Attractive men in the yard sometimes feel as though being touched by spectral hands
75 A spirit in the yard sometimes blows wind up skirts of ladies but never at funerals
76 A skeleton arises and collects all the dead flowers and burns them once a month
77 A gore covered weasel has been seen crawling through cracks in crypts
78 A rat has been seen carrying copper pieces, he must have quire a stash by now
79 A few months ago a drunk saw a grave burst open and a giant moth crawl from a corpse
80 Maggots have been seen swarming with purpose and a strange robed man with them
81 Ghostly monks chanting are seen whenever a new king crowned and other occasions
82 Ghostly candles appear on some family crypts when a family member is about to die
83 If you give a coin to toad in the yard you will have wonderful night of lovemaking
84 Any child conceived in the yard is pale, cold and quiet and will be a necromancer
85 Anyone who climbs the walls at night will be struck sterile by guardian spirit
86 The walls were built to keep dead in not living out
87 Walls predate modern yard, an ancient ruin was said to lie here, stones were re-used
88 A grave robber was found dead at the gates with his skull crushed by a stone
89 If a girl dances on the grave of Sedraz Manrad, his ghost will give her a copper
90 Women entering the yard must cover their hair or the dead will be tempted by them
91 A man who tried to use yard as a toilet had a skeletal hand tear off his manhood
92 Local children enjoyed company of a strange friend near here, now they are forbidden
93 An ancient rock or hill is said to be doorway to elfland where ancient dead live as elves
94 A local gypsy woman may speak with dead for gold but priest does not approve
95 An old grave keeper used to whittle wooden toys and sometimes children find new ones
96 A great poet buried here attracts pilgrims but his angry ghost chased bad poets away
97 A section of the yard is older than the village and headstones in a strange language
98 An artist came here to take rubbings of historic graves and died yet people still see him
99 A creepy old man offers strangers a drink but he is the ghost of a poisoner
100 One of the crypts is a gate to the underworld and dancing dead are seen emerging

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  1. Worldsof Wonder is excellent it's got 3 good BRP games in it with SuperWorld (marvel superheroes is only slightly better), MagicWorld (D&D brp style), and FutureWorld (BRP traveller w/o spaceships). It was my goto other gameset for years.

    Cool table btw.


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