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EMO DnD Classes pt 11: Halfling

Many hate halflings and i cant say I'm a huge fan myself but I owe it to the game to make a go of it. I like my halflings to be more sleazy, greedy, sinful and annoying. Mention in war hammer that they are a race made to resist mutation and chaos but didn't get their super warrior powers from the Slaan. The world of warhammer is in the eye of terror phenomena 40K wise. This is never in play and I wish it was. Resisting chaos and mutagens sounds handy. You could eat chaotic creatures. F

Please ignore my halfling description, its for the more neutral, evil or chaotic ones

Cheerful, hardy plucky little folk

HD: 1d8+1
Prime Stat: Dex
WP: 3 +1/2nd
NWP: 4 +1/2nd
Non-WP mod: -3
Languages: 3d4 (+1/Lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: None
NWP: Warrior or Rogue
Shield: Any but large
Armour: Any
Weapon: Any 1H melee weapon, any Short Bow, Dart, Shuriken, Sling, Lasso, Dagger, Blowpipe, Bolo, Boomerang, Hatchet, Light or Hand crossbow, Any Gun, staff
Fight as: Warrior
Save as: Priest

A race of diminutive harmless looking jolly demi humans. They wear colorful clothes and hats and wear pointy shoes. They have pointy ears and thick curly hair and may be clean shaven or have short beards and small mustaches. Thick curly hairs cover their bodies and feet. 3-4 foot tall with big hard leathery hairy feet. Well known for exhibiting all the deadly sins of gluttony, lust, envy, greed, sloth, pride and wrath to some degree. It’s as if the creator took all they left over bits not good enough for elves and made Halflings. While they tolerate some contempt, they might come try humiliating you with a prank or sabotage. Indulgent Halflings may eat themselves to death, choke on food and will keep eating and vomiting for days. They like pets because they clean up scraps and mess and can be eaten in an emergency. Without an hourly meal or nap they complain but actually are quite resilient. Chaotic Evil Halflings are really horrible and indulgent and bestial. Lawful ones are into manners and elaborate customs to keep peace and restrain vice. Good ones are more jolly, kind helpful and the sort of hobbits you expect. Many dwell among other races as merchants or bakers or cooks. They build burrows with the civilized ones as well appointed as any town merchant with high craftsmanship. The other sort are dirty tunnels with scraps, with a nest chamber and a food store of mostly nuts, grain and dried squirrels.  Some build burrows under human houses or barns and may aid humans who don't offend them.

-Can see in dark
-Get+4 on these NWP sneak, hide, Jump, cook, brew, eat, drink, taste poison, climb, taunt
-Get+4 resist poison or fear or magic
-Resistant to alignment change magic 100%
-Is -4 to be hit by any bigger than an ogre (8ft+)
-All proficient in brawling and throwing rocks naturally (extra WP)
-Get +1 short sword and dagger attack
-Get +1 any thrown weapon (dagger and rock common)
-Throw rock for 1d4 damage, 50+10/Lv Range no range penalties,
-Extra rock attack attacks  at 3rd, another at 6th, 9th,12,15,18
-At 6th lv you attract 1d4 Halfling followers and one more henceforth
-At 8th lv get +1 more (+5) on sneak, hide, Jump, cook, brew, eat, drink, taste poison, climb, taunt
-At 10th Lv you may build a burrow attracting 3d6 more halflings
-At 12th Lv you may build a village attracting 5d6 more halflings
-At 15th Lv you may build a great village attracting 8d6 more halflings
-At 18th Lv you may build a town attracting 20d6 more halflings

Specialist Halfling Breeds?
Tend to resemble local or original inhabitants of land, resemble any human type just short and hairy. Goods and material technology similar to humans but do trade with all races.

Specialist Halfling Trades
These traditional occupations are by natural inclination

Name - activity descrption
Secondry activity descrption
Weapon Proficiency WP
Non Weapon Proficiency NWP
1d4 bonus starting goods

Sherriff – village lawmen
 Local law enforcers in Halfling villages
Short bow, Shorts word, short spear
Sneak, Hide, Observation, Legal Lore, Interrogate
1- Bag of 20 Magic Stones – can harm magic
2- Quality Weapon +1 hit and dam
3- Trunk full of old adventurer crap from attic 1d6x100gp
4- +1 Ring of protection

Thief – urban robbers
Many Halflings become thieves in human cities
Dagger, Sling, Club
Sneak, Hide, Climb, Pick Pockets, Pick Locks
1- +1 Quality Dagger
2- Sack of 1d4 x 100gp stolen loot
3- 1d4+1 treasure maps
4- 3d6 colourful fake potions

