Monday 10 February 2014

Game On! Con Game Ideas

People used these keywords to find my blog
I have never used these words in this order (online)
space alien hookers
alien cow milking farm tentacle porn

Anyway current Psychon game over - robot rules awesome

Running one more SF Session test on Wed

As of next Sunday Running Cthulhu Ragnorak viking game
Will happily run marvel fight or extend play by demand

Running a wednesday Night game: Give Players Choice
But some kind of DnD with story Psychon or long stairs or Exile Island game

Will run anytime fill in of DnD or Marvel
Or anything else i have in the lab.

Still gotta get my con game sorted I offered

Decopunk cthulhu metropolis - based on my piece here (nearly nudged from top 10 now)
Long Stairs DnD - based on my piece here
Octopus Princess Magical Adventure
See if will let me do two sessions of each or something

I'm Chris Tamm, I started playing dnd and fighting fantasy in 83 and wa involved in several 80s gaming clubs. Played Basic Roleplaying Game BRP system
most consistently  (Stormbringer, Call of Cthulhu, RunQuest, Ringworld) and TSR's Marvel Superheroes. And a smattering of warhammer fantasy and 40k rpg, MERP, GURPS, Gammaworld 2nd Ed, Champions and Paladium. After 20 year break from DnD in recent years has been running oldschool 1980 BX and Cyclopedia editions of DnD with a few ideas from editions and oldschool clones. Experimental with settings and traditional DnD tropes and genre with science fantasy settings like Planet Psychon. Mostly play at Exiles game club. More stuff by me at

Cthulhu Metropolis
Cthulhu mashes with Metropolis
From a fevered late night silent film night, Call of Cthulhu mashes with Metropolis into a deco punk alternate future. Characters are caught up in events of both films/books in the Dreamlands of HP Lovecraft and Thea Von Harbou.
It is the year 2026 and the city of metropolis dominated the world economy and houses 52 million persons. For the rich – a designer deco paradise of urban engineering. Where the rich live lives of pleasure the workers dwell in squalid subterranean factories. At its center is New Babylon – the control center where the head of the metropolis bank monitors everything - from global money markets to the thunderous work floors of the great machine beneath the city.

Investigators are on the trail of Cthulhu's cult in Metropolis as civil unrest swells around them. A selection of starting characters of various social status will be available.
Using Call of Cthulhu 6th edition Rules.

Long Stairs DnD

Modern special forces vs 80s Gygaxian menagerie 
Since the fifties special forces of several nations have been entering temporary wormholes to the Dungeon Dimension. Today there are permanent gates in Maralinga and three military bases on the other side. The dungeon is a self aware endless trap and monster filled hellhole that responds to intruders and contaminates them. Teams of soldiers with scientists and technical specialists seek evidence of alien methadology (magic) and biological specimens (monsters) and the secret gateway project could always use more treasure.

Players start with 4 characters and get to shoot at classic era DnD monsters with modern automatic weapons. This scenario takes place with several scenes starting from deployment and your first firefight with the Gygaxian ecology. Based on the thread in forum, a shared world created in the form of interdepartmental e-mails from the alternate universe. 

Using a variant of 1980 TSR BX DnD

Quest to the Surface Kingdom
Octopus Princess Magical Adventure
Players are adorable octopi princesses and princes with magical powers and like mermaid friends and they have lots of treasure and friends and stuff. The magical pearl of the western ocean has been lost while playing with it and now its up to a team of magical octopi to visit the surface and to negotiate the return of this important artifact. The humans will find you adorable and return your treasure totally fo' sure right?
Using a variant of 1980 TSR BX DnD

I have started to draw maps and octopi princesses


  1. You're in Sydney right? Where is the con? I have a gamer friend who has recently moved there...

  2. Facebook
    Exiles Gaming Club
    Sydney Roleplaying Gamers Association (most days on)
    Sydney Roleplaying Gamers Association (who run con April)
    Im under konsumterra on fb too


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