Saturday, 9 March 2013

More Geomorph Experiments

Sorry for not using grids on some of these i dont use figures or tactical combat. I recommend you try to photocopy a grid onto acetate or overhead projector film. I will post grid versions on my flickr sometime.

This is a mad wizards school with a library and a trapped magical maze to test students in. Includes some mines, a factory, library and barracks. While an assault group attack the front, players can sneak through caves and maze and try to kill leaders while troops at front door.

Ill spare you more genre mash-ups as i cant base games just on adorable costumes for kobolds. Though little cowboy hats on kobolds and goblin warg rider cattle rustlers in a Boothill dungeon springs to mind. I could be really evil and make only native Americans human. Starfrontiers races all in spelljammer anyhow.

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