Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Another lazy map post and possible future stuff

Be last redbrick post - book being edited now for typos and legal (made system neutral)

Ive been less bed ridden and in danger of working 7 days a week as i head into april. Getting over my mothers coma and slide into uncommunicative life hospitalization. Im more concerned with dad actually now and will have to fly over shortly. So my blogging been sporadic. Getting busy with art commissions for busiest time of year. Quit a 7 year job and now working two others for less pay but
more appreciated and autonomous and less crazy-arbitrary (boss getting mad and lazy - soiling my previous 6 years of positive staff evaluations and bearing some odd grudge).

Have a manager for art projects possibly start a gallery later in year and book of my street art and design. Some here, possibly offensive graffiti/politics/other stuff - http://www.flickr.com/photos/konsumterra/

Have Halfling class almost ready to post,

Reading White Dwarf issue 1-100 so getting interesting ideas - foodplants for metamorposis alpha was good. Monsters the fiend folio rejected. Imagine if GW and TSR merged as some suggested in 80s.

Mutation project too big for now

Babylonian and SF stuff in works

I probably have a thousand marvel characters/npcs i could post

Have several cthulhu supers campaign i could post too

Still cant find my 80s dnd art and maps..... sniff

Thinking of other genre encounter tables:
20s gangland - crime and grime for gangbusters/cthulhu
Gamma Aeon Ruins - rubble and installations
Space Dungeon - ancient ruins

If i do more dungeon zones...
a universal/hammmer monster world
hell or elemental plains for high levels

I need to work on gothic crypt maps next

Im happy to take some requests too if anything here attractive...

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