Monday, 18 March 2013

TORG WAR2 Ideas Revisited
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I may have original TORG invader worlds attempt to re- invade and even help core earth
I also forgot Carcosa so that can be invading Australia too
Would be funny to have Warhammer/40k chaos and space troops appear everywhere
and some super heroes invade too - New York!

This map indicates basic claim for low level influence in early days to total saturation towards TORG WAR2

Frozen land where Giant and troll armies assemble in the magical glacier ciradel of the Frost Giants king and god. Lots of vikings. Some areas settled with fairy tale villages.

Various editions and dungeon zones invading and competing, vikings, Templars and pagan Slav holy men and sorcerers

The Night Land
A horror sunless realm of vulcanism, evil mutant freaks, evil dwarfs, ogres and giants, ancient ruins and several mile high arcologies of psionic armoured knights - Tharkold cross over here too due to some shared axioms

Highly industrialized corporate lords with with AIs, private armies and fanatic security troops versus punks, rebels, terrorists and rogue replicates

Shadow Run
Mash up of cyberpunk, Native shamanic magic returns and DnD

Hard Times
Dark conspiracy, car wars and dark future mash up - probably evolving into judge dredd

Pirates of Atlantis
Voodoo priests, gods and zombies with carribean pirates and city of ancient evil Clark Ashton Smith type evil sorcerers and occasional prehuman elder races. Artist who did ghost in shell did some (adult) art like this.

Lost World
Aztecs, aliens and dinosaurs with 20s colonial explorers on coastal cities

Steam Age
Steampunk europe at war with monsters or dark europe

World of Darkness

Vampires, werewolves, slayers and cyberpunk

Mythic Babylon
Enchanted armies of Babylon with power of Marduk invading everybody

Hindu mythology, cyberpunk, espionage, psychedelia and ancient space god tech. Jerry Cornelius would be at home here. Rogan Gosh uk comic a good reference.

Hidden underground kingdom of psionics, mystics and wonder workers here to save world with enlightenment.

A frozen plateau linked to dreamlands, inhabited by evil subhuman and inhuman hybrids who serve cults of the old ones. Spread unspeakable evil

Bug Wars
A hostile invading ecosystem of flora, fauna, micro organisms and monsters killing and hybridising everything - Armoured aliens sometimes appear to destroy spawn points. Was with Chtorr, Arachnids and space marines from starship troopers, Mecha, Tyranids.

Gamma Oz
Gamma world - 25th century space colony tech remnants in ruins with stone age mutants, androids, sentient animals and other weirdness. Mutant Cane  Toads and feral hordes battle natives animals. Orungs, Casawaries, CusCus and tree kangaroos up north.

The new Dragon Island with army of cloned Maurois. Breeding dragons and flesh eating moa birds and kia for riding in army. Building massive invasion ships with thousands of oars and demon hulls

Ashanti Empire
Michael Moorcock's the Land leviathan. African empire ruled from a mighty mobile war ziggarutt by the so called Black Attila. Early WW2 tech, mostly WW1 and late steampunk

Mountains of Madness
Old ones and the shoggoths and deep ones are arising, ancient sunken cities are sunlit again.

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