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Long stairs boss monsters

Moomintroll map Tove Jansson

Since O.I. Day or Orc Invasion Day, the squad he came down here with had changed. Small at first but OI day clenched the deal. Taylor the rural deadbeat was actually pretty tough and a decent scrapper. He started using Gurkha blades two handed style, bulked up too, and was top a silent killer on par with a Bugbear. Joel Coal we thought he was a retard, turns out his some frigging genius too smart to care what normal people did. Tested xeno-artifact pointy hat on himself and now the guys a honest to god wizard. Ive seen him blast kobolds with fire from his wand and we capture a few xenos every patrol. He makes em fight with us. Guys love him now, even though he is still a retard to us. Jack Moon maintains we are all crazy and he hasn't changed a bit. I saw a minotaur gore him once and the guy grabbed the minotaurs other horn and held on while emptying his M60 into its guts with the other. Big mess. Haley Ling was tough before but she just stands out front and sidesteps every missile her way. Ive seen her run up a wall and decapitate two orcs with a double kick while holding two pistols. Runs and jumps over their lines. Freak.

Then their is the dead - a huge tally of commanding Lieutenants and grunts. Most of the time the specialists make it out. But Ive seen 75 guys this year disappear in 3 months placement. Some of us are cursed to live.

Machete have become standard weapons as have the Gurkha blades from Nepalese. Some Maoris guy using clubs and doing Hakka to taunt orcs. Some had ornate carved gun stocks and facial tatoos. These guys really did well when we brought them down. Ive heard a Nepalese guy say there are people willing to come down here en mass to live.

I'm probably only good at exaggeration and misinformation. I file all the reports and manage the helm cam links and carry the squads black box, But really I'm hoping on a heavy metal album if i ever get out. I usually line up some tracks on my ipod for the guys and hang back for emergencies. Its not that i cant fight, my stuff is high risk and security protocol demands I destroy it if I cant escape. Ive been picking up those cantrips off Coal, and spending time in base xeno library stacks for useful stuff i can warn the others with. Ive been sticking with my silenced MP5 the whole time no complaints. Ive gotten pretty sneaky, like Taylor but one machete enough for me. Seems like I'm just Mr. Second best at everything.

Dont like being in command but Cole has been getting uppity since he started just blasting everything in sight with fire balls wands. His a thinks cos he can boil flesh at will he is better than a private. I'm Coms and supposed to be an officer but my role is observation and intelligence. Just an attachment not part of the team just like all the other scientists, spooks and the mining companies geoscience guys. I keep seeing a new lieutenant in charge every few weeks being mindflayed or worse. Ive been here 14 months and Im career military. Ive been here the whole time and Im sick of watching new guys fill holes in the ground. And then have to having to shoot them, then cremate cremate them. Eventually they might get the idea to stick me in charge. I wouldn't think of just deserting like some guys have. Ive seen some paintings in the Amber Mansion, that i keep dreaming about. Restful lands of wild colour and intoxicating beauty. Id like to see those again.

Wandering Boss Monsters
Sometimes a leader for a dungeon zone , or a quick faction head is needed. These guys have own personal followers and dont charge suicidally. They await the right moment and use up local allies to soak up party ammo. Many monsters fail to understand  how deadly guns and surface humans are. But these leader types have far better instincts. Some may develop preternatural awareness with their dungeon territory as they evolve to being great villains. While pawns directly attack these guys will use their special abilities to the fullest and use their retinues for rear attacks or pincer moves. They will flee if half damaged and victory seems uncertain. Can bump up numbers with some local encounter tables for local pawns. They are vindictive and will seek revenge. If killed their lovers, siblings or others will replace them as party enemies. If used as zone leaders assign them a HQ area on your geomorphs and possibly ad some camp followers, traps, pets and prisoners. Most will have evidence of some goal beyond survival. All are interested in the surface invaders. Reproduction, food, loot, information, power building, escape are common goals. A few even stay just for combat experience. Some set up workshops, barracks, kitchens, latrines, etc. They may alter local environment by adding traps, reinforced doors and secret passages for ambushes or escapes.

Long stairs quick boss monster 1d50
1 - Frangarr Bugbear Pyro - Korean war helmet, cigars and flamethrower 6+6HD, 2 buddies
2 - Myrkord Mage Spider - Lv 4 wizard spider, 6HD poison web spinner, cunning and evil
3 - Skreekold - Lv4 Goblin wizard with 1d6 dynamite sticks and 12 hobgoblin troops
4 - Graargk - Orc super hero 5th lv warrior, great spear master and 8 followers
5 - Kobold Kerang - 4hd kobold hero with 12 max hp kobold brothers, all fire proof
6 - Zardrann - Dark elf son of Drizzt, working up levels fast, 8 dark elf assassins guard him
7 - Fangrom Grimgram - Ogre hero 8HD+4, +1 huge 1d10 club, respawns from his last stool daily
8 - Fetziik Tzaetchkul - Assasin sorcerer 6th is familiar with surface combat methods
9 - Nayag Blugskien - Orc shaman 5th with 6 fanatic orcs and 2d6 zombies
10 - Trojiman Nargskinner - Troll innovator, offers to mate with visitors in name of peace
11- Braja Minord - Badger beast man and his 1d6+6 brothers looking for kill and loot

12 - Kulgax Rodjarm - Goat man and his 1d6+6 brothers looking for sacrifices
13 - Kun - Orc with Assault rifle and 2 clips and one grenade, uses his 6 men as distractions