Warrior – professional soldiers

Career Halfling mercenaries often fight for other races
Long Sword, Short Spear, Dagger
Battle Lore, Armorer, Jump, Spot, Weaponsmith
1- +1 Quality Weapon
2- Sack of 1d4 x 100gp war booty
3- A slave or loyal follower
4- 1d6 Healing potions

Sage – wannabe magicians
These experts and hedge wizards act as magicians for Halflings
Can choose a spell list but progress as bard/elf and 1d6 HD
Staff, Dagger, Dart
Scribe, Wizard Lore, Herbalist, First Aid, Taste Poison
1- +1quality Staff
2- Ring of light (cast 1 per day)
3- 1d4 old books of lore for research
4- 2d6 healing potions and 2d6 colourful fake potions

Assassin – shire special forces
When peace doesn’t work Halflings get even
Dagger, Blowpipe, Garrote
Sneak, Hide, Poison Lore, Repair, Trap Lore
1- Elven Boots +4 Sneak
2- Elven Cape +4 Hide
3- 1d6 applications of blade venom (more uses for some weapons)
4- Quality Dagger +1

Wood Warden – forest roamer
These woodsmen harvest the forest and watch for enemies
Short bow, Hatchet, Dagger
Sneak, Hide, Improvise weapons, Wood Lore, Track
1- +1 Quality Hatchet
2- 10 +1 Arrows
3- Elven Boots +4 Sneak
4- 2HD Pet Dog AC+4 1d6 bite, Track, Sneak, Hide

Mariner – fishermen and explorers

Those who gather and trade by waterways
Sabre, Net, Harpoon
Swim, Sea Lore, Boating, Rope Use, Fishing
1- +1 Quality Net
2- Wagon load of Dried Fish 1d4 x 100 Silver
3- Belt of Buoyancy, cant sink even in armour
4- 1d6 Potions of water breathing

Gambler – flamboyant cons and philanderers

Sleazy con artists who dupe fools to earn a living
Dagger, Short Sword, Hand Crossbow
Gambling, Bluff, Seduce, Carouse, Sleight of Hand
1- 1d100x1d4 Counterfeit Coins in a chest
2- Quality Dagger
3- Marked cards and crooked dice - +4 on gambling proficiency
4- 1d3 Charge Dimension Door Ring

Explorer - insatiably curious wanderers
Brave travelers serving as guides
Dagger, Shortsword, Shortbow
Scout, Mountaineering, Make Fire, Cavern Lore, Climb
1- +1 Shortbow
2- 10 +1 arrows
3- Feather fall ring
4- A pony loaded with ropes, pitons, food, lanterns, and other supplies

Chef - Epicurean sage seeking new flavours
Life of the party and gourmet
Dagger, Hand Axe, Sling
Cooking, Butchery, Herbalist, Taste Poison, Animal Handling
1- +1 Hand axe or butcher knife
2- self heating magic stewpot
3 - fabulous recipie book +2 Cook NWP
4 - magic wineskin - 4 litres or wine per day

Highwayman - Rascally roadside robbers and rebelsForest dwelling bandit

Pistol, Sabre, Dagger
Hide, Sneak, Ambush, Run Away, Gunnery
1 - +1 quality sabre
2 - Cloak of protection +1
3 - dueling pistol set of 2 with 50 lead balls and 10 silver balls and tools and powder
4 - keg of gunpowder

Feral - Wild scavenger
Painted, hairsuited scavengers of the wilderness
Short Spear, dagger, boomerang or bolo or blowpipe
Track, Sneak, Hide, Survival, Torture
1 - +1 magic short spear
2 - 1d6 magic shrooms, sense magic if eaten for 1T
3 - Collection of furs worth 1d6x100gp
4- 2HD Pet Dog AC+4 1d6 bite, Track, Sneak, Hide

Green KeeperHumble village gardeners and farmers
Humble food and medicine producers of a village
Sickle, dagger, Shortbow
Animal Handling, Plant Lore, Animal Lore, Herbalist, Carry Load
1 - +1 magic silver sickle
2 - 6lb bag of hobbit weed and a pipe
3 - Goat, pig or sheep on a rope 
4- 2HD Pet Dog AC+4 1d6 bite, Track, Guard, Listen

+1 per 1gp spent on food, comforts, home d├ęcor, luxury items, clothes, having a family, community
+100 for attending a Heroic Feast
+100 for stealing stuff with risk
+100 per proficiency success that helps victory
Double xp for foes when avenging mistreated halflings

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