Sunday, 31 March 2013

Petty Relics for my Petty Gods

Thought Id knock up some petty god relics to compliment my petty god posts. Also I'm a bit lazy this Easter.

Goggles of the Frog Gods
These brass and toad leather strapped goggles have bulging quartz crystals which initially seem to be confusing distorting lenses that make the world incomprehensible if looked through. If actually strapped on the wearer gains 360 degree vision, can see through water without refraction or distortion and protects the eyes from some petty problems. Any wearer knocked unconscious while wearing goggles will have visions of a petty frog god who will offer to heal them to 1hp if they agree to be the frog gods champion. They will be given a quest and expected to never harm a bactrian unless in self defense. If they betray the frog god the goggles will vanish and leave the former champion with googly frog eyes and webbed fingers and toes. Their offspring will be giant frogs and toads. If they achieve the quest they may ask a random frog god a question once a month.

Divine Turnip of Glory
This huge fine looking turnip is like ivory to the touch with several secret uses. If planted it sprouts a magnificent crown of leaves and grows to 30 feet wide within an hour. Chosen of Bogrump use this to carve out a house where they can distribute turnips, turnip wine and tales of Bogrumps deeds. The magic turnip if cooked into a turnip porridge can cure disease of up to 40 persons who eat it. In times of great crisis such a turnip can be planted and fed a bucket of blood to call Bogrump himself. The turnip becomes his head and he grows from the ground ready to punish those who trouble turnip lovers. Such turnips are entrusted to worthy or sometimes grow in a chosen farmers field.


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