14 - Goblin with hidden claymore suicide vest limping holds jewel gets close demands you obey him
15 - Gungra Rocklob - Troglodyte chief with poison javelin and 5 warriors looking for food and loot
16 - Kumra Ka - Mummy and 5th lv priest, prefers to send other undead to do his bidding
17 - Grondru - Minotaur berserk kills anything it can then returns to labyrinth if sore
18 - Slorr - Headless ogre drags his blubber after him,
has flail, imp lives in his jowls
19 - Ghurn Tnajgorr- Goblin 3+6HD hero with SMG or 3 bombs and 8 max hp goblins 
- Nurdfurglar - chaos goblin 4HD chief with 1d4 mutations and 6 brothers with one mutation each
21- Blartrap Fruggler - Hobgoblin hero 4HD, 4 arms, 4 poison daggers, has 1d6+2 goblin flunkies
22 - Kuurna Vrun - badit cheif lv 5 with captured surface arms and personnel, 2d4+4 bandits
23 - The Red Wizard - 5th lv grumpy university dropout, 8 hobgoblins, replaced constantly
24 - The Blue Wizard - 5th lv lazy aristocrat looking for food and highs, replaced constantly
25 - The Green Wizard - 5th lv, surface military gone awol, pressgang party into bandit gang
26 - The Sorceress - 5th lv, seeks knowledge of surface, evil princess, 1d6 goblins, 2d4+4 hobgoblins
27 - The Old Sorcerer - 5th lv, savage cruel, the dungeon talks to him in dreams, 12 Hobgoblins
28 - Umruk Klaan - 5th evil priest with 1d6+6 zombies or 12 skeletons, tempts party with loot
29 - Klak K Klak - Thri-Keen man hunter stalks and attacks while busy with trap, portal or obstacle
30 - Hsskol - Barrow wight with 6 zombie followers, feign death for ambush, +1 silver sword
31 - The Russet Skeleton, evil skeleton priest 4th lv, with 12+1d6 skeletons, hates the living
32 - Kazjangluer - Evil cat man assassin seeks food and pretty things, stalks and waits till sleeping
33 - Palag Strumpa - Hobgoblin 4hd heroine, with pet rust monster and 3d4+4 goblins all in bronze 
34 - Morgron the Horror - Warrior 5th lv, slowly turning into wight turns to undead if killed
35 - Makkub Slogth - Kobold Hero 3HD riding carrion crawler with 8 kobold archers
36 - Spunrudd Klaw - Kobold Wizard 5th and weaver, makes magic traps, 4d4 kobold staff
37 - Brother Harvrard - Hobgoblin monk and his 8 initiates, use staff, open hand and martial skills
38 - Nylock Klespar - Goblin Sorcerer, leaves trail of cursed items before attack, 12 goblin grunts
39 - Bakkas Blackbeard - evil hearted dwarf with 12 hobgoblin servants, loves to crush skulls
30 - Ninnigas Fuldpepper - Halfling 5th feigns friendship, offers drugs and food, robs and kills
31 - Grung Garl - Lizard cheiftain 5HD of kingship quest, trident specialist +3, 6 lizardman guards
32 - Hrdrassus Klarr - Serpent man wizard 5th lv who hates apes, 6 lizard man guards
32 - Sargent Potter - Awol sarge with 1d4 chaos mutations, 5th lv warrior with 1d4 mutant grunts
33 - Shlaarn Torg - Chaos Hero warrior 5th lv with 1d4 chaos mutations, 2d4 mongrelmen
34 - Boggulp Glumhop - Bullywug hero 4HD with assault rifle, with 12 bullywugs
35 - Dalaag Thrull - Dark elf assassin with captured sniper riffle, climbing gear and dungeon-chamo
36 - Bokkus Jarog - Morlock cheiftain leading 6 morlocks looking for food and weapons
37 - Thujjud Xtor - Bountyhunter, scarified bandaged Rogue 5th, uses traps and bandits
38 - Zokkad Awrmwarg - Draconian bounty hunter, mixed human, reptile men and draconian gang
39 - Zinmah Thrusstldong - Halfling gypsy maid, feigns she is being hunted, robs party
40 - Haarg Bluetoungue - Gnoll hyena man and hungry boys 6+1d6 gnolls
41 - Gugrah Stinkweasel - wicked dungeon goblin druidic caster lv5 and her pets, spreads fungi traps
42 - Yuri Konstanzin - Surface gangster hiding in dungeon, has 6 armed orc bodyguards
43 - Manx Steelskull - apparent cyborg 60HP 14HD, laser, gang of mutant mongrel men cannibals
44 - Private Powell - awol surface soldier with captured arms and 6 deep gnome techs with SMGs
45 - Karl Maximov - surface mercenary with bad of orcs and humans in bandit gang of hired killers
46 - Private Stapleton - awol fundamentalist mad Priest lv5, pressgangs orcs and humans into cult
47 - Karannak - mad wizard, lv 5, obsessed with getting surface "magic", 12 orc grunt for guards
48 - Chodaru - sorceress with pet ogre and some 1d4+1 charmed bugbears
49 - Conner - black marketeer smuggler deals to corrupt surface troops, 12 hobgoblins with smgs
50 - Nameless MIB goons with no nation of origin clues, 8 government black ops agents with SMGs


  1. Bloody hell this is a good blog!
    I was worried there'd be no gaming if my plans to move downundah come to fruition, but you've allayed my fears. Blog on!

  2. cheers - im in sydney if u ever in the hood


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